#1 Re: Server Ban Appeals » Banned for being too good » 2019-10-06 02:56:13

T-Bone. i Don't know why you are so Recist Like this. "ICQ" is my Best Friend and we are Close Brothers. so i Hate the way that you did Treated and Insulted my Friend and my Friend's wife. its "Not Cool" to Do such Thing Like That. Insulting Pepole and made them Give up on this server. i say he must get Banned from this server!!. so he can't Insult any one here agine. i fell Bad about that Boy when he Left this server "BECAUSE OF YOUR GODDAMEN SUCK BHAVIOR!!". and i saw "T-Boune" Couple of weaks ago. he was in a Rage with some person. and he keept to tell him Bad words. and the Ohter person say's "didnt do nothing?.. what??". Then i got in the Fight saying " hey Tuff Guy. leave the kid alone alright". then the fight have started. then we both and some 4 persons got banned. But i Explained to some admin here. that i did the Right Thing. Then the admin say" ok ". Then i got Back in the Battlefield. i was like punshied 22 muints only. i dont Realy remember The Kid name. C'uze it was a while. so please to "T-Bone". please ban that guy from this server. or give him a wirrning.

#6 Re: Off-Topic » Funny Videos and Pics... » 2019-10-05 19:26:05

LAMO!!!. Chug Challnge for whatching funny Videos LOOOL big_smile big_smile big_smile Funny Challnge with my brother LOL
please Add like big_smile

#7 Re: Feedback » [Idea]: Using machine guns what they were intended for. » 2019-10-05 18:28:11

I know its a hard thing to do. settings and Video Runing and stuff...

#9 Re: Off-Topic » Funny Videos and Pics... » 2019-10-05 13:06:43

Lol ICQ. That was hilarious Funny Videos lmao.
And Thanks for Cheking my Funny Video Out. Hope you enjoy it wink

#10 Re: Feedback » [Idea]: Using machine guns what they were intended for. » 2019-10-05 02:24:48

If There is Carying an MG Gun Bside walking in the server, omg, it will be so attractive to players!!, I wish there is a Chance for makeing it happned smile

****”Great Idea”****

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