#1 Re: Videos and Screenshots » BF-League matches » 2022-01-17 15:25:21

Yeah muppet, great job with that commentary. You should apply for a job at tv channel and send them this game as reference.

#2 Re: Videos and Screenshots » BF-League matches » 2022-01-17 09:58:45

e.S wrote:
dary wrote:
KarlsoN wrote:

bmc will be ahead because of more rounds they won.
you need to check tickets if both teams has equal number of won rounds.

Yes, 4:2 (with 2 won rounds) is enough for us.

Just 4 points is not enough  - don't forget tickets, Dary. GL HF... big_smile

Thanks e.S... we miss you here btw.! big_smile Tickets didn't matter. I checked the rules myself earlier.

#3 Re: Videos and Screenshots » BF-League matches » 2022-01-16 02:11:52

KarlsoN wrote:
e.S wrote:

I think it will be 4 - 0 for both teams (LOP and BMC), so it's the tickets difference - where LOP is behind with 200. I guess LOP will not make it.

bmc will be ahead because of more rounds they won.
you need to check tickets if both teams has equal number of won rounds.

Yes, 4:2 (with 2 won rounds) is enough for us.

#4 Re: Report Abuse » taxi plane Carlson » 2022-01-05 15:42:07

KarlsoN wrote:
dary wrote:

Taxi applies also on Iwo Jima...

1. I took Corsrair on ALLIED carrier
2. I came with corsair to AXIS airfield, bombed one tank and bailed to steal the other one.

This guy tell me it was "taxi".

Hey mister shit aka kakaha, get lost please.
Another brainless useless random noname player teachs me how to play this game.

hahaha that's no taxi at all obviously.

#5 Re: Report Abuse » taxi plane Carlson » 2022-01-05 09:13:04

Taxi applies also on Iwo Jima...

#6 Re: BF1942 Events » 2 vs 2 Tank Arena Challenge For 200€ » 2021-12-27 11:07:09

simon wrote:

Last match has been played against Technoboy and dary3.3. They wouldn't play for money so it was just for fun. A small video too:

Thanks to everyone who got in and played

Nice song, good shots... I'll upload my view too of these situations. big_smile

#7 Re: BF1942 Events » 2 vs 2 Tank Arena Challenge For 200€ » 2021-12-27 11:05:32

Deeko wrote:

the challenge is closed! we got scared that e.s and karlson might join in at the last moment and take our money

Merry Christmas and a happy new year ya'll!

GGs guys, very well played. Was a friendly match btw. for those who think it was about 200 EUR. Let's repeat it in the new year and then I'll record the whole rounds too.
Seems people are interested to see this.

Happy new year all!

#8 Re: Server Ban Appeals » Banned? » 2021-12-27 10:59:25

Thanks guys... no worries. I can assure I didn't do anything wrong. Maybe just a mistake.


#9 Re: Videos and Screenshots » My new sniping frag video » 2021-12-25 02:56:54

you need to aim lower when you stand... depending on the distance. here one or half head lower should work out.

just see @0:40 seconds... you aimed on the neck and you gave him a head shot

#10 Re: Server Ban Appeals » Banned? » 2021-12-23 11:59:51

Paul Baumer wrote:

But who banned dary and for which reason?

Was on axis and stole the M10, probable that was the reason, or by mistake. There were only like 10 ppl playing... this is how you kill the server.

#11 Re: Server Ban Appeals » Banned? » 2021-12-23 11:58:46

e.S wrote:

there are no donkeys on ban list. Some retards only - just checked.

haha thanks for checking... yesterday I was able to play again.


#12 Re: Server Ban Appeals » Banned? » 2021-12-21 19:25:18

Why banned me from Simple Tanks a lot?
Nick: donkey

#13 Re: BF1942 Events » 2 vs 2 Tank Arena Challenge For 200€ » 2021-12-21 14:15:35

Techno has xmas party on Thursday evening... start of next week sounds good. He needs the time to recover. lol

#14 Re: BF1942 Events » 2 vs 2 Tank Arena Challenge For 200€ » 2021-12-20 22:34:17

Yo, let's play tomorrow or Wednesday plz... when is a good time for you?

#15 Re: BF1942 Events » 2 vs 2 Tank Arena Challenge For 200€ » 2021-12-19 13:17:32

Not sure if I will make it. Will let you know. Good luck the next game

#18 Re: Server Ban Appeals » Banned? » 2021-11-26 16:11:19

Goldie wrote:
e.S wrote:

Jamaican troll....

isn't dary german? strange.....jamaica......

On paper you are right.

#19 Re: Server Ban Appeals » Banned? » 2021-11-26 16:08:36

Lecter wrote:

He is nation neutral. Its like a gender neutral type but more sophisticated.

Yep, I don't care about nations. I am a human. Natinalists don't get it becuse they like to proud of something they are not responsible for. smile
If you go deep you see it is just separation. They don't want us to unite. What is gender neutral? Thought they want to indetify with something. big_smile

#20 Re: Server Ban Appeals » Banned? » 2021-11-26 16:02:07

e.S wrote:

Jamaican troll.... big_smile

haha eisen...

#21 Re: Server Ban Appeals » Banned? » 2021-11-26 16:01:06

Arkos wrote:


Goldie wrote:

isn't dary german? strange.....jamaica......



Location means "where you live", not "the weed come from"   https://www.hardwareluxx.de/community/s … x/xmas.gif


Nah, it's legal in Germany soon.

#22 Re: Server Ban Appeals » Banned? » 2021-11-26 16:00:37

Somebody banned again the wrong guy. lol

#23 Re: Videos and Screenshots » High Scores » 2021-11-09 14:45:16

HappyFace wrote:

There was a weird coincidence last Saturday.
My nickname was BFSoldier_22 who was 1st of Axis Team.
Other player had nickname of BFSoldier_44 who was 1st of Allied Team.
(22x2=44 it is weird coincidence as I said big_smile )



There are no coincidences. smile

#24 Re: Server Ban Appeals » Banned? » 2021-10-28 14:38:38

Ok np, was a confusion. smile

#26 Re: Videos and Screenshots » BF-League matches » 2021-10-01 22:11:24

LegioX.DoubTi/Mourits wrote:

Thanks for always posting match videos, Nameless, and everyone else.
Invictus did a good job recovering and played very well in our last league war, especially your ground troops did a really good job and were very creative imo.

Gratz to Lop for taking the first place once again, also gratz to UF for ending up above TnS and PHX I doubt many saw that coming - wp. Though I'm ofc. biased here I also wanna congratz Asstralis for being only 3 points away from the top in their first season.
I don't know what happened to BmC in their last and only important war this season, but I guess that was a tough one.

I have made our few recordings public. It's mostly in danish or danglish and only contains 1 league war, so not the best content but anyway:
https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCobvK6 … 6qA/videos

Lop was well prepared and played pretty good cause they needed to win 4:0 or 4:1.
They won both rounds on Bocage pretty high, so that a 1:4 loss was not enough anymore to win the league. We needed now at least 2 points (2:4) due to tickets.
BX was much better tho than Bocage. The game was close till the end. DMyorky and me didn't play btw., for me DMyorky is one of the best tankers. He played already in 2003 in the best clans, "is an Alien", utopianer, etc.

Respect to all the players who played the whole time even though they lost a lot due to uneven teams.
And good to see all those ambitious players who are still motvated to win the league of 20 years old game. big_smile
Well played by all teams!

Thanks to all nerds for keeping this bugged game alive. BF42 is still the best shooter. Curious to see who still plays in 2030. lol

#27 Re: Off-Topic » * * * Coronavirus * * * » 2021-09-27 21:42:07

Why is nothing in the mainstream news about Australia?


#30 Re: Report Abuse » Killer88 the troll keeps violating the SiMPLE rules » 2021-09-08 08:06:38

Butcher wrote:
BFSoldier 1 wrote:

done with this thread

proven my point

these are just phony bs rules. they rarely apply, and not to everybody


- Please respect all players. Behavior only meant to disturb or upset players is forbidden.
- Excessive swearing is not allowed.
- Do not spam chat

some players can violate the chatrules indefinately, while others get kicks / bans for saying the same, but in much smaller amounts. what a shithole some parts of this community is

didnt use the ingame chat from sept. 2018 till sept. 2021. got insulted nonstop for more than two years and virtually never talked back. no admins out of 40 total tried to stop these provocations against me, 10 participated

whenever it happens in the future, these scummies will get their chatvomit right back in their faces. i’ll enjoy spitting on em from now on

lil’ queer slavic transgender boy .... aka cognitively impaired from birth and struggling irl .... aka so dumb that its proud of what others would consider failure .... aka miserable dead end jobs for the rest of its life ....  aka fager88

ull get this every time ur spotted .... even made a quick n izi onetouch macro .... enjoy talking to urself from now on


oh .... and .....  that thing u try to avoid and dont like .... itll come



That would be great... no names, no chat... just BF42 lel

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