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Volturi wrote:

Europe's beloved (!) Turkey is out,

Now you can speak in between.

Turkey was a surprise to reach the quarter-finals after knocking out Austria, which was another pleasant surprise, and almost getting to the semi-finals. Turkey played poorly against Portugal, had almost no defensive coordination and could not see them qualifying from the group stage after that match. You had the home advantage in all matches and that made the difference.

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Black Mamba wrote:
seventy wrote:
Black Mamba wrote:

The finishing in this Euro has been pretty poor so far. Hopefully it gets better in the finals.

What's your take on Canada's performance so far? I have only watched the highlights, so I can't really judge. Should get tough against Venezuela anyway from what I have seen.

I am hoping for a revenge vs Argentina now that we won against Venezuela. Canada’s performance is historic, our goalkeeper is a wall and we have great offensive talent. Our team is young though and lacks the experience of big tournaments. I’ll be happy if Canada scores once vs Argentina, regardless of the result. We’ll see.

Canada has indeed some good players in the attack, but i don't know if they have a solid defense and you cannot win championships without a strong defense. To have any chances against Argentina, Canada must play a high-pace match, because they have a slow defense and they don't like to run a lot, that is why Argentina struggled with Mbappé in the World Cup final against France. Good luck, but i predict a Argentina vs. Uruguay final, the best teams, right now, in South America.

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Maybe it is a compatibility setting with Battlecraft 1942? Have you tried running in Windows XP compatibility mode?

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When are you writing your essay, joint? marco7898 can give you a friend's quote if you need some professional assistance.

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Germany did not play with 13 african players out of 15. We could be playing against Senegal or Ivory Coast national team yesterday in the European Championship quarter-finals and no one would notice a difference.

I do not like Pepe, because he is a dirty vicious player, but when he plays for Portugal he gives everything, even at his old age. Btw, I was happy Ronaldo did not score any goal, because that narcissistic cry-baby, only cares about himself and his records and he is one of the most overrated players. Mbappé is also an hyped buffoon, that has lots of speed at his young age, but he is just a one trick pony. Yesterday, he got scared to go the penalty shootouts and asked to leave the field. He is a coward.

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Portugal is going to protest yesterday's match, because we played against an african team.

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dary wrote:

I told already tuia. It's not the Jews, it's the Zionists. 70% of Israelis vote for the ultra right party.

There are many Jew protesters.

It is the jews, dary. It has always been the jews. You are falling for common jewish tricks, the good and the bad jews, when they share the same goal. Quick history reminders, all slave traders that brought up the negroes to America and Brazil were jews, not zionists, not christians. Spain and Portugal expelled the jews in the end of 15th century, because of their wicked nature, blasphemy and the practice of usury. Bolshevik jews killed millions of christians in Russia and in Ukraine during the Red Terror campaign and the Holodomor famine, and they weren't zionists, they were jews. The jews in Israel attacked the USS Liberty ship to stage a false-flag attack against the USA, they previously had tried another false-flag Lavon affair, trying to put the blame on the Muslims.

Right now, the jews are showing their true colors targeting and killing innocent children and women in Gaza, shooting up journalists and humanitarian aid workers, so they can't report the committed atrocities or help the starving palestinians, with total impunity of the international community, which, hypocritically, is very fast to blame and sanction Russia for any attack to Ukraine's cities.

A careful study of history will show you the real jewish nature.

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The jews keep terrorizing and killing the palestinians in cold blood in Gaza and in the West Bank, as they have been doing it for years on. They have just ramped it up recently and no nation has the courage to call the jews out on their crimes. Yet, you believe the problem is Islam, just repeating the idiotic narrative of the alt-right, which are on the jews payroll.

The jews have been known as terrorists and cut-throaters throughout history, there are numerous cases. Doesn't it make you wonder why they got kicked out of more than a hundred nations?

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Salut, les mecs, ça roule ?

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Hey jorgen! How is the fishing business going? We love your norwegian cod fish.

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crypto _works1 wrote:

arrogance does not pay

Arrogance? Care to explain? But if that makes your day, that is fine.

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There will be a version of Gazala without any planes.

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Remember what you're fighting for...

Battle of Villers-Bocage was one week after the Normandy landings and Battle for Caen was 1 month later. Omaha Beach was only selected, because of the symbolism of the event, the 80 years celebration of D-Day. It was all over the news, to remember what you fought for.

#15 Re: Technical Help » Remote Manager For iOS » 2024-06-08 00:56:05

You can install Wine on macOS and run BFRemoteManager from there. For iOS, that GameServer Remote Control app seems to be your best bet. You would have to type the BF1942 rcon commands in console to change server settings.

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Is modifying the default FOV value allowed in BF Liga matches? They were pretty strict with the setting changes you could accomplish in con files.

Battlefield 1942 no longer changes back to hardcoded 800x600 resolution, if you are using Battlefield 1942 Plus.

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Ironically, it was you that gave this suggestion some months ago: https://team-simple.org/forum/viewtopic … 35#p188635

Darcano wrote:

Gazala like most maps needs to be modified to have less planes, I think 1 bomber and 1 fighter would be enough, and only the B17 on the top spot.

But, B17 is a noobplane and removing it will make the map less appealing.

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Omaha beach

Thanks to all the valiant soldiers that took part in Omaha Beach event, yesterday. The allies managed to win almost all of the rounds, as they were fighting for the freedom and values we have today. To those that stayed till the end, you have changed the course of history, and we would all be speaking German now.

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Yes, it is also required a mug shot and your phone number for security reasons. Trust me, your data is safe.

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uuuz wrote:

So my questions are: Should the mine map be enabled by default in client config? If there is an option for servers and a server did not set anything it should be enabled or not? Only enable it if the server allows it?

I also got some requests if it could show ExpPacks, this might become a server configurable option too.

Showing visual marks where friendly landmines and exp. packs are, it would be considered cheating, in my opinion. Having it is an advantage over the other players that don't use bf42plus.

To answer your questions, the mine map should not be enabled by default in the config. and it should only be possible to use it if the server explicitly allows it.

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If you want to use the new songs and loading screens of BF1942 HD installer, save the files in Movies\, Mods\bf1942\Movies and Mods\bf1942\Music folders, reinstall the game with the BF1942 vanilla installer and after that, overwrite with the files you previously saved preserving the directory structure.

#23 BF1942 Events » Omaha Beach day » 2024-06-06 01:35:26

Replies: 6

Normandy landings

Marking the 80 years of the Normandy landings, the infamous D-Day, tomorrow will be played exclusively Omaha Beach map in SiMPLE BF1942 server, to try to recapture the atmosphere and portray the bloody battles that took place during that day. Several modified versions of the map will be played, from infantry only, to vehicles supported battles, it will first be a struggle for taking the beach flag and then climbing up the hills to capture the bunkers and the top village flags. The germans will have reinforcement points to withstand the advances of the overpowering allies troops.

The Omaha Beach event will start tomorrow around 19:00 CET and end approximately at 01:00 CET. See you there!

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Thanks, Lurk. It is someone who is evading bans and destroying the gameplay for fun. He should be gone now, but If he ever comes back, please report it here.

#25 Re: Technical Help » two servers on a single ip address question » 2024-05-19 14:46:47

Make sure you don't share any port between server instances and check if port forwarding is correctly set, for example, in this website: https://canyouseeme.org

#26 Re: Report Abuse » BFSoldier_22 » 2024-05-19 14:43:47

BFSoldiers are either complete new to the game or team-killing retards. You will rarely find exceptions to these group of players. That BFSoldier was put to sleep.

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By default it is 45 seconds, how long should it be?

#29 Re: BF1942 Discussion » Tiger Tank movement fix, feedback desired » 2024-05-19 13:23:34

All proposals are welcome, but this change, i fear, is not subtle at all. Most players are used to the Tiger strangely bouncing up and down and i can imagine the reactions it would cause such a change. But, it would be, of course, more realistic and a good overall addition.

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That is easy picking for planes, you need one or two polish tanks or Kettenkrad to protect you from above.

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