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Alexander theGreat
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CobraKai banned

Hi people,

yesterday I was banned by Raketenhorst(?) on Kbely.

I really don´t understand why. It is my first ban in 15 years or so playing. Is someone knowing me as an unfair or teamkilling player?

Why not speaking to me first?

I did not kill teammates intentionally. I did not kill teammates for a vehicle. Especially I NEVER kill human players for vehicles, of course. This should be absolutely normal for everyone  Sometimes I kill bots for taking their tank, right. Others do that, too, also admins. Thats for the team (and of course for me), because bots dont use the tanks right. But not yesterday. Doughboy had our only tank the whole map long. Horst knows this because he joked about it. I came in trouble because my rifle grenades hit some teammates, they ran into it, bots and humans. I did not notice them early enough. My fault but not intentionally. I said "sorry", "oh shit" and again "sorry". There was just one autokick, not two.

Sometimes such situations happen and admins should know their players well enough to have an idea if they are playing unfair or not. "Charles Ingalls WHV" for example plays here for years and is a regular and fair player. A few weeks ago he was banned "for tk". I never say this guy tking. No asking or discussion: just ban 1 week. One week later he was able to state in game chat, that he fought an enemy plane with aa gun and a friendly plane came in the "line of fire". What is abolutely unfair at this situation: he was unable to speak for himself because no new accounts are possible in the forum.

Please lift my ban Horst. For me its a misunderstanding (ein Missverständnis).

Merry xmas to all!


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SiMPLE Administrator
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Re: CobraKai banned

hi Alex ...

I would like to clearly distance the RtR+SW admin team from accusations of intentionally killing others .. none of us does that!!

Charles Ingalls is banned for evading and you are not in the banlist ..

happy christmas to you too and stay healthy ...

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Paul Baumer
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Re: CobraKai banned

I can only confirm what Horst said. Our admins don't teamkill intentionally.What about Charles Ingalls WHV - yes he is a regular player but he doesn't play fair, and the fact that he evaded his ban for teamkill confirms that.
Merry Christmas and see you in game Alex.


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#4 2020-12-23 22:14:02

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Re: CobraKai banned

Nice to see civility discusion from a player and admins.  Merry Chrismas to all

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