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simon wrote:

Just half a year ago nobody in their wildest dreams imagined that 300 ping infantry side regs could be possible on bf42. I mean yeah, it's over a quarter of a second delay what do you really expect?

When you are truly 11500 km away from a server, we can begin to have a more detailed discussion...In the meantime, feel free to read as many times as you'd like the explanations I have provided.

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tragic wrote:

Hey everyone,

I'm sure some of you all are aware of the new hit registration patch that was created recently, but I wanted to share it here as well.

There is server-side patch that drastically improves the hit registration while targeting infantry. On the stock version of the game, you are required to lead your target based on your ping. The higher the ping, then the further you would need to lead your target. For infantry especially, a ping above 80-90 usually meant that you were going to have a tough time hitting your shots since the hit registration gets increasingly worse the higher your ping.

Now players can aim directly at their target without having to worry about leading to compensate for ping. I've tested this extensively on pings as low as 8 to as high as 220. Even at 220 ping, the hit registration was better than having 30 ping normally. Watch the video below for an in-game demonstration before/after. The video was recorded on the Desert Combat mod, but this patches vanilla and other mods as well.

And to make things even more convenient, this patch is able to be applied server-side, which means that the regular players will not have to download or install anything as long as the server they're joining is running the patch.


I haven't been very active in the last two months, but I can share my perspective on the matter. First and foremost, I want to express my gratitude for achieving such a meaningful change in the game; it truly makes a difference, especially for those on the other side of the ocean. The bullet ballistics work very well (though not perfect), providing the sensation that if I aim at a target and shoot, I'll actually hit it — something that was impossible before.

However, the ability to see the target 'before' still makes a difference. The delay I personally experience with a ping of 300 continues to play a significant role compared to those with pings in the double digits.

As a result, the disadvantage persists. Even now, if I spot the target (who has a two-digit ping) before they spot me, the likelihood of eliminating them improves significantly. Nevertheless, it doesn't completely level the playing field because they still maintain the advantage of time over me.

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Russian MadMax wrote:

Is it worth watching? Should I spend 11 minutes of my life doing this?

I suggest you watch it. It's going to be a nice memory.

#4 Re: Report Abuse » Random kick » 2023-12-28 15:10:07

I'm not sure what would happen if I were to express my opinion about what I'm seeing here.

#5 Re: Report Abuse » Deeko still bugs » 2023-12-23 00:16:50

LegioX.DoubTi/Mourits wrote:
Nosferatu wrote:

It seems like quite some dudes think it was okay what they did (looking at that conquer clan). They all seem trigger happy to get to know him and his tricks and treats.

I am also eagerly waiting for Nosferatu to come up with some info or proof about how these conquer players individuelly improved their game after they got to know deekos "tricks and treats". If you mean how they conquered bf-league, then I wouldn't exactly call that evidence since… Heh yeah you know what I mean. Anyhow, I want my money back from deeko, since if anything I feel like my regs and skills decreased since I got to know him. Nosferatu, ask SELF, 000 or Flasche if  they can help you do some detective work. And if you guys are right, then these bad boys are truely pathetic!

Good luck and merry christmas 8-)

Avoid provoking me, as if you seek evidence, you'll find it easily in their own videos. However, it's not my place to upset the balance and the festive atmosphere.

I won't waste my time for others to turn a deaf ear.

#6 Re: Report Abuse » Deeko still bugs » 2023-12-13 21:20:14

000 wrote:


its very interesting how people like me and sommarel get flamed by the masses and receive severe bans if we are seen bugging, and everybody cheers for those who reported us

but when deeko gets caught and reported by me for doing exactly the same, then all of a sudden im the bad guy, and deeko is the good guy, and people criticize me for reporting him, and they say that deekos bugging is ok and acceptable

What truly matters are the facts, and in this matter, you have demonstrated that the player 'Deeko' has been using exploits in the game, which is not surprising given his troubled history. Therefore, the opinions of users defending Deeko with any argument are invalid, as they are simply evaluating your style of play rather than considering the evidence you presented. Your style, frankly, is not to the liking of the majority.

However, it is crucial to acknowledge that, within your controversial style, you have also engaged in actions outside the rules without offering apologies, resulting in sanctions, including bans.

I suggest paying attention and learning from the community's opinions, especially because you feel uncomfortable being evaluated for matters not directly related to the report you made, which I acknowledge as valid. The way you behave influences others' perceptions. Start giving signals of change yourself; don't expect others to do it if you're seeking results.

#7 Re: Videos and Screenshots » Random short videos from the Battlefield » 2023-12-07 14:10:15

Russian MadMax wrote:

I just tried to understand what you mean

You understood it perfectly.

Serebro wrote:

My longer videos have more author's input, if you wish you can check them out they are in separate threads in this section. Btw, a new one is coming out soon, I just need to film some more fancy moments.

Let me know when you upload those videos. Btw, we can add all videos here, whether it's long or short. After all, the community doesn't have much forum traffic, but it does include many nationalities, although we are few.

#8 Re: Videos and Screenshots » Random short videos from the Battlefield » 2023-12-07 04:56:42

Russian MadMax wrote:

Maybe he means put more inserts, intros, maybe memes or references to them, etc. in your video, in general, so that the video was colorful, spectacular , more editing

Let's not be too demanding, MadMax.  smile

What I mean is, there are many videos with background music, and it would be nice to see how ppl experience the game. For instance, MICH4ELS42, I think he's a well-known player from Germany who streams for more than two hours a day but doesn't say a word. The same, their live videos are really good.

It's good to see how many of you play with a ping below 50.

#9 Re: Videos and Screenshots » Random short videos from the Battlefield » 2023-12-06 21:28:50

I see many videos that are good, yes, but cold and desolate. Add a bit more life and emotion to your videos.

Even "the android" 000 put more effort into it.

#10 Re: Report Abuse » Reports » 2023-12-04 00:55:56

simon wrote:

Why deprive anyone of filing claims? Are you scared one of them will expose you some day? Everyone knows what I'm talking about haha
000 got me, good. Maybe next time he'll get you.

You sound like the villain in a cheap movie who, after losing a battle, escapes promising revenge.

Go take a walk and relax for a bit. I'm sure that when you come back, you'll be hiding like a "ghost" in the game again.

#11 Re: Report Abuse » Reports » 2023-12-03 20:39:16

Paul Baumer wrote:

In general it's not obligatory. I know 000 has recorded entire rounds so I asked him to show us what happened before the actual teamkills to get the full picture of the situation. But he said he doesnt have the videos anymore due to disk space issues so we had to work with what we've got.

He won't show anything, of course.

The matter is straightforward: repeat offenders like Simon, 000, Merlin, should be deprived of any right to file claims.

These are proven criminals, with a multitude of witnesses clearly identifying them. Therefore, the evidence they'll try to present will be manipulated, highlighting moments that favor them.

Neither you nor any administrator should fall into that trap. Even if, by some chance, one of these criminals is right, without evidence, and the other simply chooses not to show it, among criminals, there's no room for justice. It's time to maintain the forum's integrity and not allow these questionable individuals to distort the truth.

#12 Re: Report Abuse » Reports » 2023-11-29 19:49:19

simon wrote:

yeah, post the entire round. There were bfsoldiers throughout all battleaxe tking and running into planes(the other tk) and wasting planes while we were keeping the team winning in quite an intense match.. You with your low score looked like one of them

Here, what matters is what you can prove. If you can't substantiate what you're saying, then shut your mouth and take the ban for what you did, as clearly shown in the video posted by 000.

#13 Re: Off-Topic » For my Argentine friends- change in leadership? » 2023-11-29 02:44:58

Maj-ID10T wrote:

For my buddies BF, SELF, Alfred etc.... not getting into all the political stuff, or a pissing contest, just wondering how the change will affect you guys..

I don't consider you my friend because you are a person who says bad things about me on the server. But out of respect I will give you my point of view of what you just asked me.

Personally, I don't understand why our president generates so much controversy abroad. He is the only politician who has set an example by donating his salary as a deputy. Now, as president, he is an outsider who is right in many of his criticisms of the Argentine government, especially against the communists and the left that ruled us for 40 years, printing money without backing and contributing to one of the highest inflation rates in the world. Corruption, inefficiency, and lack of transparency are chronic issues in the country, and Milei has been one of the few politicians with the courage to denounce them.

Additionally, I believe that his economic proposals have the potential to improve Argentina's economic situation. And the worst part is that a possible civil war is looming in our country, as left-wing governments will mobilize the most vulnerable sectors to provoke riots against any measure Milei may propose. Human rights defenders, mostly belonging to the communist left (Peronism, Kirchnerism), are the worst instigators of riots and will seek to overthrow the democratically elected government. This is where the real fight against these criminals truly begins.

#14 Re: Feedback » SiMPLE is dying quickly now » 2023-10-29 01:26:25

wasabi wrote:

And finally, trolls/disrupters aren't welcome on Moon...

It is evident that those unwelcome are those of us who dare to point out the shortcomings in your server's administration. Our attempts at constructive discussion are met with Discord bans, forum thread relocations, and a lack of communication. Even within the game, reporting issues to administrators often results in mockery.

Meanwhile, accusations of cheating, team-killing (TKing), bullying, and gameplay disruptions go unaddressed. All this while disruptive behavior is tolerated under their supervision. I possess ample material to create numerous videos that shed light on the actions of regular players within the server, but I must ask...

Would it truly make a difference to you?


#15 Re: BF1942 Discussion » Drecks Server » 2023-10-05 22:13:12

[DGJ]ProPan wrote:

Wenn die admins,die sich nich trauen unter ihrem richtigen namen zu spielen *(hat seinen berechtigten Grund) wahllos die leute kicken *(Lüge) ihre eigenen Regeln aufstellen, *(Lüge)
sollen sie sich nich wundern wenn keiner mehr auf den RtR Server geht *(Phrasen)...ich wurde gekickt weil ich das Team gewechselt habe *(stimmt)...hab ich nicht *(Lüge)..bin da gerade frisch reingekommen *(Lüge) und ich wurde gekickt weil ich einen bot umgebracht habe *(Lüge)...
Und das macht nur dieser möchte gern Raketenhorst.*(Phrasen)
Ich bin schon seit Anfang an bei BF 42 *(Lüge) und hab auch in einigen Clans gespielt, *(Lüge) mir muss keiner was von Regeln sagen *(doch und das viel zu oft)..
aber was hier abgeht *(Regeln)..warscheinlich geht dem horst richtig dabei einer ab *(ordinär),,,geht nich mehr. *(stimmt)
sie antworten ja nicht mal auf die Frage warum man gekickt wurde *(Lüge)..oder ob sie evtl.den falschen gekickt haben..kann ja auch passieren

Ich glaube nicht, dass sie dich ohne Grund rausgeworfen haben. Hier werden Fehler selten gemacht, oder es gibt zumindest klare Richtlinien, die verhindern, dass Spieler willkürlich rausgeworfen werden. In jedem Fall wird dir die Person, die diese Entscheidung getroffen hat, wahrscheinlich eine Erklärung dazu geben, hab Vertrauen darin.

In Bezug auf deine Meinung bin ich ganz deiner Meinung, dass die Administratoren im Spiel ein Beispiel setzen sollten, wenn es um die Verwendung falscher Namen geht. Ich bin dagegen, dass diejenigen, die für die Durchsetzung der Regeln verantwortlich sind, sich verstecken, da dies die Kommunikation und die Transparenz erschwert. Diejenigen, die sich dazu entscheiden, Administratoren zu sein, sollten immer verfügbar und sichtbar sein, um ihre Aufgaben ordnungsgemäß zu erfüllen

#16 Re: Videos and Screenshots » === 000 === » 2023-09-30 22:15:59

BFSoldier 1 wrote:

you and your argentina compadres keep insulting me ingame and here
you should stop it

It's curious how you take offense at irony when you self-proclaim to be the evil of evils.

You "should" thank me for not reporting you, even though I have all the video evidence here, for continuing to target me.

If I call you a fool, it's because you keep stumbling over the same stone, and the only one responsible is you, knowing full well that you had already been suspended before for the same reason.

#17 Re: Videos and Screenshots » === 000 === » 2023-09-29 21:41:34

Keep throwing stupid phrases, we'll read them here.

Nevertheless, you improved your videos a lot, congratulations.

#18 Re: Feedback » SiMPLE is dying quickly now » 2023-09-29 21:37:09

hoosier_daddy wrote:

Ah the usual "admins suck" simple admins moon admins any server you 2 are banned or kicked from. its always somebody's fault other than your own. How many times have you been banned here on simple madmax? i have lost count, (I would say the moon ban count is pretty high to?) but the fault is never your own. You are a rager and troll who gets triggered easily and would put money on a very short here. I would put more money on you got banned from moon for your big mouth and nothing to do with hax. Alfred, simples very own drama queen who spends more time on the forum complaining bitching reporting crying about what's happening in the server than he does playing on it. When your not crying about simple you take a tour of other servers so you come to simple forums to create more drama about OTHER servers lol. you wouldn't drink in a bar you don't like wouldn't eat at a restaurant you don't like yet go play on moon who by the sounds of it don't want you there just so you can post results here? Drama drama everywhere.
-B L I T Z K R I E G
-Melanin Blackson
-Deadly Squirrel
If you think they aren't playing here you need a reality check. all 5 are still playing here and other server they have been banned from as im sure the admins know. no such thing as a ban in 1942.  Admins have enough to do without you 2 idiots creating drama. Grow up!

It seems like you're very angry and upset about something. However, it's hard to understand what you're trying to say because your grammar and spelling are atrocious.

Do you know what the difference is between Alfred and you?

He can justify what happened with irrefutable evidence, while you only know how to repeat the lies you were told.

#19 Re: Feedback » SiMPLE is dying quickly now » 2023-09-20 21:43:34

Interestingly, in Europe, the Simple team welcomed us with open arms and treated us like family. However, here in our own continent, some of the American authorities treat us like trash, showing a complete lack of respect. I want to clarify that this isn't a blanket statement about all Americans, as I have many friends there who are just as appalled by what's happening.

#20 Re: Feedback » SiMPLE is dying quickly now » 2023-09-20 21:41:00

wasabi wrote:

Some interesting posts in this thread. The game is now 21 years old and dying even faster, so all remaining communities are doing their very best to try to hang onto players who are rapidly moving on to newer games.

It's evident that you haven't been around for a while, Wasabi.

I'm fed up with how Moongamers is handling things on the server. The current administrators, like Lin, Timmy, D Day, and others I can't even remember, seem more interested in mistreating the person reporting issues rather than ensuring that their own server remains rule-abiding. In contrast to what you mentioned, I've experienced the complete opposite. It's as if they make no effort to retain players, and their message seems to be that they simply don't care.

The server is plagued with trolls who hurl insults and cause disruptions constantly. Administrators, like these, refuse to debate or discuss with anyone. Instead, they opt for censorship and have excluded me from Discord channels to prevent me from presenting further evidence. They seem to be defenders of wrongdoers rather than protectors of the player community.

Worst of all, there appears to be discrimination in play. Administrators seem to favor users of their own nationality and don't take legitimate reports from players of other nationalities seriously. It's unacceptable that administrators allow trolls to run rampant and ignore clear evidence of their misconduct.

Moongamers urgently needs a change..

#21 Re: Report Abuse » Roundeye » 2023-09-18 04:50:23

As soon as administrator Rose left the server, this individual Roundeye began team-killing and causing disruptions for all the players. He's the same troublemaker I've had to report countless times on Moongamers, where he continues to play without consequences on a server run by nationalist dictators who defend players like him. Thankfully, he won't be able to engage in the same behavior here.

#22 Re: Videos and Screenshots » dary's videos » 2023-09-17 04:57:51

Nice video Dary, I didn't get bored, I like the weird things that happen in the game as well as the awesome shots.

#23 Re: Report Abuse » 000 base rape Bocage » 2023-07-06 14:56:22

Don't waste your time arguing with him. He has as much foolishness as he does ego.

#24 Re: Report Abuse » Maj. Merlin #1 » 2023-06-14 01:01:20

tuia wrote:

In my opinion, you are making a storm in a teacup. I've played sometimes with Maj.MerliN, he can be annoying and spam the chat with his long-winded texts, but i've never witnessed him disrupt any time.

And you are sailing on a sea of evidence telling me that you never witnessed anything, while having the server in the palm of your hand along with all the tools, backgrounds, histories of a person who does not stop repeating his mistakes. 

https://team-simple.org/forum/search.ph … user_id=55

The information is used to step on opinions.

#25 Re: Report Abuse » Maj. Merlin #1 » 2023-06-13 23:43:25

tuia wrote:

Maj. MerliN at times is really pushing his luck in the server, but these chat messages do not warrant a ban. A warning and maybe a kick for that.

You do not need the screenshots. Takes any text log from the server to see the crap he says.  You will probably find more than 100 insults in a week.

tuia wrote:

Arp273, don't mess with the argentinians. They will gang up on you.

Sure, a conspiratorial gang are behind this whole thing. We sell tons of "ping" in case someone wants to buy.

#26 Re: Report Abuse » Maj. Merlin #1 » 2023-06-13 22:19:38

Arp273 wrote:

The fakenick part was not intentended to you Self, surely I could have made my sentense clearer.

Just because we may be fellow Spanish speakers does not mean that we are responsible for each other's actions.

Arp273 wrote:

I understand this past event dont seem releavant to you, I was only reminding it because I find it hard to ignore the same night Darcano created this thread, he, evialahm and another dude were all wearing the nicks "Merlin fukers" in server.
Then I see here innocents lessons about credibility, it is absurd really. I mean...

If you could identify them in the past you had the capacity to sanction them. Now if you mention a case that went unpunished and has been proven by you, why that was ignored?. In the same way that we tell you to put a brake on Merlin, it is not to remove him from the game for 3 months, but to help him to control himself.

Arp273 wrote:

That is true if you dont know your reports have consequences, it can only renforce injustice feelings.
Rest assured we have no desire to protect Merlin in any way, nor anyone else for that matter.

No one is saying that there are no consequences, but it gives the feeling from this place that you never come to a conclusion, and that feeds the sense of injustice.

I admire that you as administrators listen and allow the opinion of what we say here, in Europe, since in our own continent (America) the people of Moongamers do not respect our opinion, do not admit criticisms, close the topics as if they were monarchs.
We would like to see the administrators identify themselves within the server as Rose does. If she wasn't on our schedules it would be chaos.

#27 Re: Report Abuse » Maj. Merlin #1 » 2023-06-13 16:03:55

Arp273 wrote:

Those are fact of the past, i dont mind.

Yes, you mind, for some reason you are magnifying a past mischief that "we already cleared it in the server itself" and I thanked you for what you did. So... that you bring that up now, even made me think of making a joke about nationalities, but I will leave it at that.

The rest of what you said (about fakenicking merlin) is not true under any circumstances.

Arp273 wrote:

Beleve it or not, Merlin is kicked/banned for such as posted above and i keep saying it isnt tolerable, but this works both way guys, rules are for all.

I think it is good that you inform when a punishment is given to a player, so that those who denounce are aware that they were heard.

#28 Re: Report Abuse » Maj. Merlin #1 » 2023-06-13 01:08:47

Arp273 wrote:

Darcano, all you wrote is understandable.
Rules are sames for all, report here, on discord or ingame and we will act if we around/see chat

Again pls, dont broke rules yourself, it is bad buisness for you, or for SELF. For exemple fakenicking merlin or tk me on purpose when i wear random nick, then come here talk about credibility..

My "shoes" are too worn out to piss on someone, I rarely change my nickname...It seems that everyone knows that but you.

So, you have to be very sure about the things you are saying, make sure you have not made a mistake before judging me because you are opening an accusation in a topic that was opened for another player.

Do not make this show just to defend Merlin.

#29 Re: Report Abuse » Maj. Merlin #1 » 2023-06-13 00:09:07

Arp273 wrote:

To be fair, he already have been punished for some of those you posted.
Of course it isnt tolerable, appropriate respond would be to keep reporting, not to take matters into your own hands pls.

I don't know how hard it is for the whole team of administrators to grab the text log (of the day you prefer) and filter by his nickname to see the crap he says every day of the year.

None of us are asking for a permanent ban, because we don't want anyone to be banned, just set a limit and keep to the rules, otherwise your whole team will lose credibility.

I can't believe how you can't handle such a very simple case.

#30 Re: Feedback » SiMPLE is dying quickly now » 2023-04-29 22:51:32

Kevin wrote:

@Alfred dude don't act like you care about the server when your whole Argentinian crew (SELF, darcano, cachi, etc) that plays every single night telling others peoples locations through voice chat does way more damage to the server than 50 trolls put together if you ask me.

I tried to be cordial with you but it's impossible to avoid that you keep stirring up shit.

The nice thing is that none of those you mention have ever disrespected you. Thank God no one cares what you think.

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