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Moving to the Netherlands

New year, new server. smile

SiMPLE is moving BF1942 servers to a new dedicated server in Naaldwijk, the Netherlands. Server IP address is

It is a more powerful server and most players will have a lower ping to the server.

So, what should you do?

Update your server list and look for *NEW* SiMPLE servers. After, add them to your favorites, if you wish, and delete the old ones. Join *NEW* SiMPLE servers and that's it.

You can also use these hostnames to connect, they will always resolve to the server IP address:

  • bf1942.team-simple.org

  • play.team-simple.org

What is your take on the new server in the Netherlands?

  1. Better
  2. Meh
  3. Worse
Total votes: 50

Poll is closed


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Re: Moving to the Netherlands

msbd wrote:

I used to underestimate the load generated by an increased number of pco. Maps with lots of networked information are much laggier than ones with little.
Consequently Battle of Britain and Midway are a mess on simple because of 10 planes on each side, ships + boats and several land vehicles...

You can try change the connection speed if you havent tried that already.
I get it can be tempting to set it to highest possible, but if you do that you are gonna get more data for the game to process.


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