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Is the server player cap limit now 32?

Just tried to play this afternoon but see that the player limit went from 84 yesterday to 32. Server is always full and can't get in. Is this a glitch or was something changed recently?

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Re: Is the server player cap limit now 32?


yes, they were set to 32 an hour ago, now theyre at 64

there could be at least three reasons :

1)  technical issues
2)  an attack
3)  the server founder changed them for some reason

i wonder if he read this (and particularly the part with the server slots) :

https://team-simple.org/forum/viewtopic … 36#p182236

and now wants to demonstrate that he is independent ....

maybe we can get an official reason why slot were lowered from 84

64 is too low, cause the server will be full often in primetime, thus excluding many players


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Re: Is the server player cap limit now 32?

Or even better: Split the server into 2 servers running totally different (vanilla) maps


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Re: Is the server player cap limit now 32?

42 and 42 for example with different map themes.
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Re: Is the server player cap limit now 32?

Hello and thank you for letting us know.
After restarting the server, the number has shrunk to 32.
This has now been increased to 64 players and corrected.
Further free slots will be available again as soon as possible.

See you in 1942


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Paul Baumer
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Re: Is the server player cap limit now 32?

Not quite sure what caused this issue but we set the server settings back to 84 players again and restarted the server. Should be working fine now.


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