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Is Kayak the king here?

So Kayak keeps banning people straight for 3 days without giving them a warning and banning them first for like 15 mins and then he bans me PERMANENTLY for asking him to change the map to a smaller map as there were like 16 players in midway.

Wanna ask Kayak if he was having a bad day or what? or  just a bad life as his mommy was not there for him when he was young?

I am reporting kayak as abuse and also asking for unban as it was clearly unfair.

username: noob               .. ofc

happened last night around 11 pm local..

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Re: Is Kayak the king here?

Noob, I banned one retard yesterday for shooting own planes on take of with apc. He does not need warning for that. As well as I don't need to clarify anything with you anyway.

If you was banned, so I am sure it was a good reason for that. But it wasn't me who gave you  ban, Noob.

So apply for unban in ban appeal section.

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Re: Is Kayak the king here?

I banned you for evading a 3 day ban.

S_, who has the same exact IP, was banned for 3 days for tk. Minutes later, you join with with that IP and a different keyhash.

We will confirm if indeed you two are two different players. Could be a HUGE coincidence.

Give us a moment.


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