#1 Re: Videos and Screenshots » modded bots on RtR+SW server » 2021-09-07 14:32:58

Well, if the bots became much more aggressive, i think the "hardcore" mode should be change.
I think the bots are good for the average players to get points and fun by killing them, or a good warming up before "pro" players join.

I think that the bot AI modding is good, but for me, modding lightly the map is better, like vehicle spawns or starting flag options.
But that is just Mille. big_smile

#3 Re: Off-Topic » pics from yer hood » 2021-07-08 14:52:24

not a pic, just a fact, 40 celsius ... :S

#7 Re: Off-Topic » UEFA EURO 2020 (2021) 11 June – 11 July » 2021-06-24 12:52:04

I think these group matches was very interesting and ofc very surprising and instructive!

#11 Re: BF1942 Discussion » The sharp declintion of aX Server's population » 2021-06-19 17:47:03

Dio wrote:
hoosier_daddy wrote:
simon wrote:

It's probably a combination of all the things mentioned I'd also add the map cycle being repetitive and quite a few maps are not even included - Kursk, Phillies, Coral, Britain. Not long ago ago Stalingrad was removed as well from the cycle, good job..
On maps where there's a ticket bleed from the start nobody attacked to stop it, lack of skill or motivation, it got frustrating for both teams because there was no action.
Market is set up nicely in the morning to build the number of players because it automatically has no timer. But that's literally the only thing done right

market timer is only off on a sunday (or atleast that was the case) dont think anybody could ever agree on a maplist due to everyone having different tastes. Me personally i believe there is nothing wrong with ax that 1-2 good admins cant fix. its a very small percentage of disruptive players, but unfortunately these few antagonize/troll usually decent players into retaliation tk's etc. ssk has lost interest altogether now. There are users on ax discord right now boasting of killing ax server and posting theyre own clans server address https://ibb.co/WxfDdTW  so im guessing ssk is not active on there either or just couldn't be annoyed with it. posts like that just go to show this is an active plot to kill traffic on ax server.

LOL, did this hello clan guy just have a joke?

Hi Mates!
I am the messenger about this case, because the Ice has problems with the forum's registration.

Good evening SiMPLE community,

I am IceSkater, HelloClan's Leader.

I had tried to register but there is issues with it and am waiting on assistance from (sent a friend request on Discord) Tuia. In the meantime, I have asked Millerke to be my proxy, so I may clear a small thing up before it's left in the air for too long.

This is with regard to BangBangOw's comment in the AX Discord server as seen in the screenshot a few messages back.

Firstly, please accept my sincerest apologies that this happened in the first place. Bang is our 1942 leader and is indeed a representative of HelloClan. He had merely made joke in the poorest taste and it has spawned some serious concerns that he / we are killing off the AX server.

Allow me to formally state that HelloClan, it's Leaders / staff & members (representatives) have nothing to do with the current presiding issues concerning AX's 1942 server. I am aware they have had some attacks recently, which make Bangs comment all the more inappropriate, I have spoken with him regarding it and I assure you that there is truly no harm intended.

As we have been on the receiving end of attacks in the past on BFV, I can promise anyone that if I had to find out a member of our community is behind something as terrible as that, I'd remove and ban them without hesitation. We may be rival communities / servers, but that doesn't mean we're not in the same boat.

I respect the older servers in 1942 and BFV very much so, we've even become affiliated with a select few. The last thing I'd want is bad blood between us all and that is why I wanted to send a response as soon as possible. I did try joining the AX Discord, but I didn't have permission to see the message history, so if someone did actually respond to me I wouldn't have known.

If there is any staff or leadership reading this from AX, please accept my apology for this transgression. It was a very poor joke at the worst possible time.

If contact with me is needed, my DM's are open on Discord: IceSkater#5440


#14 Re: Report Abuse » I got kicked » 2021-06-14 10:40:56

Sometimes i notice the situation, when more palyers are getting kicked with no reasons, like a mass kick out at the same time.
Don't know why, but not only simple,ax, or others are the ones.

#15 Re: Off-Topic » UEFA EURO 2020 (2021) 11 June – 11 July » 2021-06-12 22:56:40

seventy wrote:

big_smile Thx Bro!

That was the golden age for us!

#17 Re: BF1942 Discussion » omaha beach balance » 2021-06-12 13:45:28

after beach taken, paraspawn left side behind city, smile

#18 Re: Off-Topic » UEFA EURO 2020 (2021) 11 June – 11 July » 2021-06-11 11:20:42

Volturi wrote:

GL in the group of death Millerke big_smile and wish us good chance vs Italy tonight. I will be watching the game with italians at a park, public viewing.

Thx Bro!

Good luck with the Italians! What do you feel, what will be the result?
"I will be watching the game with italians at a park, public viewing." - so public xxx with italian girls? big_smile

#19 Re: Off-Topic » UEFA EURO 2020 (2021) 11 June – 11 July » 2021-06-11 11:18:22

Go Hungary! Hungary.png
Although there is not much chance! big_smile

#22 Re: Off-Topic » Battlefield 2042 » 2021-06-10 17:04:17

omg, fancy upgraded cod lvl 99 :S
no thx

#23 Re: Feedback » SiMPLE should open up a Battlefield 2 Server. » 2021-06-06 19:06:11

Because this community based on bf42.
There are also good games, not just inside bf circle.
Just imagine if everybody wants Simple to open a server for them. big_smile
Pubg,Cs,Minecraft,Fortnite,AoE,CoD, bf series ... not enough money to do that. big_smile

#24 Re: Off-Topic » Funny Videos and Pics... » 2021-06-02 15:06:32

lol bf6?  i should wait for bf69

#25 Re: BF1942 Events » New event? » 2021-06-01 11:37:21

Events are held periodically.
Anyway, the event holder will announce it as soon as the event preparations are done.

#26 Re: Other Languages » Magyar topic | [hu] | [hun] » 2021-05-31 12:55:19

Valószínűleg észrevettétek, hogy fellendült a Main Serveren kívül a Road to Rome + Secret Weapons ,illetve a New Maps server is.

A New maps serveren egyedi mappack fut, megadom a letöltőlinkjét:
https://team-simple.org/downloads/bf194 … w-Maps.exe


#27 Re: BF1942 Events » Galactic Conquest - May 29th 4pm est - RECON » 2021-05-27 15:07:03

I know Mate, just post the server here to find it easily by name.

#29 Re: Report Abuse » Nameless's paradise video » 2021-05-26 15:57:43

most epic for me, ban for a plane crash over the sea ? lool

#30 Re: BF1942 Events » Battlefield Vietnam Forcepack Event - 15th May 2021 / 6pm GMT+2. » 2021-05-18 08:34:46

Sry for that Bro, the videos are not made by myself, it was recorded by one of the players.

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