#1 Re: Server Ban Appeals » ban » 2022-11-12 20:15:06


May i ask , do you guys ban cheaters for good?

Turkish you need to shut up.

Kardeş naapmaya çalışıyon amk, niye efendi gibi oyununu oynamıyon? Sıkıntın nedir?

#2 Re: Feedback » Kubelwagens » 2022-11-11 15:26:19

Arkos wrote:


He does not like the maneuverability of those in El Al CTF.

Perhaps we need an upgrade?

Yesss nobody but my dear understands me... We need an upgrade.

Sonic wrote:

Kubel is RWD.
Jeep is 4WD.
That's why the difference.

You can use kettenkrad (moto), but it understeers a lot.

Personally, I'd advice to just learn to feather the throttle/brakes and you'll be fine.

I am the KettenFckingMaster man! and i can drive Kubelshit pretty well but that's not the point. I said "we", i talk for the majority.  Majority wants that fun map to be more fun. Why do they should have to make an extra effort to learn to drive that soda can? to?

"Make things easier, and do not make things harder!"
--Prophet Muhammad

"And i still want that submarine!"

#3 Feedback » Kubelwagens » 2022-11-10 13:01:08

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We don't those Kubelwagens. Axis jeeps should be equal to allied jeeps. Period!!!

#4 Re: Server Ban Appeals » banned by seVen, admin abuse » 2022-11-08 21:00:54

The red team in the screenshot can have newer win against void, mlody, seVen and hamza.

No teamstack but... Who won the gold at the end anyway? That's more important.

#5 Re: Report Abuse » Hey "admins" ,how long you gonna let this wookie NOT get a permban? » 2022-10-28 20:29:58

ABAS wrote:

i also find Zoidy posts and random YT vidoes on forum spamish like ICQ, please take care of it too smile

LoL.. Do you say rules are not applied same when it comes to Zoidy?

Tattaglia is a pimp Zoidy. He never could've out-fought you. But I think it was Barzini all along. Take cover!

#6 Re: BF1942 Discussion » Who is your favourite player and why? » 2022-10-26 21:22:57

Maj. Idiot and K88 as you know. Agreed, Black Mamba may be my third. He has the potential.

#7 Re: Report Abuse » Admin abuse NuBian and DoubTi stacking » 2022-10-25 23:18:34

Hehe smile


We don't need hundreds of admins giving us orders here. We need "regular players" in the public server!

I had a lot invites but rejected all, i'm a public player. I don't care about your ego problems. I don't care about who has the biggest d*ck here. I may cut that d*ck and stick in the strongest guy's ass. Don't make me angry!

PS: If K88 leaves this server i'll leave.

#8 Re: Report Abuse » Admin abuse NuBian and DoubTi stacking » 2022-10-24 22:41:36

Black Mamba wrote:
Vietnamese wrote:

I care and i will care, if something is about K88.

Thanks to head admin...

What are you his personal b**ch? Let the man speak for himself if he needs to.

smile You ugly idiot...

He has the "Shitposter" status b*tch. He can't post whenever he wants. I post some sh*t when i see.

K88 is my favorite player/admin here. He is worth ten of you. If i see something unjust against him, i will respond.

And this is the second time you're disrespecting. Next time i go after you. Who the f*ck are you anyway?

Who do you think you are Black Mamba?

"Put a lead on him, before he gets bitten."

Salutes to nameless...

#9 Re: Report Abuse » Admin abuse NuBian and DoubTi stacking » 2022-10-23 20:24:37

I care and i will care, if something is about K88.

Thanks to head admin...

#10 Re: Report Abuse » Admin abuse NuBian and DoubTi stacking » 2022-10-23 00:46:30

@K88: you're the most precious one here. I love you.

Just cool down!

#11 Re: Report Abuse » NuBian once again misusing admin » 2022-10-21 21:51:48

Some admins acting weird these days. (I'm not talking about NuBian. I wasn't there when the incident happened.)

Guys, this is an old game. And mostly adults, grown people, old people like me playing it. I'm 38 by the way. I have been and i may act like 17 sometimes, but it was and is just for more fun. I'm not a kid.

I have even some "dead" friends here. Literally dead, under ground. We all have. All dead rest in peace...

I will, and i know most of you guys will play this game in following years. ( Just don't talk like: "this is just an online game bro, get a life, bla bla bla"  You have been here for years idiot, this game is a part of your life. Get the f*ck out here, then talk like that.)

I mean, this is a small group of people, playing with their computers in their spare time. Players, admins, head admins, the owner... They are all the same. Neither Tuia nor Paul Baumer nor RaketenHorst is different for me, against any Bfsoldier. Every player or manager, i act them same. Most of you know me.

Anyway, i'm an intruder in this topic. I just wanted to post here instead of creating a new topic, it's an abuse post, only admins and regulars will read this. I have a message to admins:

Please do not offend regular players here!

And new admins, please don't think you're different from us!

It was us... who wanted you as admins. And you can only keep your administration if you make us regular players happy here. None admin is different from a regular player. Keep this in mind!

It looks like a manifest isn't it smile See you all friends in the game, kiss you all tongue

#12 Re: BF1942 Discussion » Bugging + general adminning » 2022-10-21 01:00:50

A lot Canadian fellas talking here smile

@Dakota: Next time, wash your mouth and fingers before shitposting in a topic, if you see me there. I hate arrogance. Get out of this topic, you're intruding. You... Anyway.

#13 Re: BF1942 Discussion » Bugging + general adminning » 2022-10-19 20:06:29

I'm waiting for Killer's answer first, for this puppy.

#14 Re: BF1942 Discussion » Bugging + general adminning » 2022-10-18 22:19:41

Really, why did Butcher attacks Volturi in this topic? I am an observer, just enlighten me smile

@Paul: As i see it's the first time you made a serious mistake pal. You can't say "shut the fuck up" to an ordinary "player". Whatever he says, you just can't. You should apologize. You may do it privately. And keep calm man! You're the big ... head:p

@All: Some of you guys, most of you guys sucking some admins, especially head admins, giving +reps and sh*t. (And there are some idiots giving +reps for themselves)

I've been playing here in this server for more than 2 years, everybody knows i don't care, i don't give a f*ck, and i say, i really say:

KILLER88 is the best and most necessary player here!


#15 Re: BF1942 Discussion » Bugging + general adminning » 2022-10-17 12:53:11

I shanked Butcher in that round. That means he was hittable. That also means anyone can easily prove if they watched a whole round or not,
by telling the exact location of my cutting. Hehe

#16 Re: Report Abuse » The judge who was a criminal (lop muppet) » 2022-10-12 06:32:16

Sides... Do you really think you're a side smile

You can take my dirty jacket Self. Cojones will be auto installed when you put in on.

You've been a total disappointment with your last posts. Entrench yourSelf immediately!

#17 Re: Report Abuse » The judge who was a criminal (lop muppet) » 2022-10-11 00:09:23

Muppet responds positively. No words needed over that from the other side. And he has a point. A tank is not an artillery. And Omaha is not a map you can camp on the beach. You should always push if you're in the blue team. You wait, you lose. Fck the sherman. Waste it. If you don't want to die trying, switch to Axis!

I always say: If you are playing Omaha, play like Major Merlin!

Btw, how the hell i have the same status(shitposter) with this Angeleyes guy? I can't accept this Paul! Upgrade my status to something else or downgrade his status to something else. (May be Pure Sh*t?)

#18 Re: Server Ban Appeals » Request unban for BLITZKRIEG, Karl Donutz and Banana » 2022-10-09 03:07:41

Hehe, beg!!!

@e.S: I don't know these spammers but i do know you. You do punish people for radio spam, unfairly. Don't do that!

Beg more Donutz!

#19 Re: Feedback » The Berlin TDM main base problem » 2022-10-07 18:19:04


@SELF: you really need to cool down my friend. i don't defend anyone here. you know i always look for more fun in the game and here in forum. that's it.

and it's funny i've never seen you playing Berlin but you have the most posts in a topic about Berlin big_smile why is that?

your problem is with 000

#20 Re: Feedback » The Berlin TDM main base problem » 2022-10-06 22:04:11

I totally agree with 000 here. He has the point. Berlin would be way more fun with spawnkilling.

@Alfredo: Those rules are not God's rules. They can be changed anytime.

@Zoidy @SELF @K88 @Anna @Mamba @Waggawugga: Why can't you guys just talk about Berlin? Why can't we argue like civilised people?

@Paul Baumer: Look at your PM, gonna sent you a message.

#21 Re: Server Ban Appeals » I was banned and I did not even play » 2022-10-05 22:49:28

Was that Joker you, my backgunner at Coral, shooting the tail until 6% left and saying 'why so serious Viet? it's just a game...' ?

#22 Re: Server Ban Appeals » kchat.17 » 2022-09-24 08:56:08

yeah i hate that nubi guy too. cold like a freezer, good like a cheater. but neither an a*hole/b*tch nor you're a "young bull" you're just a piece of sh*t. don't make me angry.

#23 Re: Server Ban Appeals » Banned for a week for tking a bot. Oy. » 2022-09-15 23:17:37

Sorry for interrupting guys but i can't stop myself from laughing..

Pesky Monkey wrote:

I'm not sure who this Bonami admin is but he banned me for a week for tking a bot that stole my plane.
Is this really what we're worried about?

- Pesky Monkey
- 15 September 2022 15:15 UTC
- Secret Weapons

May be he also is a bot? (I know there's one in the main.)


#24 Re: Server Ban Appeals » Banned from server » 2022-09-11 02:24:43

So... If K88 and 000 are both not permanently banned, so, there is no problem?

Hurra! 88 and 000...

#25 Re: Report Abuse » someone put some order please?!... » 2022-09-10 00:07:50

Water Fox wrote:

i just wana know if any of you possible readers can see what is wrong in all this?! say something ore do something lol change some rule ore something! Agree with! ore disagree with! say that "admin" really is a big piece of sh...t, ore say im wrong and tired lol, dont care! SAY SOMETHING!  Thank you and good games to all folks! :-)

Looks like you felt humiliated and need someone to show you some respect. Well, jackpot! I'm gonna say something. Note that it's an honour for you, me saying something. And now saying something:

You need to GET LAID ASAP! !!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!! !!!!! !!!! !!! !! ! !

Ps: Not with Fred ofc. Hym is an unfvckable fella.

#26 Re: Server Ban Appeals » i dont deserve to banned » 2022-08-12 12:39:29

Turk wrote:

Volturi, sağolasın kanka dikkat etmeye çalışacağım tek yanlış hareketimde kalıcı olarak yasaklanacağım, ama birisi suskunluğumu fırsat bilip ters bir şey yazarsa hiç acımam saydırırım. Tarihçiyim düşmanın zayıf yanlarını çok iyi bilirim.

You're on thin ice my friend, and I shall be under it when it breaks...

#28 Report Abuse » Coward » 2022-07-15 04:57:18

Replies: 0

Will that coward step on?

#29 Re: Report Abuse » tree morons and other morons tkers » 2022-07-11 03:16:17

Perhaps you were the one this time. Everyday is manic for me smile

@aphrodie: Marry me? I'm not gay.

#30 Re: Report Abuse » tree morons and other morons tkers » 2022-07-10 03:45:15

What a nice topic smile

""two g**s (gays?) alfred and a graizer who were making love died from a splash in a passing kubel""

ahahahah... so romantic!


You want alfred the duck, and test the crow, both banned, but not Graizer. Why? Believe me Graizer is the real homo, and the head of the snake.

And i don't understand why the "gay" word is censored in this topic, as well as my signature...

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