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joint wrote:
nämeless wrote:
Sloop wrote:

As far as security goes, just don't be stupid.  The American Embassy knows we are here and they would try to help get Americans out of the country if something was happening but there isn't any particular person or group here to protect us.

I think Abdula Ibn Hattab doesn't care about the American Embassy and he can shoot you because you are:

1. White
2. Non-Islamic
3. Defenceless
4. U. S. citizen
5. Abroad

objection- first three points is a speculation and conjectures

Yes, it is a speculation but it is also correct! lol  That is why I said don't be stupid and leave the rest to God.

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nämeless wrote:

I totally agree with Denny, very nice experience. The only thing I didn't understand is who was in charge of your security? Nowadays, Egypt pretends to be a democracy State but I know there are some areas in Egypt where the people know nothing about humanity, human right principles and tolerance because of their radical Islamic points of view.

As far as security goes, just don't be stupid.  The American Embassy knows we are here and they would try to help get Americans out of the country if something was happening but there isn't any particular person or group here to protect us.

And about Arabic: I know enough to make me look like an idiot but not enough to communicate well.  If I need to buy something I can get the point across but they usually end up laughing at me! lol

@Joint: What the heck?!?! haha

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nämeless wrote:

For me and for the others. I guess, as the matter to be involved for free of charge and only for a good cause, it deserves to be appreciated.

I thought you were asking something else.  Ok, here it goes:

My university (Walla Walla University) sends 50-100 students out each year all around the world as volunteers.  I decided that I wanted to do this for a year.  This spring I decided to go to Egypt to work at an English school (Nile Union Academy) just outside of Cairo.  I am here with 13 other Americans (2 from my school) and a number of local Egyptian staff.  This school depends on volunteer teachers each year to function.

The students spend 5 years at this high school. The first year focuses mostly on learning English.  After graduation, some of the students travel to other countries to continue their education: USA, Philippines, Lebanon, Australia, etc.

After arranging everything over the summer I left for Egypt the end of August.  School started the first of September and gets out in early June.  I am teaching several math classes to the first and second year students.  This is definitely interesting because many of them didn’t speak any English when the first arrived and I didn’t speak any Arabic.  I have mostly been focusing on basic math concepts because they don’t seem to have much of a foundation in math yet.

The school is on about 30 acres of land.  The rest of the land that isn’t used for the buildings is farmed.  I am working with the farm manager and helping to supervise students.  This too has proved to be a difficult task.  Many of the students have no work ethic and the farm manager is a very stubborn guy.  In the States I have lived on an orchard for the past 12 years.  My father trained me well in areas of hard work and perseverance.  I have also learned a lot about farming.  Here in Egypt I have tried to pass some of this knowledge on to the farm here.  I’m still working but I feel like we are using farming techniques for the 18th century.   

Sometimes I feel like my brain is wasting away because I don’t have anything to study.  I am studying mechanical engineering and taking a year off makes me miss studying (only a little bit though).  If I don’t learn anything else here it is definitely teaching me patience, self-control, and perseverance.  I am also building some great friendships with the students and staff members here.  It will be sad to leave them all in June as I may never see many of them again. 

Although I have visited many countries around the world I have never lived long term in another country besides the US.  It is definitely a new experience.  Every day is an adventure.  I miss the efficiency of transportation in the US.  It takes a few hours just to travel 20 km here.  I am also amazed by the amount of trash everywhere.  There is no such thing as a garbage collecting service here.  Just throw it out in the streets and push it into piles and burn it when it gets to be too big.  On the campus we make a distinct effort to keep the place clean and trash free.  It is a very nice relief to come from outside the campus through the gate inside.  The air is much cleaner and it is a nice quiet atmosphere.

A few weeks ago, shortly after the president made his announcement that he had the ultimate decision in everything, a friend and I were down in Heliopolis near the presidential palace.  Besides seeing a number of military everything seemed normal.  I hadn’t been back to the area until Sunday.  We were getting our visas renewed and on the way back we drove past the palace.  Given everything that was in the news about it I figured it would look pretty crazy.  Nope, I couldn’t even tell that anything had happened.  There were no tanks, no barb wire, just some graffiti on the walls.  They must have worked pretty fast to clean the place up.  The school is about an hour from Heliopolis.  It used to be away from the city but towns have sprung up around it.  It is located in a poor town called Gabal Asfar.  I have never felt unsafe out here and the people don’t bother to waste their time protesting here.

Well, that’s about all I have to say right now.  I’m sure that by the time I leave I will have many more stories and experiences to keep with me for a lifetime.

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nämeless wrote:
Sloop wrote:
nämeless wrote:

Could you write an article about this?

Write an article about what??

About your trip to Egypt as a volunteer.

Sure, I could.  For what?

There are two internet lines that come into the school here and their combined total is 1 Mbit/s lol

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nämeless wrote:

Could you write an article about this?

Write an article about what??

Sunshine wrote:


North Pole would have been more interesting.

Yeah, next time I head up there I'll let you know wink

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I live in Washington state so Sandy wasn't over there.  But I've been in Egypt for the last 3 months. I think the biggest problem is just the ISP.  I've been volunteering at a school here and this is as good as their internet connection gets. There's not much I can do about it.

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In case you were wondering where I disappeared to these past 3 months.  I will leave it to you to guess what country I'm in. I'll give you hint: It's been in the news a LOT lately.

https://www.dropbox.com/s/5rzxavs62spfr … .55.19.png

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Well I would have if I had been playing. But I wasnt. Im just mentioning some things about him from past experience. (and it would be nice if there was a way to keep he/she from doing it again.

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I have given Bunny the !wspam command several times.  I think a little chat is fine but he/she/it definitely takes it to another level.  I have had little success getting he/she to shut up.  Bunny usually apologizes and stays quiet for a minute before starting back up again.  I do agree, this is not a chatroom and it would be nice if there was something we could do about it.  It is true, Bunny rarely plays, but mostly just talks and gets less than 5 kills all game.

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Yeah, looks good! Makes it easier to find relevant info and I can stop reading about Merlin! lol

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A ping of 180 means that you have a delay from your computer to the server of 180 milliseconds. That is equivalent to 0.18 seconds.  You cannot blame your tking on your ping.  180 ms is not that bad, although it will be difficult to get good kills.  A very very high ping of 300-500 ms could cause some serious lag but I have played at 180 and it is playable.

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I think its time to disable map voting on USA server.  People are constantly voting and it is never successful. Just obnoxious.  Also, I think there are too many capture the flag maps.  People often complain that there are too many and they don't like them (as well).  I think a few now and then are alright but it shouldn't be as many as there are now.  CTF works well for fewer players but with +25 players, nobody ever makes it to the flag much less captures it.  Many games end 0-0.

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RedDawg wrote:

How many warnings can 1 person have? I think he has had plenty of warnings Denny,and I also feel that is why he continues to be a repeating problem.He thinks he is above the rules and they don't apply to him.


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I played one map today (Stalingrad) and he tk'd me once but I figured it was just an accident.  Then he switched teams (I think) and I didn't see his name again until it said he was being kicked for minus score.  I'll try to pay better attention.

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Your link is broken sad
Anyways, I use DownThemAll for Firefox and it usually works flawlessly.  I'm not really sure. I guess I'll try again.  Maybe my connection is too slow and the download link expires before it finishes downloading...

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I am unable to download the new maps.  Every time I try to use the link on the home page of team-simple.org it fails.  The download starts and makes 1/3 to 1/2 completed and then gives me a 404 error. Anybody else having trouble or have any suggestions?

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I'm with Buckshot on this one. You can't kick someone for basecamp on a ctf map.  It's simply ridiculous.  Jamming the airfield is basically the only way to get the flag back to your base.  And if you had actually been playing you would have noticed that someone else stole the flag and was almost back to the base when the time ran out on the map.  If you are so worried about him sitting with a tank on the airfield, why don't you get out your zooka and shoot him! 

=|Joker$|=Zody wrote:

Your reason that you gave us is also weird, because players also spawn at the flag in guadal.

This makes absolutely no sense and I have no idea what you are trying to say. (Oh, and this was on Gazala, not Guadalcanal.)

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It was Denny wasn't it? He said something stupid about it not being a capture the flag map because nobody was getting the flags.

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Buckshot wrote:


Dynamite just kicked me for no reason. it was on Gazala CTF about 1045 CST. I killed him several time and he kicked me. Why does this guy have admin rights when he is constantly abusing them?

I saw you get kicked too and was wondering why. But I was on the other team so I didn't know what was happening.

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X=X=X=X=X=X=X=X wrote:

so :

- snipers are allowed to shoot / rape at infantry into uncaps

- planes / vehicles / ships / infantry are allowed to attack vehicles or aaguns in uncaps that are shooting at stuff outside the uncap ....

this no baserape rule is getting more and more retarded .... too many exceptions ...

90 % of all players dont even know about these exceptions, so its unfair against them ......

ffs ..... just make a total pure no baserape rule, or allow it ...

these exeptions are unfair and stupid .......

I would be inclined to say that I agree with you (somewhat)

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I was just playing with this guy a while ago on Iwo Jima.  I didn't notice anything unusual about him but I also wasn't following him.  He was getting a lot of kills in the battleship but I don't think that proves anything. I think he may have beached the ship but I could not prove it.  I'll watch him more closely next time I see him. But in the mean time it sounds like we should ban brigg for hacking wink

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I would say no.  But on this same topic, what about planes attacking the AA guns next to Allied runway in Battleaxe?

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Lecter wrote:

taking the tank all the way to 1st flag (island with 1 flag only)  on Philly is awesome, takes time and help but fun

OK, so you are all talking about how you can get tanks all over any map, but how on earth do you get a tank to the island with 1 flag only? Can you get the tank on a boat, because I've tried that lol... !wnoob

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I suppose friendly fire is ok although I prefer it off.  I just wish it would stop changing every 3 days!!  Just give me some consistency so that I don't go around accidentally tking people!  At least say something when it changes. Thanks

Edit: Also, kicking after a certain number of team kills can be misleading.  One time I was on Market Garden and I put some mines on the bridge. The some idiot on my team would come driving up in a jeep shouting "Take Cover" or some other radio command and run into my mines.  It took me a minute to figure out what was happening as I wasn't right in the area.  Then, after he did it a couple of times, I got kicked for team killing...Even though I had a good score.

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LOL I wasn't even asking for admin rights!  I agree with dary that we have plenty of them on the France server. I don't think we need any more there.  I guess I wouldn't mind being an admin on the USA server because it seems somewhat "uncontrolled" there.  If you want to make me admin only do it for the USA server.

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Hi, I'm Sloop.
I am a very cool guy and I play too much and I think I should get admin rights! I'm very trustworthy and obey the rules.  I know that you have a lot of admins but I think that at least half the players should be admins.  If you allow me admin rights I will use them well and will manage the server very nicely!  I just think that we need a lot more admins to create more confusion in the game!  If everyone is an admin, everyone will follow the rules!

Please note the sarcasm and jest in this post regarding many people's recent request for admin rights smile

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If you are looking for admins on the USA server, I think RedDawg would probably be a good candidate.  He's a good player and doesn't say much most of the time. He follows the rules as far as I know and he doesn't chat spam, etc. I don't think he would get cocky and "in your face" (like Dynamite) either.  Just a suggestion you can consider if you are looking for admins.

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I totally agree with this thread.  Today in Omaha Beach (about 30 mins ago) Dynamite kicked Luke for "disrespecting the admin".  Someone asked what -=TL=- meant and Luke, who had the top score at the time, replied in a joking manner: "Totally Lame?".  The Dynamite got mad at him and kicked him (leaving himself with the high score).  Then Dynamite started using the excuse that he didn't understand English and that he was confused.  He speaks and understands English just fine; I have chatted with him before.  There was quite a discussion that followed if you would like to read the logs.  I really don't think this guy should be an admin...


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