#1 Re: Server Ban Appeals » help for my true redemption » 2024-07-17 03:05:58

from the inbox:
"oh your very brave uh? the usual virtual brave guy! what if i decide to get rid of you FOR REAL huh safe piece of shit?! HUH??? shut up! was not talking to a retard less then human like u!"

#2 Re: Server Ban Appeals » help for my true redemption » 2024-07-17 02:37:35

Yeah, I remember this stuation. I was there also.
Player weasel killed this guy, and wanted to get the enemy's tank back to allied main on tobruk. This degenerate switched teams, tk the tank and reconnect under a fakename.

Also, he delib suicides in plane when he is about to ge killed.
Also he constantly harrases people in chat.

I say get rid of him for good.

#3 Re: Report Abuse » Maphacker » 2024-07-13 16:23:55

This apple guy shot my plane with aa's from a really far distance, like as if he had no fog. I'm really suspicious on him also.

#4 Re: Videos and Screenshots » Random short videos from the Battlefield » 2024-06-26 08:35:40

lol that romanian music. i thought its arabic at first big_smile

nice kills. type99 does wonders

#5 Re: Technical Help » Datafield issue » 2024-06-23 13:27:57

Winston Smith wrote:

I had something similar a while back and I used this program: https://geekuninstaller.com/download?version=
I can't remember so much now though, so double check it's OK and everything before installing it.

This was literrally the best software experience I had. Took like 30 seconds to get rid of the registry traces and reinstall everything.
Thanks, Winston your advice helped!

#6 Technical Help » Datafield issue » 2024-06-20 11:54:48

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I had deleted my game and when it deletes itself it deleted Datafield uninstaller thingy as well.

When I tried to install Datafield again and it says that this program is already installed and not allowing me to make a fresh install.

How can  remove old Datafield completely to re-install it ?

#7 Re: Videos and Screenshots » Serebro - Some Flying (2024 Edit) » 2024-06-11 08:02:40

Never tried flying with a joystick, but it's considered more precise, hence you lose less speed on complicated maneuvers (in theory).

#8 Re: Videos and Screenshots » Serebro - Some Flying (2024 Edit) » 2024-06-10 18:55:06

Usually it's keyboard only.

If some precision is needed ak.a. I'm chasing someone and he doesn't see me, shooting bailers, aa's, mg gunners or wingclipping running infs, then I might use a mouse for a few seconds and get back to keys again.

Main config is W,S,A,D and numpad buttons. C,F,G,V for cameras.

#9 Re: Videos and Screenshots » Serebro - Some Flying (2024 Edit) » 2024-06-10 15:38:26

Yeah I wanted that for a really long time. Thx

#11 Videos and Screenshots » Serebro - 2023 » 2024-04-07 14:53:21

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Here is a new edit from the material I've accumulated during second half of 2023.
Hope you like it.

#13 Re: Technical Help » I can't connect to the servers » 2024-02-08 01:29:15

Server is migrating to another country. Temporarily it's down. Please try to connect in a few days.

#15 Re: Server Ban Appeals » check plz » 2024-01-28 15:09:16

Hi again. Good news.
Admin team has decided that your ban will end on 4th FEB.
Please let us know on that date if you are able to join and play.


#16 Re: Server Ban Appeals » Уберите ban please » 2024-01-28 15:07:49

Был бан на 1 день. Уже по идее должен был просрочиться и можно снова играть

#17 Re: Server Ban Appeals » check plz » 2024-01-27 23:01:53

We need to check something. Please check a bit later for answer here.

#18 Re: Technical Help » Issue with Setup » 2024-01-27 22:56:56

Maybe the patch is trying to install itself in the bf1942 folder, but if you have a specific main computer name that contains odd symbols or space like "C:\users\pro computer\EA games" it might not read the directory correctly. I am not sure, taking a guess here.

#19 Re: Server Ban Appeals » check plz » 2024-01-27 18:07:07

If you are fragger from the Netherlands, there is an active perm ban for evading a regular short ban.

#20 Re: Off-Topic » Funny Videos and Pics... » 2024-01-27 00:05:37

Watch one at a time dary. Too many clips in a row might be dangerous for one's mental health

#22 Re: Report Abuse » RaketenHorst - abuse of admin power » 2024-01-23 07:37:38

wow you guys really found out so much useful information

here are some more ideas for you guys to dig into:
-head admin's favourite color
-hours when cleaning lady comes
-how many fingers does a simple admin have (in average)

#23 Re: Technical Help » HITBOX FIX? » 2024-01-13 22:07:59

There is a built in French dialogue (used in RTR SW), but I think there is no Spanish. So I assume Arp has it in French and Alfred in English?

#24 Re: Technical Help » HITBOX FIX? » 2024-01-13 10:21:00

I tried using english on all nations and though it's more informative, the mismatch
made it look disgusting.

#25 Re: Technical Help » HITBOX FIX? » 2024-01-12 14:29:10

dary wrote:

I made a short video just for fun about the patch. The first impression of the patch wasn't too bad at all.
The gameplay looks buggy tho but we all know BF42, my internet was aweful too this day. It's hard to tell if the patched causes the issues. Just see for yourself. I think it should be implemented and tested on SIMPLE, because it takes a while to get used to it.


To be honest, animating a bf1942 model was in my idea list for the upcoming video and I'm a bit pissed that you advanced me tongue
Great video non the less. I know how much effort it took to edit and compose and I respect that.
The only quirky thing here were the intonations and especially when soldier was trying to yell or shift to Deutch.

Could you advise me the software you have used for this animation trick?

#26 Re: Videos and Screenshots » Random short videos from the Battlefield » 2024-01-09 17:02:06

Wow. A useful sniper is a rarity in this game.
Great aim!

#29 Re: Server Ban Appeals » Please remove ban » 2024-01-03 02:40:11

Hi. I see in the system that your ban expires at: 2024-01-03 21:10:09
after that you will be able to play again.

GL and dont tk.

#30 Re: Report Abuse » Raketenhorst » 2024-01-02 11:13:37

1) We admins can't see everything in chat.

2) Here is an instruction how to report in the most effective way so we can see:

-Get attention of the person
-Be respectful and write in a few words that it's understandable

How it should look:
-Please kick .4 for sfv planes
..And he decides what to do without the toxic reactions in chat.

* Please be respectful. We don't owe you anything.

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