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SiMPLE Battlefield 1942 RULES (Valid for all servers):

Any form of cheating is prohibited and will result in a permanent ban.
Glitching is strictly forbidden and will result in a ban.
A solid evidence is required in cases of cheating/glitching.

What to do in case of  suspicious activity:
-please inform the admins via private messages, trough forum or Discord
- if possible, please produce a screenshot or a video to help investigation
- don't make public accusations of cheating,  especially without solid proofs.

Bugging intended as intentional abuse of in-game mechanics that allows player to become unfairly unhittable for certain amount of time is forbidden.
There are few kinds of bugs that make players unhittable and that should be punished when done intentionally. However admins should make careful observations before taking actions as bugging takes place daily without any malicious intention, due to the nature of the game. A video proof is required.

Please respect all players. Behaviour only meant to disturb or upset players is forbidden.
Freedom of speech and friendly attitude in game and on forum shall be respected.
Pushing political propaganda, spreading hate and violence or starting heated discussions to offend players or provoke them won't be tolerated as there is no place for such things in our gaming community.
Trolling and bullying are strictly forbidden.

Please make fair teams and keep them balanced. It's forbidden to teamstack to get better vehicles or simply to the stronger team. Players and admins especially are kindly asked to keep teams balanced by evening them up when possible.
Power stack is a form of teamstack in which players with superior skill level switch to a team with more players with superior skill level, unbalancing the game and taking advantage of this unbalance to get more kills, and is strictly forbidden. All players, and especially highly skilled players are kindly asked to:
-stay in the team they were assigned to at the very beginning;
-help team balance when it's needed and/or when admins ask for balance;
- using disconnect/reconnect trick to get an "easier" team is not recommended.
It's in the interest of all players to keep teams balanced for their own fun in game, let's contribute to balance together.

It's strictly forbidden to intentionally teamkill and/or teamwound other players. It's forbidden to shoot friendly vehicles.  Repetitive intentional teamkills will be dealt with strictly.
It's recommended to apologize when teamkill happened unintentionally.

Please don't disrupt other player's gameplay. The best practice is to play for fun, and let play other people.
List of disruptive practices that are strictly forbidden:
-Driving  jeeps, tanks or other vehicles into water intentionally so your co-driver/passenger dies;
-Pushing people away from carriers/ships, jump on a moving carrier to die so that carrier's driver will get a minus score and other types of disrupting gameplay involving carriers;
-Shooting a vehicle/destroying it when a teammate is nearby so he gets denied a vehicle and/or gets hit by explosion;
-Entering enemy's main base with vehicles that after explosion due to the active death bubble at main base block the way for enemy vehicles and players;
-Teamwounding players that are driving a jeep instead of asking for a pick-up with a radio command.
Mind that the list is not exhaustive; please listen to admin's requests and avoid any kind of disruptive gameplay.

Attacking the enemy uncapturable main base (base camping or base bombing) is not allowed.
It is allowed to attack back players who shoot at you from main base(valid for infantry, tanks, AA's , artillery) ,however in case of doubt the best practice is to keep away from main base in general and wait until enemy soldiers advance to your position leaving their main base.
Flak/AA must be manned before it can be attacked, also If an active artillery stood near the AA and got destroyed by the explosion, it's not considered as main base attack.
All vehicles must be given the opportunity to leave their base. Vehicle stealing directly from enemies main base is not allowed.
You are not allowed to shoot at planes during take-off. A plane taking off the main base must have the opportunity to gain decent altitude. (When ground is almost not visible it's considered enough).
If during a dogfight a pilot bailed to his main base, he can be killed by a rival plane after that, however no other player in main base shall be hit.
It's not allowed to block entrance to main base with vehicles or enter main base for enemy players in general.

Main base attack is fully allowed on Battle of Britain map and Capture the Flag (CTF)  maps.
For Secret Weapons maps(on RtR+SW server) it is allowed to baseattack both sides when maps are running Objective Mode(and when there are objectives to destroy due to the game mode, same case as Battle for Britain). For Husky map from Road to Rome expansion (RtR+SW server) it's allowed to attack beach flag for axis even though it's not recommended.
On map Aberdeen it's not allowed to enter the enemies main base, even if on mini map it's not visible and shown as capturable.
In Team DeathMatch mode(TDM)  it's not allowed to baseattack.

Pixel-shooting intended as aiming on particular pixel on the map to hit enemy from very long distance with artillery/tank/ship fire is forbidden. For example it's not allowed to adjust aim by clouds pixels.
It's allowed to use a spot given by a sniper even after the spot time expires.

Any language in chat is acceptable, however please do not flood/spam the chat especially if you are not communicating in English. Please do not disturb other player's gameplay with excessive messages.
English language is recommended to communicate with admins.
Excessive swearing is not allowed. Please do not insult other players.
Please be friendly in chat.
Pure aggression and bullying in game chat to offend or spark a reaction will not be tolerated.
It's not recommended to discuss politics in game chat. You can have whatever political views but  gaming server is not the right place to express them. Players who open such discussions and/or heat them with specific purpose to troll, provoke, trigger or bully other players will be sanctioned.
Server has a list of prohibited words.

Offensive or blank player names are not allowed.
Since it's a WW2 game, historical names related to events of that era are acceptable. (Hitler, Stalin, SS etc.)
Generally nicknames related to art, culture and history are allowed.
If a player wants a shortest name possible, then it must be at least a one letter name, with a letter from English alphabet. (So it's readable for all players.)
Names containing only  < > ? ! $ @ % ^ & * must contain at least 3 symbols.
Names consisting only of . and , signs are not allowed.
PARTICULARITIES: If an admin is playing under a fake name, he isn't obliged to show real nickname on demand of others. He can remain incognito.
Admins can use an Admin tag if they want.

Do not spam radio commands.
Please do not repeat radio commands more than twice in a row.

Do not steal friendly vehicles.
As example:
It's not allowed to take over an Artillery/Tank, when someone is shooting with it from the gunner position.
It's not allowed to take over any vehicle if someone just bailed from it to repair it.
Do not teamwound or shoot down the player who got into vehicle faster than you. Just wait for another one to spawn.

It is forbidden to use a vehicle as a "taxi" to get to another vehicle or aircraft faster.
Do not take a jeep or a tank to the airfield to get in a plane, abandoned jeeps and tanks and vehicles driving around on the airstrip cause nothing but accidents. The best practice is to walk to the airfield.

Bans are timed as following:  15mins, 1 day, 3 days, 1 week, 1 month and permanent.
Players who come to forum to appeal a ban have the right to receive an answer regarding reason and time of ban. Players who appeal sincerely and who guarantee to comply to the rules in future deserve to have their unban appeal fairly considered and their ban time reduced.
Players who break rules constantly will have a longer ban after every next abuse, but into reasonable limits.
Evading is strictly forbidden and will result in a longer ban. However every player appealing his ban even after evading attempts will have his ban reasonably reduced proportionally to how severely the player in question broke the rules. Don't evade, appeal your ban instead.
We appreciate honesty and politeness in unban appeals and abuse reports.

All players deserve to be treated fairly and according to rules. Kicks and bans have to be justified by the rules. The ban time has to be fairly appropriate to the deviation and according to rules and protocol.
Same as players, admins are guests on server and respond to same rules.
Admins are expected to give example of fair play and give their best as guardians of rules.
Admins are responsible for their decisions and will be accountable in case of abuses.
Do not insult our admins, please respect those that put time and effort into our server.
All players have to listen to admin requests and adhere to them.
Both in game and on forum, players are kindly asked to stay polite and follow the protocol when asking for admin's help, reporting an abuse or asking for unban. Admins are not obliged to consider unban appeals that contain direct insults or trolling.
If you don't agree with admin's actions or if you think an admin abused his rights on you, you can make a post in forum or in our Discord server. Please describe the situation in details and state your points honestly, if possible provide screenshots and videos. After the case will be discussed within decision-making team you will receive a concrete answer regarding the case and if abuse has taken place head admins will take measures.

Please notice that VPN's are being blocked to prevent evading.
Adapting your gameplay intentionally to target only specific players with clear intent to disturb or upset them is not allowed. Targeting means choosing one or few victims and during the round going exclusively for them ignoring other players or in-game situations/goals(like taking flags, killing enemies, helping your team etc).
Self-justice is not allowed and does not excuse disruptive behaviour. If a player is abusing rules, please report him to admins via in-game chat or in case there are no admins on server make a post in forum Report Abuse section, or in our Discord. It's recommended to provide screenshots/videos if possible.
Fake reporting is not allowed. If a player is fake reporting constantly he can be sanctioned with warnings, kicks and bans according to protocol.

SiMPLE Discord server: https://discord.team-simple.org/
Forum: https://team-simple.org/forum/index.php


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