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Fall league (4v4 infantry)

Hi all,
I think you all remember our TDM Summer Cup which was organized with Mamba one month ago. To refresh your mind, check it here:

This time we would like to host a 4v4 infantry league with our own rules and with a special game mode that was made by Mamba.

Ideally if we can have 5 teams of 4 players, that would be great, but 4 teams is also OK.

It would be played on these maps : rf_frostbite, cut, rf_arabian_nights and possibly one more fourth map.

Rules will be added soon as we are still working on them.

Guns: There will be all guns, there were in TDM Summer Cup on the_aztec map. It means:  Bren/FG42, Sten/MP40 and the No4Sniper/Gewehr_z43 sniper rifle.

Game mode: It will be infiltration. Basically red team defends a briefcase, blue team must infiltrate the briefcase secret location, steal it, and return it to their extraction point.

Time: It is expected to start in the fall, so around October - November. It will be decided.

Are you interested ? You can sign in via PM to me or to BlackMamba or just type it here.

Share your thoughts on this event here as well. Thank you. K88


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Re: Fall league (4v4 infantry)

The estimated earliest start date of the event is September 15, 2020. As one of the maps is finished, I will post the rules here, and any other useful info.


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