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Red Alert 1,2 (Yuri),3, cnc, cnc3, Generals, Generals Zero Hour -> These are still going strong!




Need for speed 1,2,3,4,5,6...

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cs8UXvNX8W8 - Acclain Forsaken (Descent clone) - Mentioned already.

And some others have already mentioned, doom, duke nukem, cod 2, Stronghold Crusader







And the first pc game that I have played: Descent Freespace, and of course its sequel and countless fan made campaigns and mods. (Still going strong!)


And lot of other games, Star Wars games like Rogue Squadron, Dark Forces 2, Jedi Outcast, Academy, Shadows of the Empire, Star Wars Racer, Starfighter, original battlefront 1,2..

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Hmm well most likely you don't understand what their content is about. It is not just about religion by the way.

It is like saying Doom 2016 is a Satanist game.

Iron Maiden also has songs "about Satan" in the Number of the beast album, and they are not satanists. Their drummer is actually christian.

"Six six six the number of the Beast
Six six six the one for you and me"

This apparently makes them satanists for sure.
They actually had religious groups attacking them and burning their discs when that album came out.

Well what do you expect from people. big_smile

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MadMax wrote:
-=TL=-FearofthedarkHU wrote:

Games indeed have the best music, in almost all genres.


Love this Greek metal band lol.

this band is satanist, they are not greeks. real greeks we are orthodox and we believe on triptych doctrine "fatherland,religion,family". someone who consciously denied the ideals of our nation he lost the privilege to call himself as a greek.

You are wrong, check this interview with them, they are not satanists, although I agree their band name is confusing.

https://thisisblackmetal.com/interview- … kis-tolis/

SAKIS: "I have respect for every religion, I have respect for belief, but I have no respect for organized religion, I have no respect for the exploitation going on within them, and unfortunately the exploited don’t realize it."

This is a complete different thing and I guess many people agree with this.

Satanism means praising Satan xd. That is Gorgoroth, Mayhem etc. those bands are really satanists.

But I don't really care religion actually, musically this band is quite good.

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ziba128 wrote:

That happens when there is no correct entry for RtR and SW in Windows registry. Just reinstall both mods from links Arkos provided

Correct. The map not found error message pops up for RTR and SWII (Odd enough), if there is no valid cd key or no key at all entered in the respective ERGC in the Windows Registry.

Regarding BF1942, a red text "Invalid CD Key" message occurs.

The white text "Invalid CD Key" message used to mean an "illegal" cd key which was not present in EA's database.
Technically this was a correct key though and I think it displayed the same for the original game and SWII/RTR expansions as well. Well since gamespy is down, this is not an issue anymore.

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Just had the opportunity to try a joystick for this game for flying.
Even though it requires considerable training, Joystick and Keyboard are the best for dogfighting. Playing with Keyboard makes aiming really hard, but with Joystick it is also compensated.

@Nameless, don't be surprised if an SBD beats you, especially if the pilot is using a joystick. It is way better for that.

There are also programs to tweak the controls of a joystick.

It depends the way you are flying and dogfighting. If you would like to be aggressive pusher, then keyboard and joystick are the best tools to go with, especially in a df.
You can turn way faster and more consistently than with a mouse, that is why it feels that someone is faster. You can basically achieve extra movements which you can't with a mouse, because you can't turn consistently with it with hands.
(Literally impossible.)

However, even if you are playing on public or clan wars, then dogfight is not necessarily needed, but a certain style (UFO) and playing together with your teammate, who also has to be decent at flying.
Mouse is very good for aiming and also bombing which matter more in cws especially.

In DF and also public and cw, it is also possible to use the "Go-up, go up 24/7" tactic with bf109 vs many players, but yes aggressive dfers will gain the advantage oveer that.

With mouse - As Sparrow and Vita told me - there are some ways to enhance it if you use a mouse. (Using a key to help to turn, or use Mouse acceleration)

Tanking 1x1 is actually more fair in this regard, because that doesn't really require any special equipment, but yes good internet and pc are still needed cause of bug hits etc.

Infing 1x1 requires good computer, mouse, internet.

#8 Re: Technical Help » battlefield server setup issues » 2018-12-04 15:13:45

I have already helped him resolve this issue on our discord channel by giving him the server files I use.

Indeed something is wrong with the files he is using. (Even tried to use my useraccess.con)

#10 Re: Technical Help » CTF El Alamein modded » 2018-10-20 23:58:53

Made by TL, specifically tl Tuesday.
One of the most used maps in the league ever since next to tank arena.

#11 Re: BF1942 Discussion » Windows 10 BF1942 not launching » 2018-10-14 14:24:49

1. What kind of Windows 10 Build do you have?
If you have one from 2015 (1509 or smth), then you need to upgrade to the latest or a later build if possible. (I have 1709)

(Once you have it, Disable stupid windows 10 automatic OS/microsoft updates and automatic driver updates - Google these how to do it.)

2. Verify you have and if needed Get the latest drivers installed for the laptop from the manufacturer website. (Graphics driver, chipset driver, audio, lan, wifi.).
Make sure you know how you do this. First uninstall the current driver and install the new one if needed.

3. Get the latest directx version 9 files:https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=34429

4. As Arkos mentioned, make sure direct play is installed and enabled.

5. Make sure you don't have multiple bf1942 copies or leftover files. Uninstall Origin bf1942, anything else, even manually if you need to.

6. Disable Windows 10 Game Mode. https://www.windowscentral.com/how-disa … ors-update. This was causing crashes to me.

7. Disable any other overlays, e.g Geforce Experience https://forums.geforce.com/default/topi … -overlays/

8. If you had bf1942 leftovers or multiple versions, the bf1942 registry entries have to be deleted as well. (one guy asking me for help had multiple leftover registry values everywhere causing the issue. Due to many attempts to install at different places on his computer)

The registry keys for storing cd key values for retail bf1942 have to be stored in this location, in regedit:

Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\WOW6432Node\Electronic Arts\

Origin bf1942 is messing this up as well. Everywhere else, if you see cd keys popping up, then those have to be removed.

9. Disable custom Antivirus / firewall software. These are known to cause issues as well.

10. Run the game in administrator and in winxp sp3.

After these steps I have 0 crash (99% of the times, also by going to the main menu), except if I alt-tab and stay outside for too long.

11. Get a decent bf1942 installer with the latest fixes, widescreen, fixed server browser support, pb etc. Either from SiMPLE forum or from bf-league.eu members.

It is an old game so yep this is not so easy.

#12 Re: Gutter » How much money do you have in your bank account(s)? » 2018-10-06 14:41:31

nämeless wrote:
{Phantom} wrote:

If you are married then you can include your spouse's amount also. Include cash not in bank.

Convert to U.S. Dollars

The millionaire convention is in session now. But really, what kind of question is it? The money issue is a very quiet and intimate thing. What else you want to know? How long my dick is?

I recommend not giving any ideas on this forum. You won't be disappointed.

P.S Sunshine is definitely worth a 9,2 million, but no more, no less.

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Kobra wrote:

Guess it comes down to personal preference. Because I think the aX settings are pretty annoying.

@fear autorestart is horrible. I don't understand why people always want to have maximum playtime on a map. If one team is superior and manages to overrun the enemy team to end the round then it's their effort and they should be rewarded with the victory. Why do you think they should be bothered to play the same thing again?

Well you have most mixed maps, where overrun basically can't really happen due to both main bases being uncapturable, while almost all tank and inf maps overrun / crush can happen often, especially on Berlin. In my opinion, this auto-restart - I think it auto restarts only once if the round time is not less than at 35 remaining minutes or something like that - satisfies those who like to play that particular map. Anyone who likes to play Berlin for example will like this feature, however those who don't like Berlin will most likely leave the map/server anyway.

I haven't seen too many complaints about this and I personally like this feature, since it compensates the endless mixed map play time. Note that I am not against mixed maps at all, but there are several people particularly joining specific maps, and this actually makes it better for them. I think this would be also nice for Battle of Britain, Coral Sea etc if such situation happens there often.

@ABAS, there will be abuse always, but I think deathbubble around the main base solves it effectively, it kills the basecamper.

#14 Re: BF1942 Discussion » this is why ax is better than simple » 2018-09-23 16:22:21

It is harder to tk on aX server, because the FF damage set in BFRM is lower. on Simple it is 100%, and on AX it is like 60-70% i think.

"Then enjoy trolls blocking vehicle spawns with riding to enemy base."

I have been playing on AX for years, and I don't think I have had too much problem with this, not even actually noticed?

Also it is not about "Replacing" or "substituting" admins but use both in combination.

I am not saying it should be like bf-league, well in that there would be no players playing already here :d

Also, you can't 100% prevent cheating unfortunately. As I said aX is not the most perfect server, but it has things which it does right.

"Simon and deeko daily play on RTR server" - Which is a simple server. Not sure what was meant by this big_smile

#15 Re: BF1942 Discussion » this is why ax is better than simple » 2018-09-23 15:39:33

Well this topic will surely get 100000 views most likely.
Don't banish him, he actually makes some very good points.

Note that I am not saying that aX is a perfect server, it has some pretty obvious flaws, but SiMPLE could actually consider even considier "stealing" or copy-cat some of the stuff aX does.

1. "- there are too many egocentric players in this server" -> What aX does is that it "automanages" the server while at the same time having less, but credible admins. 2018 ways of managing of an old game.
For example snipers shooting at the base get instant warning. Same about every campers with plane, tank, wespe etc.

- There is death bubble, which I know many use for their own advantage when it comes to planes, but as Karlson even wrote, shouldn't even get too close to the main.
It solves more problems than creating new ones.

2. "the TK settings sucks" -> I agree with this, you get less trouble as well with ppl who would cry when they get teamkilled. Easy change as well.

3. "too many admins which are useless since most players get unbanned or can change cd key/ip" -> Admins aren't useless, but I agreed with that if ppl get unbanned..Well that is why automanaging the server works with more success rate in this case.

4. - the !change command given to unapropriate admins -> What aX does and I strongly encourage simple to do this, if a round ends fast on berlin or tobruk, instead of using !change or !restart command, the round auto restarts. One of the best things I have seen in a server.

<troll> 5. "sommarel isnt banned from this server" -> French noobs big_smile </troll>

Putting back trolling:

6. "i thought bf league forum was really bad, then i read simple forum - gives me headache considering the amount of retard content" -> If any one you plays in any older games, check their community on discord. For example I play Freespace 2 SCP (Space combat simulator, the genre is dead basically, not even multiplayer focused), I never see a single retard or trolling comment posted in the HLP forum community like the ones simple has.

Needless to say it has like 4x amount of Active members compared to bf1942, and they are currently developing tools to distribute mods easier to players for this game.


I am almost sure some of you know other older games also having their 2nd spring.

BF-League is also not the softest, but with the admins we actually made improvements.

7. As Piper and some others have already pointed out, get an admin topic up and running finally big_smile

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Vojislav wrote:
razor wrote:

Basically anyone that prones and comes back up shooting is bugging lol as retarded as that sounds.

True, sounds like that . There should be straight line what is and what is not bugging. What he did seems so lame to even comment , because now you should forbid prone at all to avoid bugs. Sure...

This is the point. If what you see in the first video is considered bugging in the SiMPLE community, you might as well consider disabling proning entirely, along with crouching. Just as in the Infantry mod by Butcher. Nameless was also influenced heavily by emotions at that time.

The Sommarel case is what is considered standard bugging.


#17 Re: BF1942 Discussion » 2016 Battlefield 1942 Awards » 2016-12-28 11:37:21

Gué wrote:

Best pilot - Viitapuru. Drago would be the best pilot by a large margin though, if active.

Best tanker - Technoboy. ROMIK KZN as good second.

Best inf - Hard call, not many good infs around. Not any active inf I would call good. Decent is as far as I can go.

Best sniper - Sunndae

Best zooker - Dont know any good zookers outside one that I cant mention.

Best all-rounder - SleveN. Also in there: vale ''sparrowhawk'', and dary.

Best rookie - nämeless. He has done it, he joined a team to play in wars (after all these years) + he can fly.

Best clan - ¤)ßmÇ(¤

Best server - SiMPLE

Best video - ''the home made league'' - from lachesis

This is all subjective, since clan war gamestyle 8x8 and 1x1 even 2x2 are different. Although I agree with most of your views.

Best Pilot in 1x1 and also 8x8 - Definitely Drago, but Vita and Sleven are close there in 8x8 nowadays. (Also Lighty and ivo were imho + any past pilots who I don't know, forgot about (FG Wings, JAMP, Bucherino..)

Best All-rounder currently - I agree: Vale, Sleven, Dary, I would add Jazzy here also. (Although you can mention some players here as close second - nonex, serebro, Mitch...They also do a good job in clan wars at least)

Best clan - definitely currently BmC. past - illu, pas42, legiox etc.

Best rookie (of all time)? Well yes it is nameless, but if you really consider a player who improved a lot and has been new - Minnesota, Serebro, Cyber, Amazone etc. It is remarkable especially at this point of this game.

Best tanker - well in clan wars currently i would go with Yorky / Mike / nomax. (sry techno, its only my opinion  tongue ). But in the past ultra, jna, hiba..

You forgot "biggest troll" tongue - ???

Best inf - in cws nowadays, you can actually mention a lot of players - Jazzy, Ramjet, Sleven, even I would add Sundae here, Flasche, Gaju...

anyway that is all.


#18 Re: Technical Help » Windows 10 causing black screen (retail version) » 2016-10-04 15:42:15

1. Install the latest Windows 10 drivers for your computer - chipset, graphics (external and onboard graphics if you have any), audio, lan, wifi etc.

(if you don't have drivers for windows 10, you are screwed and should roll back to win 7,8)

2. Update DirectX 9.0c components. https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/downloa … aspx?id=35

3. Uninstall and install the game. Set winxpsp3 compatibility on bf1942.exe + run it as admin.

#19 Re: Technical Help » RTR / SWII CD Key changers + bf1942 language changer tool » 2016-08-31 22:39:18

Russian is something i couldnt add, cause by default only those in the list are supported (that lexicon file). I guess the russian patch could be used then.

#20 Technical Help » RTR / SWII CD Key changers + bf1942 language changer tool » 2016-08-31 17:28:46

It is actually not any kind of help, but i couldnt find a better topic for this so, Im going to post these small tools i made for bf-league eu. You can use them if you want to.

RTR cd Key changer: https://drive.google.com/uc?export=down … 1IxZGxHNzg

SWII cd key changer: https://drive.google.com/uc?export=down … 1Jad1p5c0k

Language changer tool: https://drive.google.com/uc?export=down … U9lSTBobEE

(they all edit the registry)

only small thing is that .net Framework v4.5 might be needed..
https://drive.google.com/uc?export=down … 29sT2Z6bVk

The SWII changer has a small thing which i couldnt solve that you can add: ä !!!!! , any kind of characters, but i hope someone would read the text..
RTR key changer only accepts numbers. The language tool doesn't detect bf1942 folder so you are bound to change that manually.

might not be needed for simple. just a notice.

#21 Re: Technical Help » Map Modding tutorials for Bf1942 » 2016-08-31 16:53:19

For those who have no idea:

I don't recommend editing maps in bc42 client side, even server side if you dont know what you are doing. it requires lot of effort and dedication/time.

Once opening and saving, BC42 actually fucks up some maps, the ones which were made by either a different version of bc42, or a different editor like ed'42 or chimera's battlefield editor or the aforementioned Crisis editor.

It actually adds code which the map isn't supposed to have, hence the crash. Once you remove that the map is fine again. But it takes time since you need extract the map and look for that code.

Adding new mods to bc42 can also fuck up your bf1942 entirely, actually it does, by editing your client side init.con. So you had better not touch it without help.

#22 Re: Technical Help » Bf1942 Server Error » 2016-08-15 21:11:51

Nickodem wrote:

Debian 8

I always see only this one error:
./start.sh: using statically linked binary

This is not an error message. It is informational that its using statical libraries not the dynamic ones.

I recommend using it like this:

./start.sh +statusMonitor 1

then you get a console similar to that of windows bf1942 server.
to kill simply, just type "exit" or "quit", one of them will stop the server.

I think if you run bf1942 like this, it won't show up as a unique process by top. You need to either "screen" it or use the "&" symbol somehow to run it in background then it shows up as a unique process, although i am not sure, since i dont run bf1942 servers like this, but via bfsmd. (server manager)

I would say getting and using the bf1942 server manager (linux version) is more recommended.

If you have 64-bit linux, then you need to download 32-bit libraries (see above topic). libncurses.6 and ia32 something like that.

btw ps command:

ps -ef | grep bf1942, then you get everything related to bf1942 in the process list. Then you can use "kill" to stop it.

#23 Re: Technical Help » Linux Dedicated Server No CD Key Check? » 2016-04-09 01:21:04

Incorrect. Keyhash verification isn't working anymore. (s[sk]'s ax master doesn't provide anything like this)

So that iptables rule is not necessary.

It is something else, probably at your friends' side. (origin + keyhash + registry area).

They should get the complete retail version. I wouldn't recommend keeping the origin version.

#24 Re: Videos and Screenshots » # George's CHEATING VIDEOS #!!!! » 2016-04-08 20:09:39

Although I shouldn't mind in this either:

1. As long as it is not prooven, George is innocent, but,

If the server owner doesn't think he deserves to play on SiMPLE for any kind of other reasons, impersonating, trolling etc. then he has the right to exclude him. (I have no idea about such happenings)

2. About the cheating stuff: What the server owner does, and how he does it to "administrate" the server, it is his own responsibility / problem (he might lose the credit and the server population), but he can always do it since it is his server.

If you don't trust him or don't like what is going on, then you shouldn't play on SiMPLE and find another server, and play there. Simple as it is. You can always play somewhere else.

Just an opinion,

#25 Re: BF1942 Discussion » The Torture Box - left for dead? » 2016-03-17 13:25:40


THE TORTURE BOX    0/128    gazala    4m 26s ago

lets try to support this server. It was really one of the bests. (not by taking simple crew away!!!!)

#26 Re: Off-Topic » Team "inVictus" is searching for new players. » 2016-03-08 13:44:39

Flettnerman wrote:

nameless don't like Loony, he wouldn't join. smile

Does he even know Loony? I don't think so.
It was 90% serious big_smile

#27 Re: Technical Help » BF42 crashes to desktop! » 2016-03-08 12:00:39

Sunshine wrote:

Switching to Win98 compatibility made my ping nump really high. At first thought it was just connection issue but disconnected and made it back to XP and it was fine :-/.

I'll test the NT thing, Monkey.

Fearhun, have the disks, well, one of the disks. One of them is damaged sad. So I installed the BF42 HD torrent by tuia. I have all my stuff updated.

My new internet is the bee's knees! I can't have my pc fail me now!

If NT compatibility doesn't work, then better to wait for tuia if you wish to use his version. Or anyone who has experience with his version.

#29 Re: Technical Help » BF42 crashes to desktop! » 2016-03-07 16:57:52

0. New windows 7, i presume, you can play, or you cant totally?

Well not sure which bf1942 you use. CDs, ISOs?

If you cant play totally:
Well if you use CDs, you might consider enabling safedisc, cause a recent update from microsoft disables it.

Open an elevated command prompt as administrator (cmd.exe) and type these:

sc config secdrv start = auto

sc start secdrv

-------------------------if this doesnt work:

1. Latest drivers, directx for that rig.

download and install Latest chipset, video, audio, network / wifi drivers from the manufacturer of your motherboard. Not sure what you have, and you know what to do..

directx redist latest one: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/downloa … px?id=8109 (self extractor, make a folder on your desktop, run the extractor, and point it to the folder and run setup.exe)

-------------------------if this doesnt work:

2. reinstall game. (by that i mean uninstall totally and remove the battlefield 1942 folder)

Not sure which bf1942 version you are using, you installed it using the old bf1942 CDs, ISOs, Version of tuia?

(If its the version of tuia, then guess he can help you more with it)

-------------------------if this doesnt work:

3. perhaps teamviewer with someone who is good at solving such stuff.

(I dont recommend any custom fixes like the one above, they can cause more harm than any good)

Hard to fix it without looking at your bf1942 and comp.

(Win98 compatibility is something i wouldnt use)

#30 Re: BF1942 Discussion » Video download BF1942 ? » 2016-02-20 18:23:05

I might have watched too many videos from youtuber's like him.

Sorry for that.


cloud computing introduction: 1 hour 19 minutes.

BTW the SiMPLE BF1942 installation is different, so I guess someone (tuia?) probably has instructions or perhaps a vid?

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