#1 Re: Server Ban Appeals » banned ? » 2021-05-13 11:09:49

E moj Djoko dokle smo dosli.. gamad od ljudi je ovdje, nemas 5 ljudi da su LJUDI, nego sve govna, pretezno no lajferi.. pa presli u toksicnost ili sta li je vec..
Pozdrav brate.

#2 Re: Off-Topic » Second World War Movies - by Nations » 2021-03-17 20:14:16

This was most expensive ex-Yugoslav WWII movie ever made.
''Battle of Neretva''
Yul Brynner
Sergei Bondarchuk
Curd Jürgens
Sylva Koscina
Hardy Krüger
Franco Nero
Orson Welles

And there is this one:
''Walter defends Sarajevo''
It is said that this movie was watched by 2 bilion ppl, mostly chinese big_smile

And this one wasnt bad:

There is plenty more pro partisan ex Yugoslav movies out there.. just type ''partisan Yugoslav movies'' big_smile

#4 Re: Report Abuse » Marlin » 2021-01-23 04:58:45

He ''tried'' to report me tonight for killing him in ''main'' as he said it, although he was active, that is, he was throwing ex pack over fence in Stalingrad map, then when i killed him ''oh why u did it, pls respect main bla bla''.

In his replay to Wagachuga, we can see that Merlin is heir to the once mighty ICQ, when it comes to size of the post.
Free advice Murlin, more u write, less ppl read.

#5 Re: Off-Topic » Washington Events » 2021-01-12 02:32:18

nämeless wrote:
Dionysus wrote:

That dude will become internet legend and gain glory of  Techno Viking.

Who is Techno Viking?

Wierd that u didn't heard about him.

Well, that questionable, since no one knows the guys real identity, many ppl who are similar to him said that they are ''Techno Viking'', but they were not.. so...

#7 Re: Off-Topic » Washington Events » 2021-01-09 23:19:24

That dude will become internet legend and gain glory of  Techno Viking.

#8 Re: Off-Topic » Funny Videos and Pics... » 2021-01-07 23:44:27

'' 2020 was a very strange year. ''

'' Day 6 of 2021. ''

#9 Re: Report Abuse » more bullshit admin abuse » 2020-12-07 23:10:26

Zero nab thinks he's much smarter then admins, that's why he got so cocky and started evading.

#10 Re: Report Abuse » more admin abuse from gio » 2020-11-20 21:41:10

gio wrote:

Ok first I am glad I gave you something to do with your life at 5 AM on Saturday morning and you should be thankful.


Now that's called total domination.

Let's wait for zero nab to secretly take picture of some random average looking cashier girl from next door supermarket, then uploads it here and says ''I was banging this hottie 10 times in a row on saturday night and in pause between fucky fucky I found time to quickly reply to all of u pathetic no life noobs!''

#13 Re: Off-Topic » Minnesota events » 2020-08-27 22:12:57

Murica logic, armed 17 old roaming streets casually.
He is too young to understand life, child so to speak, so what else to expect from him.

Who are all those armed ppl at gas station? National guard or ordinary folk?

#14 Re: Server Ban Appeals » My banned thread » 2020-08-22 16:27:41

Now zero nab will upload some resized video with kills vs KANER88.
Video that even noob can make after years of playing, cuz even pro players get killed by a nab from time to time. smile

#15 Re: Off-Topic » Post some (interesting) videos! » 2020-08-21 18:32:02

KANER88 wrote:

Check this once you got some free time. Really interesting, good to watch.

Americans collided with 250 000 Germans in the Battle of the Bulge and for them it was huuuugeee battle.
In eastern front those battles were considered small and they didn't get 10% attention that Battle of the Bulge did.
Because USA made big deal with Bulge ''look we fought 250 000 angry Germans''.
Well what would happened if Germans attacked with 4 million like in the east?
Not to mention that those German units were depleted and badly equipped, their tanks did not have enough gas.. etc and still they opened US asshole good.
American dream of entering Berlin before Christmas was over.

#16 Re: Server Ban Appeals » My banned thread » 2020-08-20 20:03:20

''1vs1'', don't be ridiculous.. it started 1 on 1 but many ppl joined in between, cuz that was played on Simple FRA.
So how can u call it 1 vs 1?

Upload full video lets see was it really 1 vs 1.. until u upload full video, this is again propaganda video, resized as it suits u.
Also, funny gits regs there and ur aim is sometimes behaving as if u have some kind of auto aim - that kill at 0:37.

And u didn't answer my question, how did u spend ur summer?
Did u go out ur room?

#17 Re: Server Ban Appeals » My banned thread » 2020-08-20 00:55:23

Zero, how's ur social life?
How r u spending summer?
Hurry, get out of room, summer is almost over. smile

#19 Re: Off-Topic » pics from yer hood » 2020-08-19 00:27:34

seventy wrote:
joint wrote:

i myself think that we, slavs, is a one folk,

One thing which is for sure is all Slavs have dashcams smile

Not really.. but road rage is definitely unique for all Slavs.
Nothing is better then road rage!

#20 Re: Off-Topic » pics from yer hood » 2020-08-18 20:13:36

joint wrote:

i just cant get the ss thing from a Slav

Shit happens. big_smile

#21 Re: Off-Topic » pics from yer hood » 2020-08-18 14:45:33

Joint, we are Slavic brothers, u and I.

#22 Re: Report Abuse » My report thread » 2020-08-17 17:19:11

BFSoldier 1 wrote:

all these intelligence deficient trolls should be banned for constantly spamming in this, my thread


#25 Re: Server Ban Appeals » Message for Tuia and Nameless » 2020-08-15 14:01:08

bordahal wrote:

His play is forceful and effective  (whether or not it's outside of the rules) but his clan tag is bothersome and his chat is vile. It would be in the best interest of whoever owns this server to ban all neo-Nazi scum immediately - No warnings, no appeals.  I don't think this will hurt the player pool size much for the benefit that it affords.

Oh my ''friend'', 80% ppl here should be banned and probably would be if this was at least year 2010 or 2009, 2008...
But since there is lack of players many things are tolerated, among them ''neo nazi scum!''
Although we prefer to be called ''National Socialists''.
We are many, we are legion.

#26 Re: Server Ban Appeals » Appeal » 2020-08-14 22:10:49

U can post all u want, but soon u gonna get permanent ban zero nab.

#27 Re: Server Ban Appeals » My banned thread » 2020-08-14 13:00:36

BFSoldier 1 wrote:

none of these desktop nerdcowards would dare to say bad stuff to me face 2 face irl


#28 Re: Off-Topic » Post your photos! » 2020-08-12 18:46:31

U really miss having friends in real life.
That's why u wrote long detailed text, u want to talk with ppl.
But we are all garbage/idiots as u say, so u can't socialize with anyone here, although deep inside u want to.
Little poor zero, no friends in real life and no virtual friends.
Can it be worse than that?
Now ask ur self zero nab, what kind of person are u, when no one likes u.
Maybe mommy likes u, but she has to, u r her child.

That was short psychological profiling by mighty Dionysus.
No need to say ''thanks'' zero nab.

#29 Re: Off-Topic » Post some (interesting) videos! » 2020-08-08 00:08:27

There is something really fucked up in ur head.

#30 Re: Videos and Screenshots » Random short videos from the Battlefield » 2020-08-07 01:31:20


Says the guy who spends 24/7 on server/forum.

Zero nab, everybody see that Killer88 is much better at infantry then u.
That's why u decline 1vs1 challenge.
U know he will own u.
But there is no rage quitting from that fact, nab.

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