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Map suggestions


I had a few ideas for the current map rotation and to discuss the bug in Wake CTF.

1. Remove Kursk entirely or always allow voting on Kursk.
- I personally hate Kursk haha, but when Kursk comes up the server empties out fast. With only 10ish players it becomes even worse. Keeping Kusrk while always allowing players to vote it out might be the best compromise?

2. Bring back Conquest Wake.
- I personally love the map, so I am biased, but I think most people like it as well.

3. On Wake CTF the expacks blow up randomly, causing accidental suicide and TKs. Took me 3 trie I get that the nobody likes the flag being expack'd. Perhaps make that an overall server rule that expacking flags on CTF is not allowed?

Anywho, thank you all for your time and consideration!


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Paul Baumer
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Re: Map suggestions

Hi, thanks for your input, we appreciate that.
Kursk is not a popular map that is true, and several players have hard time playing it(probably the majority). We would like to run all maps but we will see if we could remove it for a while.
About Wake, I see you have a point too. We are currently testing a CTF version for wake, I guess it has to be worked on a little more and yes x packs are a problem. Hope server owner find a solution for that. Also in case our tests will say that most players prefer conquest, we will go back to conquest. Our intention here is to spice up the things a little; we are exploring possible changes to improve the gameplay so any feedback is appreciated. Cheers!


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