#1 News and Announcements » Forum registrations are open » 2021-05-14 22:05:18

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It is possible again to create a new forum account. Sorry for the inconvenience and the delay. Registrations will be moderated, though.

#2 Re: Server Ban Appeals » Is 000 permitted to play again? » 2021-04-21 22:16:08

000 is allowed to play, I had discussed it with nameless. I am sorry that I can't be present, but time is a rare commodity. smile

#3 Re: Server Ban Appeals » please unban my friend-Krasnoyarsk » 2021-04-11 10:25:34

We did exchange email messages, because he was having trouble with his forum account. I then renamed his username and reset his password, so he could login and reply to this appeal topic. I also explained to him that he should be careful not to evade bans.

But, I've never wrote that I had unbanned him. smile I wrote that I thought he was already unbanned, because nameless had wrote about it. I had skimmed through these posts and mistakenly thought he was unbanned.

I believe Krasnoyarsk is being sincere and has learned his lesson. He also showed patience, therefore he is allowed to play again.

#4 Re: Videos and Screenshots » BF-League matches » 2021-04-05 20:56:05

Strasbourg seems like a nice map for clan matches.  This map could be improved, especially for pilots, if the sky and the fog fading was fixed. henk told me it is a very easy fix to do.

#6 Re: Report Abuse » Something very typical 6 » 2021-04-05 20:44:33

I've talked with nameless about the incidents. It was dealt between us.

#7 Re: News and Announcements » New Maps installer and package » 2021-04-05 20:43:22

NSIS installer and an experimental compression program called RAZOR, which gives amazing compression ratio and decompression speed.

#9 Re: BF1942 Discussion » *NEW* SiMPLE | server summary » 2021-04-05 20:27:26

Moss, can you please upload all your saved custom maps to some filehosting solution, for example filemail.com? If you have the original .zip packages, it is even better.

#10 Re: Report Abuse » Something very typical 6 » 2021-04-05 20:19:39

George wrote:

Tuia, are we ok ? Can I play on your server, I mean I play so rarely that I would really like to be left alone, and with real nickname.
Is that possible ?

George, you are welcome. There is no problem anymore, let us forget the past. But that does not mean we won't keep an eye on you, when you are playing in the server. smile

#11 News and Announcements » New Maps installer and package » 2021-04-05 20:06:42

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Announcing the long awaited pristine New Maps installer with the current 15 custom maps running in SiMPLE | New Maps server.

Download: SiMPLE-BF1942-New-Maps.exe

It is an optimized installer, only 189 MB in size, which is pretty straightforward to follow. If you have any errors installing, leave your feedback. I tried to test it thoroughly, but you never know it.

If you mind running unknown executables (you should, in fact), you can download alternatively the .zip package file that contains all the same 15 custom maps:

Download: SiMPLE-BF1942-New-Maps.zip

Extract the .zip file and move all the .rfa files to your "Battlefield 1942\Mods\bf1942\Archives\bf1942\levels\" folder.

#12 Off-Topic » Happy and holy Easter » 2021-04-04 13:33:33

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Wishing everyone that celebrates it, a happy and holy Easter.

Enjoy some quality time with the family.

#13 Re: Off-Topic » Battlefield Vietnam - public » 2021-04-04 13:28:03

You made me chuckle, thanks. smile

Since this is a sensitive topic, which short circuits most people's brains, i will refrain myself from further commenting.

#14 Re: BF1942 Events » Galactic Conquest - Raider Haven - Apr 3 4pm est / 8pm gmt » 2021-04-04 11:41:09

Posi wrote:

38 at it's peak! Wow, thank you tuia for a shout out! Thank you to all who attended. Amazing!

You are welcome. It was a fun event overall, played some interesting and well designed maps.

The event reached those numbers, because you picked a good date and it is very straightforward to install the Galactic Conquest mod. I am sure you can get more players, choosing the right date.

#15 Re: Off-Topic » Battlefield Vietnam - public » 2021-04-04 11:29:47

Are you promoting piracy, KarlsoN?

#18 Re: Report Abuse » Something very typical 6 » 2021-04-03 21:30:56

nameless is not going anywhere, he is on rehab.

#19 Re: BF1942 Events » SiMPLE | 1v1 Infantry Tournament Winter 2021 [REGISTRATION] » 2021-04-03 21:28:35

Agree, but your self-defeating thoughts are way worse than taking that loss.

#20 Re: BF1942 Events » Galactic Conquest - Raider Haven - Apr 3 4pm est / 8pm gmt » 2021-04-03 20:45:05

Who is joining the Galactic Conquest event? It is starting in 15 minutes.

#21 Re: BF1942 Events » SiMPLE | 1v1 Infantry Tournament Winter 2021 [REGISTRATION] » 2021-04-03 20:44:02

simon wrote:

I'd just lose big time and it'd look like I wasn't even trying

That sums it up all. You can't stand to lose, not even a friendly game with your brother.

#22 Re: BF1942 Discussion » *NEW* SiMPLE | server summary » 2021-04-03 01:32:56

I am looking for .zip packages of custom maps that preferably have an included readme text file or even executables of map installers. As an example of unavailable custom maps, I can't seem find to a package which has the original file date of Karden Khaos map.

#24 Re: BF1942 Discussion » *NEW* SiMPLE | server summary » 2021-04-03 01:10:34

All the custom maps in that link have the original file date. Yours Strasbourg map is from 2018-06-15.

By the way, does anyone have a collection of Battlefield 1942 custom maps stored somewhere? I am looking for as many as possible BF1942 custom maps, but cannot find where to download some of them, because most filehosting sites that had those maps are dead.

#25 Re: BF1942 Discussion » *NEW* SiMPLE | server summary » 2021-04-02 00:40:08

All custom maps to play in SiMPLE | New Maps server and other potential maps are available in:

Extract .zip file and move .rfa files to your "Battlefield 1942\Mods\bf1942\Archives\bf1942\levels\" folder.

#26 Re: BF1942 Events » SiMPLE | 1v1 Infantry Tournament Winter 2021 [REGISTRATION] » 2021-03-18 11:44:42

Thank you very much to all the players for taking part in the tournament: Butcher, Danny[FTC1899], Deeko, Denny, GANAPOLSKOE, haski, Hencca, henk, Jim2102, KILLER88, Moss, oliva32, Paul Baumer, petrosyan, RaketenHorst, simon.

I wish some other inf players could have also joined, like 000, Dr. Nick, Flasche, jazzy, Jediiii (a unknown polish guy), [email protected], razor, Volturi and a few others I may have forgot. I am sure they would have fared well in the competition.

Deeko was the favorite to win the tournament, he played very well and consistently through out all the tournament and deserved to win it.

Special thanks to Black Mamba for his patience and time to organize and making sure the matches were played.

Hope you all had fun watching or playing despite not succeeding.

#27 Re: Videos and Screenshots » Battlefield 1942 Outlaw video » 2021-03-18 11:21:26

I guess you got trolled just a little bit. smile

#28 Re: Videos and Screenshots » Battlefield 1942 Outlaw video » 2021-03-18 02:31:28

Thank you for the feedback related to the video. Well, I never wrote it was me actually playing in the video. smile

The idea for the video was to come up with an infantry montage for the inf tournament and in the process, practice some video editing skills. At first, I started using some videos of the tournament, but didn't like the result and browsing through the bf1942 videos stored I decided to create a public gameplay video which fits nicely, in my opinion, with the music I had in mind.

simon with his big ego had to spoil the surprise, even though he wrote he didn't care about taking credit for it. Actually, the video serves as a tribute to his infantry skills. I would give him credit for that, but not anymore. smile

#29 Re: BF1942 Events » SiMPLE | 1v1 Infantry Tournament Winter 2021 [REGISTRATION] » 2021-03-17 01:16:15

They are cooking the final result. deeko wins the match by one ticket difference.

haski should be in the final, had he played aggressively and not waiting like a fool in the middle flag.

#30 Videos and Screenshots » Battlefield 1942 Outlaw video » 2021-03-14 00:26:48

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I've created my first new video, with impressive editing skills. It is an infantry montage in Stalingrad map, selected from a video that I had it stored for a while.

Hope you all enjoy it! Have fun!


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