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Dakota wrote:

Yes Sunshine, some got good reasons not to take it ( immunosuppressed, nil immune system ect... )   if you eat like shit dont make it dengerous for others then you.  Smoking does and thats why they put laws not to smoke in public ( restaurant, transport ect ).

BZHERMINING Good look religious ??  and i dont beleive in santa either, conspiration theorys ect.. If you think I am a oximoron because I care for others it's ok. Sorry if I offended you.

PS: Dont drink and drive !

I think the point I was making in regards to "believing in science" was lost on you.

A study came out recently in Ireland showing that most transmission happened due to vaccinated people because they were not taking precautions as much as unvaccinated (I'm not vaccinated for moral reasons because I don't agree with animal testing or giving money tocriminals who created an opiod epidemic which killed a few in my family) but I still agree that COVID is a serious treath for a lot of unhealthy people, so I'm still careful around them. The reason being because like you most people think that vaccines prevent transmission, it does not it's there to greatly reduce symptoms.
I'm not upset, on the contrary it's always great to read different people's perspectives. I didn't call you an oxymore I said in this particular situation it was an oxymore (believing in science).

Sunshine, totally agreed with you in regards to unhealthy eating, smoking etc...
So much could have been done with regards to these issues at the start of the pandemic, whilst reducing COVID deaths.

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Dakota wrote:
Arkos wrote:


Ya, .. it's an endless story.


It's an endless story because of the people that dont beleive in science, the low education or they lost theire minds !

PS: Get your vaccine  !!  If you dont you are slowing the group !!!

Saying people have low education and then saying something like "believe in science" is an oxymoron.
But hey if you feel you need "believe" go for it dude. Personally I'm more in line with Popper than Khun, so I won't go down this route and will critically analyse, and in the event that all information is biased one way or another, base on on local observation.

Good look religious

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Arkos wrote:


"Geimpft, Genesen, Getestet" = "Vaccinated, Recovered or Certificated tested"

You know, in Swiss, since 10th October the tests are not anymore free for people without Symptomes, but this 3G Order counts here only in closed rooms. (Inside Cinema or Restaurant or Club, etc.)

Except Geneva, there they have some other rules.


You know, this 3G Order in Italy also affects a chauffeur from outside the country and could be also the border crossers, (workers).

Swiss has 67'000 workers from Italy every day. And some from Swiss work also in Italy. (Ofc. there are also many from France and Austria working in Italy.


Oh yeah same as here in Ireland. They were supposed to do that because suposidely 95 percent are vaccinated (I don't or not in my country at least) but now that there is more people on hospital than before the vaccine (400 of hospital now 40 in July ) they're saying they won't stop the pass.... Even though clearly the vaccine is not doing its work. They even came out saying that vaccinated people were more likely to transmit the virus because they're not careful about following mask etc guidelines

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Arkos wrote:


Meanwhile Italy is going crazy with the order for the 3G Order for all workers.

I guess and hope, the people will not accept that.


What is the 3g order for all workers?

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ATF_MajorWood wrote:

Thank you for the replies, especially HB.  Long ago, Momz and I started using add buddy on people who troll, so I wasn't surprised when Kriger, who was green, started zooking me.  I wish I knew who this was, smurfing, eventually I will find out.  Merlin, as much as you piss me off with your constant complaints, I am not one to have a vendetta and go about tking.  If you think my gameplay is in anyway suspicious, please by all means waste your time watching me, you will find nothing.  I am one of the few people who miss Punkbuster.  I play for my team to win, not to score whore like some.

I thought Merlin didn't play for the score but rather to evolve into pure BF42 energy (or perhaps b17 energy)???

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Goldie wrote:

can we do something about simple and i'd wish that it won't turn into another Ax type, as i said before, we need to purge most of these trolls out of here including george floyd and i know there are at least some people listening to me.....what i mean is  that even minor offense will get kicked/banned and then if they're smart enough to see the forums and then make a ban appeal, that's my "permanent solution"

The issue if yous start banning people because some people are triggered by others is it's a never ending circle and at some point even the most well meaning person will trigger someone. Just your use of permanent solution in quotations is very similar to final solution, what a horrible thing to say.

Before banning people for nicknames like George Floyd should think about banning names like 2nd ss, and real massive racists that are well known and some even admins on this game.

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turd wrote:

george floyd,, was a black gorilla with a drug problem and also aids & herpes

There is an expression we say on ships in France, your such a waste space your mother should have swallowed you

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Ferd Grapperhaus wrote:
Darcano wrote:
Ferd Grapperhaus wrote:

Fair enough, and yes I might be a bit more sensitive to it. His stupid 'i can't breathe' in chat btw, is also an example of why he is an idiot. But enough of this now from my side.

Off: good tip in the movies thread, watching the squid game series now! Thanks.

Maybe he has asthma, don't jump into conclusions.


So not only do you use the name of a corrupt politician who refused to investigate crimes against kids, but you call others losers...
See the thing with your wokeism is it can be turned back on you.

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No real big name has been mentioned, like the Jeff bezos and Bill gates of the world (who legally pay barely 0 in tax).
Makes me wonder if this is a cover screen for something.
Same time that this came out a study in Israel showed that 50 percent of people hospitalised with covid were vaccinated, that 2 million people will loose their Covid cert because they now have to be vaccinated every 6 months and a leak came out showing that there was a plot to assist are Julian assange in London. Not saying they are connected but funny to have front page new on some low hanging fruit when there is major stories that should be reported over this.

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Ironic when your nickname is of someone who opposed investigating torturing kids.
Following your logic why should you be able to play.

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The question should be what will Bawan92 do when simple server is down and Merlin is no longer there for him to be obsessed about big_smile

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If you TK someone on base of that person stealing your vehicle, how do you stop trolls saying that someone stole their vehicles as reasons for tking?

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Goldie wrote:
ABAS wrote:

Server sucks when for flying plane

i just came back playing and flying the plane and yes it became worse than it was before and i guess i have to take care of this nonsense, no physics to this game, quite sad.

Same here it gets very laggy

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Kevin wrote:
Sunshine wrote:

Bailing back into your main does not make you safe. You are a fair target.

It would be a bit different if they carpet bombed the entire base just to kill you while also killing others/destroying vehicles.

so bailing in my base gives them the right to kill me even if didn't engage them or perhaps just bailed for a tank or another plane? is that how the rule works? i ask this so no misunderstandings in the future

You're breaking the rules  if you bail to jump into a tank or to get a new plane.

#18 Re: BF1942 Discussion » Cows take control of SiMPLE servers » 2021-09-22 18:55:22

You know there is going to be at least one or two who will get turned on by this on this server big_smile

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Timmos wrote:
Zwarrior wrote:
Timmos wrote:

Getting banned for a day for NOT disrupting.

First of all, there was a dogfight with Napster & Arkos (Arkos can tell). Napster flees to his main and i shoot him. He said i was baseattacking him, but i wasn't.

I spawn on airfield there is a destroyer raping the airfield, getting killed and i report him. Admin (Zwarrior) doesn't do anything, only replying to Napster: Was Timmos baseraping?). I told him i wasnt because he was fleeing a df.
I spawn after the rape, i get airborn and within 5 seconds of air i get raped by a zero flew by Yo!. I report him for raping, he said i was flying, i get the ban for 1 day.

Maybe players don't like me (and i get it). But banning me for nothing is bullshit first class.
The admin abuse is insane lately. Stupid players that doesn't have any game experience get admin rights and acting like big dicks.

I can ask to remove his admin rights, but it won't happen anyway.

bullshit first class is what you did to 000 so be thankful it is just 1 day troll

Ah there we go, so i did something else in a total different situation and this means you hold grudges? This is the exact reason why you shouldn't be an admin.
An admin has to check everything in an objective way.

If you don't believe me, check the logs.

Well at least your providing troll entertainment big_smile

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seventy wrote:

Could someone summarize what was said in this thread

-Bad admin
-bad player

-bla bla bla
-bla bla bla

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Replies: 0

What are your suggestions for WW2 comics?

Personal favourite is the "war stories" series

#22 Re: Report Abuse » Killed twice for pixelshooting in Kursk » 2021-09-15 20:00:23

I'm a bit confused, what exactly is pixel shooting?

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Coco wrote:
Coco wrote:

Bonjour !

Slt coco, j'avais un autre profil avant (Tristan ). Comment ça se passe tjr au casier ?

Salut Tristant je bosse au quotidien avec des pêchoux mais je suis dans la marchande maintenant. Et toi ? J'ai lu sur un autre poste que tu avais travaillé pour la Brit, on a dû se croiser en mer plusieurs fois

Ca fait quelques années maintenant c'était en 2010 et 2011, sur le Bretagne, armorique et Normandie pour mon contrat de qualif et des stages pour le BEP. Le dernier embarquement que j'ai fait était pour la saison de whale watching en Islande. Je suis en Irlande maintenant et impossible de trouver un embarquement à moins d'être payer une misère, donc j'ai prit un boulot à terre en informatique. Juste le temps de voir, peut être faire une reconversion en scaphandrier.
Tu est à la BAI maintenant ?
C'est drôle de rencontrer un autre Breton avec un parcours de marin sur un forum d'un vieux jeu big_smile big_smile

#25 Re: Off-Topic » old favorite games (except bf1942) » 2021-09-08 15:35:21

Midtown madness 2
Rise of empires
Microsoft combat flight simulator 3
F22 raptor

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jorgen wrote:
Vertigo wrote:

Did that sucka rupture?  I was in second grade school when it happened.

Mask requirements are coming back around my area again.
And Boston has a city-wide mandate for indoors.

!ban covid

no rupture. same day i started hurting i went to the emergency room. doctor on call duty on the other side of two mountains.
told them my problem as real i could. also told them i have a high pain threshold. they did the tapping on my belly and it was like a drum.
they checked the weather report for next days and storm was coming. so i hitched a ride with ambulance plane. was walking myself all the time. got no pain medication to monitor a possible worsening.
then i just had to wait for the operation table to become available. no eating for 2 days. was not eating the day i felt sick. got operation late night next day. the worst part about that was they had lamb that day. walked around right after surgery to get rid of trapped air around my organs.
there was a outbreak of covid some weeks before i was there. talked some to a security guard. he told me all covid patients was escorted by hospital security when they arrived. there was bad protection routines for the guards but not one of them got infected.

They had to escort them!! I saw this documentary called night of the walking dead. Turns out people with covid who bite you will give you covid and then you like to eat brains! I think they even built a giant wall in Israel!

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You know covid isn't serious because the same people who kill kids in Yemen, give money to pedophile war lords in Afghanistan are saying it's serious big_smile

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BFSoldier 1 wrote:


Cool Luxury Frappé D’000

Held up against the sky of Zealand


https://i.ibb.co/yYgBNbz/01.png https://i.ibb.co/mHN3HFf/02.png https://i.ibb.co/zJZJYKv/03.png https://i.ibb.co/4PX7Hzv/04.png

175 grams of Danish organic low-fat skyr

200 grams of Danish organic low-fat yoghurt naturel

60 grams of Danish organic rolled oats

10 grams of Italian olive oil (passed our state lab/taste tests, may not be adulterated)

Added Danish tap water


As someone who spent most of his life in Iceland I take great offence at "low fat skyr" big_smile big_smile

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jorgen wrote:
Sunshine wrote:
jorgen wrote:

nice sunshine. you are very pedagogic explaining things. you should have been a teacher.
by any chance have you delivered any instruments to any virus laboratory? just joking

Lol I've been to the Global Pathogen Discovery Lab and the Emerging Pathogens Institute. I did get to use instruments... but not with any dangerous specimens sad

i knew it. you just want to watch the world burn and play bf42

i'm gonna lay this dead. dont want to spend more time in the information jungle

Exactly it's an information jungle  in which you have different experts saying different things and people with interests using what is said to further their agenda.
In my case I know only one person who died from covid and she was 104...
I know 3 people who had adverse side affects to the vaccine.
So all in all the options are to follow the guidelines set by a government which is ok to bomb kids, weddings, civilians etc or wait and see how things pan out...

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Arkos wrote:


It's not Chinas fault, Dude, nor does it come from a LAB.


https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.wsj.co … 1623106982

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