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On one hand you're talking about selfishness, on the other hand there si a question though. Was it even necessary to move the battleship in such situation? And had it a some more important reason than just to get frags for own benefit? Sure, firing from all batteries is better, but  Fake blood´s shelling from the rear guns was probably adjusted to the target on the hill, few words and come to an understanding was more than enough to resolve. At least, most of us "random noobs and trolls" in the game are trying communicate and respect each other depending on what's happening around us in the game.

#2 Re: Server Ban Appeals » Request unban » 2018-07-15 11:03:08

Showtime wrote:

The nephew of a friend played on my computer....

Oh, Come on ... : D

#3 Re: Off-Topic » Battlefield V » 2018-05-24 09:06:15

nämeless wrote:

A woman with robotic arm and Indian face paint got shot in the building where a guy with a katana sword on his back bailed out from the window, but arisen from the dead and killed a German pilot with a cricket bat. What the fuсk is this?

The trailer is wrongly done, no doubt, but its  real purpose is to show in each sequence those features and modes which will appear in the game. Example the jumping through windows. Like in the Battlefield 1 with break opening through the door while sprinting, in Bf V you'll be able to jump out the window in a similar way without need to destroy it first. The trailer also suggests there will be a new motion mechanics,  building defences and fortifications, transportabled AA/At guns, new squad and reviving/spawning system, redesigned ragdolls and physics and for some players mainly - the optional customization. Players should have the choice about in-game characters, vehicles, weapons and their customization. Among others you will be able to choose such as gender, race, body painting or camouflage and defensive parts for your equipment/weapons/tanks/planes/vehicles. So model of wonder woman with prosthetic arm should not be so binding for the game.

I recommend this trailer analysis by jackfrags https://youtu.be/3fzUDX5CZaU   besides other things he´s one of the guys, who was able to see game presentation behind the doors and mention that trailer does not represent actual gameplay so awkwardly.

There should be a multiplayer beta already in June, so we will definitely see more.

#4 Feedback » Balance - main Simple fra server » 2018-03-06 11:55:30

Replies: 6


maybe it was already discussed, but I wonder, is there any reason why the team's balancing system seems to be shut down on the new server and what are the views about this?

If there is any intention, It definitely does not turn out to be a good idea in my opinion.  Teamstacking is now out of control and the vast majority of players are not willing to keep teams balanced by themselfs. There are already common cases, when one team is outnumbered even by half people most of the time of the match. Recently, I´ve seen several battles that took place with the 20 vs. 45 in the row.

#5 Re: Server Ban Appeals » "banned" » 2018-02-17 13:42:07

Sgt.Rain wrote:

...don't like for waiting it

That´s all this story about, isnt it. smile

#6 Re: Server Ban Appeals » "banned" » 2018-02-17 12:33:46

Sgt.Rain wrote:
ABAS wrote:

Why you mined my plane?

sorry, it happened by accident ...urgently needed to kill a sniper on the roof of the house .
at that time he had already killed 30 of our own and continued to do so, but the aircraft did not see him, and I knew where he was. I wanted to put a mine to the side so that the danger icon appeared, but I got under the chassis ... usually I try to help my team as I can, but something went wrong here)   
sorry again, it was a bad deed... will not happen again.

Wait a second. Because of one enemy sniper on some roof, you were waiting five minutes for a plane in order to spray his position from the air and when you didnt get one,  you tried to convince/frighten that pilot with a mine warning icon to hand the plane over?

Well, another 30 good men were probably killed during this tactical plan...

#7 Re: Server Ban Appeals » Ban Appeal for sergioten » 2018-02-08 09:25:23

hanyweh wrote:

Stop with....

This Sergioten case´s unfortunate, Gorr solved it quickly decently. Atleast he will learn that before using a grenade at one person in own base at an overcrowded airstrip where they may just be other teammates, he will think about it at least for a moment. But on the other hand, even this "admin´s aggression" is what a server needs sometimes. While you chit-chat here about - abusive admins, player´s rights, "psycologic" impacts and thus non-full servers -, in-game practice is still  being affected by inappropriate spamming, trolls with variety of purposes, tks, tws and disruptive elements. During weekend simple fra server can reach up to 70+ players even now and among those who join just to play, there are always ones, who somehow and wilfully spoil it. From time to time It´s really mess and  I am as player personally grateful that someone from the admin is always on and they are trying keep it in order even with this strict measure. Mistakes are made from them, I was involved in such x times, It can be always explained reasonably as well though like this. But do not try to make this as precedent of some kind of dictatorship of admin team and pretend to be crusader of player rights.

You want to know who may be those poor players with rights of rehabilitations? Last weekend for example, I was tked in purpose by nervous guy (however who does not play for the first time) in the landing craft on Iwo Jima map, only  because for few seconds I was waiting for coming on players from  the start of the match and he didnt get it. He then took control of the craft and went into action solo. Unnecessarily and without any apology. Fine, I can take it. What about those experts, who cant stand, when they dont get planes, tanks or whatever? Standard furious damaging own vehicles follows by firearms or grenades in the base or airfields (parallel to Sergiotens). What about stealing repairing tanks//vehicles without a word? What about common baseattack thing even with rules messages clearly showing in several languages. What about not using brain for this game....

Each of us once was or is the novice in this game, there are different age categories playing and so on, but it doesnt mean to have a thought to behave like a fool and make some kind of trouble or stupid actions for everyone only because my ego, score or I cant get this game and its gameplay properly. Dont get me wrong, none of us is infallible, there are and will be still tks more or less by accidents or bad gameplay desicions. By me as noob, by admins, by veterans, by everyone. Depends on the situation and circumstances, but if it happens, quick apology follows, victim take it into account, its done. All with respect. But overall, if you really mean to play this game on this server, its all about one thing, follow the rules, try be polite to other players, whatever they are old or new and try to play with the best of intentions as you can, dont mess around excessively. And if you are not willing to do this, you just can spent your crying time on the forum about injustice.

#8 Re: Server Ban Appeals » banned 3 days for trying to help the server » 2017-10-23 16:41:44

SFV  should not be tolerated even in this situation in my opinion. It's ridiculous if someone thinks he's helping the server with this. Reminds me some "intelligent and experienced" players who deliberately attack own carriers (on the Coral sea map  for instance), just because they dont like the map or fails and try to end it as soon as possible.

Agree, this outcome of the Omaha map for allies is not exactly great and could be very often frustrating, especially if the current map setting is not favourable for  allies as for of insufficient combat firepower  (one destroyer to spawn is not really enough, problem is even its position, which can be easily zeroed by coastal artillery) or allowing Germans rush to the beach and camping the beach from the start using apc and probably more. But I believe it can still be playable and funny for players in an effort to find original ways to reverse this situation. Sure, if you play the game just because you want to satisfy yourself with the k/d ratio, you are probably finished here, but instead of damaging own or bitching about, next time we should at least gather all the available landing boats, get as many people as possible and hit the beach at once as a team....

#9 Re: Report Abuse » T-BONE (on forums) and LORD OF CREATION in the game server » 2017-08-17 21:39:38

He seems to be just a another confused zoologist and idiot. As for ingame, under normal circumstances he should be banned for 3 days by Sunshine  since yesterday  for this rhetoric, but he is cheerfully playing on the server right now, so it looks like repeated ban-evading at least. Surely admins keep an eye on him.

#10 Re: Server Ban Appeals » Admin » 2017-04-10 11:07:53

I think he was drunk too much to remember anything but teamkilling, Paul. Atleast he says so...

#11 Re: Off-Topic » Anthropoid » 2017-02-23 16:07:35

Zatoichi wrote:

it was considered the most realistic at its time


And that's it, for its time...

Anyway, although some sources, particularly in archives in Germany are ambiguous on this, both reports (although affected) from SS-Brigadeführer Karl von Treuenfeld, who was in command of charging SS troops there, and from leader of the Gestapo office in Prague Hans Ulrich Geschke (not sure about Panwitz report though), dont indicate something about drop caches or sub-machines guns, much less stens, in possession of parachutists during the battle in the church. There was most certainly one Sten gun, the one which was used during assassination attempt and which jammed and was thrown away on the spot of assassination. But nothing similar for the church firefight. Do not forget, the church was provisional hideout for them and the same day they were planned to be transfered outside the Prague, it was not meant to be their Alamo with tons of loadout.

But as always, none of us were in the church back then, so hard to tell how they really resisted and with what. Maybe they used enemy weapons and grenades too, if they have such chance, who knows. Fact is, three man on the choir managed hold on against better equipped enemy and outnumbered for 2 hours at least (which reports say). Remaining four resisted for a further period in the crypt with small calibers. That´s surely respect worthy.

#12 Re: Off-Topic » Anthropoid » 2017-02-22 16:14:23

Zatoichi wrote:

Why in the F is this put up when 'Operation Daybreak" is such a tremendously better film? frig, "Antenant" is better

From a historical perspective, Operation daybreak is quite badly done piece of work on this subject. The movie is full of nonsenses and frankly it is not so good as film either. Atentát from 1964 (The Assassination  -  http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0174476/ ) is still far way better than Daybreak and it´s considered be a classic, but  both Atentát and Operation daybreak (especially this) reflected time of their shooting, i.e. during the communist regime in Czechoslovakia, thereby both film were more or less influenced ideologically.

Anthropoid is not the most perfected work too, as a movie it may seems to be incoherent, but overall it´s a decent movie on this subject and due to cooperation with local historians from Military history institute it´s finally plausible interpretation of the events, particularly in details of some situations, naturally mainly in the scenes of assassination of Heydrich or final dramatic and effective battle in the church (although for curiosity. In reality, parachutists still were not armed with sub-machine guns there. They resisted for hours only with pistols and remaining bombs, which is even more impressive but you know for theatricality and time purposes).

#13 Re: BF1942 Discussion » The Engy- snipers...? » 2016-12-18 09:58:03

Casca was unable to hit someone with his insanely spraying submachine gun again? smile

#14 Re: Server Ban Appeals » Banned from the server due to nobrain teammate » 2016-12-02 19:51:04

e.S wrote:

Well, it takes a while for ship to reach airfield. You could leave the ship, but you didn't.  Ban was for 1 day. Abas is asking for you - so I removed it. But don't put yourself in such situations.

Thank you for that.

But still. So next time, when I will be on the ship or vehicle or something similar which will be controlled not by me but my less experienced or less brainy teammates, I must be far-sighted and jump off or leave positon and guns or discard cooperation before they can or cannot reach bases promises otherwise there will be penalty for all?

Friend, I have respect to admin´s work here, including you, but some of yours interpretations in this game are at least strange, especially with this ship´s situation. This is nonsense yet.

thx for handling anyway

#15 Re: Server Ban Appeals » Banned from the server due to nobrain teammate » 2016-12-02 18:41:41

e.S wrote:

On Guadalcanal you was rear gunner on the ship which stood right to airfield and shoot the planes at spawn. What did you do there unintentionally? Was it me who placed you at rear seat?

That´s where this dispute starts. Yep, I was behind rear guns of that ship from the all way from our base. I didnt expect that that noob in main position is going to beached it near opponent´s base. I was securing rear and suddenly we stopped near yours base cos beaching and he started shoot planes on the spawn. I warned him myself  not do it. But when it happened I didnt attack any planes at spawn or base in general at all. Why would I do that when I follow the rules pretty much. Instead, after that guy was kicked off, I tried to the ship get away from there as soon as possible. If this ban in your eyes is based on that I've just been on that same beached ship right in that moment right near the opponents base, then what can I do after all. Just been on the wrong place at the wrong time and you reacted to the situation. I do not have a problem with it.

Look, its not really a big deal, my first somehow lasting ban for years playing this game, I just wanted to clarify what exactly happened.

#16 Server Ban Appeals » Banned from the server due to nobrain teammate » 2016-12-02 17:05:00

Replies: 13

Player:               ZvacA
Date and time:    2.12. 2016, around 16:30
Server:              Simple Fra

What preceded:

On the Guadalcanal map I was rear gunner of the destroyer ship controlled by a player named Erik. However this one expert beached ship near the enemy base and begun attack the base. I wrote him the message about not attacking the bases, but because there was an admin on the airfield which was under the attack (probably e.S.), Erik was kicked off the server anyway. Fine, next I took control over the ship and tried to unbeach it and sail away from the enemy base. During this I didnt send single shot on the base or airfield or starting planes, just tried to go away and if need be defended yourself against planes, which were already in the air and attack the ship. In the moment this beached ship was sunk by torpedo boats so this situation was over. But I was banned too in the end even so I was caught in that mess involuntarily and as far as I know didnt break any rule intentionally.

It's no big deal and I understand there was a chaos in that moment so admin just did his job as soon as he saw player´s nicks in that ship, but if I may please ask about resolve this matter somehow?

#17 Re: Report Abuse » (th)LandForce massive teamkill streak for planes » 2016-11-06 13:24:37

I played too and didnt see any problem with him while waiting on carrier, so that´s the question what exactly happened there. Before I left the game there was a player named "Adolf Hitler" though, who was reported to be tk for planes, maybe it all started with this guy.

Anyway, you should pay more attention to yourself too, my friend. In your case, when was sending rockets to my position even though, you can check minimap for teammates, wasnt quite worthy of appreciation.

#18 Re: Report Abuse » Abusing of admins rights by lop|gio » 2016-10-23 10:23:17

Seems so, anyway Gio should clarify this. big_smile Bocage si a big map and pilots tactics to win or get an advantage over opponents is their concern in the air. Privet certainly did not want to do something wrong or disruptive on purpose...

#19 Re: Report Abuse » Abusing of admins rights by lop|gio » 2016-10-23 09:35:52

It was only kick off the server after all, so not a big deal, but still surprised me that this could happen. Sure, there are players, who use vehicles and planes just for nothing and waste them and play disruptively, but judging who and how benefits more or less to the game or which score he has and if not, he will be kicked even there is no apparent violation of rules, is slightly doubtful thing in my opinion.

Especially in the case of Privet here. As I know this guy uses brain for the game and he is very capable on the battlefield. And once he gets to the plane he is attempted to be helpful, cooperative with the rest of the team on the ground and in the fight with enemy air. I dont believe that he played there only for nothing.

#20 Re: Report Abuse » e.S admin abuse » 2016-09-13 12:04:45

Sonic wrote:

One can just want to test if friendly fire is on...

In that case, I am glad some of us are playing a war only in videogames... big_smile

#21 Re: Report Abuse » e.S admin abuse » 2016-09-13 10:03:24

Sonic wrote:

I did a few tks also when I was new here. If I had been immediately banned I doubdt Id come again. Give them a chance. 15 min ban is a very usefull command. If the violator doesnt understand, then a day, week, perm.

During the game you can quite recognize between those, who hit own accidently whether they are new or experienced and those, who hit someone on purpose or just because they dont use brain properly or any reason they have. If someone example from your team drop bomb on your head via plane, because situation on the ground was unclear for him, ok, sh*t happens even still to the best, but when teammate just walks towards you and stares on you for a while and then just opens fire to kill you, there's no excuse for it. Everybody of us was once new in the game, but perhaps because of it I believe we tryied play carefully, gradually gaining experience with the gameplay with as few errors as possible and respect other players and ingame rules. According even the part of video, situation on that af was crazy and I dont blame e.S. for intervene as such. Again, repetitive baseattacking even with warnings, jitterbugs who just start with damaging vehicles or planes with firearms or flaks, when they cant get them or cos thery are bored in that moment, wall of useless texts not related to the ingame etc. You can notice that lot of nicknames there are quite  known on the server for some time, so they can know the rules and  how to play. e. S is maybe strict sometimes, but he is doing his job, which doenst effect those, who want to play normally.

#22 Re: Videos and Screenshots » Random BF screenshots you want to share » 2016-09-08 19:19:02

Hehe, nice. Looks like impressive tactic to mine all the base around flag to prevent take it. But quite ill-considered in the same time. These mines on top next to the minimap example , where Patriot stays are laid on spawnplace for apc and jeeps. big_smile Damn, I would like to see that, when all base just started to blow up with all vehicles spawn. big_smile

#23 Re: Report Abuse » Bias about movement » 2016-08-05 16:55:56

Zody wrote:

No no no, there is a difference between pressing z key in open space, or pressing it behind obstacles like crates, barrels etc.. League players who would excessively bug behind obstacles would have been banned already, so your statement is simply false and unfortunately even encourages Merlin in his wrong assumptions about bugging. What you guys called dolphin prone is still a dick move but proning behind little huddles, crates, barrels and sandbags is the worst thing and banned in the league.

Have to say I myself was warned several times by some admins as well  to "not bugging" after some firefights. Despite that I was not aware of any intentional misconduct and thought that I was just killed in usual close combat with rifle and pistol in hands and just firing and using cover behind sandbags, barrel or part of bunker against rushing opponent with his smg and its bursts to my position. What I read so far if this matter is viewed by someones of you as stated above, these responses are clear for me now. It still surprises me that consider this covering behind obstacles by using crouch/prone keys (it depends on the size of the obstacle in the game) and possibly shooting over obstacles as unworthy thing intended for forbidding became the subject of dispute. I understand that an engine used for Bf1942 with its netcodes has its moments and causes things, which some players intentionally favoring it for theirs benefits and which causes inconveniences to others, but I was convinced that case of using somehow cover against the enemy fire or firing on the enemy from there is for this type of wargame something absolutely natural after all. From my ingame perspective as ordinary player it has no disadvantaging or using glitch purpose, I just crouch or prone behind obstacle with rifle or any other gun to avoid hit or bolt action or to reload and continue shoot and take down nearby or distant enemy as best as I can, thats it.

#24 Re: Videos and Screenshots » High Scores » 2016-06-01 20:02:19

These many "changes" happen with every flag in my opinion, especially in Aberdeen at the right moment. Although I think this particular strategy for just unquestioningly holding village with many zooks as possible and thus always expect to throw the enemy back or even turn the situation for the win has many unknowns. Especially now. It could very quickly backfire againts you, cos there is still no paying attention to surroundings and practical conditions, not to mention underestimations of capacities of the enemy or overestimation of your team. And as well as with your experiences which be able always so lead to a success, there are many successfully "sweep actions" against village holders, who trying this, as well or they were surrounded or cut from the rest  in the village almost all the game and still didnt inflict too much. It will take more variability for the future. smile

#25 Re: Videos and Screenshots » High Scores » 2016-06-01 08:05:48

Arkos wrote:

...As you saw, it's easy to win in Market Garden for Axis, they must only hold the church. By the way, it's easy to win each battle. Fight for flags and not for kills not K/D Ratio. Keep the important flags at least white... ...

I think you are too fixed with some places. With this only and same monotonous tactic (focusing only primary on the church and hold that flag at any cost even with one man, keeping an eye on that or this flag as the "only means" to get victory (e.g. stress for city on Aberdeen)) each game must be boring after some time. It seems to lack dynamics and entertainment of spontaneous battlefield and what can happen on the map somewhere else even with advance or retreat situations each game. Sure, namely church-flag on the Market Garden map is last designed location for Germans to capture and naturally after that they deploy their lines which are based on the church flag in order to repel enemy counterattack from the norh via access road and/or defend positions against enemy paratroopers from their dropzone. With that flag in German´s possession (even with one man) there can be situation to restrain part of enemy units, while for example teammates have a better chance to breakthrough over the bridges and clear the city or something similar. Nothing against it. But is it really "one and only" key to win? Map is big, there is a lot of time and particularly the church position is one of four flags. And in order to win, combats, actions and heroism always take place over the whole area. Let a bit leeway to the battleground´s course. smile

#26 Re: Videos and Screenshots » High Scores » 2016-05-24 09:46:40

All the time only thing we heard were some unimportant propaganda talks, but as we expect, they were from some cocky-talker, who has a penchant for the stairs. smile Nothing worry about him. If you like, after our final victory, we give you fragment of stairs, house and flag for your way to Siberia as a gift in order to have reminder on this place and your pathetic attempt to break us.

By the way -  "our city" smile

#27 Re: Videos and Screenshots » High Scores » 2016-05-22 09:26:59

ABAS wrote:
Zody wrote:

It's a nice score and all, but the only thing you did is shelling the middle of Iwo Jima like a noob.

Someone looks to the enemy eyes in the furious hand to hand combat, another just drinks coffee and sends heavy shells on your head. War isnt just a fair affair, but everybody do their jobs. Anyway even a operator of artillery barrage on the battleships must be useful and according to that Abas´performance with almost hundred hits, only one tk and with clean "death state", it seems he also contributed to the final team´s victory. Regardless of where he was and what and how he only skill did the entire game, effective artillery fire fixes opponents on the spot, causes their considerable losses and thereby supports and helps own teammates on their actions and moves for their objectives.

But have to say, gg to the Japs as well, according to the time and tickets on the screenshot, they were holding really fast to the very end and even with Abas´deadly salvos, Marines almost bled white in their effort to capture island. big_smile

#28 Re: Server Ban Appeals » I got wrongfully banned? » 2016-04-26 12:56:17

Grove4life5 wrote:

... don't call him a whiner, because he is not.

How long have you been playing with Merlin? Although good player with decent awareness about the game, he is a famous first class edgy complainer on the battlefield. And sometimes you just cross his way and he starts to demand bans and kicks for all around him.... smile

#29 Re: BF1942 Discussion » Password on SIMPLE|BF1942 FRA » 2016-04-09 19:24:40

Has it to do with today´s problematic function and cheaters on the server or it´s just coincidence? Afternoon server in one moment became laggy for everyone and within a moment even some clowns with hacks and cheats appeared in the game. After their ban by one of admins server became laggy again and soon it was emptied completely.

#30 Re: Report Abuse » Admin Arkos abusing powers to set his "OWN" rules on berlin. » 2016-04-08 11:35:18

Arkos wrote:


> It's about Tankspawnraping at Iwo Jima. Because it was discussed too several times.... So it's only about tank).


I see. It still amazes me this stays disputable. I mean, Japanese team can spray spawning US troops on that beach from bunkers with mgs, grenades and similar sorts but tanks on the beach are yet considered as a problem. I dont know, maybe we needlessly take upon ourselves too much in some cases. smile


Arkos wrote:

i call my troops to fight... ...

Hey, who promoted you to Lieutenant colonel? big_smile

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