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seven, jugador and another noobs

I was reporing like 10 times to kick this tkrs but he did nothing, no respond.
Open chat from guadalcanal 10.01.2021 03:30 utc-0

I reported this 2 guys at guadalcanal

I reported also "cortez" who zooking my plane at airefield and I reported 1 guy from allied team who attack airefield like 4 times.
Seven was all time in game and did NOTHING with this all reports which I repeat all the time.

I am not pussy like you and if there isn't any admins reaction I am killing or shooting every noob who first attack me without any purpose.

WHen I take revenge on cortez, and hurt his plane, seven saw that, was watching my playing all the time.
Next he accuseed that I false report good players and he banned me.

For his ill brain the problem was me because I interrupt his gameplay with my reports.

jugador purpose tk me and fast disconnected. he was angry that I complained a lot on a team and was trying to revenge.

leo drived his car on my big minefield between towers at airefield when I was puting last mine. He killed me and himself making my score -6. It was clearly seen but he drived anyway. Next he expacked enemy apc killing himself and me when I was shooting to driver from back side. We lost, there wasnt any flag to respawn.

Same like your scammed GIBBERING about how bad I am and how many times I was banned.
Look I am one of the players who is working HARD at every map, I have no intentions and time to shoo random people from team.
And some admin skip the tobruk again. I was waiting for this map... but it happened all the time. When last time I was waiting for the tobruk some admich swich to bocage too.. WHY? Can we play only maps which admin (and merlin) like?

When I list time sniped seven at battleaxe when he was standing like holly cow waiting who will kill him. I was shooting form first allied (shermans spawn) bunker next to allied airefield and saw only shadow of person that somone is standing there. How can I know if he is sniper and camping or not. And seven kicked me for base sniping, LOL from the first bunker... such pathetic,, you need to change respawn instead of kicking people. But you are too lazzy to open editor. and you preffer to blame snipers instead of own menagment.

When wespe will shooting from this spawn and somone will bomb it from plane will this admin kick the pillot?
Am sure he will.

there will be a day when this server will be totally dead.


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