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Arkos wrote:


But then it's only a Driver issue.

You could try once deinstalling your AMD GPU Drivers with DDU and after you install the newest directly downloaded from AMD.

https://www.guru3d.com/files-details/di … nload.html

https://www.amd.com/de/support/graphics … on-rx-5700

(If it works after, ... good / if not try a previous driver from before your actual one and if even this won't help, then you have to wait for a fix or surround by some settings.


I am myself on the rx580 I can run any driver the latest or early versions  and I have no problems with battlefield 1942. 

the rx 5700  is having issues from the  beginning  so no driver fix there for no other option but to force amd to fix it.

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For  people buying a new computer   last november 2019 came the first report that the new amd rx 5700 is having issues with battlefield  1942 having no crosshair visible.  Please see link.

About a few weeks later I noticed  somebody  having similar issues on  reddit  please see link.

https://www.reddit.com/r/classicbattlef … indows_10/

then this year on discord I noticed  another person having the same issues,  then I got told  that another person is having the same issues on Battlefield Vietnam  which is not surprising because the Battlefield Vietnam uses exactly the same engine as  battlefield  1942.
see  screenshot.

and this


I have very little hope  AMD is going to fix this driver issue on such a old game,   therefore  I have no other option  then to do damage control   and warn  every  Battlefield 1942 community about this issue.

I attempted to get a popular topic on the amd subreddit   I've been  unsuccessful  so far
in order to get popular  I needed  upvotes see this.
https://www.reddit.com/r/Amd/comments/f … firm_that/

However  if AMD decides to fix the issue  I will remove reports from every  community forum  I posted this on.
only the future will tell what will happen.

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little late on reply but I suggest to all of you guys to report this to AMD the more BATTLEFIELD 1942 fans report the more probability that they will fix it. https://www.feedback.amd.com/se/5A1E27D229AE7B43

your not the only 1 with that problem see https://www.reddit.com/r/classicbattlef … indows_10/

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he does not own battlefield 1942 if dont like ax server join simple or moon or any server and qtracker does not have a uptodate list
if dont like ax  exe or host edit just use gametracker LITE  https://www.gametracker.com/downloads/ it got full  list

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Kisiel wrote:

Qtracker has been online since 1998. This is a long time. Qtracker will almost certainly never go offline.

Why did we all move to a master server that may be online for a few years at most? The owner of this master server did not even release a copy for the public to use. The man created a private master server and advertised it heavily. This man effectively owns Battlefield 1942.

We made a mistake moving to the aX master server, and we would be wise to move to Qtracker. A direct link which will update your Battlefield 1942 master server is below.

Qtracker BF1942 master server patch: http://www.mediafire.com/download/hgh0d … Server.exe

www.qtracker.com has some more information and features which you can use to scan servers.

btw i advertised the ax master server heavily im known as mortarman E-3 emile44 lordyu  and thats about it i think.
im just a simple bf1942 player that hate to see my favorite game die without a fight  so knew i had  to do something about it at that time qtracker 2014 had only a copy paste server list and not a working master server also it was very hard to move to it as you need to edit your own host file there where no installers ready unlike ax they made installers a new bf1942.exe  and a working master server to host on qtracker in 2014 was not ready for this move ax was so that why i advertised ax all over the internet.
also the qtracker program will not fix the the freeze of death in bf1942 only a new master server will!
and again not many know how to edit your own hosts file at even now that all there is on qtracker site

#8 BF1942 Discussion » warning do not install windows update kb3086255 if dont want cd cracks » 2015-09-10 01:41:12

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if you install kb3086255 all your old cd rom and dvd games need a no cd crack to work again

http://myonlinesecurity.co.uk/september … any-games/

if you still want this update and your on cd rom version of bf1942 you need the new exe

to get bf1942 to work again

so install this http://team-simple.org/download/battlef … _v1.61.exe

#9 Re: News and Announcements » GameSpy shutdown and Battlefield 1942 » 2014-08-11 20:37:46

yup its best if you on mac i think or try to edit hosts file

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gameranger no good for battlefield 1942 you cant join dedicated  bf1942 servers on that its just  lan emulator good for games like cnc age of empires

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you can still kick or ban players on ip and we got make a new admins tool that only work on login not keyhash and kick on ip  not keyhash
ranking is not important most players who play on bf1942 server never even look on a stats server  you making this look like bf2 bf3 bf4 we love bf1942 for its fair none rank system its what i hate about bf2 bf3 bf4

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first team simple great work on the front page download of bf1942 and i know its not legal what I'm going to say here but they give us no option here i think its time we make a all in 1 installer  that got s[sk] bf1942.exe and road to rome + secret weapons and put up as free download all over the web to get new players to bf1942. it was already free and they are now trying to kill BF1942 we are the fans! we dont want this so lets make that installer i think Cry Engine 3 is bad idea how long before ea will take crysis 3 server offline huh ? ea is pure evil they wont let game life long anymore if you look at bf4 its all website based very easy to kill once they want it dead

#13 Re: BF1942 Discussion » List of BF1942 Clans, Communities, Modding Websites and more » 2014-05-18 01:52:42

survivalclan.tk old core bf1942 players now that have a free up comp i run my server more

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DICE DA MAN wrote:
mortarman wrote:

named my server go look forum.bf1942.sk/gamespy
i hope that will raise some eyebrows

i hope ax simple schindler's list moongamers and many more servers that are well known will name the server this way for the next 16 days !

Good job;) This is for clients who planing to use your master.bf1942.sk server list but how can i send to your master server list my hosted game?

im just a bf1942 player but i remember the bf1942 server update  freeze from 2010 and 2002 and the hard to get server list from 2007 2005 this freeze will kill bf1942 in just weeks the best fix is new master server and  s[sk] made that exe  he said he would share master server but has to work out some bugs look at this post http://forum.bf1942.sk/viewtopic.php?f= … 5&start=30

we have very little time to do this and have to work as one! community all bf1942 fans!

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named my server go look forum.bf1942.sk/gamespy
i hope that will raise some eyebrows

i hope ax simple schindler's list moongamers and many more servers that are well known will name the server this way for the next 16 days !

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Mustikakak wrote:

I don't really understand why we have to create an other master server. If GameSpy shuts down, it will only be problematic if you want to refresh the server list (no server will appear on the screen). If EA Games doesn't deliver support for BF, keeping the IP adress in favorites or connecting by Xfire should be enough (I think).
But I think it would be good to warn players on the server that it will not be possible to connect to Simple if they do not have it in favorites. Is it possible to print automatic messages during the game (like Hitler and Stalin quotes) asking players to register on this forum where they can find all they need to keep playing BF ? The BF community will probably lose some players after the 31th May, but we can limit it.
Sorry if what I'm saying is stupid, because I'm not a computer wizard.

bf1942 will freeze when that master server go offline if you click on update button or ingame when you press esc to close or change settings of bf1942 we as bf1942 community all have to work as one team on 1 all out fix so all know where to go

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the best fix for bf1942 is new master server well here it is

http://forum.bf1942.sk/viewtopic.php?f= … 5&start=30

we will not go quietly into the night we will not vanish without a fight
We're going to live on! We're going to survive! Today we celebrate our Independence Day! from ea!
we are one community all bf1942 fans! we have to set aside our differences and work as one to save bf1942!

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