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Butcher wrote:
BFSoldier 1 wrote:

done with this thread

proven my point

these are just phony bs rules. they rarely apply, and not to everybody


- Please respect all players. Behavior only meant to disturb or upset players is forbidden.
- Excessive swearing is not allowed.
- Do not spam chat

some players can violate the chatrules indefinately, while others get kicks / bans for saying the same, but in much smaller amounts. what a shithole some parts of this community is

didnt use the ingame chat from sept. 2018 till sept. 2021. got insulted nonstop for more than two years and virtually never talked back. no admins out of 40 total tried to stop these provocations against me, 10 participated

whenever it happens in the future, these scummies will get their chatvomit right back in their faces. i’ll enjoy spitting on em from now on

lil’ queer slavic transgender boy .... aka cognitively impaired from birth and struggling irl .... aka so dumb that its proud of what others would consider failure .... aka miserable dead end jobs for the rest of its life ....  aka fager88

ull get this every time ur spotted .... even made a quick n izi onetouch macro .... enjoy talking to urself from now on


oh .... and .....  that thing u try to avoid and dont like .... itll come



That would be great... no names, no chat... just BF42 lel

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jorgen wrote:
bud wrote:

i used to have my tv running in the background, but the electric bill is killing me so now its off all the time, and fb seem to have become just really crappy, everyone yelling at eachother over every little silly thing you can imagine. also there is like two sides one "for vaccin" and another for "antivax" and people is in eachothers throats about this stuff.

last summer i was hospitalized and at one point they suspected i had got corona cus my lungs crapped out, so had to be put in respirator. that sucked big time.

ohh shit. i hope it's not the alcohol talking but i want to give something back to this community. just need to start fishing again. money is not the most important thing in this life. i learn this by having enough and having to little. i was thinking about a gathering next to server location. but i see now there is more important needs.

once in india i met this guy called mango tree baba. (fake holy man) he said to me; don't compare. all that is bad in life comes from comparing. he sold me some mushrooms that was not magic.. asshole. am i becomming the next icq?  i miss icq.
again tha alcohol talking.
bud æ stare å fiske snart. si ifra hvi du treng nå peng

He is righr

#6 Re: Videos and Screenshots » High Scores » 2021-08-22 20:01:48

Noticed that your new videos look very smooth. Looks like more fun.

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joint wrote:

eventually all those abrvs are reptiloids

Watch the Social Network Dilemma on Netflix... wink

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Lecter wrote:


" This has literally blown my mind, they have accomplished what we have wanted for AGES. To go back and play updated classic maps to our hearts content. "

Sounds sick...

#11 Re: Off-Topic » * * * Coronavirus * * * » 2021-07-20 21:46:37

People need to stand up and I am sure they will at one point. If not, we still have a choice. This system is collapsing and the authoroty knows it. This is why they desprately want to controle and enslave us through fear. I think people have to act bevore it is too late. Otherwise this will become an Orwell'eons state.

#12 Re: Off-Topic » Funny Videos and Pics... » 2021-07-09 09:25:50

nämeless wrote:

When Ctrl is jamming.


When you don't want to skip legday

#13 Re: Videos and Screenshots » Base? » 2021-07-07 17:46:57

It has been discussed years ago. A base is no safe place if you were once active. But I see opinions are different. Maybe tuia can say something.

#14 Re: Videos and Screenshots » Base? » 2021-07-07 11:19:00

Maasika wrote:
Viitapiru wrote:

Thanks for posting. I bail at 1:30 and at 3:17 I'm killed on take off. In my opinion this is bit on the limit if it could be counted as base camp or just killing a bailer. On your defence, you do check carefully that it's me before shooting.

Would like to hear other opinions and clarify the rules a bit on this grey area.

IMHO rules are clear:
-once you get active you´re legit target untill you die. No ifs or buts or times.

Anybody who attacs/shoots to mainbase to kill an active player  must understand that he/she takes a risk of doing  baseattack if any collateral damage appears.

We are talking about planes taking off and there is a grey zone. There should also be a rule saying that it is not allowed to kill planes which are taking off.

A plane could also camp behind the base and kill planes mid high trying to get altitude. I would say that it is allowed to shoot planes between mid till high altitude. At that altitude planes should be able to defend themselves.

#15 Re: Videos and Screenshots » Base? » 2021-07-07 11:04:56

1:30 - you were already over the battlefield, so no basecamp
3:17 - is clearly basecamp. You just took of and turned left. If you turn right then you are allow to be shot.

#16 Re: Server Ban Appeals » Bailers » 2021-07-06 18:01:13

True Deeko, that's why I'd prefer public on unmodded smaller server. BFL can be hectic. lol

#17 Re: Server Ban Appeals » Bailers » 2021-07-06 14:28:15

Darcano wrote:

It's not about the frags per se, I rarely play seriously, I could have easily killed him 15 seconds later. But lately instead of bombing the chuters I started to play with them, there are guys like jazzy, JumpY or somma (or nameless) that bail in the middle of nowhere just to walk 5 mins to their AF. I just let them do some exercise before making the kill.

Me too, too old to play this game seriously. Sometimes bailers deserve special treatments. I give you that. lol

#18 Re: Server Ban Appeals » Bailers » 2021-07-06 14:23:33

LegioX.DoubTi/Mourits wrote:

This game in 2021 is so much about getting frags, working on your ego and tryharding. Silly dary.

Some people try too hard... just be water my friend. big_smile
Frags are fun tho in BF42 for some reason. BF42 has somethings which other games don't have.

#19 Re: Server Ban Appeals » Bailers » 2021-07-06 14:17:02

Deeko wrote:
dary wrote:

The game is not only about frags and ego, it is about having fun. Just some thoughts.

Don't be ridiculous dary, most games are about that. Winning, getting frags and making it competitive. What else is there? Looking at the 2002 made textures and hiking in the hills of Guadalcanal? :d

Maybe most games are competitive but we are talking about an old game. Competitive times are long gone... you are too late. big_smile Getting frags and being in the flow is fun tho in 42, however, I for myself don't compare to others only with myself. At the end what counts is how much fun you have. When you are old you won't remember how much gold you had. You remember the good times. But yeah, mindsets are different. Competition is also a reason why people are trying everything to win and this is why they are bugging... which gives people an advantage and is no clean gameplay. That's a fact. No judging but nothing to be proud of.

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bud wrote:
dary wrote:

https://www.marinij.com/wp-content/uplo … .jpg?w=863

Counting time and checking minimap till the plane respawns.

yes, but how did he know it specifically was the bailer in that plane? thats what im curious of and also what Arkos asked.

In this case he doesn't even need to read the name because he is the only one with such a long nick. A plane doesn't need much bullets while starting.

Anyways, it is not against the rules since this guy was already active. However, he killed already the plane and that should be enough satisfaction. Killing a starting plane is even more lame than bailing. The game is not only about frags and ego, it is about having fun. Just some thoughts.

#21 Re: Server Ban Appeals » Bailers » 2021-07-05 11:55:25


Counting time and checking minimap till the plane respawns.

#24 Re: Server Ban Appeals » Banned » 2021-06-06 16:46:25

Played often vs T, was never suspicious.

#25 Re: Server Ban Appeals » Banned » 2021-06-06 16:44:51

Hopp... is tuia still hiding in his underground Führerbunker? Never saw him playing. Mysterious weirdo brother.

#26 Re: Server Ban Appeals » Jumpys ban-why?? » 2021-06-01 09:36:46

Now you play the victim... reminds me on right wing manipulative technique.

#27 Re: Off-Topic » Gun collection » 2021-05-30 16:39:12

AKs are prohibited but owning 50 guns seems quite ok. Murica... say no more!
Welcome to final stage of capitalizm.


#28 Re: Report Abuse » Nameless's paradise video » 2021-05-26 15:36:33

Yes, I understand stoned people. lol

#30 Re: Report Abuse » Weird Rules. » 2021-05-20 11:27:36

msbd wrote:
dary wrote:

No this rule cannot apply.

I wasn't asking if it should be applied in this case but if it is applied at all.

I see, think it is rather an advise than a rule because no one seems to care about this rule.

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