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SiMPLE Index/Home Page Update

How about making the Home page of SiMPLE (the page you see before you get to the forums) a bit more exciting?

In addition, some pages need to be removed and updated such as the tournament page (inactive) and the server stats page (404 not found error) respectively. The server stats page should be updated but I think the tournament page is not really necessary as all the tournaments can be organized on the forums themselves.

The good thing about the Index page is it has all the necessary downloads in one place and is easy to use for first users. Perhaps an installer for the full game should also be added in the Downloads section, since it has links to the patches but not link to the full game. Is it safe to add a link to download the full game?

On the Index page, a place where you can see the total number of online players would be great. Unfortunately, the in game player counter is broken because it counts the aX server three times instead of just one, so a new one has to be made, which removes the two redundant aX servers. I am not aware of any website or server browsing program which gives online player counts.

Another link could take you to a live Multiplayer server browser, and with some nice coding you can even make it look like the in game server browser, like this site did: http://thebattlerun.awardspace.com/. The server browser can only be for the SiMPLE servers family or for all the BF1942 online servers. The first option makes more sense though. It is also possible to use a "connect to server via URL" script so that a player viewing the servers can connect to them just by clicking a link.

http://team-simple.org/forum/viewtopic. … 029#p53029

Also nameless' idea is interesting and we could apply it to SiMPLE:

http://team-simple.org/forum/viewtopic. … 116#p53116

An admin section for all the SiMPLE admins that are also registered on the forums. The admins, when logged in to that section, can have access to a dynamic online banlist, a live server viewer page where every player is listed by country, the players' IP, the IP of the server they play on and their CD Key. Log in to Remote Manager via HTTP (no need to download RM anymore). Again, this is an ambitious idea, and I don't think it's 100% necessary. The online server browser and player counter is probably more reasonable.

The idea is to keep everything on one site instead of having to go to different sites and use different programs to achieve what we want as either players or admins. For example, a regular SiMPLE player could just see, in a quick glance, how many players are online and where they are playing, without having to start BF1942. A SiMPLE admin can have access to all the necessary information he/she needs without Remote Manager installed on their computer, all they need is to log in to their SiMPLE account.


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Re: SiMPLE Index/Home Page Update

That paint skill by namless big_smile , and there is a page on reddit too , maybe some one be active there


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