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In order of the images - the sun, a neutron star, a black hole, a slice of kouign-amann (a specialty of southern Brittany in France pronounced kween ah-MON and derived from the Celtic words for butter and cake)
It's something like a croissant but with many extra layers of salted butter baked between the sheets, and a crispy coating of caramelized sugar. There is nothing more fatty, salty, sweet on Earth


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Oh Pagnol y a pas une laitue qui pousse sur ta caillasse reviens parmi les tiens

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La lueur du soir qui chasse l'orage

#12 Re: Other Languages » [Arvernes] » 2020-07-18 13:16:52


Jamais les crépuscules ne vaincront les aurores
Étonnons-nous des soirs mais vivons les matins


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Jamais vu mais c'est d'Amenabar (Abre los ojos) ça me rappelle une soirée arte avec Bidji. Qui aurait pu s'imaginer que le temps serait si vite écoulé ?

Je vous conseille ce film, brillant !


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Allô ! ça va vous autres ?

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Salut vous deux ! Où as tu appris à parler français Goldie ?

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@Tristan : bonne marée bonne mer l'ami !


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Salut tristan, j'avais lu un roman sur les goélettes paimpolaises en pêche à la morue dans les eaux islandaises au XIXème, j'ignorais que vous étiez de retour smile T'y vas avec quel armement ? J'habite dans le Finistère sud, j'ai arrêté le casier je suis sur un navire de garde en attendant la fin du confinement

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seventy wrote:

I watched a few Koala videos

The quarantine is boring isn't it?

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seventy wrote:

Hi Coco, how are you? Saw this video today and it made me think of you big_smile


Hi 70! I'm fine thanks and you?
What video are you talking about?

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Welcome back, Mr. Bad Actor smile

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Je dirais même plus, trépidant

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nämeless wrote:

How to stay home and don't go mad? What are you people doing during the self-isolation? I spent three days at home and it was terrible. I'm really tired of a couch, I cannot eat that much anymore but I continue to eat. I want some physical activity but the only place where I can get fresh air is balcony. I ate almost everything from the freezer and hence there was a reason to go outside to the shop. Instead of this, I went for a walk to the park and it was abandoned: no people in the streets, nobody is jogging, no bicyclists, no one is walking his dog, no one is walking on his own.


Until what date is there snow where you live?

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Je ne savais pas qu'il venait d'Evry

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