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conquer - recruiting

Hi. we're looking for new members.  You don't have to be super skilled, just active enough to play pcw's and matches.  Matches will be played on Sundays and pcw's are pretty random.  We will play in Mambas mini league.  If you're already a member of a bf-league team, you're welcome to join too, if the schedules don't conflict with each other and you're nerdy enough to double your playing time!

You can contact any conquer member

My discord: Butcher#5891


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Re: conquer - recruiting

FYI the league is cancelled due to a general lack of interest.

Good luck


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Re: conquer - recruiting

We are still looking for a few members.
We are not participating in any league, so we don't need or expect any huge commitment from you since we only play a casual pcw/funwar from time to time - most likely Wednesday and Sunday evening from 20:30-22.00cet.

Your preferences within the game doesn't matter much - whether you like the tank, plane or inf part - or like to switch around.

Hope to play together with you on the battlefield!


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