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In my country, Taxes are basically for paying roads and stuff,Doctors costs more than $100
Ive knocked my head on the back
Ive got sinusitis and asthma(dunno what to call it) from born, asthma and sinusitis was from my mother.
About the ice pack, i'm not sure where to buy those, My town sells items super cheap, as example, crisps or something like that,they are made out of plastic and fried using plastic to make it last longer, that's a bit annoying, nearly every people in Surabaya, here always sells everything as cheap as possible, and they mainly use wrong ingredients

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Feels a bit better this day, i keep getting random headache when trying to look down and up and sides.

#5 Re: BF1942 Discussion » Who da fakk? » 2014-11-02 02:38:24

Why do you even post this kind of thread mate.
"It is just a game" Real life is more interesting

#6 Re: Server Ban Appeals » Ban » 2014-11-02 02:35:13

You're now unbanned from the Server, Your name is not listed anymore on the BFSM

#7 Re: Off-Topic » Nathan went to a bit of a fatal » 2014-11-01 12:01:27

Ice pack...?
I have no idea what that is.
All i know is "ice"
My head's not hot.
also, ive got better this afternoon, thanks for anyone who prayed for me

#8 Re: Off-Topic » Nathan went to a bit of a fatal » 2014-11-01 07:10:52

I don't have a vehicle... There's no hospital near my house

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Nathan Adhitya
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That night, ive sit on my chair, and ive lost my balance and knocked, or collided or something like that, my head with the floor, And now, it's hard for me to wake up and sleep, this morning ive fallen 6 Times tried to wake up and, I'm getting random headache.
I hope users here with religion here to pray me for me to get back to be normal.
Thanks if you already prayed for me to get back up to normal.
It was an accident, ive lost my balance ...

#12 Re: Report Abuse » (BB)Kaiman » 2014-10-31 00:59:46

Ill take care of that player when i see him.

#13 Re: Report Abuse » perm tk n teamwounding » 2014-10-27 15:15:25

Ill try and watch that player up when i see him online.

#14 Re: Technical Help » Looking for a professionnal site builder » 2014-05-23 15:46:06

Observer, i can do the php a bit, but ... i dont really remember my old skills neutral
Well, i can try but i can't do the "interactive score boards for teams, clans and cups"
That's it.

#15 Re: Off-Topic » Nathan is Back!!! » 2014-01-08 01:08:32

and tuia could you email me? i totally forgot your mail bro..

#16 Re: Off-Topic » Nathan is Back!!! » 2014-01-08 01:06:25

Timmos you want to hire me as an elephant washer in Indonesia? LOL that would waste so much water... XD

#17 Re: Off-Topic » Nathan is Back!!! » 2013-12-19 12:55:10

Thanks sunshine and timmos you have some cookies??? wink

#18 Re: Off-Topic » Nathan is Back!!! » 2013-12-18 11:04:52

the first time you create a account you will be asked for that... you choosed the assault
you can add one more... ssearch a button at the homepage "Create Soldier"
you can have 2 soldier at an account.... btw you need to pay funds if you want one or make another acc...

#19 Re: Off-Topic » Nathan is Back!!! » 2013-12-18 04:44:51

Hello again timmy!!!!!! i missed you alot <3
and btw HoOK do you have skype so i can help you???
W,A,S,D = Movement
F1 - F9 = Vechile Position
1-9 = Change Weapons (Listed under there...)
(Hold)Q = Commands (Roger That, Need Medic, Need Ammo, Enemy Spotted, others)
(One Time)Q = Enemy Spotted
and... wow that's really fast... you are level 5 as an assault!!!! i'm a sniper...
i added you btw...
anyway HoOK try t play in australia server {EM} Air

#20 Re: Off-Topic » Nathan is Back!!! » 2013-12-17 10:43:54

i got a M7 Sniper In The Daily Lottery YAY~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! for 7 days ..... High Accuracy and damage..
Hook, what's your Soldier Name? mine is NathanAdhitya then SniperM28ter then NanaBright then NathanA.Engineer
add me!
btw you know what? my internet always get a high ping to Best Servers... sad i really want to play to and australian server but gota ping for 802 for a rain....
then asia i got like 500 ping but the original ones in australia i got like 290ms Ping and in asia i got 70ms ping of minimum

And Lecter what happened to you???
you were a really good admin before....
and wait a minute????? where's the original lecter? he registered in 2013....

#22 Re: Off-Topic » Battlefield 4 ? » 2013-12-16 06:30:44

HoOK wrote:

Haha I can buy it with 4-3 €
Everything here is illegal wink
Windows 7  price  2 €  wink windows xp 1 €
Even playstation and so on...

if u can do that, give me a serial key..... that will work in origin..... xDDD

#24 Off-Topic » Nathan is Back!!! » 2013-12-15 03:02:40

Nathan Adhitya
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Hi guys...
Tuia and timmy....
btw i miss timmos and tuia alot...
i had too much exams yesterday for 2 week exams...
Tuia i don't play bf1942 anymore.... i feel bored.... and now i'm currently playing BFP4F(Battlefield Play4Free)
and of course tuia could you make a server over there? or something?
the asian servers kicked me all the time..... they were not populated... and i was also a clan member of Execcesive Mayhem (EM) and i play on that australia server...
tuia tell me any how i can contact you... i want to talk with you.... btw umm tuia do you mind giving me your email again?? i forgot it.... hahahahha..

#25 Re: Feedback » Special Jetpack Fun Event! [Idea] » 2013-08-26 12:17:45

yup BTW it's a DC Mod i would only send objects.rfa should i?

#27 Re: Feedback » Special Jetpack Fun Event! [Idea] » 2013-08-24 23:25:07

srsly.... it was a tga files and i did fly whiledoing everything on midway like taking flags,,, and much more smile

#28 Re: Feedback » Special Jetpack Fun Event! [Idea] » 2013-08-24 14:35:38

taked too much it was 98 mb btw i have 30kbps upload speed

#30 Re: Feedback » Special Jetpack Fun Event! [Idea] » 2013-08-24 12:42:19

hmm but how about tuia? smile anyone want some screenshots i'm playing in DC with jetpacks?

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