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Mini League Spring 2022 CTF Cup Videos and Casts

Hello all,

For this short CTF event, we will have the privilege of having an excellent Battlefield 2 caster commentate all the matches. His name is Gravity, and you can access his content on YouTube here and Twitch here.

I will be posting all the individual player videos and previous casts on this thread.

Yesterday was the first official match of the cup, a Semi-Final match, opposing the TR | The Rookies team to [MD] Moist Drifters. Both teams are from North America. The map of the match was set to if_snowstorm. It was a very intense match, both teams being very equal skill wise, but TR | finished on top with a 1 - 0 victory.

Here is the cast of that match by Gravity:

All contestants are also asked to record their gameplay. As the players upload their videos, I will update this thread. For now, here is a video by TR | TheCalmingClam:

Today, three more matches will be casted and posted on this thread:

Semi-Final match
-[HELLO]- vs hax'n. Cast at 22:30 CET (4:30 PM EST) (starts at 17:25): https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1445543361

Final match:
Winner of the remaining Semi-Final match vs TR |. Cast at 22:00 CET (5:00 PM EST) (starts at 1:07:37). Round 1 (Round 2 is next weekend) https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1445543361

Third-place match:
Loser of the remaining Semi-Final match vs [MD]. Cast will be at 00:30 CET (7:30 PM EST): https://www.twitch.tv/gravityxiii

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