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Sony once had to recall a camera that could see through clothes

http://www.news.com.au/technology/innov … d8d454a8ed

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Turns out windows have a set value of dynamic UDP ports. Managed to change these values for testing, dont know if this can help in this particular case, but its easy enough to give it a try.

You can view the dynamic port range on a computer that is running Windows

netsh int ipv4 show dynamicport udp 

This command sets the dynamic port range. The start port is number, and the total number of ports is range. The following is sample command:

netsh int ipv4 set dynamicport udp start=10000 num=1000

Playing in BFO server

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Take one of your computers and start a bf server on it, Lan or Internet doesnt matter, then try connect to it with your other computer (IP and Port if you start server as "Internet").

The port number doesnt seem to matter much, as he already tried another more unconvential port.  Jeep race 

Can try another port tho if you think that matters, it take less than a minute to change.

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you´re symptoms getting worse.

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This is a mod that deserves some attention, it has a lot of great features in it. Made by Apache Thunder

You need Desert Combat installed for this mod to work. Download link: http://ks3353793.kimsufi.com/Mods/DC_Un … h_v3_3.exe

mirror link: http://www.battlefieldsingleplayer.com/ … h_v3_3.exe

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lonewolf-mcquade wrote:

Only to you my "special" friend.

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I also use the high df menu file that is posted somewhere here on simple, it has the games ten years jubileumpics as loadscreens.

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Im using the 1080p menu resolution with win7 without any problems.

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Trench wrote:

Ah, that makes sense now.  So before, we were "double-NATed", meaning we were going through the NAT in the router itself, but then also going through a NAT for the ISP service provider's own internal network, too.  Which isn't too unusual, and just reflects that the ISP doesn't have an abundance of public IPv4 addresses available, and so they only provide external addresses "on demand" when the customer requests them.

Now that you have the "external IP service" enabled, you're going though just a single NAT, the one that is built into the router.  And the issue connecting to Battlefield 1942 servers still exists, so we can rule out that the double-NAT of the ISP provider was the part of the issue.

He could still be in a shared subnet, if so im wondering if it could be a congestion problem as he seems to be able to connect some times and others times it refuse.

The mobilephone internet most certainly does share a subnet, IPv4 has been running low on IP numbers for a long time now, and IPv6 just sucks (in my opinion)

edit:example of an IPv6 address is: 2001:0db8:85a3:0000:0000:8a2e:0370:7334

Try and remember that adress lol

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ziba128 wrote:
bud wrote:

edit: just to sure, you have the game set with compabillity mode and run as admin? i guess you have, but better ask once to much.

No, I don't. Compatibility modes have some side effects on my laptop like scaling problems. Win XP SP3 compatibility mode even leads to "banned from server" message on all servers (not joking, I have no clue how the hell). By the way, couldn't it be related with current problem? Uhm...
I tried all compatibility/admin modes now though - no effect.

The compabilitymode is needed if i run a (windows) server and use the bfsm program, there was a time when win7 couldt connect thoose two programs together even when it ran at the same computer, i think it might had something to do with the Loopback/Eth connection or winsock, but not sure. They changed this later with a update patch, but it is telling that there is something fishy with windows and its netstack.

Do you have any other computer you could try with, or perhaps try a virtual instance running win xp ?

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As Trench say, you dont need to open any ports in your firewall. It opens the right port that your game use because "the call out" is coming from your computer, so it already knows this connection is allowed. Or atleast thats how its supposed to work. It seems the game client often use ports between 500000 and 65535 so you could try open them (UDP only) just for checking (check manual for open a IP range)

Its a really weird problem because other game works, and also it works with phone internet.

I know some modem/routers use one of the outgoing ports special for television services, but that seems far fetched to. Maybe check for a firmware update?

edit: just to sure, you have the game set with compabillity mode and run as admin? i guess you have, but better ask once to much.

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We did try with another server ports,  cant imagine those to blocked by ISP? Weird tho as it works with the mobile phone internet.

Checked the port the game binds to on my computer just for curiosity (connected to server), and got this (every possible IP or Loopback?). Dunno if this is praxis for all games.

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Power corrupts, some use religion to get power.

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Check if there is any Bridged_mode you can try out (google), it might be that the router part has some NAT problems.

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I made a test server with non standard ports you can try (33333). If it works its your ISP that is blocking some ports.


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seventy wrote:

So the BF intro was made using those movie clips? I mean the scenes look too similar.

I recognice some om the movies in the clip, Saving private ryan perhaps, and Letters from Iwo Jima i think?.

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iCQ wrote:
bud wrote:

u gay?

No, why is it gay people always think i am alike?

And to the retarded admin who restricted my speech... i keep an eye on you... a very sharp eye. This is your first warning....

Am i in troubble?

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Dakota wrote:

I agree, it remind's me of LW !!!  He only wants to make shit in admin team !!!

heh, was thinking the same, "detective mcclane" *sniff sniff*

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"And then you'll say
Even in time we shall control the game,
When all you'll see
Deep inside the game's controlling you and me
As Ax and SiMPLE are both the same,
We look on as pawns of their game
They move to testify the day,
Inside out, outside in...

All of the way"

I trolled a bit, need new poem smile

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