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nameless, you seem to have an obsession with black people smile

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Sunshine wrote:
seventy wrote:

"It's about time we realized that the Irish language is dead, or at least dying.
It would be impossible for anyone to live their lives through the medium of Irish only.
To prove this statement, I intend to travel the whole country...without speaking a word of English."


This is sad. I skipped around in the video, so I may have missed it, but how did the Irish language become a "dying" language? Did England force it or was it natural?

They seem to have chosen that path themselves, that's what the video suggests. I'm not an Ireland expert though, people might disagree. Also I don't know how old the video is and what has changed in the meantime.

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What happened to the old Timmos

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"It's about time we realized that the Irish language is dead, or at least dying.
It would be impossible for anyone to live their lives through the medium of Irish only.
To prove this statement, I intend to travel the whole country...without speaking a word of English."


#7 Re: Videos and Screenshots » BF-League matches » 2020-09-07 00:29:56

Nice games all,
Video #4 lolex thumbnail

#9 Re: Videos and Screenshots » Random short videos from the Battlefield » 2020-08-23 20:32:18

henk wrote:

there is/are admin online there. i hacked the server 1 month ago while an admin was online. He was chatting with me via server messages, after I hacked wink

That is s[sk] then, I guess this is his current occupation


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AlboBallist wrote:
iCQ wrote:

iCQ wants to speak in voice chat with the big bosses, Nameless or Tuia, he promised he would behave and he will NOT scream NOR spam the voice chat. His goal is to apologize for being a total dickhead to the simple community. Secondly he wants to apologize (yes twice, you know, he a spammer). 3th he want to BEG and PLEET to be unbanned (dont worry nameless and tuia would NEVER unban assholes). Also he has some religious and political questions to ask to either NAMELESS or TUIA. He does understand he is ABSOLUTELY NOT WELCOME and he knows he a DICKHEAD. But that should not stop the BOSSES around here from getting a decent apology. Albo also has to be there (but an Albanian never changes his words, so he'll NEVER apologize), he will (if allowed) record the conversation and maybe (if all party agree) post the voice recording on the simple forums. Also Albo is iCQ's manager and chef and "lawyer", He has to be there just in case things go wrong (YOU KNOW iCQ, SHIT HAPPENS). iCQ decided to do this because of Jorgen. And Arkos... oh also because of Sunshine and Piper... and many other cool people.


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KANER88 wrote:

I wonder if theres gomna be any side effects or something in the future..

The side effects will be that the Western media won't trust this vaccine..

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Thanks for this article, joint, unfortunately I didn't understand much of it, maybe because I am too tired. What is the gist of the article, for a SiMPLE player like me? smile

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nämeless wrote:

The last three seconds of life of a stupid moth. He flew into the fire after this photo.

Who knows, maybe they view fire as a gateway to a moths heaven smile

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joint wrote:

i myself think that we, slavs, is a one folk,

One thing which is for sure is all Slavs have dashcams smile

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joint wrote:

What is happening?

ICQ said hi, tuia and nameless said also hi? That's it, end of story smile

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Arkos wrote:

You guys should make a rest/holiday from Bf1942 for 1 week and go out.

I promise, if you come back, it's a different world.

Depends on where you are going


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What in the world...they look like football fans roaming the streets.

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joint wrote:

where is your picture, Alvarez, i dare you

Thanks for posting your pics, joint, you could post all day and I would still watch. But why do you want to see Latino's neighborhood, if people there are like him it doesn't seem very pleasant... ?

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Hi ICQ, violence is not the solution to your problems, please think again. Don't let foolish thoughts overcome you or become obsessive because of an insignificant video game. You would make a lot of people very sad, including me. Please use your positive energy to spend more enjoyable time with your family and forget about this issue.

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nämeless wrote:

Thank you, you made me to read an article in Wikipedia about Hindenburg.


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Last visit 2 months ago! Hi Paulo!!

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Panzermensch wrote:

Please don't kill me for that, but BF1942 totally disgusted me, I've never personally seen a stupider game.
The same situation as with battlefield 2.
Tragic game mechanics and many other stuff.

If you don't mind making one more post, I would like to know what exactly you disliked about the game? I am not judging you, there are certain things which I am sure many of us have always hated, I am just curious what parts of the game that made you personally quit? Thanks in advance...

#28 Re: Server Ban Appeals » unban me please » 2020-07-14 13:16:24

nämeless wrote:

No-no, the first comment worth the thread.


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KarlsoN wrote:

And the most important part - some trolling a guy, who was sure im cheater xD
you can see his score on screenshots

lmao VoenKOM is a legend, is he still active?

#30 Re: Videos and Screenshots » High Scores » 2020-07-09 21:35:12

High score is a very subjective thing, I don't even know why this thread exists, it is prone to contain lots of negative posts.

If your score is too high, you are a show off and if your score is too low, it is not worthy.

For me personally I don't mind about what people post here, sometimes I look, sometimes I don't. Anyone can easily skip this thread if they don't feel interested.

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