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Re: Its Lagging so much cant even kill some one in BF 1942

Kevin wrote:
Ironfart wrote:

Yes Paul it is my internet connection but not my equipment as I have no problems with any other servers than simple.
I believe it is the routing from my ISP.
Moving the server would reroute and probably solve my problem but I wouldnt expect that to happen on my behalf lol.
Ill just have to sit my contract out. ( a year to go) and hope another ISP is better.
Hope my vid entertained you.

I'm of the opinion that is actually the server. Reason? it happens to different people from different countries at exactly the same time.
I understand if a person randomly lags every now and then it could be his own equipment or ISP, but when you see 5 people all from different countries lagging exactly at the same time what are gonna be the odds? it's gotta be the server. I've seen this literally at least 100 times the past 1-2 years. Basically everyone yells "lagggggg" and if you press tab look at how many players' ping get spiked. Its also usually followed by some poor bastard getting auto-kicked for high ping.

I agree with Ironfart on this because he and I both did multiple tracert tests on the server and arrived at the same conclusion that the problem is in how the traffic is routed. When I use my normal ISP the "lag" is terrible. If I use my cell phone as a hotspot the lag goes away. If I run a tracert on the cell phone hotspot to Simple, the route is different and doesn't hit the hop that we both see timing out. It's the routing to the Simple server that causes the problems. Not all players even in the same country will have the issue but others have a severe problem.

We aren't saying there was no DDOS attack, just that the attack was on top of the "lag" that's been terrible for at least 15 months now.


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Re: Its Lagging so much cant even kill some one in BF 1942

Ironfart wrote:

Im actually of the same opinion Kevin.
My vid shows 3 at same time. Seargeant ahmed ,myself and Bat.
However despite my evidence pointing to a server ending with 225 (see proxyfart posting) ive received a deafening silence and hit a brick wall.
Ive decided to just let it go.
Its not really in other players interest to let us have a decent service. and while their service is good why jeopardise that by moving server.
Someone once said to me 'You get what you pay for'. They may have had a point.
There are other good games out there and other servers that work for BF1942.
I got chastised once for 'advertising' so i wont say where.
Search them out.
All the best
https://team-simple.org/forum/viewtopic … hp?id=3450

https://team-simple.org/forum/viewtopic … 59#p180859

i want you to know that you can fix those lag spikes if you use a vpn, at least i do. first you would need to talk to an admin to get white-listed though.


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Re: Its Lagging so much cant even kill some one in BF 1942

I have mostly two main maps that gives me two different lag prolems:
1: Caen, in the 4 cross flags, when all play in between the  flags ( as last flag standing )
2. Battle of Britain, mostly over Britain land, all planes fly in frame by frame. You see it gone and appears back 10 meters away. Cnnot shoot it. Hell, I even crash my plane sometimes flying low.


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Re: Its Lagging so much cant even kill some one in BF 1942

Have just been running Pingplotter whilst connected to Simple Main server ('Pingplotter Test' pseudonym).
It runs tracert every second until i stop it creating a graph and reporting lost packets.

All my pings between hops were reasonable...
I played until i experienced my usual con probs (not long 2 mins).
Then quit 2 or 3 times to check pingplotter.
Hops were still reasonable < 30ms but dropped packets were reported from 109.236.95 225 the worldstream server which surely must be responsible for my con probs.
All hops were less than 30 ms still. No lost packets from any other hop.
I reset and restarted...Same thing after con probs in game. dropped packets from Mister 225.

(I shall refer to as Mister 225 from now on).

I know only a few people are routed to this server, Surely there is some correlation.
Could someone hit it hard with a hammer please so I can go through like everyone else...?

My mobile hotspot goes through ...227 but my connection, its too laggy . I want my fibre.

Ive never been to Amsterdam, Its a bit of a bucket list thing. Maybe now's the time for a visit lol.
Tnx Ironfart smile

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