#1 Re: Server Ban Appeals » Banned for being too good » 2019-10-06 19:27:15

British Broadcasting Corporation yeah and what is so wrong with that?

#2 Re: Server Ban Appeals » Banned for being too good » 2019-10-06 10:57:35

People come on don't you see this is exactly what the racist wants!  You are all now talking about him and the things he says and he is sat back thinking he is so important that you all spend your time in this way.
I personally would have banned him totally sometime ago along with a few others for their actions here and in game but "not my circus not my monkeys", but it is the reason I don't hang around here much anymore.

As Bud points out Tuia has done a lot of work in keeping this game alive and I certainly do not hold him responsible for the views of others or what they type in game or in forum.  I would say however that all of this good work that he has done is now being spoilt be these uneducated fools and it will eventually kill this game off completely.

I have really enjoyed my gaming here on simple and I thank Tuia and you all for the opportunity but when it ceases to be fun its time to stop.

I will still pop in for the occasional game just for giggles if it is still here but having shut down my servers a few weeks ago I think my time with BF1942 is done.

Best of luck to you all and I wish you well.

#3 Re: Gutter » Banned » 2019-08-24 15:29:39

I think you will find admins can do anything they wish for the good of the server and the last time I checked they didn't need your permission or approval.

#4 Re: Report Abuse » =)Ahmed_PILOT=) » 2019-08-04 10:32:57

Arkos wrote:


What was the question? smile


Which tastes better frog or roast beef smile

#5 Re: Technical Help » Double start and ..... » 2019-07-22 07:32:00

Arkos knows very well what he is doing but more to the point he has offered to assist a fellow player free of charge unlike you proving what a true capitalist you are, and there was me thinking you supported socialist ideals.

If you are still having problems Dak and you need any further help PM or catch me on TS.

Thanks Arkos smile

#6 Re: Technical Help » Server search causes freezes, aX hosts patch not working » 2019-07-22 07:24:15

Are you using Window 10? if you are ensure you have Direct Play enabled.

More details of your OS would be helpful.

#7 Re: Technical Help » Double start and ..... » 2019-07-21 10:26:50


Arkos suggestion to use Anydesk would be a good way to go, did you run the batch file?
I would agree that installing Win10 would probably solve this issue but I am not sure that reinstalling the game will.

#8 Re: Technical Help » Double start and ..... » 2019-07-20 18:24:24

Hi Dak

Sorry for not checking in sooner are you still having issues or has Arkos sorted you out?

#9 Re: Technical Help » Double start and ..... » 2019-07-17 11:15:31

Dakota wrote:

Can you send me the best link for downlaod Dinkster pls ??

You can download directly from Origin

https://www.origin.com/gbr/en-us/store/ … tlefield-v

but cheaper from Amazon

https://www.amazon.com/Battlefield-V-On … r=8-2&th=1

and then downloading from Origin


#10 Re: Gutter » Maj.MerliN » 2019-07-15 00:06:55

Basically he is saying you are being a bit of a dick by virtue of your attitude.

#11 Re: Technical Help » Double start and ..... » 2019-07-14 19:33:34

Get the digital download or licence in a box it works out cheaper and you save nothing having a hard copy because most of the game is downloaded anyway smile

#12 Re: Technical Help » Double start and ..... » 2019-07-14 08:43:17

There are a few hackers in the game but hey that is par for the course I guess and they are easy to spot.  The game itself is stunning and play it two or 3 times and then play 42 again and it really does look dated and you wont want to go back.
It does require a pretty powerful PC to get the best out of it though worth checking out some videos to see it for real.

#13 Re: Technical Help » Double start and ..... » 2019-07-13 11:07:58

Time for an upgrade Dak and maybe BFV smile

#14 Re: Server Ban Appeals » Unbanrequest DE/EN [RNG}-=XNJ3DK4X=- » 2019-07-07 22:04:05

They do around here but I live in a tuff part of town.

#15 Re: Report Abuse » Admin cancelled maap after it started » 2019-06-15 11:39:21

Yeah some admins can do that but what is your problem/abuse report?

#16 Re: Feedback » pfffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff » 2019-05-19 17:58:05

But this does not work on all maps for some reason.

#17 Re: Off-Topic » You will be missed Rowdy Yates... » 2019-05-11 10:27:38

Another of the good guys gone this is indeed sad news, had many a good game with Rowdy.

RIP Rowdy Yates hope to see you on the other side.

#18 Re: Server Ban Appeals » Random bans and kicks by Hydra » 2019-04-08 14:24:24

T-BONE wrote:

Since when can you be kicked just for being a racist? I did not call him filthy blacky monkey or anything. Check the logs.
That I am a White Man Supremacist is a known fact but it has nothing to do with anything here. This is just a game.

@PipeR You have to EXPRESS racism, not just be a racist. Can you read? Everybody here is racist. You should travel USA. Have fun.

You say "just for being a racists" like its an everyday occurrence.  Well I guess where you live it probably is but then again you are so out of touch with the rest of humanity who really cares what you think.
I would happily ban you permanently for being a racist under the following rule :

  Please respect all players. Behavior only meant to disturb or upset players is forbidden.

Please let this be the last we see of this fool..................... "white man supremacist" don't make me laugh................... body of a man mind of a child, very sad in this day and age.

+ 1 Hydra

#19 Re: Server Ban Appeals » Kicked for asking how many people in the game have a negro master » 2019-03-30 18:08:32

T-BONE wrote:

5 days still no answer

I gave you an answer but you clearly did not like it lmao big_smile
I doubt you will get another.

#20 Re: Server Ban Appeals » Kicked for asking how many people in the game have a negro master » 2019-03-29 15:03:35

The reason you will not get an answer is simple, everyone is bored with you now.  The fact that even need to ask why you were kicked are the actions of a person that is lacking in mental ability so you probably will not understand the answer anyway.
You are a troll and everything you say or do in game and in this forum is to get a reaction so you got one.  I hope that explains it for you

#22 Re: Off-Topic » BF 4 Anyone Playing? » 2019-03-25 15:39:24

Played them all but kept coming back to 42.  BF4 was ok but BFV knocks it out of the ball park, that said there are a lot more things to think about in BFV and it is full on from the moment you join and the game play is amazing.
After playing BFV for an hour or so and then going back to 42 I find that it is very much easier to play, I am guessing because it is so much more relaxed but as Arkos says we are all getting old.  smile

#23 Re: Feedback » SiMPLE|USA » 2019-03-23 09:52:17

Another member of snake boys fan club? big_smile

#24 Re: Report Abuse » kicked by Groundhawk because i was defending my self » 2019-03-07 23:30:59

Thank you Zwarrior hope we can get beyond this now and play on smile

#25 Re: Report Abuse » kicked by Groundhawk because i was defending my self » 2019-03-07 14:30:23

RaketenHorst wrote:

and to you Dink ...

you were pretty annoying .. did not know that you can deal with the bazooka ...

i do not really like that .. that's my weapon big_smile

I am sorry that I used your weapon and will try not to do it again when you are playing, it was rather good though so forgive me if I might use it at other times wink

#26 Re: Report Abuse » kicked by Groundhawk because i was defending my self » 2019-03-07 13:20:47

Zwarrior wrote:

Nonono you are only explaining half of the story there partner, where are those little angels who were posted at the top of the mountains or hills before the bridge situated at your mainbase? They were shooting at us, what we supposed to do in that situation?, send them flowers or kisses in response? None of those smartasses were kicked.

As far as i know if we are shot from someone who is at mainbase we have the right to fire back, but of course somehow you were blind at moments and did not see them.

Thats an abuse from your part from my point of view.

But dont worry if i see you in the future in that server i will log off as soon as i indentify you because of 2 reasons:

I don´t play with cheaters.

I don´t like to play with people who doesn´t know how to lose.

Ok you are very much missing the point here.  The players who were shooting at you from main base are valid targets and can be attacked by you they are also within the rules to shoot at you as long as they all understand that you can shoot back.  I on the other hand was heading to the bridge to attack the first flag point I had not fired a single shot and had not made it anywhere near the bridge before you fired upon me and as I was already wounded by your plane that had crashed into our main I died pretty quickly, 2 -3 shots and I was down.  You have already admitted shooting into our main so I don't understand why you consider your kick to be abuse or why suddenly you think I am a cheater?  Why is it so hard for you to accept that you made a mistake?

Do whatever you need to do I am done with this now.



#27 Re: Report Abuse » kicked by Groundhawk because i was defending my self » 2019-03-07 09:37:24

Ok I will play.

You were outside our main on the opposite side of the river bank and shooting into main this you have already more or less said yourself.  I was on my way to the bridge from our main but was still about 10 meters away from it  after nearly missing being crushed by your teams plane that had just crashed into the center of our mainbase, after a botched attempt at an attack.  I had put up multiple warning about attacking main at this time and you decided that this did not apply to you and you shot me from across the river, I was 10 meters from the bridge as I said.  I would also point out to you that i was playing as assault and was not sniping at you from main in fact I had not even fired a shot at this time.  If you are going to play in this way you will need to be a lot more mindful of your targets and ensure that the are actually shooting at you before you engage.
I am not going to spend any more time explaining this to you as you already know the rules, even though you decided to make an issue out of it, after all it was just a kick this time.

Oh and I nearly forgot here are the logs of which you speak.


/6/2019 20:57:38 : Client: Said '[BFSM] Please do not attack enemy's main base'.
3/6/2019 20:57:38 : Server: Admin message sent.
3/6/2019 20:57:41 : # [Global] Expulse (Fra): nlol
3/6/2019 20:58:03 : # [Global] Expulse (Fra): lol
3/6/2019 20:58:03 : # [Global] Sjaan Holleeder: lol
3/6/2019 20:58:58 : Player Marinho BR XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX [unknown] kicked by dinkw for attacking enemy's main base.
3/6/2019 20:58:58 : Client: Said '[BFSM] Marinho BR kicked for attacking enemy's main base'.
3/6/2019 20:58:58 : Client: Kick player Marinho BR.
3/6/2019 20:58:58 : Server: Admin message sent.
3/6/2019 20:59:03 : Server: Player Marinho BR kicked.
3/6/2019 20:59:06 : # [Global] Requestin HOHA support: timer of
3/6/2019 20:59:18 : # [Global] James CZ: co je to tu za kurvu admina
3/6/2019 20:59:22 : Client: Said '[BFSM] Please do not attack enemy's main base'.
3/6/2019 20:59:22 : Server: Admin message sent.
3/6/2019 20:59:26 : Client: Said '[BFSM] Please do not attack enemy's main base'.
3/6/2019 20:59:27 : Server: Admin message sent.
3/6/2019 21:00:02 : Player Zwarrior XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX [unknown] kicked by dinkw for attacking enemy's main base.
3/6/2019 21:00:02 : Client: Said '[BFSM] Zwarrior kicked for attacking enemy's main base'.
3/6/2019 21:00:02 : Client: Kick player Zwarrior.
3/6/2019 21:00:02 : Server: Admin message sent.
3/6/2019 21:00:03 : Server: Player Zwarrior kicked.
3/6/2019 21:00:54 : # [Global] Zwarrior: why was i kicked?
3/6/2019 21:02:03 : # [Global] Robro Tits: RAWR
3/6/2019 21:02:03 : # [Global] Zwarrior: why was i kicked ?
3/6/2019 21:02:33 : # [Global] Robro Tits: because you're not Z enough of a warrior
3/6/2019 21:02:33 : # [Global] Requestin HOHA support: medpack bs gamer
3/6/2019 21:02:33 : # [Global] GroundHawk: attacking mainbase
3/6/2019 21:03:03 : # [Global] Requestin HOHA support: lack of bodies
3/6/2019 21:03:03 : # [Global] Zwarrior: but they were firinn too
3/6/2019 21:03:03 : # [Axis] Sjaan Holleeder: bailers
3/6/2019 21:03:12 : # [Global] Zwarrior: they were firing from their mainbase
3/6/2019 21:03:15 : # [Global] GroundHawk: no they were not
3/6/2019 21:03:33 : # [Global] Zwarrior: so whats the ponit?
3/6/2019 21:04:03 : # [Global] Zwarrior: yes they were i was killed by them many times
3/6/2019 21:04:03 : # [Global] GroundHawk: you know rule about attacking main right?
3/6/2019 21:04:03 : # [Global] Zwarrior: go see it at the logs
3/6/2019 21:04:33 : # [Global] GroundHawk: you killed an admin on other side of bridge
3/6/2019 21:04:33 : # [Global] GroundHawk: who had not fired a shot
3/6/2019 21:04:33 : # [Global] Zwarrior: but they were firing too man
3/6/2019 21:04:42 : # [Global] GroundHawk: I HAD NOT SHOT
3/6/2019 21:04:42 : # [Global] Zwarrior: they had snipers too
3/6/2019 21:07:03 : # [Global] sheerspt: lets go teamm
3/6/2019 21:07:03 : # [Global] Sjaan Holleeder: lol

Hope this clear this up and if in future you are going to make abuse reports please make sure they are factually accurate.


Play on smile

#28 Re: BF1942 Discussion » aX server features » 2019-03-07 08:30:36

Modded RFA or map file somewhere in your game?

#29 Re: Report Abuse » kicked by Groundhawk because i was defending my self » 2019-03-07 00:37:09

Ok now tell the true story and stop wasting my time please?

#30 Re: Technical Help » bf 1942 server help » 2019-03-05 22:07:45

What is the IP address of your server?

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