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Admin rainman

and another one!!!

wtf is wrong with these admins???

i enter the server, join the allies team,
and without realising the teams are unbalanced now,
i get kicked for teamstacking!!!????
didnt even take this "admin" 5 seconds to decide this,
why not simply ask, or tell people the teams are unbalanced!!!????

whats with "warning first" then decide what to do....thats the policy right?

Rainman...its really so hard to act like a real admin?
STOP pissing people off with these actions!!

so sick of this, relaxing time, try to enter a gameserver,
and get pissed of after 10 seconds!!!

NOT a way to act for any admin!!!!


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#2 2022-09-19 00:27:46

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Re: Admin rainman

gets even worse..

i get back on the server..

few minutes later..

a player called LadyEnforcerer was already on the server,
and actually teamstacked,
and absolutely nothing happened...

why was that? because the player had "lady" in his id?

i even typed in chat "teams" just to find out what would happen,
absolutely nothing, game lasted for like 15 more minutes, unbalanced..

made me go back to this forum again...

no words for this...


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#3 2022-09-19 19:18:56

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Re: Admin rainman

Sorry Granddad for not warning you about teamstacking before kicking.


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#4 2022-09-19 20:30:13

Paul Baumer
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Re: Admin rainman

Granddad, it's okay to criticize but please be moderate and keep it polite. Rainman does a good job as an admin and there is no need to have a go on him. We sure appreciate players who even up teams and teamstack reports are also welcome, you could've said in chat that Player X teamstacked and admin would have reacted, sometimes admins simply don't notice certain minor things while in game and that's totally understandable.


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