#1 Re: Server Ban Appeals » Who banned me and for what reason? » 2021-09-30 00:25:11

Normally I would just !kill or !kick guys trolling, but in this case I had to tk the stealer.

Nothing happened to me. I have always defended the defense players from paranoid stupidity, if thats what you mean, nothing have changed there and you of all should know that by now. I have never really liked you Killer88, for most of the time I've seen you as a dumbass. Chilling wron't change that. And tbh the more I get to know you I start to understand 000.

#2 Re: Server Ban Appeals » Who banned me and for what reason? » 2021-09-29 21:58:25

I will teamkill the guy stealing my vehicle again when admins don't react, it's the only way I can get back my vehicle - does that make sense to you? You can send the head admins a pm if you disapprove on that kind of acting, no biggie for me.
The guy stole the vehicle on purpose and trolled me, if you think that will spiral onto anarchy, Jorgen, then ok. Btw. I see half of the admin team playing with fakenicks every day, is that against the rules, because then I'm sorry.

Actually I didn't know it was you, Killer88, not that it would have changed my langauge towards you, and I shouldn't have edited my post. My bad.

#3 Re: Server Ban Appeals » Who banned me and for what reason? » 2021-09-29 15:35:17

petr8 wrote:

it was killer who gave you a 15 mins ban

Simple servers doesn't like to have keyhashes linked to different ip's

doesn't matter until you break the rules

Strange. I have tried with my normal key, but it says "Banned from server" when I try to connect with that one.

#4 Re: Server Ban Appeals » Who banned me and for what reason? » 2021-09-29 14:43:51

I have 2 different computers at different locations. Simple servers doesn't like to have keyhashes linked to different ip's, and I have no admin rights connected to this keyhash. Anyway, is it that much against the rules to mine a thief/troll, that it's ban worthy, when no admin reacts?  Could be cool if this certain admin reacted to reports instead of monitoring me, trigger fingers.

#5 Server Ban Appeals » Who banned me and for what reason? » 2021-09-29 13:41:20

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Hi "dear" admins

I would like to know who banned me and for what reason. Time and date: 29/9, 14:30cet, map: Stalingrad.
Stalingrad just started and the player "Lord Brett Sinclair" stole the Panzer I was repairing and wouldn't get out. I reported it and nothing happened therefor I mined him.

#6 Re: Report Abuse » is this base attack? » 2021-09-29 11:19:28

It's a cheap and kindda weird kill, but just such precautions you have to take when playing vs. Darcano :-)

It's not like Kevin bails straight into a new plane in front of others waiting - there is no taxi involved in this video.

#7 Re: Videos and Screenshots » BF-League matches » 2021-09-28 13:47:35

Thanks for always posting match videos, Nameless, and everyone else.
Invictus did a good job recovering and played very well in our last league war, especially your ground troops did a really good job and were very creative imo.

Gratz to Lop for taking the first place once again, also gratz to UF for ending up above TnS and PHX I doubt many saw that coming - wp. Though I'm ofc. biased here I also wanna congratz Asstralis for being only 3 points away from the top in their first season.
I don't know what happened to BmC in their last and only important war this season, but I guess that was a tough one.

I have made our few recordings public. It's mostly in danish or danglish and only contains 1 league war, so not the best content but anyway:
https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCobvK6 … 6qA/videos

#8 Re: Report Abuse » Admin abuse/ Mourits » 2021-09-22 23:20:55

"case close" lol. This case has been closed for quite while and you decided to on your own to fire it up, mr. unknown random liar, who come here to play psychologist. As I said I don't even know you other than you being the one flying mustangs.
Please leave me alone and while you do that, you can ask yourself why trolls, retards and idiots behave as they do, teamkilling, crashing vehicles, stealing vehicles and so on - you should know as the psychologist you are. And while you think about that me and my "Asstralis" clanmates will go and and make fun of and bully others, you freaking mad angry weirdo.
- Ah yes I forgot: Tuia and Nameless and all the other admins are dealing with the admins - we have a closed site on the forum where we talk about stuff. Tuia is ofc. afk, and Nameless is the solo head admin. And no I'm no the one to decide where people play, but if people act against the rules I will kick/ban/sometimes warn them. If they don't like that they are free to play with you on aX where there ain't any rules. Have fun.

Ps: Please apply for admin rights, you will 100% be the perfect example.

#9 Re: Report Abuse » Admin abuse/ Mourits » 2021-09-21 00:10:09

Ehm Angeleyes are you on drugs or just seriously mad about something that ends up at my place? I kicked this guy because hew flew delib into my plane (at least how I saw it - just a kick) then he came back and flamed (imo.).  But I have already explained this and wasted my time on this (oh I said it again).

And btw., liar, I have never ever send a BF42 related email nor had any conversation related to bf through my email account. All my communication went through bf-league pm's, xfire, discord or other bf42 forums. I barely know you other than the one always flying mustang. I believe the aX server is still running so please go there with your grudge and leave false information about me out of here. Good day.

#10 Re: Other Languages » Typisk norsk å være best » 2021-09-21 00:00:27

Synes vi bør afholde en Danish vs Norway event. Så kan det blive afgjort fair and square (Wagga må selvfølgelig ikke medbringe kniv) wink

#11 Re: BF1942 Discussion » IBRAHIM FOR ADMIN :D VOTE NOW!!!!!!!! » 2021-09-14 20:51:50

"applying is closed" where have you heard that? Pretty sure Nameless, Vertigo, Sunshine and others could give you all admin rights if you proved to be fair normal human beings :-). Surely the server could use more admins, especially around the "US times"

#12 Re: Server Ban Appeals » Please Unban Me » 2021-09-14 14:18:55

I believe I was the one banning you. I banned you for 1 day, because you kept firing your Priest towards the enemy flag where lots of friendly shermans were trying to capture the flag.
It annoyed me quite a bit that when you sit "afk" in your priest, you don't even bother to look at the radio "spamming negative" or watch the minimap. Hopefully you will do that next time.

#13 Re: Videos and Screenshots » Knife gang fights in Kursk » 2021-09-11 23:10:31

Black Mamba wrote:
LegioX.DoubTi/Mourits wrote:
Black Mamba wrote:

What a waste of resources. If you want to knife, make a knife only server and play there.

Who is this weirdo? Does he play the game or just lives here?

I don't play the game, why do you think me posting the forums means I am still playing. Are you mentally retarded?

Actually sometimes I think there might be something about that, Mamba, now when you ask... But sure we should 100% make a knife server only because we 1 in a million suddenly have a random casual knife party for 20 minutes....... It will be fun to sit on that server day after day waiting for someone to join - as realistic as when you expected 16 teams for the nations cup and mentioned teams from down under.

If you played on the server you would actually know that Kursk has 50 jeeps spawning over and over, and at that time there were only around 30ish players online. On top of that the majority is so bad I think most of them were happy some of us was taking a break outside the battlefield.

#14 Re: Videos and Screenshots » Knife gang fights in Kursk » 2021-09-10 09:54:24

Black Mamba wrote:

What a waste of resources. If you want to knife, make a knife only server and play there.

Who is this weirdo? Does he play the game or just lives here?

#15 Re: Videos and Screenshots » High Scores » 2021-08-26 23:18:11

Butcher wrote:
LegioX.DoubTi/Mourits wrote:

3 kills with 1 Colt mag, smooth movement like butter, "the new king" - what a round, Butcher!
Have you tried playing engineer with expacks; is changing from expack to "blow off" sticking to "blow off" or (buggingly) swapping back and forth like it usually does?

@seventy: I believe Beer from Asstralis play BF1942 through Ubuntu. At least I know he is playing on Linux 100%.

Thanks Doubti.  The buggy expacks are still present, unfortunately. 

Yes, Beer plays through Ubuntu with minimal problems.  I tried Ubuntu, Ubuntu Gamepack, Mint, Pop_Os and Fedora.  I got them all working with BF42 to some degree, but none gave me the same results as Drauger.  Pop Os and Ubuntu were quite easy to get BF42 working. 

@To whom it may concern:  I got a lot of help from Linux discord mods and wouldn't want everyone to go gung ho, unless you know what you're getting into, except for Arkos of course!  Seventy might have a valid point regarding my hardware configuration.  I might have just really lucked out this time.

It's been consistently this good, as you see in the video, for weeks now with no change.   I don't play every day (or week), but when I do it's a pleasure and much more enjoyable than what used to be the lottery of logging on to a server, only to be bitterly disappointed that my reg isn't nearly the same as it was the night before!

Yeah the expack thingy might actually be server sided now when I think about it.
For how long have you played this way through Drauger?

#16 Re: BF1942 Events » Nations Cup 2021 » 2021-08-25 22:04:34

Cartmanez wrote:
LegioX.DoubTi/Mourits wrote:
Cartmanez wrote:

Who won?

"Turneringen" er ikke spillet færdig endnu. Men mit bud på vinderholdet er det hold ikke består af 10 forskellige mixed nationer og ringers, Tyskland/Østrig.

Hvordan står det til for lille Danmark?

Vi spiller ikke med. Jeg var/er ikke fan af at spille fastlagte kampe midt i sommerferien, og jeg synes også det ligner lidt en joke-turnering. Men du kan se holdene og stillingen her: https://www.bf-league.eu/index.php?opti … Itemid=174

Den sidste rigtige liga sæson, som blev afsluttet i juni, hvor et (næsten) dansk hold deltog for første gang, der gik det faktisk rigtig, rigtig godt for os. Kun 3 point for toppen, og vi slog alle de aktive og hungrende hold. Vi startede desværre ud med at møde et BmC og deres absolutte A-line up i vores allerførste kamp (med tømmermænd) og måske på et lidt dårligt valgt map. Det var den eneste kamp vi tabte, men i BF-ligaen er konkurrencen ret forudsigelig, så taber man bare 1 kamp, er Top 3 næsten fordelt, da der er så få hold, som kan tage point fra de bedste hold. Det var åbenbart kun os der kunne det - vi var i hvert fald de eneste som spillede op med Lop, sidste sæsons og denne sæsons vindere. https://www.bf-league.eu/index.php?opti … &Itemid=99

#17 Re: BF1942 Events » Nations Cup 2021 » 2021-08-24 22:24:46

Cartmanez wrote:

Who won?

"Turneringen" er ikke spillet færdig endnu. Men mit bud på vinderholdet er det hold ikke består af 10 forskellige mixed nationer og ringers, Tyskland/Østrig.

#18 Re: Videos and Screenshots » High Scores » 2021-08-23 00:37:44

3 kills with 1 Colt mag, smooth movement like butter, "the new king" - what a round, Butcher!
Have you tried playing engineer with expacks; is changing from expack to "blow off" sticking to "blow off" or (buggingly) swapping back and forth like it usually does?

@seventy: I believe Beer from Asstralis play BF1942 through Ubuntu. At least I know he is playing on Linux 100%.

#19 Re: BF1942 Events » Nations Cup 2021 » 2021-08-18 22:36:09

Some also used  bazookas to do it.
I just prefer to play wars and maps where it's head to head skills and teamwork that wins you the fight, and not some lucky sneaker, afk. pixelshooter, unlucky plane crash or what so ever that make all the difference. Like you really do wonder how those players who sit afk in Sexton for 45mins on Caen pixeling to the axis south flag can enjoy that. But ye room for everyone :-)

#20 Re: BF1942 Events » Nations Cup 2021 » 2021-08-17 20:31:40

Mamba: If it's all about the tickets then there will probably be a change in maps - less variety and such. Certain maps favor large ticket wins much more than others. In very old days some teams kindda abused this system by specializing in pixel shooting and raping on certain maps (Omaha, Coral, Berlin, etc.)
I tried to implement fixed maps pr. round last season, to get writ of the current map picking system, then we would maybe see more "riscy maps" being played, more variety (and 100% training in pcw's). However the most important is of course that the teams and players play the maps they enjoy the most to play.

#21 Re: Report Abuse » Admin abuse/ Mourits » 2021-08-17 13:49:22

This will be my last post here since I'm trying to cut down to how much time I can waste here on the forum. But here we go.

1. Yes I did. To Cranberrie not you. Both me and Cranberrie ain't new to the Simple server and it is commonly known that both Darcano and Nameless flystyle is kindda safe/high, searching the sky for enemy planes. On top of that they both are very good at using the team radio. I wrote it after I had been killed by a mustang at low careless altitude for what feld as the 10th time. Writing "Darcano/Nameless mode" means  (for me and Cranberrie) "I'm gonna fly more safely/higher".

2. Read your words? Since I won't answer any further to this post of yours It doesn't matter for me to have you explain or give examples to this. If you don't like or agree to what I would say thats subjective, but I don't recall writing "bullshit". Maybe you don't agree to my server suggestions or my latest personal questions to killer88's vendetta to Deeko, but again I don't think it's "preaching bullshit", but whatever.

3. I know what the/your problem is. I kicked you because you played disruptive by flying your plane straight into my plane. I had just been taking of from repairing far from the axis airfield, which to me mean that any player flying into the 109 at that altitude and distance has to be either blind or doing it intentionally. Just like when people mine, zook or taxi around the airfield - it's annoying but doesn't make me angry. Maybe it would help u or any other player doing retarded stuff like this by writing something like "sorry" insantly instead of just "lol/heh".

4. I think all admins here can agree to what I wrote in the full post of what you cut from. Example a regular player like Tes01 who often face disruptive trolls and often is reporting them, I often react instantly. Unknown players I don't know I can't know if they speak the truth or just report "Maj.Merlin" because they wan't "his" b17. Do you understand that? Every player is free to either come here and read the rules, appeal their ban or stop using different fakenicks and then have their player name "known". Again I personally kicked you because to me it feld like you played disruptive. I kicked you again because u came back and filled the chat with your angry spam. Maybe you should apply for admin rights, sounds like you are very devoted to do a great job, and I also see you have +3 likes/believers to your first post here.

5. If you think I'm friends to lets say test01 or other players where I react to their ingame reports then ok, but I am not. Read the above.

6. No? And neither do I think you do lol. Again I think most if not all admins here can agree to my post about "admin reactions". Read the above or let me quickly explain to you again: Yes I react faster or favor lets say "Maj.Merlin", even thou I'm not a fan of him or his obsessive playstyle. Why? Because he is a known and regular player. I just did the same today towards Ferd Grapperhaus, Stuka++ and Dima.

7. I can freely kick any disruptive player(s), and so I did and I would do it any time again, so be carefull. I don't know what "a lot bullshit" or "what a lot of mess" I have done. Through my playtime in the "late years of BF1942" I have been admin on most populated public servers and clan servers - I haven't been the best or most fair admin true and I don't claim to be so, but some had faith, respect and trust in me to  grant me rights. I really would advise you to apply for admin rights here on the Simple servers, it sounds like you will be the perfect saint of an admin.

The only thing I regret about this case is how I wasted my time answering your post twice, but well I made and exception.

#22 Re: Report Abuse » Admin abuse/ Mourits » 2021-08-15 18:19:04

Hi Royal Bengal Tiger. Thx for making a forum post.

I think most players dislike me and some might also think I'm a very bad admin, I have no problem with that.
I kicked you because u flew your plane straight into my plane when I was just taking off after repairing far from the axis airfield. I found that super annoying and disruptive, and I didn't care if u you were wanking or your nose was itching. Then u continued over and over to be annoying through the chat, and that's pretty much what happened through my point of view. I never thought u were Darcano and Nameless and neither do I have any ingame issues with either of those players - and why would I think you were any of those?

You are writing: "He keeps boasting lot of things here and preaches bullshit sometimes on forum and being cool only to his friends in forum and game". Can you elaborate this? What bullshit am I preaching and what do u mean with cool to who?

As I wrote some time ago to a a player called Bawan92: "Admins aren't paid workers. When most of us are present on the server we're playing our own game and spending a bit of focus on that. On top of that there might be some radio spammers which causes the text chat to disappear before you manage to read about the problem.

To answer your assertion about some players might be favored: I can only speak on my on behalf here, but yes I favor certain players. Regular players I know and (sort of) trust speak the truth I react rather quickly if I manage to read about their problem. With unfamiliar player names I have absolutely no clue if they speak the truth or just want to troll another player by accusing them of team damage and what not. I can't and won't spend time on researching about the actual problem and I wouldn't like to kick/ban/warn the wrong player - I would say it really helps if several players report the same id/player. You have to take in mind that when the server is full with 72 players and 100% friendly fire there can be quite a lot of reports - epsecially now when a lot of aX players moved over to Simple and have to get used to server rules."

Have a nice day. I hope I won't be on the same team as you if we meet again, Royal Bengal Tiger.

#23 Re: Videos and Screenshots » Random short videos from the Battlefield » 2021-07-27 10:36:15

Why do we need a moderator? You are all free not to come here. The only bad thing about this is that it ended up in the "random short videos...." section, and should probably be removed to a seperate topic.

000: Holy moly that was a sick killer88 speech big_smile. Wtf did i just read haha. As a dane I got no idea how u come up with that or have an english vocabulary of that kind. It's both cool and scary at the same time. Anyway, thx for digging into the Butcher-hunt thing I was referring to earlier.

I'm sorry I helped changing the direction of this topic, it should ofc. have been discussed in a seperate thread. I continued to write here because I was really hoping to find out what was motivating players to exclude other players - especially if they never even experienced "bad stuff" themself because they didn't even knew about bf1942 at the time it happened. Well well a good Simple-forum-waste-of-time once again....

#24 Re: Videos and Screenshots » Random short videos from the Battlefield » 2021-07-26 00:12:42

KANER88 wrote:
LegioX.DoubTi/Mourits wrote:

And I got the clear feeling that you would also have prefered and liked to see Butcher and DrNick excluded for example.

Sad to hear. But seems we have nothing to talk about then. Enjoy ur Sunday

Well we haven't really been talking. You haven't really said anything or answered anything. But yeah my memory might be wrong, since apparently you didn't try to get Butcher banned from the Simple servers or chat spam him to death when he rejoined. Well w/e. Hope u had a good sunday too :-)

Karlson big_smile

#25 Re: Videos and Screenshots » Random short videos from the Battlefield » 2021-07-25 14:26:31

I do understand, Killer, I'm just presenting it the way I see it. And I got the clear feeling that you would also have prefered and liked to see Butcher and DrNick excluded for example.

But you don't seem to understand all I'm saying: Just because you and some others "have a problem with" certain players it gives you the right to exclude them from the entire game. It's pathetic and it's wrong. You should do like me = welcome them and do your best to own them in wars. Trust me there is no better feeling than watching TheWars and Nameless' match recordings and hear your opponent and their frustration and suffering. I'm not trying to be arrogant or a bad person, but trust me it is a great feeling.

I don't claim my speech to be more valuable than others, Userx, I'm just sharing my opinion and Killer still haven't answered my question either.

I don't see any specific ego chasers in the inf group. When Butcher, Nick, Deeko, Oliva and others held it active I saw a nice group where players shared common interest. Surely there is a lot if tryhards and egos still within the game. I even faced a team this season who benched "weaker" players to gain and advantage vs Asstralis even though we were the clear underdogs.

#26 Re: Videos and Screenshots » Random short videos from the Battlefield » 2021-07-25 12:34:25

Well, Killer, bf-league and Simple is a mix. It's the mixture that keeps this game and community alive. I'm not sure you really understand my post - or answer it. Were you around when the "Simon/Deeko" stuff happened or why do u feel so much grudge? To me it still looks like u are hunting good players which threatens your infantry maps, particularly players who are in a vulnerable position / without the community backup or history that you sometimes need here.

Deeko is excluded because of trust, not because of evidence. Back in the days when you where still riding your bicycle with training wheels, there was a polish guy named Artih. Artih tried to frame Jumpy/Ivo with fake pb screenshots. Artih got punished but didn't get excluded from the league though he could have ruined a players bf-league career.
There was also a Dutch league admin who encouraged a fellow Dutch player who got caught stupidly by punkbuster and excluded from bf-league, to change his playername and play with the new one to avoid the bf-league punishment/ exclusion. This was possible because at that time there were quite a few skilled NL players playing.
This was 2 stories from the history books that should be left forgotten, but apparently in this game we need to remember forever and hold grudges as long. I'm glad you trust Lukzek, Mitch and Henk.

I'm not just personally talking to you, Killer, I could be talking to anyone who hold this kind of grudge. When I rejoined

Btw. I'm sorry I'm changing the topic here. The topic was about Lulzek and how it's quite an odd coincidence that his graphic driver changed his sounds to the awareness and sense as Dare Devil........................... But don't mind it. I'm in the same situation everytime I update my mouse I tend to get a maphack - but it only appearing when playing league wars. Very strange.

#27 Re: Videos and Screenshots » Random short videos from the Battlefield » 2021-07-25 00:50:54

Lecter: I think what Hydra is trying to express is that all of us (or me and Hydra at least) is kindda tired of your constant rain of complaining and whining chat spam. If you don't have a kdr of 20+ we all know what is coming. It got to the point where I started to think if it's some sort of chat-script you have running. I have nothing against u, Lecter, but it's getting a bit repetitive and tiresome - just like Test01 playstyle and Merlins b17 waiting time.

Killer88: Have you ever experienced some of the "shit" Simon (or Deeko) did? I mean did you even play the game when server crashes happened? I mean I've seen players talk shit about Lachesis - players who never even played at the time where he played. And Killer if you can't trust people who know "stuff" about this game, I think you have to exclude players like Mitch, Henk, Jazzy, Viita and a lot more because they surely know just as much as Deeko - Mitch and Henk is prolly miles ahead even.

Mitch is one of the very best complete players active in the game. Several times in the last season he really tried to carry his team and sometimes he succeded. Why do you or we trust him? Is it because of the position he is in, is it because he is a nice friendly guy or what is the reason? I trust him because I see him as a genuine skilled player, and I don't believe any sane person  is dumb enough to use cheats in a dead game, and if they are they probably really need that ego boost in their life more than me, and then I have maybe done a good deed handing them the win at least.

Surely a lot of players optimised their netcode/network, ISP, router, PC, OS and all sorts of stuff to have the best possible hitreg and optimized conditions for their game. But this isn't cheating (though it kindda feels like cheating when you can't reg specific players everytime - no names mentioned...:)).

I really don't understand your eagerness to exclude good players, Killer. Lop and BmC still continue stacking all the best players so the league is still very predictable and easy, so it's not even there I can find the "league-point-reason". I just wonder why you are so damn interested in this. Maybe if you and your former team would focus more on the ingame stuff rather than the stuff outside the team and server you could have managed to place yourself above UF - I could say the same for Jokers and Invictus; so some mostly noname rusty danes from nowhere wouldn't land 9 points above them.  (this was teasing - just to be clear).

I don't want to start another time consuming chat-war which is gonna go nowhere - I have already spend too much time on this deeko-case before our PHX, Jokers and Invictus war in the end of last season. You bf-league guys surely made your decision. But I have to say I got affected by this case. In Asstralis' last 3 league wars I had to limit myself a bit, because it got to an ownage point where I was afraid not to be "trusted"................................

#28 Re: Server Ban Appeals » Bailers » 2021-07-05 23:03:18

This game in 2021 is so much about getting frags, working on your ego and tryharding. Silly dary.

#29 Re: BF1942 Events » New BF-League Season predictions » 2021-06-16 10:48:41

We fooled everyone in this thread, but already achieved our own goal.

Respect to UF and Ironman, I think they also made up quite a surprise this season.

#30 Re: Videos and Screenshots » BF-League matches » 2021-06-16 10:16:32

Is there no recordings from the other ligawars?

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