#1 Re: Report Abuse » Álvarez Bantino » 2021-11-06 00:23:45


My moment? You mean the 1 day ban for attacking plane at take off in battleaxe from P4 on the hill?
Believe me if it was anybody else I would give 3days for that but since I haven't seen you doing it before it was only one, now if you want to think that it was anything more than that then please share the video of your ban here since you are recording everything.
I repeat, I shortened the ban just because it was you

Also ask Darcano if I have ever ignored his requests in game

@Vertigo I didn't make any funny remarks in my posts but if you found any jokes please share them with your psychiatrist and see what he thinks

#2 Re: Report Abuse » Álvarez Bantino » 2021-10-31 01:33:01


Vertigo don't drag us into this shit and stop being obsessed with lop/friends.
What he did deserves  at least 1 week ban, at least this is what I would give for that behavior, so leave the rest of us out and chill
If you ever see any of us witnessing something like that and forgiving then talk

#3 Re: Server Ban Appeals » banned » 2021-10-27 13:09:41


Death bail=24h, live with it

#4 Re: Server Ban Appeals » Why??? » 2021-10-27 13:06:17


I think the initial ban was on battleaxe because I was there and I think Nameless miss-typed the ID bcs I didn't see Raspop teamkilling so it was a wrong one and Nameless maybe you should consider that.
What happened after that and if he tried to evade I don't know but I am pretty sure he was wrongfully banned to start with

#5 Re: Server Ban Appeals » ban » 2020-11-17 16:40:10


Hahahahaha so funny how he barks like a dog with rabies when banned but then instantly gets all polite when ban is about to be removed.

I have seriously started feeling sorry for him more and more as time goes by

#6 Re: Report Abuse » more admin abuse from gio » 2020-11-14 20:12:44


@Timmos The problem is that it is modded with death bubble for anti-baserape so you cant actually go after him.
He is disturbing game of his own team more because 99% of times he does this with their one and only tank in this map so his teammates are getting raped from enemy tank while he is hiding in the "death bubble"
Like I said this has already been discussed and he has been "strongly" advised not to do that and no need to repeat anymore.

@BFSoldier1 I have another quest for you: Show me screenshot or video where I insulted you this whole year.
As far as I know Jazzy hasn't said absolutely anything to you either. We both know that he just ignores you and just forces you to chicken-quit whenever he joins enemy team.
You can thank me later for finding a job for you to fulfill your Saturday

I have already spent too much time on this ridiculous post but it was just too funny to resist, cheers

#7 Re: Report Abuse » more admin abuse from gio » 2020-11-14 16:02:37


Ok first I am glad I gave you something to do with your life at 5 AM on Saturday morning and you should be thankful.

Second, it doesn't  really matter which tank you have because your tank hogging behaviour on Stalingrad has already been discussed and was concluded that it is distruptive gameplay (using it the whole time from inside main and then even run deeper so enemies cant come after you due to death bubble) so do it again with any tank and you will be kicked again.

Third and most important, you think it is ok to insult here while you know you would be kicked for same insults in game?
Well it is not ok for me especially since I even warned you before kick without using a single insult

Now go back to your post and count how many times you insulted me so you know how many kicks you can expect.

Enjoy your weekend

#8 Re: Server Ban Appeals » banned me » 2020-11-13 02:30:33

nämeless wrote:

The reason of ban is unknown and it's permanent. Wait for Gio's explanation here.

Vertigo asked me to bcs of evading and his rm was down or something

#9 Re: Server Ban Appeals » Banned by idiot voljislav » 2020-10-28 03:51:26


RAW pls stop about his ban, it was a total accident by ME not from him and has nothing to do with your case

#11 Re: Server Ban Appeals » My banned thread » 2020-07-22 23:44:05

nämeless wrote:

This is not a normal vehicle usage, it's a waste of a vehicle. Each side on this map has only one tank, so the success of the whole team depends on how wisely it will be used. What I see is wasting, you don't move forward because you afraid to be shot with bazooka from behind or naded from aside. You don't move it just in case to be able to run away and hide in the main base. Your team gets nothing, moreover the teammates are losing any possible advantage of a tank usage. I understand Gio because it's a typical thing for you to use vehicles as taxi and he could be easily mistaken this time, because what you did costs a kick or maybe 15 minutes, not a whole day. It's not mostly Gio's fault, it's all about your reputation. The ban is lifted.

This is exactly the reason but since I couldnt write all this in game I said taxi, I agree that one day was too much but he constantly does that in Stalingrad, sitting in tank behind Allied main wall and then just bails it if he is in danger.
Thanks Nameless for clarifying it to him bcs he pretends he doesnt know what is wrong with it and how much he disturbs the game of his team.
That's why I banned for disturbing and not for taxing

#12 Re: Server Ban Appeals » My banned thread » 2020-02-25 12:28:40


@black Mamba
1.So you are saying that even if it is not punishable by the rest I should punish it anyway because a friend is doing it??!!!!!
2. I dont know either to bug or how most bugs look like but since you are the pro at it then please show me what to look for
3.Show me ONE case where I punished a single person for "bugging" and I will quit my admin rights!

As usual you are a type hero again with no backup for your bs.
Wont answer to you here anymore, like I said make a new post about it.
P.S. Come to ts to cry about your hard life again and how it makes you behave like an idiot and I may forgive you....again

#13 Re: Server Ban Appeals » My banned thread » 2020-02-24 22:46:56


Explanation for what? Reply to nonsense question?
His question suggests that :
1 Other admins are punishing "bugging" and I am not
2 Pressing the prone button is against the rules
3 I am punishing anybody else who does it but I forgive Latino

Since nothing from the above is true then you and "everyone" who liked your question please make a video and open a post about it in the "report abuse" section.
Go on

#14 Re: Server Ban Appeals » My banned thread » 2020-02-22 22:57:31

Black Mamba wrote:
gio wrote:

Just a question for the greatest player/Kazanova of all time.
Why do you keep disconnecting every time Jazzy goes to opponent team in Berlin?

Why do you do nothing when Alvarez bugs for hours in Berlin? Because he’s in your clan?

And quoting me is relevant to your question how again?

#15 Re: Server Ban Appeals » My banned thread » 2020-02-21 23:15:04


Just a question for the greatest player/Kazanova of all time.
Why do you keep disconnecting every time Jazzy goes to opponent team in Berlin?

#16 Re: Report Abuse » TYPES LIKE 000 AND MERLIN AND HOW ADMINS REACT » 2020-02-06 15:13:48


Wow ICQ went full time psycho on me last night on ts bcs of a kick! CRAAAAAAAAZY

#17 Re: Report Abuse » A lot of jerking! » 2020-01-25 00:44:10


You are referring to what I told you when you tried to troll in the ExYu (just to piss the Serbian members) section last year to justify your provocations and insults on server?
I see the words idiot,stupidity and idiotic coming a lot from your dirty mouth while I never insulted you so enjoy your weekend away from the server

#18 Re: Report Abuse » A lot of jerking! » 2020-01-25 00:03:19


I see you have the log already, first time I just kicked him bcs he was trying to provoke me without any reason at all.
When he came back he wasnt playing but was just waiting for someone to say something so he could ask me why i dont kick them so I explained to him and banned him for 3 days for disturbing admin.
There is no command for it but that is the reason and I have absolutely nothing with Albanians, he is using an old (ExYU) trash talk ,where he also joined just to provoke,to play victim again.

24/1/2020 22:23:07 : # [Global] lop|gio: !kbase .6
24/1/2020 22:23:08 : Server: Player GIONNI PEPPE kicked.
24/1/2020 22:23:26 : # [Global] Albanian BALLIST: gio being useful, omg so rare, something will
24/1/2020 22:23:29 : # [Global] Lauta: mmmmm
24/1/2020 22:23:38 : # [Global] FluFFy BuNNy SliPPerS: idiot
24/1/2020 22:23:56 : # [Axis] C50: ¨merlin are u coming soon smile ?
24/1/2020 22:23:56 : # [Global] lop|gio: u think u r funny?
24/1/2020 22:23:56 : # [Global] Maj.MerliN: homey dont play da
24/1/2020 22:23:56 : # [Global] FluFFy BuNNy SliPPerS: lol marlin
24/1/2020 22:23:56 : # [Global] Maj.MerliN: dat
24/1/2020 22:23:56 : # [Global] Albanian BALLIST: u think ur useful?

This is how it started and how it went on..

24/1/2020 22:46:53 : # [Global] BFSoldier_8: wonder why some ppl like to be admins?
24/1/2020 22:47:05 : # [Global] FluFFy BuNNy SliPPerS: the fame and fortune
24/1/2020 22:47:05 : # [Global] Albanian BALLIST: mask their stupidity smile ?

and the end..
24/1/2020 22:45:15 : # [Global] Albanian BALLIST: too many spammers here smile
..the rest you have from Nameless

#19 Re: Server Ban Appeals » я забанен » 2020-01-17 15:14:39


Are you sure you were not banned for cheating from AX?

#20 Re: Server Ban Appeals » My banned thread » 2020-01-17 15:11:26

BFSoldier 1 wrote:
gio wrote:


got a surprise coming for g ..

Threatening admins on forum is your new level?
Or is it a surprise party?

#21 Re: Server Ban Appeals » My banned thread » 2020-01-16 22:41:23


Well, if you can wait for at least 15-25mins (doing nothing) for me to get killed (midway,bob) so you can come and kill me at take off then you can wait for your death-bail bans to expire without crying.
P.S. "accidental" is as believable as your "dating adventures"

#22 Re: Report Abuse » nameles=fakeadmonrussian » 2020-01-01 23:05:56

effeaquante wrote:

go drink another beer simpleton. You are speaking nonsense. No One care your religion and your calendar.  I piss on new year and your christians bullshits.

Are you so dumb that you think Christians invented new year??? HAHAHHAHHAHA
This forum never fails to amaze me

#23 Re: Server Ban Appeals » Why guys? » 2019-12-29 17:38:33


All good, I know you are an old player and thats why I asked you first and only banned for 15mins but nowdays you never know with fake nicks.
Anyway, we were opponents and suddenly I got teamkilled by you with jeep so you understand my thinking.

#24 Re: Report Abuse » My report thread » 2019-12-28 03:11:43


I think spawnkiller is an admin

#25 Re: Report Abuse » My report thread » 2019-12-25 00:28:54


You didnt say it like that, I just came up with this term to simplify it.
"using teammate to locate enemys" were your exact words.
All is good but please keep an open mind, especially when accuses come from this "special" person

#26 Re: Report Abuse » My report thread » 2019-12-24 14:33:40


Thank you nameless for explaining to him the obvious. (I was constantly checking both islands since he bailed the boat)
Unfortunately that didnt stop Vertigo from wanting to ban all lops for "teamspeak cheating" although he is a "pilot"......this video was clear evidence! for him

#27 Re: Report Abuse » My report thread » 2019-12-24 02:02:41


So I needed 3 MINUTES! THREE! to find the guy that bailed boat after coming from the only flag allies had left.
Then he is the only one left in allied and I am still looking for him so when I find him after 3 fkn minutes it is an info from teammates????
I dont know who is more deluded 000 or the admin who believed this story

P.S. If you ban  Latino based on this then you should ban me also, genious

#28 Re: Technical Help » 4G » 2019-12-22 16:51:36

Sunshine wrote:

Forget that issue...


Started playing bf42 online with 256kb max speed, no problem at all when it is stable

#29 Re: BF1942 Discussion » PLAYER OF THE YEAR 2019 contest » 2019-12-22 16:46:14


Actually Ominous is a better pilot than him, in my opinion.

#30 Re: Server Ban Appeals » Just banned from server » 2019-12-22 16:29:57


Beached axis carrier to Britain coast in battle of Britain.
Didnt know it was an admin, just saw you driving the carrier at the beach, maybe I got it wrong and you were only using the AAs

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