#1 Re: Server Ban Appeals » Got banned for no reason: user name BONNER GAYLORD » 2017-07-20 17:42:04

^  ...No need to apologize mate... you're like the lowest common denominator.

#2 Re: BF1942 Discussion » Worst Class In BF 1942 ? » 2017-07-20 17:37:55

Sunshine wrote:

I'm glad the zook of destiny is being loved.

I think the assault class is worst. Except for the Jap assault... that thing is best.

One word...


#3 Re: Server Ban Appeals » Got banned for no reason: user name BONNER GAYLORD » 2017-07-19 22:24:36

Jeez give people some space, imo that nickname is just ok and you don't just ban someone with that name or at least not without asking to change that name, you got T-BONE to apologize for "offending an admin" while this probably didn't even happen, one should never apologize for something that he or she hasn't done.

Also Bonner Gaylord is actually a name, "Bonner" a rather rare but normal name, and I seen the second name "Gaylord" multiple times.
So with this I state that punishing him for his nick is outright ridiculous.

So please, take a little more time and overthink your past and upcoming decisions, this is how inconveniences like these happen.

#4 Re: BF1942 Discussion » Worst Class In BF 1942 ? » 2017-07-19 22:16:03

Anti-tank is I think the least efficient class but I also think there is no class that is useless, unless you use anti-tank class in Berlin without vehicles and such, also I don't see why scout is the most voted, even for close range it's better then anti tank in my experience, you can kinda quickscope with the rifle and sniping in this game has aged really well and is still efficient.

However you can be a marksman in every class... pistol sniping FTW...

#5 Re: Server Ban Appeals » Unban request » 2017-07-19 21:07:41

Knaso wrote:
DeadKennedy wrote:
Grove4life5 wrote:

I think a couple day ban is good for you as I seen you with a shitty attitude before.

I think a permaban is good for you as I seen how low IQ you have.

i guess this will help you alot to get unbanned.

Ikr... Ironic too that he talks about MY IQ there right?

Not to even mention what I stated before...

#6 Re: Server Ban Appeals » Unban request » 2017-07-13 22:46:32

I think a couple day ban is good for you as I seen you with a shitty attitude before.

#7 Re: Off-Topic » Is Battlefield Vietnam still alive? » 2017-07-04 18:21:30

^Not worth it for me lol, China and Canada? since I'm used to 8 ping in BF1942 I've became a ping whore... I always get fustrated when I notice ping advantage and I'm very sensitive for ping and FPS and stuff...

No problem tho I can suprisingly enjoy myself with singleplayer and if I'm done with that well I know BF2 is still active so...

#8 Re: Off-Topic » Is Battlefield Vietnam still alive? » 2017-06-30 13:27:35

Hmmm I'll try to connect manually but the only server with players on it on Gametracker with more then 2 players is a server ironically in Vietnam...

#9 Re: Off-Topic » Is Battlefield Vietnam still alive? » 2017-06-28 10:52:43

Lol, both of those downloads don't work, the first one "can't be found" in German, the second one voilates Gaayge's "terms of service" and is gone.

Oh, an I just found 1080p @ 144fps option.... nevermeind that.

#10 Re: Off-Topic » Is Battlefield Vietnam still alive? » 2017-06-27 21:55:32

Well... I found a download that actually works... just no widescreen... is there a special patch for that?

Edit: got it, widescreen patch installed, no server showing up but I don't think I should expect a very alive multiplayer.

Thank you Arkos for the endless effort you put in these topics!!!

And you too Dink!

One last thing... anything to put the game above 30fps????

#11 Re: Off-Topic » Is Battlefield Vietnam still alive? » 2017-06-25 23:07:04

Arkos I downloaded this widescreen patch which is a NO CD and NO install game so I can't install it as admin, I tried it with RAD tools but same error, for the rest I don't think you can just download a binkw32.dll but it in and expect it to work.
There is no blacksreen.exe.

I also don't think I'm gonna be playing if there are only low-res versions to get.

I still don't get the part where I would need to get the file from another place on my PC and put it in the game files.

PS I can't install a game with 2 or more CD's because I can't swamp discs while installing!!!

#12 Re: Off-Topic » Is Battlefield Vietnam still alive? » 2017-06-25 23:01:49

Price are you frick kidding? That's just a download you warned about, and it's not free to use.

Fuck frick... I see what you did there tuia...

#13 Re: Off-Topic » Is Battlefield Vietnam still alive? » 2017-06-22 21:47:19

^Price, I think you're actually trying to help even tho you copied it from some site, I compliment you for that, but there is no other folders of the game exept for the one with the game in it, tried all other steps though.

BTW even if you still can buy the game somewhere it probatly wouldn't be compactible with Windows 10, and there's no proper multiplayer anymore so buying it would be useless.
Same for BF42, never bought it, got it for free on Origin back in 2014, delited Origin because fuck EA then installed the game via this site.
I'm probatly getting too off-topic even for the off-topic section.

#14 Re: Off-Topic » Is Battlefield Vietnam still alive? » 2017-06-22 17:59:10


For some reason I get this error with both Dink's download and that of Tuia and it's the same download, if I can't get this one working I'll never be able to play BFV in high res!!!
And on the download on the Swiss site doesn't work because according to Gaaygle it "voilates our terms of service".

Can anyone see that screenshot? For some reason no image upload site works atm, the error says: The code execution cannon proceed because binkw32.dll was not found. Reinstalling the program may fix the problem.

#15 Re: Off-Topic » Is Battlefield Vietnam still alive? » 2017-06-20 19:10:57

I need a no-CD download or for some reason my PC can't install that shit.

Dink where are you!!!

#16 Re: Off-Topic » Is Battlefield Vietnam still alive? » 2017-06-18 17:36:36

(BB)DinkW wrote:

I have the no CD Widescreen, Gamespy patch if you need it?

Really???? I'd love that!

Oh and Arkos... I have Daemon Tools lite, but there is no image to mount in the download! They are BIN files that can not be opened..

#17 Re: Off-Topic » Is Battlefield Vietnam still alive? » 2017-06-17 15:05:50

Arkos, that second download is finally done, I get 3 folder called CD 1 2 and 3, but with useless files in them, no installer, no CD mount, what am I supposed to do with that?

#18 Re: Off-Topic » Is Battlefield Vietnam still alive? » 2017-06-17 12:57:34

The first link is a fake one and the second takes hours to download, but as I see there is no people playing it anymore and if you're lucky you may find a download that does NOT try to infect your PC.

So sad that that game is dead...

#19 Re: Off-Topic » Is Battlefield Vietnam still alive? » 2017-06-16 22:10:34

HoOK wrote:

go play rising storm-vietnam

If I wanted that I would've bought it!!!

#20 Off-Topic » Is Battlefield Vietnam still alive? » 2017-06-15 21:51:34

Replies: 47

Hi all, Been playing this for a while but I was wondering is there are any people still keeping BF Vietnam up, if so does anyone have a good download?

#21 Re: Technical Help » old profile » 2017-05-11 23:38:46

Capt price wrote:

STFU joint.
My home address is
Flat no. 115
Supertech appartment.
Green park
NCR, delhi

if you are a son of 1 father than give urs.
i am eagerly to meet you.
Some people name start with s and end with e.
thinking that i post wrong address.
no worry here is my phone number:-
I am damn serious.
its time to fantasy warfare become real.
2 People nämeless and joint.
cmon this time no keyboard...

Can you still delete or edit that post? Knowledge has tought me that posting you info like that is so much more dangerous than you can imagen, money can do anything, to anybody, anywhere mind you.

#22 Re: The Gutter » Game crash (GONE SEXUAL) » 2017-05-04 17:58:45

I have that too sometimes, restart the game if that doesn't work restart PC if that doesn't work go kill Makarov.

#23 Re: Report Abuse » Battlefield 1942 Server Rules broken Query » 2017-05-03 12:05:19

I belive that the exit on most bases for ground units is when you leave the sandbags, towers etc on most maps, I think on some maps bridges count too, but indeed not all of them.

#24 Re: Report Abuse » Battlefield 1942 Server Rules broken Query » 2017-05-02 19:30:18

Some admins don't care about baserape and just tell everyone to go !learn the rules so they can continue doing it, I had posted a topic about it quite recently too, and only got shit for it.
If you go play on the original server (not RTR+SW) you will not find as much baserapers as some admins and players in the RTR+SW server seem to only promote baseraping, especially killing planes on takeoff.
See my future screenshot(s) of those who disagree with me and like to use the reputation system for it.

#25 Re: The Gutter » Admin abuses his rights » 2017-04-21 22:55:51

I don't think we should kick a player because of a name like this, especially if you're "offended" by it, not talking to anyone in person but you come over like a goddamn femnist if you kick people for a name like that, and damn those people are cancer. You are effectively chasing people away from the game which we really need in a 15yo game.

Hhhhhhhhhhhh........ but as long as there are SJW's admining this server best may be to just change your name to AD or something which will remember us of what your original and real name is in this community.

#26 Re: The Gutter » Shittiest admin/leader ever Poll » 2017-01-10 19:02:56

I seriously wonder why Loony has such a bad reputation, I'm not voting for anybody tho, because there's people not on the list that should be.

#27 Re: Feedback » No bots anymore on SW-RtR server? » 2017-01-05 19:41:49

Not reading all the comments here I like the idea Tuia is testing out!

#28 Re: Videos and Screenshots » Random BF screenshots you want to share » 2016-12-23 12:01:29

-=Privet=- wrote:

two snipers lie side by side at a distance of several meters, but do not see each other


Oh, I been doing that too, find an enemy sniper, lay down right next to it, kill an couple of enemy's, f-5+f-6 and then knife.

#29 Re: Off-Topic » Does anyone know how to install mods on GTA 3? » 2016-12-16 11:12:48

Arkos wrote:


Mostly there is a readme.txt with a "how to" inside the packages.


Sorry, maybe I forgot to mention that mods mods uploaded are NOT in english!!!

If you know just tell me.

#30 Off-Topic » Does anyone know how to install mods on GTA 3? » 2016-12-15 23:22:18

Replies: 5

After finishing the game 100% without cheats, I just want to check out some cool map mods wich should be out there, however just downloading one and putting in the game folder doesn't work of course.
It's probatly very simple and I just need to know the basics, but there is no community wich has people with the mentality to help, I tried the GTA 3 forums on Steam but they are just a bunch of lazy, sodding, bloody ignoring cunts.

So... any GTA fanatics out there???

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