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Rinjo wrote:

There is no forced mobilization in Ukraine as in Russia. People defend their homeland. Many people joined the army themselves. If necessary, all Ukrainians will defend themselves against the barbaric attack by Russia. Russia mobilizes people because Putin wants to win the war by force, but is unable to win. Mobilized, they will die very quickly at the front

The first wave included former servicemen under the age of 40, who have combat experience and served in the army, former participants of the ATO. In addition, on April 8, the Rada adopted a law that obliged all conscripts who were abroad to be mobilized to return to Ukraine within 15 days. Otherwise, men face up to 10 years in a strict regime colony.

Those wishing to leave managed to do so only in the first days of the conflict. After the mobilization was announced, at the request of Zelinsky, the exit was closed to all men from 18 to 60 years old.

Since September 14, the departure of categories for which exceptions were provided has also been banned.

In addition to the traditional methods of handing out summonses at the address of residence and place of work, in Ukraine, summonses are handed at checkpoints, gas stations, on the street, and sometimes employees organize raids on nightclubs or beaches.

I think you're wearing a saucepan on your head instead of a hat

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Rinjo wrote:

You get excited about Europe, but we can do it. Russia can't do it. Another victories of Ukraine in the war <3 Several thousand Russian troops were encircled in Lyman.

Here is a video of a Russian who asks other Russians about "Russians' war losses in the war". The last guy - explained perfectly


you still haven't answered my simple last question.

Ukraine really recaptured part of the settlements, but at the cost of what losses?
btw, tell me how many people were mobilized in Ukraine?

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Rinjo wrote:

Man ... You keep writing for the United States. Has the United States attacked Ukraine? Has the United States created a pseudo-referendum on looted lands? Has the United States massacred the civilian population in Bucha and Izium?
NATO was created as a counterweight to the USSR, but after the collapse of the USSR, Russia remained, which as it turns out, still has imperialist ambitions. In the 1990s, Russia attacked Chechnya, and in 2008, Russia attacked Georgia. In 2014, Russia annexed Crimea. This is not a normal country ... Russia still wants to fight everyone and show how strong it is. Your eyes will open when China attacks Russia. You see your ally in China, but they are already getting ready for you. Russia does not see the enemy where it should see. China will destroy you in a few years.

That's what happens when yesterday's schoolboy decided to jump into the topic of politics - solid loud headlines and nothing to the point. What's up with my listed propaganda? lies?

Finally, I will ask your extremely important and filled with the highest analysis opinion about this news:

The G7 has reached an agreement in principle to limit oil prices from Russia for third countries.

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Is everyone like rinjo in Poland? big_smile

And on the same day:
Poland has officially opened the Baltic Pipe pipeline to import gas from Norway
https://biz.liga.net/all/tek/novosti/po … Gaz-System

What a wonderful coincidence of the damned Russian propaganda!

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How the "streams" were killed

Back on September 2, American helicopters were winding circles around the lines of the northern streams near the Danish island of Bornholm. The next time the activity was recorded on 13.09.

The side numbers showed that it was a heavy Naval Night Hawk. They dropped underwater drones, which subsequently successfully blew up the pipes.

In June, it was in this area that the US 6th Fleet conducted exercises on the use of drones for underwater "mine clearance".

Specialists from all military "backyard centers" of the USA were gathered for the exercises.

The exercises were successful, and so was the operation.





it is very similar to what I wrote above about the destruction of production and the economy of Europe, by the hands of the US.

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Rinjo wrote:

What if your theory was wrong? Can you consider that your Russia is lying to you by saying that NATO wanted to attack Russia?

I don't need to listen to the news to understand the obvious things.
nato positioned himself as a defensive alliance against the USSR.
However, after the collapse of the USSR, it did not cease to exist. Moreover, open the map and see how it has been expanding with military bases over the past 30 years.
Or did I make it all up and they don't exist?
By the way, your beloved Putin publicly asked Clinton to accept Russia into NATO. Of course he was refused. He asked this specifically so that even any fool would understand that it is necessary and there is a military alliance against Russia.
Is Operation Unthinkable also propaganda?
Is the invasion of Iraq for the purpose of free oil production also propaganda?
Attempts to suppress China economically are also my propaganda?
Now, the introduction of sanctions against Russia (European puppets of the United States) destroying their own production, in order to transfer capital from Europe to the United States (from the euro to the dollar) is it also my fantasy?
I will write about the accident on the Nord Stream in the next message, but there is also probably stupid Russian propaganda.

Rinjo wrote:

If 5,000 died on the Russian side, what would mobilization be for? smile

I have already written above, the borders of the Russian Federation have increased by 1300 km, in order to go further on the offensive, it is necessary to protect the existing one.
I am even silent about how our army attacked, having a number several times smaller than the enemy.

Rinjo wrote:

We have everything, and Ukraine has nothing, because it has cooperated with Russia.

I'll tell you a secret, my little boy
there has been a pro-American government in Ukraine since 2004. Now your message takes on a completely different color big_smile big_smile big_smile
Moreover, Ukraine wanted to join the EU, and your politicians also participated in this. European industries do not need a competitor in the form of manufacturing giants of Ukraine. Therefore, a lot of production facilities were specially destroyed (as it was done in the 90s in Russia).
There is such a thing as "quotas". You can read it, but I think it will be very difficult for you.

Rinjo wrote:

Putin thought that if he conquered Ukraine (in a few days)

actually, the plan was to seize Ukraine in 5-6 minutes, Putin himself said so.

Rinjo wrote:

But he did not take into account that NATO would send military equipment to Ukraine and that the Ukrainians would defend themselves so fantastically.

Did Putin not expect NATO to supply weapons? ahahahahahha
ye ye, just an ordinary grandfather sits and does not fucking understand what is happening in the world, and he is also the former head of the KGB. Just a fool, ye ye
God, thank you for making me laugh so much
And yes, they defend just fantastically. Therefore, more than 2 thousand people surrendered from one plant, from another 1 thousand
Well, the last counteroffensive claimed the lives of more than 4 thousand people in a couple of days. Great move.
There have already been 5 waves of mobilization in Ukraine, do you understand what this means? Think about it for once.

from what you write, there is a picture of wild absurdity in the form of a saucepan, which is filled to the brim with the most untruthful propaganda and slogans.
I hope you're just trolling, a person can't not think with his head so much.

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simon wrote:

Many years later the truth will start surfacing

The most important reason is obvious even to fools - protection of the integrity of the Russian Federation, resistance to NATO expansion (approaching the borders), in order to suppress military, political and economic influence Russia in the world. Is it so difficult for you to understand that it will take you decades to wait for it? And who will be the authority that you will believe?

The struggle for natural resources through such a huge risk and strong pressure from other countries is just an incredibly stupid version.
Resources + resort areas are just a nice bonus.

I will repeat 100500 times, learn materiel. Everything is in the public domain on both sides.

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Rinjo wrote:

Stop lecturing everyone. Someday you will understand that you have lived in the 20 years of Putin's rule in propaganda.

a person who has lived 20 years in Putin's propaganda understands the issues voiced much more deeply than you do. Mdaa, it must be doubly insulting

Maasika wrote:
persia wrote:

Why we didn't invade other countries. For example Abkhazia, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Mongolia?

No gas pipes going to Europe in those countries.


do you want to say this is the reason for the start of a special operation in Ukraine?
how did you find a logical connection between the Russian gas pipelines and the special operation?
That is, we committed aggression in order to "just like that" seize the territory, because our pipe lies there?

And by the way, a gas pipe passes through Belarus, but for some reason we have good friendly relations, maybe because there is an "evil dictator" there who does not want to turn his country into an instrument of struggle against Russia for the Americans?
and the Nord stream also runs along the border with Finland, which is not yet a member of NATO. Why not capture such a good country?

bud wrote:

Excluding Russia’s gas reserves in Asia, Ukraine today holds the second biggest known gas reserves in Europe. As of late 2019, known Ukrainian reserves amounted to 1.09 trillion cubic meters of natural gas, second only to Norway’s known resources of 1.53 trillion cubic meters. Yet, these enormous reserves of energy remain largely untapped.

Ukraine produces about 20 billion cubic meters per year, and consumes much more. Moreover, both production and consumption are constantly falling. Which indicates the destruction of industry.
I still don't see the relationship.

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NuBian wrote:

u derive to this question to explain that countries in the baltics shouldnt fear russia.
u fear something which could happen.
when it happens u dont fear it anymore u face the happening, as Ukraine does right now.
a small baltic country doesnt ask why russia didnt seize all of Georgia
they look at Ukraine and ask themselve whether they will be the next.
its like breaking into the neighbours house, killing her and stealing items and then saying to the others in the village there is nothing to worry because the last few times u broke into a house u wasnt stealing everything.
Understandable to establish some sort of neighbours watch and ramp up security

OK, judging by what you wrote, you have a complete misunderstanding of what is happening in the world.
Have a nice evening.

#10 Re: Off-Topic » World War III » 2022-09-26 16:44:05

NuBian wrote:

the fear is based on actual events: invasion, annexation
and actual worded threats: annihilation
Another fact regarding escalation: invasion > anti-russian policy

The problem of most of the participants in this topic is that they were not interested in geopolitics until 24.02, and then suddenly decided to "understand everything".
This is the same as a series, 1000 episodes long, starting to watch from 600th, and making erroneous conclusions.

NuBian wrote:

You can speculate whatever you want what is causing things. Many interpretations and beliefs, hence very hard to agree on.

Everything has a cause and effect. If you don't know them, then of course it looks that way for you.

And if you had been interested for many years in studying political issues a little deeper than reading newspaper headlines, then you would have a different idea of what is happening.  this is confirmed by a sufficient number of people living in Europe and the USA, but justifiably approving the actions of the Russian Federation

NuBian wrote:

Assuming I'd be russia and fear the growing influence of NATO, then I'd simply try to counter that influence.

lol, that's exactly what's happening right now.
I am writing NATO, but we must understand that we are talking about the US.
This is not only the army, but also the economy and politics.
I'll tell you a secret, it's very hard to compete with the owner of the printing press of the world currency, which is tied to almost all the economies of the world.
There is a lot of information in the public domain that war is the weapon of the dollar.
Therefore, in Ukraine, the United States pursued several goals: to draw Russia into the conflict, so that there would be a reason to bring down wild sanctions, create a wave of discontent and protests, with the further aim of committing a coup and establishing a puppet government.
But it did not work out to drop Russia economically, now the goal is to drag it into a long-running conflict in order to exhaust resources and throw the exhausted Russia away from the struggle for world domination.
Because the idea of a "multipolar" world and the settlement between countries with national currencies can destroy the dollar empire== destroy the limitless world domination.

If you think otherwise, then answer, why US force to turn off, under the threat of sanctions does the russian MIR payment system, adopted in some countries ?

and my fact about the seizure of territories remained unanswered. Why we didn't invade other countries. For example Abkhazia, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Mongolia?
all of them are much smaller and weaker in the military plan of the country. However, no "capture" occurs.

#11 Re: Off-Topic » World War III » 2022-09-26 15:17:03

NuBian wrote:

they fear invasion, annexation

I hope you understand that events in the world do not happen "just like that"
Any country in Asia and Europe has nothing to fear if they do not pursue an anti-Russian policy and are not preparing for military conflicts with us.
Crimea was returned (not annexed) because of the terrible policy of the Ukrainian authorities, who wanted to expel the Russian Navy, replacing it with an American one, which contradicted the agreements and directly affected the country's security.
If the United States did not put military bases around Russia, did not pump Ukraine with weapons and anti-Russian ideology, then there would be no military action now. But they have a completely different goal.
Otherwise, following your logic, aggressive and greedy Russia should have already captured many other countries that are ten times weaker than Ukraine, but for some reason it did not.

NuBian wrote:

and actual annihilation from russia

If there was such a goal, Kiev would have already been wiped off the face of the earth, along with civilians.
However, the actions are carried out with the desire to preserve the infrastructure, since the liberated territories are likely to enter the Russian Federation, and they will have to be restored themselves.
What you wrote is very similar to the American carpet bombing, which began with Hiroshima and Nagasaki, continued in Iraq, Syria and other countries.

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simon wrote:

Now imagine how the people living next to russian border feel like. This is far from funny indeed

Russia's westward expansion poses no threat to the EU

from the creators:

NATO's eastward expansion poses no threat to Russia

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Insane wrote:
persia wrote:

...Сейчас по мере успехов РФ ....

бесценно xD

Если тебе так будет удобно, то:
По мере неудач РФ на фронте, в состав РФ вошли  4 бывшие области Украины...

#14 Re: Off-Topic » World War III » 2022-09-23 18:02:00

Rinjo wrote:

The Ukrainians received several dozen cannon-howitzers and 8 pieces of Himmars rocket artillery with ammunition. 8 ...  NATO would destroy Russia within 2 days ...

8? why not 1? that's all you need to know about your level of information proficiency

Rinjo wrote:

NATO would destroy Russia within 2 days ...

oh great military analyst, won't you tell us local fools why they haven't done it until now?

#15 Re: Off-Topic » World War III » 2022-09-23 17:02:14

Rinjo wrote:

What do you believe in? Russia is weak, it has no chance against NATO alone. And let me remind you that NATO has not yet stepped in big_smile

NATO does not want a direct conflict with Russia, which is why they are fighting with the hands of Ukraine.
If the conflict goes into an open phase, hypersonic missiles(the United States does not have defense systems against these "weak Russian" missiles) will immediately fly  directly to the Pentagon.  And then the nuclear confrontation.

Time has passed, and you have not filled the void in your head with logical thinking...

#16 Re: Other Languages » Здравствуйте, товарищи » 2022-09-23 16:48:37

Да все нормально, че вы.
Тяжело осозновать, что происходит пиздец, когда лежишь сытый, в теплой квартире, на сиськах жены. А происходит попытка передла мира. Хотим мы этого или нет - неважно. И сейчас вопрос, либо мы побеждаем в итоге, либо Россия как суверенное государство может перестать существовать. А это будет в 10 раз хуже, чем 90е
Кстати с началом мобилизации свое мнение по поводу сво не поменял - поддерживаю и сейчас.
В вонекомат сам не бегу, но если позовут - пойду.
Единственное, есть вопросы к мигрантам, получившим гражданство. Считаю в обязательном порядке нужно отправлять на фронт, подтверждать свою принадлежность стране) Вроде даже такие идеи гуляют в гос.аппарате

#17 Re: Off-Topic » World War III » 2022-09-23 16:42:42

Rinjo wrote:

The Russians say they are fighting NATO. It's a lie. The Americans, Great Britain, Poland and Germany are sending weapons ...

Back in February, I wrote that this is a confrontation between Russia and NATO, but by the hands of Ukraine. Nothing has changed since then. All the same American curators, their tactics, their weapons, their equipment, their mercenaries, a hundred of their reconnaissance satellites. And really, what does NATO have to do with it?

Rinjo wrote:

If things were good at the front, there would be no mobilization.

At the front, everything went well for Russia. But as new territories were liberated, the border expanded to 1300 km. Moreover, new regions will become part of the Russian Federation in the coming days, which means that these regions need protection. Mobilization is the logical solution in this case.
This will allow us to go on a more active offensive in the near future and try to resolve the conflict this year. Moreover, it has its political significance on the world stage, but we all know your high intellectual level, so it will be extremely difficult for you to understand this.

Rinjo wrote:

This is the end of Russia as we know it

We will definitely return to this issue after the capitulation of Ukraine.

#18 Re: Other Languages » Здравствуйте, товарищи » 2022-09-02 15:39:56

nämeless wrote:

А вот у олигархов в последнее время очень много несчастных случаев. Сегодня еще один из окна выпрыгнул.

Было бы еще любопытно узнать, в чем провинился smile
Вообще такие смерти больше смахивают на западный почерк, но может и наши уже научились "цивилизованным" методам менеджмента.

#19 Re: Other Languages » Здравствуйте, товарищи » 2022-09-01 08:56:16

nämeless wrote:

Вероятно, дал какие-то обещания не кошмарить бывшую верхушку.

Так и есть. С ельциным была договоренность, что став президентом он не тронет его семью. Поэтому и жив по сей день ебучий ельцин центр в городе карлсона.

#20 Re: Other Languages » Здравствуйте, товарищи » 2022-08-31 15:45:02

Кстати, хороший индикатор качества политика для жителей нашей страны:
Если его хвалят на западе - вредитель.
Если поливают говном на чем свет стоит - хороший руководитель.
В то же время, хуесосить свою историю прилюдно нельзя, поэтому и о ельцине и о горбаче путин не может сказать правду, а вынужден высказывать хоть что-то хорошее.

#21 Re: Off-Topic » World War III » 2022-08-26 10:16:07

Just a funny video of how Johnson first scratched his ass, and then shook hands Zelensky big_smile

#22 Re: BF1942 Discussion » Omaha - Allied without beach flag » 2022-08-22 10:47:40

have long been thought of before us
just leave the middle uncaptured at the start of the map.
That is, at the beginning of the round, the axis has a point on the hill
allies has a ship
the middle and the beach are empty. While the axis captures the middle, the allies take the beach without any problems.

#23 Re: Report Abuse » my my (BFSoldier, ping 13) - teamstacking continues every day » 2022-08-19 16:45:24

BFSoldier3 wrote:

El Alamen
1. Player (ping 13) started playing as allied.
2. Then a strong player joined axis - Mary Muscles (most likely it's Simon).
3. Player was afraid to play against him and he switched to his side, to axis.

big_smile big_smile

test, you didn't understand anything. This is a special player, he has his own rules

#24 Re: Server Ban Appeals » Banned from server » 2022-08-18 19:42:11

Okay guys, can I get into this topic?
why ooo allowed frank team stack
test01 wrote about it many times with screenshots attached, no effect.
If he's special and he's allowed, okay - just say it. But all these insults originate from the "special" position of certain players.

#25 Re: Off-Topic » pics from yer hood » 2022-08-17 10:27:30

Охуеть) Там наверное камеру можно в принципе не выключать

#26 Re: Report Abuse » Cheaters » 2022-08-14 18:39:23

Darcano wrote:

I don't have the tools to proper ID him. But afaik is "ph5", "can of beards", "someone else". Maybe I'm wrong.

what does he do?
I played against ph5, it seemed to me, an ordinary player

#27 Re: Other Languages » Здравствуйте, товарищи » 2022-08-09 19:27:42

nämeless wrote:

Меня больше интересовала хронология и технологический прогресс в этом видео. После просмотра очередной раз задумался о масштабе таких личностей как Курчатов или Королев, например, и чем мы им обязаны. Даже и не знаю, есть ли такие люди у нас сейчас.

Мне кажется  идейные есть всегда.  Они даже сейчас есть. Очень многие вещи и события, которые появились и произошли, имели за спиной непосредственных идейных руководителей, но как принято у нас, ленточки они никогда не перерезают.
Мы этого просто не замечаем, потому что это работает хорошо. Взять те же госуслуги, это же как бы нихуя себе!
Собрать в кучу столько до жути бюрократических контор и заставить их работать корректно - чудо.
Все успехи в космической отрасли, авия, подлодки, глубоководные аппараты и пр.,  сам знаешь, это не просто так все происходит, где-то на местах есть люди, которые болеют этим.

От себя могу посоветовать то, что смотрел когда-то:
- сталинская экономика (такие у нас уникумы были, что их модели сейчас копируют и используют. Тот же адаптированный госплан в китае и штатах)
- советская авиация (особенно соревнования в холодной войне и ту-144 vs конкорд)
- покорение космоса (наверное многие уже смотрели кучу роликов, но создание бурана - это нечто)

Кстати, когда смотрел видео про первый полет человека в космос и про автоматическую посадку бурана, задумался о том, насколько же простые люди ахуевали от радости и чувствовали свою сопричастность в открытие чего-то грандиозного и феноменального. В этом плане завидую им, непередаваемое чувство.

#28 Re: Other Languages » Здравствуйте, товарищи » 2022-08-09 16:16:31

Автор молодец, потому как помимо технической части вопроса, он верно осветил и политическую.
Оказывается добрый, светлый, коллективный запад мечтал разъебать форму России еще в те времена.  А как же "капитализм, счастье, заебись"?

Кстати, еще забавно, как галкин уехал в израиль, потому что РФ напала на соседнюю страну, а сейчас израиль бомбит соседнюю страну и он молчит.
Но самое прикольное, что он уже начал давать заднюю и пиздеть о том, как он любит РФ и её народ. big_smile
Что и следовало ожидать. Сейчас по мере успехов РФ вся эта шушера будет переобуваться и топить за свою "любимую Россию".

#29 Re: Report Abuse » my my (BFSoldier, ping 13) - teamstacking continues every day » 2022-08-08 18:53:07

BFSoldier3 wrote:

07.08.2022. El Alamen.

moved to the team with either Thompson or strong players
everything is as usual

#30 Re: Other Languages » Здравствуйте, товарищи » 2022-08-02 17:21:24

Многие сейчас гонят, что китай "проглотил". Мне кажется сликшом мало информации. Си явно не дурак, будет действовать тогда, когда будет готов, и когда будет выгодно.
Путина тоже хуесосили, что в 14 году оставил донбасс, а в итоге не оставил.

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