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New Arena Maps

I have made two new "Arena" type of maps, that is maps that are designed for 1v1 and up type of competitions. Both of the maps currently work with the Secret Weapons expansion, so you must have that expansion in order to play the maps.

The first map I made is called "Super Arena". It has the exact same design as the famous "Tank Arena" map, but I added some of the super heavy tanks that are found in SW: the Sturmtiger and the T95. In addition to those two tanks, both sides have two heavy tanks (M10 + Tigers), two light tanks (Shermans + Panzer IVs) and two Sherman T34s (with mounted rocket launchers).

Here are some pictures:





Download Link (Client + Server):
http://www.mediafire.com/file/8anb714tm … +Arena.zip

The second map I have made is called ''Flettner Arena''. As the name says, it's a map that only has the Flettner helicopters. Two Flettners with helipads spawn for each side of the map. In addition to the Flettners, the Arena City middle flag has been moved to an altitude of 150 meters above the ground. The flag has a larger capture radius and shorter capture time (2 seconds to capture) to account for the difficulty of capturing flags in mid air with the Flettner.

Some images:



Download Link (Client Only):
http://www.mediafire.com/file/nknjxnj6k … +Arena.zip

In addition to this the Traptown map was crashing on Multiplayer so I had to fix it. The fixed version of the map can be downloaded here (Client + Server):
http://www.mediafire.com/file/1inf12zh9 … aptown.zip

If you want to try out the maps, they are all available on this server:

The password to join is "tournament".

Note: You need to have Secret Weapons installed on your PC to play the maps.

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Re: New Arena Maps



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