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AAACOOUE EOAD intentional TKing

I was playing Gazala on the USA server about 21:10 EDT tonight.  A player with a name like "AAACOOUE EOAD," except all the characters in the name had various accent marks, was TKing me intentionally.  I had been shot at by AA fire (from the other team) in the "secret" NW airbase before crashing, so after I re-spawned I went back to check it out.

I drove up to the AA gun, but it had already been destroyed and the enemy player was gone, so I decided to take the B-17 that was on the runway.  As I was running down the hill toward the B-17 AAACOOUE EOAD drove up the runway in a tank and tried to get the B-17 too, but I was there first.  As I was taking off he started shooting me with his machine gun, then finished me off with his main gun for the TK.

Then after I re-spawned again at the Axis main I was driving back toward the NW airbase, and saw AAACOOUE EOAD flying toward me in a Spitfire, and he bombed me for another TK.

In my opinion he deserves a ban.


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Re: AAACOOUE EOAD intentional TKing

Thanks for reporting him. That name seems familiar as a troublesome player.


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