#1 Report Abuse » funboy expacking team planes at af » 2022-07-01 22:27:02

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Look at the time of screens shoot, he must do it all the time becasue I came after 20 min and another 20 min and planes were still mined.
There was 1 more situation when I enter plane But I havent this screen.

it ws about 30 min maybe 1h ago at kursk.
I Started plane, booom! its hp is now like 15% next time antering as passanger, same. I saw him jumping to plane with expack and running away. What I saw he leaved explosives all time on every spawned plane. I reported  him and ..... he disconnected in 2 second. 5 min later planes where mined with expack again, thi s time he use another nick.
6 separate times and probably tons more when I didnt see it.

#2 Server Ban Appeals » not lucky b17 bombing = autoban » 2022-06-23 16:18:20

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How long it is, 3 days? I Did quite nice bombing at bocage but killed 2 teammates incidentally at enemy flag and crushed with allied plane. Was kicked. Second time I forgot bombs like expack working by the wall, and when  bombing enemy tiger next to barn I killed 2 allies inside. the last situation was diving into white flag there was enemy apc and tank I killed them all, and.... unfortunately one allied hiding somewhere nearby. I deserve ban, always tk a lot when flying b17 but if it is 7 days or 3 I will suicide, I am addicted and need to play more than drink water.

#3 Re: Report Abuse » Admin ConCo banned me or bombing active aa and active wespe. » 2022-05-23 03:22:32

So for what I am baned? What rule did I break?  For bombing second time AA, yes? I killed you in your main yes? What you was doing there next to AA? Did you just spawn or was standing there on purpose " just watching the szenario". Your drunk story isn't real. You was in this pz4 before, logs can easy prove it, and you leaved it purpose, knowing it will explode and will kill you.

"and note - you attack the opponent's Base while your team has no flag at all."
So it is some new rule which you just create, and you execute it to old veterans without any warning, kick, or even 15 min ban?
Now we can not bombing enemy active aa when admin is standing next to it or when team hasn't any flag?

Please somone competnt for an answer, how long is ban, can somone delate it?

#4 Report Abuse » Admin ConCo banned me or bombing active aa and active wespe. » 2022-05-22 06:52:23

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Please check logs.
I know he always do it, there was many reports against him.

Please somone to copy and past here game logs.

I bombed 2 times axis main 5 min ago at battleaxe.
Nick ingame" kill bilge dumpers "

1 was active wespe and you can check it second was active aa which close destroyed my plane.

Admin banned me for killing active wespe and active aa.

I dont care if his tank was standing next to wespe which was firing. He do this shit on purpose, and its like 10th time.

Please share logs here.

Both my 2 kills where people in wespe and in aa.

#5 Report Abuse » snip the sniper trolling and tk. Elite m00 tk. » 2022-05-17 01:55:37

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snip the sniper he started yesterday at philipines, when I was jumping to flag wit med kit and he couldnt kill me with his sniper. He wrote that I am cheating and next all time trolling: OFC he purpose tk

OFC he purpose tk, he just switched team only for this.

for fun: here russian elite forceZZ still don't know how to open boat:

elite m00 tk with bazooka, rose couldn't believe my report, next he disconnected in 2 second to avoid consequences. He was angry at team and at the all useless snipers. He chose the most unuseless man-me who did 36 kills and hurted another 100


#6 Re: Report Abuse » 000 destroying b17 5th time in 30 second during bocage » 2022-05-15 18:13:30

What of language is that " . " What you mean by this dot? Are you aware that new sentences starts from big letter?  Have you ever hear about interpunction, or you are always so furious that you forget about everything around you?

Do I really trolling team takeing every spawned b17 crushing it in maximum 30 second, in every bocage, every week, every month, and next calling people who beg for respect of team equipment a "trolls" ? SUnshine Your are wrong, I didn't want it to meself like selfish merlin, I just want to see that  he will not take it and will not destroy it 6th time in a row. There was donutz and guy named paladin, I didnt want it to myself. Stop defending him, he is guilty and you help him only with such attitude.

When I always repair team players tanks, running to wounded people under heavy fire just to heal them.
If the king of infantry = 000 would play bf5 he will never pick up with his syringe any mortaly wounded soldier.
You are the one who all laughing from, keep playing saint and the most inteligent on this planet, and your ego will be fulfilled for sure.

If you are so high IQ genious why you don't see that b17 used by people like test01 or merlin are realy very denger and usefull weapon.
Noooooo... You see it very well little psychi, but you preffer to do it your way to show your pchatetic war against the world.

Your words are empty like your egoistic thinking, you do not respect any players, you have psychotic disorders. For you only being winner count, you don't care about cost of it,  same as Putin don't. You really dont care about anyone at all.

Every day, if you aren't baned ofcourse, and everynight, you play only this game. You don't work, you are parasite of own mother, which you everyday lie and lie, again, and again. Useles human, consumer, who only produce toxic waste and pollution. Environmentally useless,
"a maniac locked in his own frustration", thats your real name xpFanatik.
Or maybe I am wrong? You don't live with own mother? Maybe you live in prison with live sentence for rape and murdering "dunish model" or another street prostitute, which you was spying weeks with your spy glasses, reccomended by you at another topic here.
Really but I don't need even few second to recognize who am I dealing with.

Ban evading? Thats good joke, you was crying like a little kid.
I have only 1 computer, and I don't care how long was ban for team killing your deceived face, if I can join server it's mean that ban passed already. And the one who brakeing rulles again is you fake reporting me of ban evading.
I did not claimed that hydra reduced, 000 call everyone liars but the only who lie is he. I know well what I writed: " MAYBE" hydra changed ban to 15 min, I didn't even realize by who I was banned. Maybe it is some bug in old crappy game which allowed people join even when they are banned. I never meet situation when I could enter server during ban, so his accusations are clear imaginations.
Admins can see from what device I joined the server, and its clearly same computer.

I am asking for punishment BFSoldier 1:
1. Notorious misusing important team equipment. If there is no such rule, this server will die soon like ax. In my opinion mr.bfsoldier 1 doing this stuff on purpose, directly to provoke all people around. His goal is to create new enemies, which he will attack next. This is well knowed primitivism of his own. After I tk him, no one who was waiting in group for b17 seen any problem with it. Why? Becasue he "play" like a traitor, makeing favour for enemy team, isn't it hard to understand, right?
2. He enforces punishment on me, when I am not guilty of any evading. If system don't work correctly and people who get ban are still able to enter server from same device, it isnt my fault, I think you can clearly know what hard drive I used. He fake reported me many times during gazala. Once some guy named cactus did same shit to me fake reporting that I am evading and I get a real ban from some admin. The issue is a problem and he was trying hard, what is totaly unfair. Fake reports must be justiced also.
3. He behave without respect, usuing his: "are you blind?" to admin after I tk him. I askd you: " are you stupid? " that you dont see such sentence is offensive? No..... I know it perfectly, but for you its better to insult someone for your own benefit. He never answer for any hi or hello, when someone write to him, he looking only for victims and misunderstanding.
During gazala he writed : "Kill Bilge is Chiller& & " like he except a lynch from people at the server, he writed like 4 times that I am ban evading, and his plan was to make me new enemies in crowd of naives. But only answer he get was "noone care".
4. He forgot to take his pills.

I never play perfect like most do here, so show me how fantastic you are ? Ahhhh... this psychopats, there are so gorgous.. 1st most important thing in theirs life is to feed own ego. Sometimes ego of psycho-friends and even strangers if they agree with themselves.

I didn't exactly know if crossing river was allowed or not. But prepare for me nice 3 days vacations sunshine, can be in economic clas, even last minute, becasue I will tk him again when he will try waste b17 at bocage.

#7 Report Abuse » 000 destroying b17 5th time in 30 second during bocage » 2022-05-14 22:35:52

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Now, he took it always first, and he turn to enemy flags directly after start. His excuse is that "he didnt destroy it becasue it was done by enemy who shooted b17" He droped bombs or even didn't rech enemy position and bomber was down.
I am able to make many dives before being shooted in b17 but this troll doing it every bocage and behave like small angry kid.
After I tk him he complain to admin: "are you blind?" maybe he is blind, and what? Is that problem for you, learn to behave and take your pills, all team don't want you to play here. There was donutz or paladin, whoever would take b17 thay will use  it correctly. But there is problem kid who need to prove everyone his ego.

Also is river in market garden main base?
I killed raketen when he was in boat, and he kicked me.
I know I was at another side of river playing as allies, but I was just waiting next to boats, I didnt run into main.
It isn't big deal, but can't find anywhere that crosing river is agains rules.

#8 Report Abuse » lop/gio all time purpose tk and threat that will ban » 2022-05-13 00:10:30

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this Admin is regullary reported for team killing. Last days he was reported like 3 times.
Today 30min ago in aberden he zooked my tank in back in our main, being in same team. Next he bark on me that next time he will ban me.
Even if I would do some tk or tw, what kind of admin he is when he shooting team.

He lied that I was shooting team tank in main, random guy crossed my way with wis tank like total noob, he took tank from left side and drove it to right side, I had to use breaks hard to not crash with this kid. I used my machine gun and fired also 1 heavy shell around him. He didnt even realize what is going on. lop/gio saw that he instantly zooked me in back.

This idiot can't be an admin and has to be banned, its 4rth time his doing clearly shits agains me, last time he banned me becasue I reported his clan fiend of tk with katiucha, he call me that I fake report even when his friend score was -7.

WHy killer and jazzy aren't and admins when they alway are profesionally but troll and team killer like gio still isnt banned?

#9 Report Abuse » Russians troll "Sasha" and "unstoppable russia" » 2022-05-08 19:17:23

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stalingrad 5 min ago, this two trolls every minute write shits about ukraine and how glourius russia is.
Cant write enything like apc or tank at chat coz all time they smapping agan anf agan "fk ukraine, ukraine nazi, polish ukraine prostitutes and thiefs" all game stuf like that. check logs please.

#10 Re: Server Ban Appeals » Got banned without any warnings or anything? » 2022-05-06 15:29:47

I knew from start that you spawn next to flak, the problem isn't sniper so much like spawn place. If you are in bunker far away you don't know if enemy player is sniping or just spawned. It is rather shooter fault but problem with this place is bigger. When you bomb or shoot to wespe which like to stand and shoot there, (I think some players stand there deliberately), you can easy kill just spawned person also. Or if you bomb aa from high and miss a bit. Scammers can use this it to cheat with sniping in place and claiming they just spawned.

Its not your big fault goose, admins like to waiting for unlucky sniper in this controversial spawn point and they do it often, next banning good players instead of changing respown which take 3 min to do. I see admins at simple are suiciders, server year by year is dying, every time less good players, only tkers and ultra noobs left, and you still doing such things. Server isn't fair at all, I remember more than 10 years ago you could discus and chenge everything with everyone.

Now they can not even accept that it isnt fair to shooting artillery from uncapturable main at liberate of caen, or kursk or bocage, yesterday even admin hydra was standing with his artillery in main at rep pad shooting sky blindly (probably to own team).
At caen darcanos sexton once was shooting our positions, hiding far away in main behind the building so I coudn't zook it anymore, server was full of admin, they kicked me becasue I was problem for them reporting such things.

There was a problem at moons server at market garden bots spawned in main but can't move anywhere becasue their patch was blocked by katiucha. Was queue of 6 bots, all game doing nothing. After I reported it to them, they fixed it soon. But you arent fair too at moon server, bullying all around. There was thema about ukraine few weeks ago

#11 Server Ban Appeals » ban » 2022-05-05 17:50:56

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My last ingame nick was  "chat.ignoreradioaudio 1"  , and I got ban many months earlier, 5th or 6th december. Can I know the reason and admin nick please? I am posting here 3rd time without any logical answer.
here my problematic nick screen, copy it like link.

#12 Server Ban Appeals » baned many months » 2022-04-15 12:04:53

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Hey my last ingame nick was  "chat.ignoreradioaudio 1"  (without "), and I got perma ban many months earlier, 5th or 6th december, from some angry admin, coz telling at chat that dont like him. Can I still be unbanned? I am after intensive therapy and havent such PTSD problems like before, calm and eazy man now. I deserve to be unbanned, I am good player.

here my problematic nick screen, copy it like link.

#13 Server Ban Appeals » unban please » 2022-02-19 10:35:06

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-server SIMPLE
-nick QBT
-time and place of ban unknowed

Why I am banned and from who?

#14 Server Ban Appeals » ready to be unbaned? » 2022-02-18 13:42:52

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I am banned like 3-4 month already, because I writed to some admin that I dont like him, not even vlgar or rude, just it.
Can someone unban me plese I was regullar top 10 player.

#15 Re: Report Abuse » cranberrie » 2021-07-18 04:00:54

Volkankeskin liear, thypical turkish liar, and you tell me not to be racist. When he come forum and lie in the face. 1st what test do is asking for admins. Test veersion is proved by logs, Cranberrie showed that is fakereporting, Test didnt you tk or even tw, he didnt even tak 1% of your hp . YOU ARE FUKIN LIAR CRANBERIE like all your InVictus team.

#16 Re: Report Abuse » Nameless's paradise video » 2021-07-18 03:26:16

He was crying again like a baby, "there is no help in air" few hour ago, being all in fire and loosing control of himself. This nameles is poor ill child who need hospitalization. But don't worry nameless we are here to help you. It isn't help as you except, with bullying the internet players, but we can help you with your simpletonicity. You just need to stop thinking about yourself like about cool guy, because you are not. And after you face the true your life will change.

Darcano and test should be admins instead of nameles and hydra.

#17 Re: Report Abuse » SpitefulWretch ALWAYS Axis base rapes on Market Garden » 2021-07-18 02:56:04

Ivan stop making drama, it isn't anything bad. Next time go allies side and do same thing.

#18 Re: Report Abuse » deprive the administration of a holey whore » 2021-07-18 02:51:25

I understand and agree with fidel castro in part, and don't agree with anna also in part. Every human has limit of his own patience. When idiots tk and tw, you swear in angry a lot. But you can't, because there are a lot of young kids in the game so language must be clear. When admin join server and see someone very vulgar and insulting she/he has right to kick, but... Anna never investigate, like all admins. Instead of help victim you put oil to fire... You never ask, whats happened?, or why are you angry? and you doing it every time. I get kicked and banned in same situation many times, and team killer always stay in game doing his friendly fire like all-time They don't remember  how game looks like when you haven't admins functions.

#19 Re: Report Abuse » Hydra » 2021-07-18 02:36:39

Hydra is SIMPLEton I will shoot this "moron's" into back from far away again. And this kid thinking it's incidentall tw or tk, nahhh.. it isnt... you deserve it. I saw many, many abuse like this, but hydra is special one.

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