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Battlefield 1942 GameSpy patch

Shamefully updated the Battlefield 1942 GameSpy patch installer almost 2 years after Battlefield 1942 master server had moved from the defunct master.bf1942.sk to master.bf1942.org. Hey, it is better late than never.

So, what does this Battlefield 1942 GameSpy patch actually do? It is a simple installer with very few clicks, that will replace your BF1942.exe file with the latest BF1942 executable, which has some fixes added by henk and, most importantly, it will have master.bf1942.org added to it, which is the current Battlefield 1942 master server, to be able to retrieve the server list in-game, when you click the Update button. This installer will check if you have Battlefield 1942 installed, before proceeding, and backup your BF1942.exe before it replaces with the new one. Unlike the previous version of the installer, it will no longer set "Windows XP SP3 compatibility" in BF1942.exe, which was causing problems with Windows 10 and above.


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