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(blank) nickname?

Not really a report abuse, but something I want to talk about.
I've been playing with nickname __. ._ _. ._ for about a week, and one or two mysterious admins kicked me three times (I guess from BFRM). I don't see the problem with my nickname, because the rule states:

Offensive or blank player names are not allowed.

My name is definitely not offensive, and it is not blank. The symbols are representing morse code and they are not random dots and dashes, but actual morse letters, translated as  G A N A  (my other nickname, can't write it full because of nickname symbols limit and can't fully comply the morse rules which require to put three spaces between letters because of the same reason). Morse alphabet is the same as Latin or Cyrillic, it also uses symbols to represent letters/sounds, and I can't understand its 'blankness'. I actually think this name is even more interesting than letter ones because it honours other players to solve the mystery of what do those symbols mean.
Also, many admins saw me with this nickname, including head admin Nameless, but they saw no problem with it.
Please prove otherwise or stop kicking me.


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