#1 Re: Report Abuse » BF101 » 2021-09-19 17:36:55


little naughty timmie

momma said - always stick to the truth

you fingers slipped on the mouse / your dog pushed you right in that moment, right ?


#2 Re: Videos and Screenshots » haski vs 000 chikcen werry scared me » 2021-09-14 12:41:23

nämeless wrote:


the griefer would like answers ...

first .... you could start by apologizing to me, for massively insulting / provoking me for 2+ years ingame, and giving me 30+ kicks / bans without good reasons

#4 Report Abuse » Killer88 » 2021-09-13 20:51:12

BFSoldier 1
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Killer88 was behind on points against me in philly,  he then teamkilled me with a jeep, and seconds later he kicked me for disrupting

.... because he drove into me

blatant admin abuse

#5 Re: Off-Topic » Today’s dinner is ... » 2021-09-09 18:21:21

Cartmanez wrote:


it may appear so, but no

miscellaneous unprocessed, heated meats are a daily part of this diet

as expected ....  some are misunderstanding this thread .....  despite - it - should be pretty obvious .......

wondering what the people of SiMPLE are having for dinner .....

get it ?

#6 Re: Off-Topic » Today’s dinner is ... » 2021-09-09 03:15:13


today’s breakfast - str8 from 000’s cantina


½ kilo, all danish, organic, fresh, raw

#7 Re: Report Abuse » Killer88 the troll keeps violating the SiMPLE rules » 2021-09-06 04:20:21

done with this thread

proven my point

these are just phony bs rules. they rarely apply, and not to everybody


- Please respect all players. Behavior only meant to disturb or upset players is forbidden.
- Excessive swearing is not allowed.
- Do not spam chat

some players can violate the chatrules indefinately, while others get kicks / bans for saying the same, but in much smaller amounts. what a shithole some parts of this community is

didnt use the ingame chat from sept. 2018 till sept. 2021. got insulted nonstop for more than two years and virtually never talked back. no admins out of 40 total tried to stop these provocations against me, 10 participated

whenever it happens in the future, these scummies will get their chatvomit right back in their faces. i’ll enjoy spitting on em from now on

lil’ queer slavic transgender boy .... aka cognitively impaired from birth and struggling irl .... aka so dumb that its proud of what others would consider failure .... aka miserable dead end jobs for the rest of its life ....  aka fager88

ull get this every time ur spotted .... even made a quick n izi onetouch macro .... enjoy talking to urself from now on


oh .... and .....  that thing u try to avoid and dont like .... itll come


#8 Re: Videos and Screenshots » haski vs 000 chikcen werry scared me » 2021-09-03 21:49:10


333 is usually darys nametag. if this was haski, and not somebody who gave the vid to haski, then haski namefaked

haski didnt even post this video himself in this forum

i remember inf.owning this 333 in omaha two days ago .... must have enraged him

looks like there are a lot of namefakers around .... saw a fake 000 with ping 20 and a high score in main simple yesterday

what about this one .... this was me doing a 1v1 ..... was this paul baumer or not ....

https://team-simple.org/forum/viewtopic … 08#p164608


#9 Re: Videos and Screenshots » haski vs 000 chikcen werry scared me » 2021-09-03 17:36:12

lol ... wtf is haski thinking ?! ... that wasnt me .... he probably thinks all low ping bfsoldiers are 000 ... nice try haski

this is me


#10 Re: Report Abuse » Killer88 the troll keeps violating the SiMPLE rules » 2021-09-01 11:32:59


i wonder what would happen if i started calling jørgen - or any simple admin - faggot / ragequitter ..... constantly ... like in 5000 times per year

see ?

hypocrites ....

#11 Re: Report Abuse » Killer88 the troll keeps violating the SiMPLE rules » 2021-09-01 03:18:25


Said to me today.


I haven't said anything to him in-game for more than a month now.

To those who dislike this thread and want it to end; blame 88, he’s the one that keeps behaving poorly by excessive griefing and chat-stalking me.

For two years non-stop now. It’s a scandal and a disgrace on Simple. Some of the higher admins should stop him.

#12 Re: Report Abuse » Killer88 the troll keeps violating the SiMPLE rules » 2021-08-31 02:27:18



Said to me today, after he tried really 100% hard to beat my score in Caen, but couldn’t. He also teamstacked to Axis against the rules, he often does that.

I put him on ignore often, so there could be more of these. He chatinsults, chatspams, radiospams, teamstacks, abuse the settimer in Berlin/Stali etc. I haven't insulted 88 for more than a month.

Fag/rq/ragequit should be added to the in-game language filter, if technically possible, without affecting words with similar letters. These words have been abused by a small group of griefers for years.

This thread, like many others, proves that some players are free to insult/provoke in-game as much as they want, while others get kicks and bans for doing the same. Some place, this SiMPLE is.

#13 BF1942 Discussion » More than 84 slots for SiMPLE? » 2021-08-29 02:52:42

BFSoldier 1
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84 slots is a lot for BF1942 in 2021, but still, the Simple player count is currently above 80 or full, around 5-10 hours per week, and we aren’t even in the high season. Fall/winter + new covid variants may bring further server population increases.

I’ve proposed slot increases several times before, which mostly were met by negative naysayers, but fortunately, the head admin makes many right choices, and he added slots (probably doesn’t need most player input and would’ve done it anyway).

https://team-simple.org/forum/viewtopic … 45#p143645

I’m aware that 84+ slots may bring too much latency and other technical issues, but I think it should be tried at least.

90/96/100/100+, whatever slots?


#14 Re: Report Abuse » Killer88 the troll keeps violating the SiMPLE rules » 2021-08-28 01:01:47



- Please respect all players. Behavior only meant to disturb or upset players is forbidden.

another insult today ....


said to me in berlin, after he couldn’t handle me, and i then finished him off

#15 Off-Topic » Today’s dinner is ... » 2021-08-24 01:18:33

BFSoldier 1
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Cool Luxury Frappé D’000

Held up against the sky of Zealand


01.png 02.png 03.png 04.png

175 grams of Danish organic low-fat skyr

200 grams of Danish organic low-fat yoghurt naturel

60 grams of Danish organic rolled oats

10 grams of Italian olive oil (passed our state lab/taste tests, may not be adulterated)

Added Danish tap water


#18 Re: Report Abuse » Killer88 the troll keeps violating the SiMPLE rules » 2021-08-20 03:10:36

88 provoking/insulting again today. All this is deliberately and specifically said to me.


No admin has ever banned 88 for this, even though it’s one of the most severe cases of griefing/flaming in the history of Simple.

88 started doing it in late 2019, and now almost two years later, he still breaks the rules each day.

There are constantly players in Simple getting kicks/bans for saying less severe things.

#19 Re: Videos and Screenshots » High Scores » 2021-08-20 03:06:04


a cute little deen some hours ago

170+ kills would be a good score


#20 Re: Report Abuse » Killer88 the troll keeps violating the SiMPLE rules » 2021-08-18 03:52:40


- Please respect all players. Behavior only meant to disturb or upset players is forbidden.


88 breaking the rules for the 1000th time, today by trying to provoke/mock me via the in-game chat as usual.

Those are the two things he repeats like a parrot; "ragequit"/"rq" and "fag" .... all aimed directly at me.

This might become a very long thread. 88 has the key to stop it.

Also, 30+ admins are responsible for this thread. They allowed 88 to flame and insult for a year.

I’m willing to stop with insults against 88. He isn’t, that’s the difference. He’s the spamming troll.

Arkos wrote:

You two have to solve this outside, ... not in the House please!

I tried that via PMs to 88, this recent year, he refused to stop his rulebreaking, as I wrote above.

Sparrow wrote:

So you come out of the blue last month, start with a wall of insults against him for no reason, and now you wonder why he disses you.

That was a cumulative response (and the truth about 88) to all his recent insults. How come none of you mention when he insults ..... he has flamed 20 times more than me. That’s a fact. He’s the bad guy, not me. Y’all just dislike me and therefore are completely blind to what’s right and wrong in this context.

Dr.ZoidbergCLAW wrote:

ZOIDY_THE_CUNT'  ,as you called me ingame

How convenient that you don’t mention what led up to that, and how you majorly insulted and scolded me for an hour in a row while you were idle in that Battle of Britain, one year ago. Before that, I had never said anything to you, and you verbally went nuts on me via the chat. You’re borderline crazy. You need help. Seriously.

msbd wrote:

The server/community management obviously has big trouble with double standards.


msbd wrote:

But so do you 'bfsoldier1'...

No, I don’t. I don’t start harassing players verbally who haven’t said bad things to me. 88 does that, though.

msbd wrote:

I can only recommend to both sides to start working on their respective shortcomings first and to start pointing at others second.
Being part of the majority does not justify immoral behavior.

The admins are hypersensitive against insults hurled at them, yet allow some players to insult 24/7 for ages. That is a shortcoming, yes. Hypocrisy.

#21 Report Abuse » Killer88 the troll keeps violating the SiMPLE rules » 2021-08-17 00:35:27

BFSoldier 1
Replies: 73



- Please respect all players. Behavior only meant to disturb or upset players is forbidden.
- Excessive swearing is not allowed.
- Do not spam chat

Almost a year has passed. Last year, k88 constantly provoked, flamed, insulted, and chat spammed against me and others 24/7. Of course, nothing was done about it, this is SiMPLE after all.

I return after eight months and as expected, this troublemaker still goes on.

I’ll post screenshots/videos every single time from now on, when k88 breaks the chat rules.

I would rather not, and It’s a real shame that I have to burden this forum with this griefer, and that Simple heads tolerate, and even one of them, participates in this.

Had I said just a fraction of this to admins, I’d have been given very long bans for sure.

I have asked 88 to permanently quit it many times. His reply has always been the same: “I will never ever end my chat spamming, provoking, insulting and breaking the rules”

The solution to all this is quick, easy and simple:              Just stop.

But I guess 88 isn’t interested in that.

The below is around 2% of the total amount from last year


#22 Re: Videos and Screenshots » High Scores » 2021-08-13 02:15:16


been away from bf1942 for eight months .... return, play for a few days, and already got these two today ....

which are barely ok, but definitely not great

i sense record-breakin’ tyme soon


even these ordinary eastern girls are cheering for me ...


#23 Re: Videos and Screenshots » High Scores » 2021-08-11 01:27:52


startin’ to get back into shape

... was actually a somewhat miserable round

i believe i can perform significantly better


#24 Re: Videos and Screenshots » High Scores » 2021-08-08 01:14:19


On August 7th 2021 at 8 PM, after a long summer day, 000 stopped by the SiMPLE server and pwnd everybody


They’ll never learn

Business as usual

Same ol’    same ol’


.... really back


#25 Re: Videos and Screenshots » Random short videos from the Battlefield » 2021-07-27 02:11:15

Butcher wrote:

One more thing... I didn't want to scold her in public because I've got a daughter of a similar age.  I think her name is KILLER666 or something like that.  I'm pretty sure it's a young girl from what I remember, if it's not I apologize.  She's constantly harassing players on the server, especially if she isn't doing as well as she'd like.  In particular, she's always barking on about some guy called 000???  I wouldn't normally notice or care, but her sheer persistence and spam take up a lot of space on my 800x600 res. ... For days I didn't know who she was on about, and then I clocked it, some guy changed his name to something provocative when he achieves gold at the end of a round, eg.  000=____.  From what I've seen he doesn't break any rules, I've never even seen him talk in chat.  It's kind of harassment from what I saw.  Maybe her parents or guardian play here too? Or an older figure that knows her can ask her to calm down a little?

simon wrote:


Killer is making the dumbest mistake

Not everyone is as dumb as you killer

LegioX.DoubTi/Mourits wrote:


Killer ... I'm not sure you really understand my post

Killer ... I got the clear feeling that you would also have prefered and liked to see Butcher and DrNick excluded for example ... It's pathetic and it's wrong

since apparently you ... try to get Butcher banned from the Simple servers or chat spam him to death when he rejoined

Killer ... you don't seem to understand all I'm saying

Deeko wrote:

50 euro who goes to killers house and lays him out

My rational, objective, factual, insightful, eloquent, highly accurate and spot-on description of kaner the czech dimwit rat:

Cunt88 .... ur a fucking retard and a stinking czechoslovakian faggot ... 4 life. Ur a bum, a loser, a nobody. A disgusting little worm. Everything you say or write is fucking braindead, u lil imbecile shitspammer. Despite your pathetic attempts to appear smart n educated, that low IQ of yours shines through at all times and you fail miserably. You should be permbanned from this community, for filling it with worthless puke, and being the little homo that u are. You misunderstand everything and ur the dumbest shit-for-brains in here. All your nearly 1000 posts to this date have been pure vomit, containing no traces of intelligence whatsoever. You think we’re interested in listening to ur dumbass shitramblings 24/7. I know a few bright individuals in this place and they all dislike you. A lot. Of all the sewagescum in the bf-scene, gaiboi69 is the lowest, most pinheaded of em all.

This sad little kaner88 noobnewcomer with a reptile-chicken crossbreed brain, is a little multi-disabled transgender, desperately on his knees, sucking Nämeless off 24/7. Rarely have I seen a loser slav with a lower intellect. The only thing fager88 is barely capable of is copying. Ape see - ape do. He tries to copy everything, since he’s too dumb to figure out things on his own. There’s zero thought activity inside that tiny cranium, only lazy sludge, and mindless wannabeing.

Here’s a typical pointless faggot88 moronic shitpost;

Maybe,, tbh prolly imho diff.. i dont think so, at least smth’s damn tho, wanna waive commedy, smh.. Just bcs ur gonna kinda shitshow a permition kinda. let it go how it stands would be kinda. wp anyway.. you were smather heh lol, I was really busy in my real life why u Cmon GG

You’ll fail at everything in life, including having offspring, which is good, since this planet doesn’t need your inferior garbage genes lineage to continue, and the highest u’ll ever achieve in the real world, besides being a daily tryhard amateur nub gamer + petty hall monitor in a 20-year old niche game, is holding shitty bottom-of-the-line jobs like shop clerk/taxi driver/mall security guard.

Get the fuck outta this forum. Sadass noober shitcunt88

Karma/reality will catch up with runoffslurry88 and bomb it ... even further ... into stone age




#26 Re: Off-Topic » * * * Coronavirus * * * » 2021-07-16 02:50:30


Anyone who hasn’t realized by now, that the world and humanity are in the midst of World War 3, cold-blooded started by China, with the Chinese synthetically engineered bioweapon called Covid19 ...... is deeply retarded.

China intentionally spread it around the world in late 2019 and early 2020, and all these deadlier and more contagious variants aren’t mutations. They are new, better, versions of Covid19, artificially created by China, and planted around the world, by the Chinese government, made to look as if they’re natural random development of Covid19.

China’s goal? To kill as many humans globally as possible, and to weaken and destroy as many nations as possible.

Asians are low, totalitarian, non-humane filth, and USA should’ve nuked and annihilated China and other hostile, destructive countries back in the 1940s–1960s when they had the chance.

You’re all gonna die

#27 Re: Off-Topic » UEFA EURO 2020 (2021) 11 June – 11 July » 2021-07-04 01:23:33




as expected, ownage by denmark .... versus sad, minor, inferior, post-communist czechoslovakians

so many things from the land of danes are better, than in this poor underdeveloped slavic former iron curtain buffer state of primitive airheads

prettier girls
sharper minds
higher incomes
nicer homes
finer quality of life

..... greater bf infs

scandinavians just are fundamentally superior

more Danish Dominance to come in simple

#28 Re: Videos and Screenshots » Random short videos from the Battlefield » 2021-04-27 01:46:19


been playing a sh*tload of cs:go & valorant recent months

‘42 is slightly dull compared

nevertheless, i have visited simple recent days


planning to return to heavy-duty as usual in simple soon

000 is back


#29 Re: Server Ban Appeals » Is 000 permitted to play again? » 2021-04-21 16:30:42

nämeless wrote:

Your ban has been removed and you are allowed to play.

nämeless wrote:

Seems not all the admins were well-informed that you're unbanned and one of them put you back to the ban-list. The record is removed, you are allowed to play.

ok, it works now. my banned ip was removed for the second time, minutes ago, and i can enter

thanks again tuia

#30 Re: Server Ban Appeals » Is 000 permitted to play again? » 2021-04-20 23:07:28


looks like im ip-banned again

three days ago, my ip was not blocked in main simple server

i havent played one second in simple servers since, and nameless said above than im allowed to play

minutes ago, i tried to connect to main simple with 72 slots, and my ip is banned again. i can enter simple tanks a lot without problems

all i have done, is making three posts in this thread since the ip-unban. i havent played for one single moment in simple yet, in 4½ months

wondering if somebody up in the hierarchy has gotten real angry at me, recent three days, for not being humble, meek, submissive and thankful enough in this thread, because the mental requirement of this unban to stay open, was displaying those virtues at all time in this forum (even while getting verbally provoked by admins, like in this thread, as usual)

or if the unbanning powers have changed their minds in other ways

am i allowed to play or not ?

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