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Really big tanks although u wouldn't say so until u see them in person.. I wonder how big is King Tiger, probably like average house.

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Casca wrote:

One of your problems in Serbia is that you dont admit that you comitted a genocide in Srebrenica.

The rest of the world thinks that you did: https://news.un.org/en/story/2021/07/1096092 or maybe not Russia smile ?

Have u read my post above, about Kravice village? Did u see date when it happened, did u see which town(Srebrenica) is nearest to that village?
Do u know that Kravice arent only village(serb village ofc) around Srebrenica, but 1 of 35.. and in most of them night massacres occurred during 3 years.. and then one moment it was enough and Serbs entered Srebrenica(which was populated by the muslims).. the rest is history.
If Kravice massacre was genocide then Srebrenica was also, but if Kravice wasnt genocide by ur western standards, then Srebrenica wasnt either, but by my standards.
They started it, we finished it.
I think that is fair from me.

Believe me u can live 5 lives more and u will never understand ex Yu civil war, unless u were born here.
Anyway we are of topic.. so...

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My guess is that u will not join NATO this spring.
Be happy if u survive through spring at all. big_smile

100 000 muslim, ortodox and catholic ppl... 3 religions and 5 nations, just from ex Yu countrys. But keep in mind that their(our) mentality is different from those that come from middle east or africa - those ppl are not so hard working and they didnt come in such small number as ex Yu ppl did, instead they have come in millions!
I am not saying there were no ex Yu mobsters and criminals, but i think it was small percentage comparing to other 90% who worked like 10 hours per day - and most had worse jobs .
While these new immigrants are like 20% working class and 80% of them are lazy or criminal oriented.

That attack was response to this attack:
Although numbers are in favor of muslims, cuz west supported muslims bcs we Serbs like Russians, whom again western countries hate - so thats how we come to why west was pro muslim oriented during 1991-1995 bosnian war and why numbers of casualties/victims are ''pumped'' in favor of muslims(when searched in eng language on wikipedia).

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@ Casca

Big BOSS said there will be NO more NATO expansion toward east.. Sweden and Finland are not allowed to join NATO.
In 24 hours u can enter NATO and in next 12 hours there could be Russian paratroopers over Stockholm.

I've read that in Sweden number of criminal activities caused by immigrants are sky rocking, number of rape and even murder is highest in europe... but that's what happens when u open ur house doors wide open for everyone to enter.
Germany, Austria and most other eu countrys that are ''liked'' by immigrants have much stricter politics on who can enter, but Sweds just opened doors literally for everyone who is non white.. nobody is rejected, more ppl entered Sweden then Germany after ''Arab spring'', ur politicans are leading u to national disaster.
On the other hand Norway and Denmark are almost impossible for immigrants, thats why they will maintain their nation, moral and high living standard.
In few decades the difference will be more telling, obvious to be precise..

As for Serbia, yes we are poor when it comes to money, but oh my boy we have plenty of wheat grain, corn, oilseeds, edible oil etc.. everything what europe imported from Russia and Ukraine and is lacking currently, we have, we are even giving it to our surrounding neighbours for low price.
I, myself produce my own meat, wheat grain and corn.. and many other agriculture products. 
On the other hand immigrants just pass through here and head to western europe, I myself talked to many during past few years, helped them with direction and even bought them food in local shop, yea u wouldnt believe that a ''nazi'' would help non-white immigrant, but hey.. it happened.
So u see my dear casca sometimes its good to be poor, but ''poor'' by ur western decadent standards(when u run out of bread, try chewing euro coins). big_smile

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Casca, what kind of air defense system do Sweds have?
Just a rhetorical question.. bcs nothing can stop Kinzhal.
U armed ukraine with NLAW, what do u think how smart that was? again rhetorical question.
Anyway, ur country will be overrunned with non-white non-christian population by the year 2050, first eu country where whites will be minority, congratulations! U r first at something, be happy, it's democracy.
Now go and disappear in some wooden cabin in far far north!

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Arkos wrote:


Ya, pointless to read the truth tongue


Truth like ''NATO alliance in its 80 y existence never attacked any country''.
Then we go back to 1999 Serbia bombing......

As far as I can see Rinjo is bot, while u Arkos just provoke.
Solitude devastated u.

p.s Better give back Hitlers gold.

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I have a feeling that this ''Rinjo'' dude is a NATO bot, for real.
Bots like him are posting anti-Russian propaganda material all over net... no point in reading his posts at all.

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Well done mr. Meow u are one of few reasonable westerners.. although as I said, many others know what u know but they will never admit it, cuz they like their BIG salary too much! No matter where it comes from, how many children is worked to death to dig 1 little diamond that later Belgium sells and average France boy buy it for his girl.
Most important in this story is to make romantic proposal, no?

As for Germany rearmament, they finally got their REASON for rearmament, bcs average German is/was disgusted with that idea before all this, especially bcs of WWII history and the fact that they simply dont want to spend money on weapons(more unnecessary tax on salary).
And it will probably be like 100 billion a year.
Germany can finally rearm and we all know what happens when Germany rearms(look at history)!! hahaha

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Considering the world as we know EXISTS in weeks.
Maybe Hitlers gold in Swiss banks will have no importance at all.. and only bread will matter.

У случају пораза, не дај Боже! - волио бих да вас Путин СВЕ потаре атомкама јебем ли вам мајку ону дрољасту капиталистичку.
Говна лицимурска да богда преживили атомке, а љеба не имали, па јели говна како изасерете тако одмах и поједете и све тако у круг док вам истовремено коса опада и очи крваве.
Без самилости за говна паразитска која туђе отимају!
А шта сте све цијеломе свијету урадили кроз вијекове и те муке не би биле довољна компензација!
Али уздајмо се у Бога, па ћете да наставите да се кувате у паклу!


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How can i not show aggressiveness toward u and ur imperialist country.. u already know on whose side u r, before any of these fake news and propaganda, because little sommarel wants 2000 euro neto salary, no matter where from that money comes. U really think that France, Germany and England have natural resources to support that high life style?
For example Germany and France depend on Russian gas, here is a little insight

France also sucks on Libyan oil for FREE after killing Gaddafi, how much would it cost if France had to pay for it and what it means further?
Much lower life standard then u now have, but as I said most of u western hypocrites already know all of this...

If u want me to name all RESOURCE wars that France fought till now, i will be glad to, starting with Yugoslav bombing in 1999 in which France participated and then occupying southern part of Serbia named Kosovo.. where France is sucking like a leech mine called Trepča, which was the TRUE reason for France intervention.

Same as now Ukranian grain fields and uranium mines could be eaten by Uk, France and Germany, and after Ukraine, Russia it self could be occupied and exploited to the bone by these imperialist leeches.
Ofc, unless Vladimir Putin prevents it.

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Sommarel wrote:

I hope Russia will succeed in accepting their situation (Russia has lost its status as a superpower) and moving on.

Russia has 6500 nukes. 
U can suck on them.. but be gentle.

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Zwarrior wrote:

[Spring had come sooner... BEAR HAS AWOKEN!
Putin said he is against the nazis drug addicts, shouldn´t you be crying hard for that?

Hmm.. now going with pure logic you should be supporting Putin bcs he is anti-nazi like you.. but do you support him?

Dont answer, it was rhetorical question.. i know what u gonna say western hypocrite.... in ur case zwarrior u r more like gypsy then westerner but Ok.. whatever.


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Spring had come sooner... BEAR HAS AWOKEN!

I see these western hypocrites here believing propaganda news and clips, not just because they are stupid, but bcs they were raised with hate toward Russian ppl.

Tell me western hypocrites
What was Cuban crises, what was the reason for crises? Well reason was that Soviet missiles/nukes could reach US soil in 5 minutes when launched from Cuba, so US could not allow them to have missiles/nukes there.
In 5 minutes US could be wiped out, imagine that.
Nukes from Ukraine can reach Moscow in 4 minutes, then why do u think Putin or any Russian will allow nukes on Ukraine soil?

Other imperialistic wars that US, England, France, Belgium, Germany... caused I wont even mention.. everyone knows them.
Ukraine seems like an easy prey dont they? It has sooo much grain supplys that it could feed 600 million ppl, whole of Europe can be fed by 1 Ukraine!
Nice target for these countries that i mentioned.. these countries have long ago depleted their natural resources, although some of them never had any resources like England for instance, they only have fish ahahha.. but thats why they enslaved third of the world.. they have colonies to this day, but thats ok, yes?
Imperialist countries calling Russia imperialist? For what, for defending their territory and their future?

Donbas and Lugansk should have been given independence by the west, but no. Thats 1 more reason for  Russia to intervene.
How Kosovo got its independence from Western powers?
Now, why western hypocrites didnt just gave those same rights to Donbas and Lugansk?
As for Ukraine it self I dont think that Putin will annex it completely, Russia is not US or UK.. Russia does not need to consume others resources, cuz it has enough of its own.

Btw these sanctions make me laugh, Russians are hardcore ppl with enough of their own resources, just look at geographic map how BIG Russia is... most of Siberia is not even scratched who knows what is hidden under it.
And China is with them, whom else do they need? hahaha

Russia with Putin is one of the last bastions of freedom in this imperialist and jewish controlled world.
Im just worried what will happen when Putin retires, Russias destiny is always tided to 1 man, who will inherit him? Hope someone like him, perhaps his clone! haha >D

All of u who are against Russia/Putin can fUck ur self, who cares what u think anyway.... brainwashed parasites.

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E moj Djoko dokle smo dosli.. gamad od ljudi je ovdje, nemas 5 ljudi da su LJUDI, nego sve govna, pretezno no lajferi.. pa presli u toksicnost ili sta li je vec..
Pozdrav brate.

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This was most expensive ex-Yugoslav WWII movie ever made.
''Battle of Neretva''
Yul Brynner
Sergei Bondarchuk
Curd Jürgens
Sylva Koscina
Hardy Krüger
Franco Nero
Orson Welles

And there is this one:
''Walter defends Sarajevo''
It is said that this movie was watched by 2 bilion ppl, mostly chinese big_smile

And this one wasnt bad:

There is plenty more pro partisan ex Yugoslav movies out there.. just type ''partisan Yugoslav movies'' big_smile

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He ''tried'' to report me tonight for killing him in ''main'' as he said it, although he was active, that is, he was throwing ex pack over fence in Stalingrad map, then when i killed him ''oh why u did it, pls respect main bla bla''.

In his replay to Wagachuga, we can see that Merlin is heir to the once mighty ICQ, when it comes to size of the post.
Free advice Murlin, more u write, less ppl read.

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nämeless wrote:
Dionysus wrote:

That dude will become internet legend and gain glory of  Techno Viking.

Who is Techno Viking?

Wierd that u didn't heard about him.

Well, that questionable, since no one knows the guys real identity, many ppl who are similar to him said that they are ''Techno Viking'', but they were not.. so...

#21 Re: Off-Topic » Washington Events » 2021-01-09 22:19:24

That dude will become internet legend and gain glory of  Techno Viking.

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'' 2020 was a very strange year. ''

'' Day 6 of 2021. ''

#23 Re: Report Abuse » more bullshit admin abuse » 2020-12-07 22:10:26

Zero nab thinks he's much smarter then admins, that's why he got so cocky and started evading.

#24 Re: Report Abuse » more admin abuse from gio » 2020-11-20 20:41:10

gio wrote:

Ok first I am glad I gave you something to do with your life at 5 AM on Saturday morning and you should be thankful.


Now that's called total domination.

Let's wait for zero nab to secretly take picture of some random average looking cashier girl from next door supermarket, then uploads it here and says ''I was banging this hottie 10 times in a row on saturday night and in pause between fucky fucky I found time to quickly reply to all of u pathetic no life noobs!''

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Murica logic, armed 17 old roaming streets casually.
He is too young to understand life, child so to speak, so what else to expect from him.

Who are all those armed ppl at gas station? National guard or ordinary folk?

#28 Re: Server Ban Appeals » My banned thread » 2020-08-22 15:27:41

Now zero nab will upload some resized video with kills vs KANER88.
Video that even noob can make after years of playing, cuz even pro players get killed by a nab from time to time. smile

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KANER88 wrote:

Check this once you got some free time. Really interesting, good to watch.

Americans collided with 250 000 Germans in the Battle of the Bulge and for them it was huuuugeee battle.
In eastern front those battles were considered small and they didn't get 10% attention that Battle of the Bulge did.
Because USA made big deal with Bulge ''look we fought 250 000 angry Germans''.
Well what would happened if Germans attacked with 4 million like in the east?
Not to mention that those German units were depleted and badly equipped, their tanks did not have enough gas.. etc and still they opened US asshole good.
American dream of entering Berlin before Christmas was over.

#30 Re: Server Ban Appeals » My banned thread » 2020-08-20 19:03:20

''1vs1'', don't be ridiculous.. it started 1 on 1 but many ppl joined in between, cuz that was played on Simple FRA.
So how can u call it 1 vs 1?

Upload full video lets see was it really 1 vs 1.. until u upload full video, this is again propaganda video, resized as it suits u.
Also, funny gits regs there and ur aim is sometimes behaving as if u have some kind of auto aim - that kill at 0:37.

And u didn't answer my question, how did u spend ur summer?
Did u go out ur room?

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