#1 Re: Off-Topic » FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 » Yesterday 22:32:42

evilahm wrote:

@SELF A la casa te vas a ir!

You no longer support Saudi Arabia?

#2 Re: Report Abuse » Seven admin abuse » 2022-11-15 21:03:38

seVen wrote:

But I am working on these provocations & reactions with the admins to have a better
outcome for all.  It won't be an overnight success story, so everyone just please hang on..

I trust you will handle it.

Well said Seven.

#3 Re: Report Abuse » Another abuse of the admin panel №52 from inadequate seven » 2022-11-15 01:13:12

Paul Baumer wrote:

We still need to finish fact checking and discuss latest situations within head admin team.

Up to this point, I think it's perfect for you to consider it.

Paul Baumer wrote:

If you guys think flooding report abuse section of this forum with emotional attacks helps us to solve issues you are wrong. And I don't understand why people first blame admins of all deadly sins, make rightful speeches and try to make public shaming and then ask head admins to intervene - what do you need head admins for?

Nobody is asking you to cut the head of anyone, because what Seven did for the server in the past is positive, but when his conduct deviates we simply ask you to discuss it internally, to put the good and bad things in the balance, and if something needs to be ordered then order it.

Paul Baumer wrote:

... what do you need head admins for?

Because you are the "judge" of all judges, after the owner.

#4 Re: Report Abuse » Another abuse of the admin panel №52 from inadequate seven » 2022-11-13 22:04:13

seVen wrote:

Trolling another player for which did not involve you is entirely against the rules.
Were you mad because I sliced you out of the sky all map long?
Complain about that next time.

11/13/2022 08:29:28 : # [Global] seVen: oh shizzles
11/13/2022 08:29:33 : # [Global] seVen: bombed myself
11/13/2022 08:29:38 : # [Global] test01: he deathbail again ?
11/13/2022 08:29:59 : # [Global] seVen: !kchat .0
11/13/2022 08:29:59 : Server: Player test01 kicked.

Of your 72 kicks & bans, 21 were from me.  Nameless, hydra, jorgen, and Voji account for most others,
and a few other admins did the rest.

So cry me a F***'ing river.

You publish evidence against you. Not even the history you have here gives you the right to do whatever you want.  Your arrogance is eating your reason because you don't have any kind of justification, besides you make a joke of him for your position of authority.

...Like players, admins are guests on the server and are bound by the same rules.
Admins are expected to set an example of fair play and do their best as guardians of the rules.
Admins are responsible for their decisions and will be held accountable in case of abuse.

...If you disagree with the actions of the administrators or if you believe that an administrator has abused their rights over you, you can post a message on the forum http://team-simple.org/forum/index.php or on our discord server. Please describe the situation in detail and state your points honestly, if possible provide screenshots and videos. After the case is discussed within the decision team, you will receive a concrete answer about the case and if abuse has occurred, the main administrators will take action.

As you promised Paul Baulmer, to change things every time we see injustice being committed, at this moment I make use of what you wrote in these lines, and hopefully u will be able to put his wheels back on the rails.

#5 Videos and Screenshots » Welcome to my world » 2022-11-07 04:20:05

Replies: 16

What you are about to see below is a compilation of 50% of the things I was able to recover in the last 4 or 5 months of the game.

You are going to be with me in this game experience so you can feel "how" I live this game.

It took me a hard time to finish editing and subtitling it so you can easily understand the video because the majority of this community doesn't speak the original language. I hope you enjoy it.

Welcome to my world...


#6 Re: Videos and Screenshots » TheVicar TV » 2022-11-05 04:14:47

TheVicar wrote:

Merlin labelled me a pervert for posting cow video footage earlier this year. I hope this proves him wrong:



#7 Re: Server Ban Appeals » Unjust Banning » 2022-10-19 04:20:30


Hello people am TURKISH KING. I got banned for one day and i want admins to unban it. But before let me tell the issue.
in Omaha Beach, there was a guy called SELF who joined in Allied team first. And when realized Allies team wont succeed, he team stacked and got the panzer and joined Axis. I warned admin to warn him or kick him because team stacking is not allowed?? And admin ignored me and told me to "stop chat spamming"?
Admin was called Luca/RED btw. I told Luca to do his job and kick Self because of team stacking. And he kicked me instead of that. I got raged and insulted Luca Admin and he banned me for a day.
Do you guys see how unjust it is ?
Please admins dont ruin peoples gameplay next time. And do your actual job. And yeah.. thats it. I want admins to unban me. Thank you. Bye

I was about to answer you but your sentence has already come out and it is useless to follow it.

As I see that you are so nervous, I hope you can take advantage of the day you were given to take your dog for a walk... while you get some fresh air for yourself.

#8 Re: Server Ban Appeals » what?? » 2022-10-15 21:25:39

netflix 12 wrote:

banned for no reason why u keep deleting my posts ?

The answer to your questions is in a topic above that says "Ban appeal format".

See if you are missing something.

#9 Re: BF1942 Discussion » Bugging + general adminning » 2022-10-15 21:22:43

KILLER88 wrote:

SELF, I completely understand your point of view too, but I can still see a signifigant difference between accusing and banning people for cheating and bugging as its completely two different things and you most definetely do not need any proof evidence of bugging when the same person keeps on abusing this shit  ( sorry to call it this way ) every single day for months maybe for years most probably.

Lets be real, you accuse anyone of cheating and say he should be banned, why ?  (speaking of infantry only)
- because the guy is better than you but you can NEVER BE SURE whether other guy is using anything or you just feel badly because some guy keeps killing you again and again

but when you accuse anyone of bugging because at least half of the server can get a single f.... hit on this guy and he keeps exploiting for YEARS, you do not need any kind of proof bcs its the most obvious thing in the world and dont try to tell me different, because we all are 100% sure and if admins pretend still there's nothing against rules they are simply not up to do this "job" or whatever u wanna call it.

Been two days and no responce, as I expected, complete joke that is, but not surprised at all. You can blame yourself for Simple getting their population reduced even more

Be patient, it's a matter of waiting and see if head admins consider everything you said. They have the obligation to respond to you as well as Butcher should issue an opinion in his own defense.

...because I don't think he would be so naive to say that he didn't notice this topic.

#10 Re: BF1942 Discussion » Bugging + general adminning » 2022-10-14 13:17:13

KILLER88 wrote:

What do you expect when video evidence is done but he still gets his ban removed even with video?

That you mention is a long-running debate about whether cheaters should be re-educated or sanctioned for life. These decisions are not within our reach.

KILLER88 wrote:

C It’s really getting tiring and sickening of “ without video proof/ur recording”, you are not allowed to speak up loud and simply state ur opinion.

That's the difference, this is not an opinion because you involved an accused person.

Look at it the other way around: you would not like someone to come and say that you are hacking in front of the whole community and that the person who claims that you are hacking can't prove it. A video recording is a proof, debatable as everything else and you don't necessarily have to publish it because it breaks another rule (in that case you have to pass it to an administrator).

KILLER88 wrote:

Here we go again and dont even try to tell me there’s nothing personal and rules are same for everyone where known bugger wont ever get a single kick and when he’s finally banned with video proof, he gets unbanned immediately ?

I agree that sanctions have to be exemplary especially for players who have a name and a history behind them, but it is impossible to do so if the weight of your argument is only based on beliefs or rumors.

In any case, we do not have the tools to judge but instead you can debate and ask for explanations about the criteria of those who are in charge.

KILLER88 wrote:

I gave up on that too andI barely report any kind of serious action.

If your intentions are good, raise your head and keep trying.

#11 Re: BF1942 Discussion » Bugging + general adminning » 2022-10-14 05:18:10

With all due respect I would like to say to you, accusations based on rumors or private conversations are useless and the only thing you are going to achieve is to turn people against you.

It is you who is assuming the risk of the complaint because making it public does not assure you that what you say is true, so if you do not have solid evidence on your side you could run the risk of falling into a false accusation.

Therefore, if you saw him bugging every day, I estimate that you will have video that you can use.

#12 Re: Report Abuse » The judge who was a criminal (lop muppet) » 2022-10-12 15:10:54

This is why we must continue working together to prevent impunity, and for people who come from Moongamers can change the perspective they have about Simple server, perhaps by previous mistakes or management that did not satisfy everyone.

Let it be understood that those people (who do not know where the limits are) are going to be corrected by the group of administrators as well as by the common users who only have the power of the word. So if you demand justice, report it and stand up for it. The important point is that there is support from the head administrators.

I am not in favor of preventing people from entering the server for a long time because this is a game, most of us are very old people and for those who have free time...

...we use it to forget about our real life problems.  Enjoy this game.

#13 Re: Report Abuse » The judge who was a criminal (lop muppet) » 2022-10-12 01:10:07

Deeko wrote:

clearly you wanted our opinions....

The evidence kills any kind of opinion you may have. The rest is just decorative but decisive to know which side you are on.

Deeko wrote:

But how about this for cojones: 1on1 tank, american server, equal pings, loser pays 100 dollars to the winner.

My free time is not for everyone.

If you need to entrench your personality in a game buy yourself a self-esteem book with your dirty money.

#14 Re: Report Abuse » The judge who was a criminal (lop muppet) » 2022-10-11 20:57:02

Deeko wrote:

Self just needs some cojones.

However... it is strange that you and your little brother come here talking about my way of playing when I have never seen you guys on the server.

Then, the one who needs "cojones" to use his real nickname is you. So let me go on believing that "those who is clean will never cover his face".

Interpret it as you like, smart boy...

#15 Re: Report Abuse » The judge who was a criminal (lop muppet) » 2022-10-11 15:33:57

Muppet wrote:

The next person who got the tank did what SELF was doing prior to tk, camping on the beach, so I tkd him after about 5 minutes of that. Was tk wrong, yes, I probly shouldn't have done it, but was fed up with our armor not even attempting to help us get up the hill. Nothing personal SELF.

It shows that your perspective on the game justifies any illegal action because you are still convinced that what you did was right. Which is why this encapsulated apology serves only to wipe the shit off my boots.

Let the righteous decide if your reputation will forgive your sins.

Vietnamesse wrote:

Btw, how the hell i have the same status(shitposter) with this Angeleyes guy?

That jacket you got fits perfectly.

Alfred wrote:

And its fun to see a large topic full of knowledge about rules, codes, strategy, when some random player reports for the same to another ends in one comment like "Thanks for report, he is banned for 1 day", done.

What seems so simple can become very complex at times.

I am optimistic that surname portability should not overcome the written rules.

#16 Re: Report Abuse » The judge who was a criminal (lop muppet) » 2022-10-10 13:38:03

Alvarez-Latino wrote:

Did you write to there family those who get teamkill with you ?

I'm going to tell Cactus to write you one more "song" to keep your fingers off the keyboard.

#17 Re: Report Abuse » The judge who was a criminal (lop muppet) » 2022-10-10 02:48:25

Volturi wrote:

We should warn muppet for this, but i have never seen him abusing his admin rights or gameplay like that before.

This guy killed in the same map three teammates, me twice and the other one who was "nobody" he shot him with a bazooka from behind when he just left the spawn (without any justification).

After admitting that he did it, giving him a "warning" is as relevant as throwing a drop in the ocean and sets a precedent that carrying a name grants impartial benefits over the rest of the community.

#18 Re: Report Abuse » The judge who was a criminal (lop muppet) » 2022-10-09 22:04:08

Deeko wrote:

I completely understand muppet's frustration

You also didn't know that he killed another guy who just came out of the sherman spawn with a bazooka from behind, that's why Arwen kicked him, but of course, giving your opinion is free, especially if you weren't present at the time it all happened.

I can imagine what the future would be like to have you as an administrator when with the evidence that your eyes see, you still want to defend the unjustifiable.

#19 Re: Report Abuse » The judge who was a criminal (lop muppet) » 2022-10-09 21:20:27

Paul Baumer wrote:

I wouldn't want this to turn this into a public shaming or something but Muppet clearly was wrong here, and apparently he knew what he was doing. Probably using a tank that way was a bit too SELFish but that is not an excuse to teamkill intentionally either.

It depends on how you look at it, going up alone with a tank without infantry support is a sure death that does not add up to anything, and the rest of the video is a clear example that going up to play rambo on top is useless when you do not have a good infantry that can gray the flag.

The way everyone plays is debatable and it cannot be regulated unless it conspires against the game itself.

#20 Re: Report Abuse » The judge who was a criminal (lop muppet) » 2022-10-09 20:58:03

simon wrote:

this video proves that shelf doesn't know english and that after the tk he got nicely up the hill with his tank and even killed an enemy tank
the tk apparently helped him get out of that beach camping comfort zone, it is not right but sometimes needed..

I'm sure for you killing a teammate is almost just like taking down a battlefield server.

#21 Report Abuse » The judge who was a criminal (lop muppet) » 2022-10-08 16:42:49

Replies: 47

A reprehensible attitude of a known player, former administrator, who knows from top to bottom the rules but because of his arrogance  decided to make me team kill twice, both me and another player who was also in tank.

The poor administrator Arwen did not understand anything because these are not things that happen every day, but everyone saw how this guy went crazy.

With this topic I don't want him to stop playing BF but at least he should apologize for what he did, that's enough for me because I always thought he was a good person but let's see what he has to tell us after this.


#22 Re: Feedback » The Berlin TDM main base problem » 2022-10-07 16:59:01

BFSoldier 1 wrote:

stay out of this thread if all you can do is to spam nonsense and negativity

First of all, you are not the one to say who is allowed to speak or not in a public discussion forum.

Second point, I already told you, that your idea of fencing with imaginary lines uncatchable flags is not good, but for you any disagreement in what you think is an attack. Bring an idea that really adds up for the Berlin map and is applicable for admin control, in that case I will support you, but not this.

BFSoldier 1 wrote:

i know you dislike me a lot because i bomb ur tank too much .....

You were banned for "targeting" and not for bombing a simple tank but call it whatever name you want.

BFSoldier 1 wrote:

complete bs  ... thats not the reason
ur a griefer s.e.l.f .... stop spreading lies

Just close your eyes and imagine that the events that happened did not exist.

#23 Re: Feedback » The Berlin TDM main base problem » 2022-10-07 14:54:11

Vietnamese wrote:

@Zoidy @SELF @K88 @Anna @Mamba @Waggawugga: Why can't you guys just talk about Berlin? Why can't we argue like civilised people?

If you were ever an administrator of a server you will understand that it is not a good idea to put imaginary lines between the limits of "legality and illegality" just to grant a questionable benefit that will only generate controversy and unnecessary claims about what is camping and what is not.  The administrators already do too much control for them to have to hire committees such as the VAR (Video Assistant Referee) system to see if an enemy was killed for being at certain meters from the allowed line.

So the cute little drawings made in "Windows Paint" are inapplicable.

Vietnamese wrote:

@Alfredo: Those rules are not God's rules. They can be changed anytime.

I love that your argument is based on something that "does not exist", but I will make the effort since you like to look for my tongue.

In case you don't know, this is born because the guy you defend creates the topic having previously received a ban for this, and after complaining privately in a disrespectful way to the administrator who applied the corrective he comes here and wants to sell you that this is for the benefit of the people, not for him. And you buy it innocently.

Do you understand the point? or do you want to continue playing the role of Robin Hood defender of thieves?

#24 Re: Feedback » The Berlin TDM main base problem » 2022-10-06 20:45:04

BFSoldier 1 wrote:

see ?
get it ?

Nobody discredits the good things you did in the past, but this self-recognition that you do to yourself has to be done by the community.

That for something they demand you many things that you have to change, you only have to learn to listen and to overcome in you that this waste of egocentrism plays against you, for which all the respect that you are looking for is not going to give you a position of power even if you get it.

The deeds make the kings, not the crowns.

#25 Re: Feedback » The Berlin TDM main base problem » 2022-10-04 14:55:53

BFSoldier 1 wrote:


i made a serious topic about an issue that affects a lot of players, and i even suggested some easy solutions

Your proposal of wanting to change the limits on this map is inapplicable to the control of the administrators (because you would drive them all crazy and would generate an endless controversy) and the reasons have already been exposed to you.

The funny thing is that a paroled criminal like you wants to judge the other users who don't agree with your childish proposal for not knowing how to discuss in a forum.

Bring something interesting to the game, not a whim like yours.

#26 Re: Feedback » The Berlin TDM main base problem » 2022-10-03 22:21:49

BFSoldier 1 wrote:

i surpass you in bf1942, regarding knowledge, insight and cleverness

You are so smart that you did not realize yet that your petition in this thread is not going to prosper. The reasons are more than clear even though you want to distort a rule that was already made, in legal terms it is called "res judicata" and in street terms it is said "go home boy you wasted time".

And regarding your personal challenge that you want to have with me, I will give you a piece of advice every time you want to "underestimate me". In this beautiful war game called BF1942, you have two ways to win, on the battlefield and on the forum.

And so far my boy... you are eating dirt on your knees.

#27 Re: Feedback » The Berlin TDM main base problem » 2022-10-03 05:35:09

BFSoldier 1 wrote:


by the way, its the same story, every time i post something useful here in forum, the common forum mob will start attacking and provoking me, for no good reasons

they are not against my proposals, they are against me, and will blindly and automatically object to my ideas

If you want to be taken seriously post something intelligent, not about a rule that is very clear because you were told a thousand times that you do not cross the limit and you keep doing it wanting to debate and impose your unbiased perspective of things. You were banned for this reason several times.

So if you want to manipulate Paul Baumer by making him believe "that you are a victim" you are not going to get anywhere. The only way you will get anyone to take you seriously is if you start to change yourself and have some self criticism of the bad things you have done in the past and for some reason continue to do.

You reap what you sow.

#28 Re: Feedback » The Berlin TDM main base problem » 2022-10-03 00:37:20

That this 000 guy now has an idea to improve the "gameplay" for the good of the people makes the joke tell itself.

#29 Re: Feedback » The Berlin TDM main base problem » 2022-10-01 15:12:58

You have no moral standing to come to propose anything about any rules or to question any administrator of this server because your word is completely devalued and justified by your actions within the game...

No wonder you are one of the most banned players, you got a gold medal for that. Case closed.

#30 Re: Feedback » Suggestion » 2022-09-15 12:43:52

I've said it a thousand times, TDM, CTF and Philipinas makes everyone go away, of which I include myself.

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