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Battlefield 1942 Server Rules

- Attacking the enemy uncapturable main base (basecamping or basebombing) is not allowed. You must not snipe at the main base. You are not allowed to shoot at planes during take-off. All other vehicles must be given the opportunity to leave their base. Nevertheless, it's permitted to air strike at a fireing AA gun or a shooting artillery that’s inside the base.
- The previous basecamping/basebombing rule does not apply to Battle of Britain map and Capture the Flag (CTF) maps.
- Any form of cheating is prohibited and will result in a permanent ban.
- Pixel-shooting is strictly forbidden.
- Please respect all players. Behavior only meant to disturb or upset players is forbidden.
- Excessive swearing is not allowed.
- Offensive or blank player names are not allowed.
- Do not spam chat or radio commands.
- It is forbidden to use a vehicle as a "taxi" to get to another vehicle faster.
- Do not insult our admins, please respect those that put time and effort into our server.
- Do not try to evade a ban, that will lead to a much longer ban.


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