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so lame to leash me like a dog... and the word filter.. come on man, NO LINK POSTINGS allowed?

1 day before the domain transfer... hope you like to be treated like a dog

Or maybe i be smoking a cigar... i got a life, this domain is worth shit to me (and most other people in the world)

Respect-less, that is what it is.

Boys like you, who cannot appreciate true love... will die lonely.

but i still not understand what happend to your kitchen roof nameless... please explain (photoshop/gimp job?)

nameless tell tuia to pick up the bloody phone, what a caveman!

OKOK... i make ONE simple joke today... because you guys beggin me:

  (that is uber hilarious, u forgot I AM THE ONLY REAL SPAMMER HERE!?)

love ya all... pray that when the water comes... we wont wash you away

#3 Re: Server Ban Appeals » я забанен » 2020-02-18 02:31:20


not sure whats this about,

i wont post anymore till i spoke to nameless, sunshine and tuia.. seems im unbanned whilst it suppose to pend till 20-9-2020...

thanks tuia... sorry goi... merlin.. i DID not shot the sheriff

Eric Clapton - I Shot The Sheriff

I shot the sheriff, but I did not shoot the deputy
I shot the sheriff, but I did not shoot the deputy
All around in my home town
They're trying to track me down
They say they want to bring me in guilty
For the killing of a deputy
For the life of a deputy, but I say
I shot the sheriff, but I swear it was in self-defense
I shot the sheriff, and they say it is a capital offense
Sheriff John Brown always hated me
For what I don't know
Every time that I plant a seed
He said, "Kill it before it grows"
He said, "Kill it before it grows", I say
I shot the sheriff, but I swear it was in self-defense
I shot the sheriff, but I swear it was in self-defense
Freedom came my way one day
And I started out of town
All of a sudden I see sheriff John Brown
Aiming to shoot me down
So I shot, I shot him down, I say
I shot the sheriff, but I did not shoot the deputy
I shot the sheriff, but I did not shoot the deputy
Reflexes got the better of me
And what is to be must be
Every day the bucket goes to the well
But one day the bottom will drop out
Yes, one day the bottom will drop out, but I say
I shot the sheriff, but I did not shoot the deputy, oh no
I shot the sheriff, but I did not shoot the deputy, oh no

Freedom came my way one day, And I started out of town, yeah

got it buddy? how many sharrif u want me to shoot to prove our point?

fidel castro wrote:

меня забанили ник fidel castro cервер  разбаньте пожалуйста ябольше не буду) случайно убил тиммейта
I was banned, please unban, I won’t, I accidentally killed my teammate (2 times) nickname fidel castro, server —=[ aX ]=— (NO KEY)

give me a PM if u need an =aX= unban, dont be an ass fidel xxx ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

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Insane wrote:


rofl lmao... i feel so at home! cant do it... super nice profile picture... love it

Have a wonderful day everybody... especially the ones that did not grow up yet... look at the so called "adults" here.. it will serve you well/ (sarcasm)

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oh yeah look people!

someone is upset,

that is so funny right?  +4

shooting team mates in the back

parasite a whole community

they must think ur a comediant now!

just another boring post from the virtual medal boy 000

maybe one day you will learn the meaning of team based sports games....

something u sure wont learn from simple people...

i mean.. the jews gotto die right?

i not try to make fun of you bfsoldier, i truely feel sorry for you too, honestly

any admin here could help u be a someone

"use a nickname when u play here"

unwritten rules i was banned for

#6 Re: Report Abuse » TYPES LIKE 000 AND MERLIN AND HOW ADMINS REACT » 2020-02-04 20:42:14


But you claim when you are BFSoldier nobody knows it is you? But how the hell can i know it is you then? We all know... BFSoldiers behave totally different.

If u want to ignore players... you can just disable chat?

WAIT... dude.. do you like online team based games... OR DO YOU NOT LIKE THEM?

We all have to suffer from smack talk.... it is part of the game. I never seen a football match where someone dresses up like you then last moment change shirt and number.

You are totally wrong to do this, and i am pretty sure you know it. You are willing to bend the rules so far that it is not fair anymore. I cannot believe that people here (admins) are protecting you... there is something fishy in that too.

I think i am banned because not i took your name. But finally someone could get to me with a reason inside the game (first time ever in my BF life).

Are you allowed to play at all? Are you legal age 000??? What do your parents say about this? Did you do this because your psychologist advised you to? (i not try to mock your weak mental status, seriously)

It is fine man... totally fine.. go ahead.

Thanks for the team wounds...

Thanks for YOUR insults...

Thanks for the ban and support guys...


(in the other posts you basically said you play with 3 names now... and u adjust the game engine... normally if u record a video i would say GREAT... but you do it to get an edge over others successfully AND YOU get LEGIT complaints, not jealousy complaints).

Team WOUNDING is not allowed and it is not my faults the admins didnt see it. Arwen was there the first day.... maybe he seen something...

MANY people were there actually and there are server logs..... you also have proof as u state u record everything.

And no do not lie IT WAS YOU because i saw you change name at the end of the round. (yes i exit to GIVE YOU YOUR SPACE, thats how friendly I WAS dude.... i did not tk you nor team wound you back NOT EVEN 1% HP i took from you).


Be what u want to be.. it is YOUR karma NOT MINE... i do not need any of this.. i am totally pissed already anyway at some people here... MY GOD what are you guys thinking????????????????


real people with real feelings play here... also some kids play here

you have to OBEY law... work together.... u cannot do crimes, NOT EVEN INSIDE YOUR OWN HOUSE... and even in Russia they have the law... want to test it out? REALLY???????????????????????

#7 Re: Gutter » request perm ban for stat padder » 2020-02-04 08:02:57


thanks mr stat-padder, ur a real treat to the community silly fruitcake.

Ur luck being carried by your hordes of fans (read: victims) wears thin.

The only reason why you are still here is that they simply not understand.

And that i am not here is because there are some people that simply do not like me. Not that i broke the major rule of playing under a name you never play under. The name 000 is only used for screencapping your score. I just didnt know mr. vojislav also have these screenshots hanging above his bed. How gay but hey... it is trendy and legal right?!

Soon president trump will declare a nation wide protection of your name. Then you will truely be safe dear old friend. Everybody just loves parasites and ego players, especially in COOP mode.

As far as you sucking the community dry, i cannot wait for the day the blood runs out.

Just wait for it . . .

For the people below that reply AND willing or unwillingly support you 000:

I am allowed to post OR pm one message per day. I am not allowed to join the game server.

If u want simple traffic, why not start ur own game server, be a cool hater (nazi or whatever) and keep it simple. Because people these days do not GET complicated.

Bud... host some criminal messages and harbor one of our enemies... i might come to your house too!

Not everybody is a scared naive puppy dog like you. Tuia did remove his dailystormtroopers links on this site as i commanded him to and i got my target last december so my job has expired. Nothing much to do here... too bad i cannot play or clean up some of the leechers here 000. Tuia will come to his senses soon enough... he is a cheap bastard so he will choose all you guys over his amazing friend 000. People get fed up with 000 soon enough and that has nothing to do with my personality.

i am iCQ (a jewish name) and tuia hosts my fame

he still does.. thank u tuia sweetheart! keep my posts close to Your heart baby boy. Even if you delete my whole account there is still 1000 posts with my name in it.. and i am in peoples heart.. try remove that u dumbo.



in other words, you have been marked by a jew.. and u cant get it away anymore

oh and people know truth from fiction, nothing u can say or do to change that, there is a million gassed souls hunting for your kind, go union, go dark

u can find the fools below my post (do not be boring bud) by now bud you should have learned we always will have the last word, the last judgement

two brain cells to rub together, kabbalah,


for it is written, hardly understood:


#8 Re: Gutter » Who is The Admin of the Server and The Forum? » 2020-02-03 06:27:40



this owner u look for, what u need to have? home address?

a name?

u need a phone number?

call me , i own this shit now

#9 Re: Gutter » karma / reputation » 2020-02-03 06:18:13

seventy wrote:
iCQ wrote:

HAHAHAHA ROFL LMAO smile i got rich being a lovely bitch

https://cdn3.iconfinder.com/data/icons/ … 13-128.png

sorry seventy, i know u like simple

but it is time to give this little nerd corner a headshot

no more simple.. no more kiss namelss tuia or sunhsine whomever asses

it is time

the time has come

to pull the trigger, BOEM HEADSHOT

it is too late now

too little too late

treat me like this is fine... but to let bfsoldier pimp you all is a big NO GO

the choices of the admins were made

vojislav.. good job boy

nameless... wow... u aint got no name

tuia... u sleep too much. ur too slow, u not thrust your team at all i noticed... u have ONE forum moderator.. LOL ur scared?? oh man... u had plenty time to be a man to be a friend to be nice to me...

u did not... u let me hang to dry... fine boy it is fine

sunshine... u make me laugh (not always in a good way)

the admin and moderator that dragged me into that teamspeak channel...

it was Lin and head-admin of mongamers... sorry i mixed u guys up. my bad

bye and have fun on other forum and other game server

u cannot escape this, mark.my words, plenty of warnings been given with love and reason

#11 Re: Off-Topic » Let's get 10 000 posts in this thread » 2020-02-03 05:44:42


shut up bfsoldier... abas is not your asshat anymore, ok

ABAS is not your bitch.. GET IT NOOB?

#12 Re: Gutter » My BANNED thread » 2020-02-03 05:23:02


ban me again.. delete me... GO.. do your sneaky things, u rats!


#13 Re: Gutter » My BANNED thread » 2020-02-03 05:13:35


this is the bullshit i talk about... i better NOT see your ass down there.. OK son?


go ban me.. u think u can???? oh boy.. go back to your dream world PULEAAASSEEEE

just fvck off noobs... just shut up like you do for weeks and months in a row

how about when you see me.. YOU LEAVE,.,. how about that???

i tried to be nice and decent... but you want to burn you said? OK BURN BUDDIES...

there is a 1000 ways to kill simple completely RIGHT NOW RIGHT HERE...

you claim i kill the server and the forum and this and that... noob SHUT UP.. u have NO CLUE what you are talking about

i am here for YOU.. and for the decent players...

and if tuia or nameless cant help you

if your sunshine looks away again

well give me a call because i eat such arrogant noobs for supper

i was not born to be nice to be your asshat... i was born in reality and i obey the truth and the righious

i dont need medals, friends, gold or your money.. i cannot care less, SORRY

put this in your mind: H4X0RS RULEZ (only the white hat ones)

ban 000... unban me and delete my whole forum account i dont care... i play whenever with whatever name i want... i am iCQ and you are I DO NOT KNOW

i know u like bad guys... its fine... i laugh about such bitches..

#14 Re: Gutter » My BANNED thread » 2020-02-03 05:04:54

jorgen wrote:

if you want to protect your name, i suggest you use your name. you can't claim a name if you only use it when you are getting gold.

Now isnt that BRILLIANT advise? Sorry i do not want to rub it in BFSoldier 1 2  or 0.....

But you KNOW you are wrong.. and you KNOW you are protected.. and you KNOW you cannot keep this up forever.

We all know tuia will choose for his team... he is a loyal man

i stay banned... you stay the lonely stat padder, it is ok boy...
mr. wanna-be-pro gamer by vampire ALL OF US

i am banned from the forum.. i am banned from the game.. and i really DO NOT CARE

i am NOT afraid of ANY BAN... i am a man... dude.. u think i not know where to get a new IP and nickname and CD key?

do not make me laugh dude... dont make me load up my map hack radar no recoil ammo hax and ruin your little life

u are LUCKY i did not find your ass in our UNKNOWN CHEATS site logs where some of the people here (yeah i know who you are little bitch) are also... yes.. there is a simple member who downloads cheats with us.. want me to spoil the fun????? fvck with me again and i will.............................. 31337

you 000 did not download any of the bf1942 cheats... nope you did not.. else i would post it here RIGHT AWAY

i am member there.. to SERVE AND PROTECT... go figure

fcuk WHY u people act i am the NOOB here.. it is HILARIOUS

stop fucking with me all you mental cases.. call me sick.. want to know and see the REAL ABSOLUTE TRUTH about this place you call your home??????????????????????????????

#15 Re: Gutter » request perm ban for stat padder » 2020-02-03 04:38:50


u want proof? records? logs?

<<<< see that icon on the left? Willing to be blind you are? *yoda


merlin... u like it that you work so hard.. YOU TEAM PLAY and you are ONLY NUMBER 2 player??????

Merlin... are you HIS BITCH? I know you are not.. you are a 100% captain.. and well... just have fun mate.. love you but damn ur buthurting me sometimes LOL.. but thats why i love you man

! ! !   SIMPLE nor TUIA nor anyone here has jurisdiction over the truth   ! ! !

dream on my dear friends.. hope you sleep well.. WAKE UP ALREADY, sleep for many months already


be a man for christ sake

it is TODAY just one vampire player sucking your blood.. who cares...
see your day tomorrow when 111 comes and 222 and 333...

i got better things to do.... BYE

(my 10 cents, u do the rest)

#16 Re: Gutter » request perm ban for stat padder » 2020-02-03 04:19:31

BFSoldier 1 wrote:
iCQ wrote:

But two days in a row this person attack me and shoot me in the back

thats a major lie. i have not. all bfsoldiers in simple servers are not me or contolled by me. i recently saw you yell at some random player, claiming it was me

iCQ wrote:

He is a stat padder

im primarily a volume killer ingame

i know that you and other pacifist whiners rather would have me repairing, healing, scout spotting and saying friendly things in the server chat

but .... mass killing of enemy players is allowed in bf1942 .....  sorry for shocking you

You saw me scream at a random player i thought it was you? So you were in the server as NOT 000 and NOT BFsoldier.. but you said you only use TWO PLAYER NAMES???? Dude... shut up u make ur case WORSE.

"im primarily a volume killer ingame"

lol thats a new one! No results found for "a volume killer ingame"

https://www.google.com/search?source=hp … CAY&uact=5

you re-invent the wheel huh? wow man, just wow

stat padding is an old know thing... many bf servers it is NOT allowed.. want me to show you the many rules around?????

Anyway.. i disabled the forum GUI so i cannot see your words i am so sorry i just want to be left alone with my PARASITE behavior.

an organism that lives in or on an organism of another species (its host) and benefits by deriving nutrients at the other's expense.

so that is not you?

so you do know the difference between TDM and DM? Or you know what COOP stands for? LET ME SPELL IT OUT FOR YOU SON:


the action or process of working together to the same end.


you should.. NOT HAVE.. shot me.. IN THE BACK...

deny all you want with your slick tricky BFSOLDIER account... you are NOT A PRO GAMER dude.. your a FRAUD and a SNAKE and a RAT and a BACKSTABBER and i wish you were NOT

you make your choices... do not blame ME for the consequences...


stat padding is a thing dude... DO NOT ACT LIKE YOU DO NOT KNOW

people like you make me SICK.. you are NOT GOOD for the game.. you are NOT NICE TO SIMPLE.. you not nice to ME... you cannot care less if we all drop dead!

If tomorrow we all die here in Simple forums... you be out on the streets happy cheering "LOOK MY MEDALS"

go away man.. just leave....

(all u need to do is JOIN as 000, play  COOP.. or leave... it is not complicated at all egocentric noob)

#17 Re: Gutter » My BANNED thread » 2020-02-03 03:19:08

BFSoldier 1 wrote:

as expected, more weak thought process from simple forum members, this time dionysus

ask a simple logical question in this forum that cant go wrong, and youll see a bunch of people messing it up anyway

000 and OOO looks almost identical ingame

players should get their own unique names, instead of stealing. if players insist on copying, then they should at least make a significant change to the tag

if using other player's names with just a tiny change was permitted, then everybody could start impersonating others, and we could get a lot of lame stuff like this :

Maj.MerliN                    Maj,MerliN 
Caligos                          Caljgos
Igor'                               Igor''
$parrow                         Sparrow
_Corax                          -Corax
Kevin(SCO)                   Kevin(SC0) 
Zwarrior                        zwarrior
Frank(Ger)                     Frank[Ger]
Arkos                             ARKOS
inVictus|nameless       inVictus|namelezz
RaketenHorst              RakettenHorst

etc. etc.

genius.. very genius.. so you not parasite on anybody.. you did not team wound me.. you are not a stat padder.... everybody loves you

AND.. you be number one in the global world stats is because you are that amazing experienced honest player right?

u are more funny than my 102 year old grandma.. you know that?

#18 Re: Gutter » My BANNED thread » 2020-02-03 03:08:30

PipeR wrote:

its has been an unwritten gentleman's rule since I have been playing that you don't use or impersonate another players in game name. It has also been a bannable or kickable offence (if you continue to do it)since I have been playing. No it may not be written in every servers rule book but it shouldn't have to be. any decent player just doesn't do it IMO

look piper we were friends until a few months ago.. lets say the online doctors from the simple team are right.. i am a mental patient.

OK assume that is correct...

so i was here misbehave in my psychosis... i was sick and i mis-behaved

how did you treat your friend the mental patient who is said to be sick?

you DE-friend him and make fun of him... you did not care.. you did not show any compassion...

that tells me something about your personality...

you are free to be whomever you want to be

you are free to like me or not...

but you do not have to give a bad treatment to someone you consider to be SICK

or are you that type of person who laughs about people who are in a, lets say, wheelchair?

Look i am not sick... last November i had a full physical and psychological test for my work.. want to see the report???

you really think they would hire an insane person? or just someone with a high IQ / EQ and fit body....

you can call me names all you want.. call me a mental... it is fine..
something tells me your last mental official check was: NEVER\

just stay on topic... the issue is i am banned because i took a name which is a number which is never in the server ONLY AT THE LAST MINUTE OF SOME ROUNDS....

omg... cant u see how hilarious this is????????????????????????

Dionysus wrote:
PipeR wrote:

its has been an unwritten gentleman's rule since I have been playing that you don't use or impersonate another players in game name. It has also been a bannable or kickable offence (if you continue to do it)since I have been playing. No it may not be written in every servers rule book but it shouldn't have to be. any decent player just doesn't do it IMO

U r searching gentleman's in wrong place.
This is virtual community in which 80% of ppl are nerds, virgin's, no lifer's.
And of course bcs of lack of real life communication or isolation, they are asocial, think they are smartest.. etc. in fact they are stuck in their teenage age, that's why they play video game 30 hours a week.
Maybe in 20 years they will become gentleman's, but right now u are talking with kids.
U can be their mommy, until they send u pic of their male pride.. then the awkward moments begin. wink

Now this is someone who thinks with his brains.. i think he is correct.. majority of people online have some issue's... but not lets make fun of that...

i always said to people IRL who look at me strange when i tell them i run a clan (atm not really, just UT3 a bit, we got a group)

i always told people in real life... playing video games is FINE... your son play a video game is OK

he learn from it how he can be social or a social... especially shooters with TEAM BASED play are good for kids... oh the blood and gore.. och come on.. thats quite realistic... or would u deny the fact that when your son grows 18 he might have to go into the army and shoot to kill also???

No it is a safe place to go online and learn... some people DO NOT WANT TO LEARN.. some people DO NOT WANT TO BE SOCIAL,,,, and most not have the guts or brains to stay to teach

Thanks piper for your time.. and love you dion... wish you the best sir

#19 Re: Gutter » My BANNED thread » 2020-02-03 02:52:12


it is an unwritten rule you not team wound....

but lets ignore the important facts... i know what you are up to with that

it is also an unwritten rule you not stat-pad...

but there not seem to be ANY elite players around here to understand what it means

stat padding
Inflating one's individual score or statistics in a video game without productive contribution to gameplay. Usually refers to a style of play that neglects all other activities except those yielding easy points to personal score.

In games requiring teamwork, the "padder's" contribution to the team effort and their team's capabilities usually suffer as a result.

One probable origin of the expression is the video game Battlefield 2, where various, originally supportive activities could be abused to gain individual score without actually contributing to gameplay. In Battlefield: Bad Company 2 the tradition continued, as reviving dying players repeatedly with the defibrillator "pads" yielded relatively high personal score, but in most instances contributed little to the team effort, as the medic would essentially abandon all other activity, sometimes even being counterproductive by preventing teammates from playing

look i not try to make you look stupid.... u are or u are not...

to be or not to be

he parasite... he sabotage.. he team wound.. he act like a dick see his UNBANNED thread...

my god... is it NOT ENOUGH for you just to dislike me? u think i would lay awake if someone doesn't like me? I not even like myself baby!

But this is NOT ABOUT ME.. it is about YOU AND YOUR COMMUNITY... open your mind for a CHANGE

I never said those horses were mine girl... where were you going with that? Why u look at what i OWN or NOT OWN anyway? Im a married man for christ sake... stay on topic and refrain from insults... please

it is fine to be a noob.. STOP BOTHER ME WITH IT

a few more of those below-the-belt-insults and im totally done with ya, dance around the fire as if it wont burn you

what has your experience been like playing with 000 piper? if none.. then what u doing here?

did you have so much fun with 000?
was he so nice to you???
did he ever repair your tank???
did he ever medpack you??

he does not even use the chat in the game... what friends do you like the most?? THOSE???? och come on do not lie to yourself woman

#20 Re: Gutter » request perm ban for stat padder » 2020-02-03 02:16:19

Vertigo wrote:

iCQ, please stop this.  You used to create informative and often witty posts,
yet they've now been replaced with disruption and anger.  That is not healthy.
Please take a break from all of this;  find something for YOU to enjoy.


no worry about me sir... i just feel the need to protect myself AND the community

if u want to talk to someone go talk to BFSoldier a.k.a. BFSoldier1 a.k.a. 000 a.k.a. XPFanatic et cetera
(multiple accounts? really?)

What is your opinion on stat padding and team wounding?

And do not worry... this is just ONE thread... about ONE PERSON misbehaving... this is ALL THE WAY at the bottom of the forum

just walk on by bud... im totally fine.. i have bullets in my back but im still here.. no worries

im banned... no worry... i can play any time i want.. no worries

but i refuse to cheat and i refuse to let parasites pick on YOU TOO

#21 Re: Gutter » request perm ban for stat padder » 2020-02-03 02:13:03


000 stats all time all servers:

Gold medals 1024
Silver medals  94   

1024 to a 94? That is REALLY NOT NORMAL people.. deny it if u like

that is because YOU QUIT 000 (bail) before you get silver.. it aint good enough for you

tuia should forbid exit or bail like that.. the plane... maybe.. the server.. for you... FOR SURE

i say u deserve the perm ban... that is not just my opinion

u wont be the first one to be perm banned and sure not the last one\

no... if u say sorry to ME now... i dont care.. i send you 100's of messages on this forum about your attitude and you always avoided me

i did not stalk or flame you.. YOU STALK US

#22 Re: Gutter » request perm ban for stat padder » 2020-02-03 01:52:47


bfsoldier 000 u shoukd not have sabotaged me.two days in a row and sabotage team for.many months

disable that in ur gui


u did not have to sabotage me these two days bfsoldier... if i play one round and j get a gold.medal... you still.would have been nr1

am i right?

ur just jealous i was ahead of you... admit it

and you remember all those many hours on wake and elsewhere where i always beaten you

u dont like to be nr2 huh? poor soul, chicks like balls, not sneaky rats with virtual medals!!!


nr81 on bftracks... u switch to 000 too late bud. Also you parasite the WHOLE SIMPLE team.. and you parasite THE WHOLE community... call me mental.. but what you call yourself? A smart winner? A good friend? Or just "the guy with lot of medals"?

Experience Fanatic is not YOU... you not play with experience.. ur play with your EGO... and u not care about ANY OF US.


(roger THAT)

#23 Re: Gutter » request perm ban for stat padder » 2020-02-03 01:35:53


note all the other players in that top 10 we know... all these guys are here in the forums

they all WORK HARD ALSO to get a good score... also nameless... he plays FAIR ingame... you really want nameless your good friend TO BE BELOW A BFSOLDIER??? WHAT KIND OF FRIEND ARE YOU TUIA?????

by the way GOOD JOB merlin and raketenhorst... wow nice stats!!!!!! smile


sorry i mess up your bar tuia... u know your simple services are DOING GREAT... more posts.. more people.. more words.. AND MORE PLAYING PEOPLE...

keep it that way bud, please... i beg you brother.. keep it FUN wink

(if u not notice, i speak to the founder here, not to any of his admins, friends or moderators)

and also.. note.. I NOT ASK FOR UNBAN.. im fine... nameless and vojislav banned me from forum and game server... i am totally fine with that i DO not care... so there is that greed u try to stick on me. Both nameless and vojislav were in their "good right" (unwritten rules, lol, what a job u did there)

love ya

OOO (is not same as 000 people are allowed to change to new ID... not to flame or troll or abuse the system otherwise... i cannot log into my new account amymore it is FINE)

#24 Gutter » request perm ban for stat padder » 2020-02-03 01:32:00

Replies: 24

Normally i not ask for ban or kick.. i never did.

I dont care if you cheat.. it is YOUR life and YOUR karma

But two days in a row this person attack me and shoot me in the back. He denies (duh).

He is a stat padder.... which is NORMALLY not welcome in team based games. Proof? What do you need sir?


Plenty more proof...

000 is currently number 8 players all time.... (see bftracks and so on.. just go check it out.. do not act like you are so surprised please)

So you want him to parasite your server and YOUR team.. just so he can go from nr8 to nr1 in the top 100 players ever?

Look.... make your choice... i do not like to be banned... i do not like to be used... i not like to be shot in the back....


#25 Re: Gutter » My BANNED thread » 2020-02-03 01:23:31


and bfsoldier i send u several messages in several ways yesterday and tge day before and anyone can read back you ignored me

wtf u doing here man? go back to your own MY BANNED THREAD

This is not about you, this is aboht me and my ban, about the admins and the owner tuia

and if tuia tomorrow decides i should stay banned

if he makes a new rule "no double nicknames" or whatever

if tuia decide your nick 000 is protected

then it is all fine by me... this is HIS HOUSE

silly fruitcake 000

#26 Re: Gutter » My BANNED thread » 2020-02-03 00:57:04


and yes.. first thing i did after i got banned i PM the boss tuia...

i hate to do that, i know the man is busy... not just ME drives him crazy

you guys work for him, read rules do ur job make him and us proud

//ignore me

bb gl hf

OOO aka iCQ aka  the rightious forum clown

just for your information



is that troll me or t-bone? u choose

i care.. if u not know that then ur the mental

i tell yiu a little secret... i know where she spam comes from on my forum

i know where the troll LOD comes from.in aX forum and game server

u think i was THAT stupid, boy?

want to see some logs?

want to talk to your local police officer?

the fact is the sicko is right here with you.. in your friend group

he is amongst your friends... in hiding.. acting like a nice guy

breaking law after law

good luck with that... i did warn... i gave several warnings

#27 Re: Gutter » My BANNED thread » 2020-02-03 00:52:30


i tell u i am fine if tuia bans me... i be gone np

u not need to be an honest brave good man

u not need to share a clean service

i am not gay or pretty big boob lonely girl that wants to be your soul or wallet mate..

im an old man without fear and greed... i enjoy smiley people

i could not care less if u behave like a clown or if u play my doctor

i dont care if u ban me or call me names

i just not like rats like him to shoot me in the back and pretend he is OK and give me the silent treatment

anyone can HUD 0 in this game... usually u do that to record a video, not to play

there are so many forums and game servers and neat fun team players that do FPS games... simple is to me, in that respect nothing... you know that right???

#28 Re: Gutter » My BANNED thread » 2020-02-03 00:32:05

Vojislav wrote:

There are some rules not written , but we rely on common sense . Not just that you used his name, you also tried to impersonate him...

how about the rule of law in the netherlands where this server resides?

how about the law in your country Vojislav... want to know about that??

its amazing now we talk about non-written rules... whats next??

he misbehave stat padder for mant MANY months... talking about unwritten rules:


In sports, stat padding is an action that improves a player's statistics despite being of little benefit to his or her team or its chance of winning. An example would be a gridiron football player throwing long passes with an empty backfield on first down in the fourth quarter of a game in which his team was already leading by a large margin.

why do some people treat me here like i am a newbie baby?

my friends and i we ran the biggest best bf clan ever
.. our servers were full EVERY SINGLE.DAY


i am no newbie fool who hides behind a bfsoldier tag...

that is NOT me... try what u want because you dislike me

just keep on trying.. i am not here to make friends, im here for the community

i never asked for favors... i never asked for extra status

i never applied to become admin

000 is not a name, it is a number

bfsoldier is not a nick.. its a default player name

any pro using that default name is UP to NO GOOD

really... are all you guys here really not understand this matter??

are you SERIOUS??

Maybe it is time to change your job function

(ur all defending a bfsoldier, who sneaky is a pro player, just not a team player...)

it stinks like hell and you all know it

just go away and play and have a wonderful sunday evening

i am banned from and the forum and the game for using the number 000

but i did not team wound.. i did not stat pad.. i did not cheat...

i defend myself... but i know u want to see me loose... so u use any excuse you can find to make me look worse than  i already am... and defend this guy... whom u know is not legit... at ALL

i go back to my clan in unreal tournament... ii not need this baby crap racist nazi anti jew foolish nonsense

seriously i not need it.. call me mental... but tell me what do you see in the morning when u wake up and look in the mirror?

i check back tomorrow.. i love to hear what u saw in the mirror

#29 Re: Gutter » My BANNED thread » 2020-02-03 00:19:08

Vojislav wrote:

ICQ i knew from beginning that you wanted to stage some incident to have reason for forum dramas. Theres many admins using always different nicks, the one which is usual for them cant be used by other players.You cant use other known names. I warned you 2 times, kicked 2 times, 15min ban then 1 day. Your mood fluctuate 180 degree per minute ..

true.. i am not an admin tho..

and where again inthe rules it say u cannot use any name.u want??

what rule that tuia made did you apply to me?

anyway i am banned here already... i am not suppose to post...

u know... kill the messenger

look Vojislav i am sorry... but your claim i joined to play the game today for drama is not true...

bfsoldier team wound me for two days in a row and you did nothing about it... DID YOU?

i do not cheat... i do not team wound... i do not play for myself...

i play for US the whole community.. not just for your nation.. i not play just for your kind only

i am fed up with being sabotaged by this guy

and i am sure we will all be better off with him usjng only ONE name from begginning to end

but make your choices friend.. do as you please.. i am not your father

but i do advise you to use your brain and logic

think about this: he has a "my banned thread" he openly admits adjust the game gui.... what does that tell you?

he try to get advantage over others...

abd the fact that someone opens "my banned thread" is a not realky good sign... isnt it???

i dont like drama... only korean drama i can take (due to my wife)

#30 Re: Gutter » My BANNED thread » 2020-02-03 00:17:48


first of all my name now is OOO...

second i hardly can post here i need to use VPN and other ip because nameless banned me

and yes i have prove... u can check urself also last night he player around 8pm he changed nick at end of round long after i left.. i gave up... two days in a row and no admin do anything

except arwen gave me an official warning because of "spam" all i did was defend myself in game chat.. i replied.. but i am the spammer but they were also talking to me (swearing and talking about revenge me, see chat logs)

also i was forced to change team... so i figured i could play "normal".. but then suddenly i was the team stacker

the day before same thing... se chat logs

he did not say sorry for his team wound... he never does.. he has chat disabled in game

anyway... long story short... i am weird and sick in my mind

and 000 aka  XPfanatic aka bfsoldier aka bfsoldier 1 (u know the man with just one normal name)

he is normal.. he is cool... we all love him.. and we feel so sorry for his hard life that he cannot play normal.on this server




ok i have to see a doctor i am mental and a spammer

you know... what the problem is??

i am not your friend 000 (and some other people here)

i am.not going to be tricked or fooled intk being called sick or abnormal

if you claim i am that bad player... well good luck

most people here know me in the game.. how i play.. how i give away my vehicles... how i med pack u

how i repair for you

people know who i am

but who are you 000?

why? what and how?

you telling me the admins cannot do their job for you so u have to use two ID in one round all the time?

thats odd... you know that... that is really odd

first time ever a person been banned from AND a game AND a forum for the nickname 000 or OOO

usually people who team wound are banned

usually people who use two names are kicked

usually people who stat pad are banned

usually people who play deathmatch in team DM are banned...

only on simple... how simple is that? well it aint!!

i did not ever bother you in the game untill the moment you came 000 and brake the team fun

ok some people not care that u just play for yourself...

but when u sabo/wound or otherwise... well u can fool some people BUT U CANNOT FOOL THEM ALL

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