#2 Re: Technical Help » fix the lag ffs » 2022-07-22 19:09:41

I have continuous "connection problems" show on screen and terrible lag. Never had issue before. I have fiberoptic connection here. And yes Sunshine I am in East and South sort of....... (NC Northwest)
Playing is no fun with lag. Seems worse with more players too.

#3 Re: Report Abuse » Vietnamese » 2022-07-02 22:12:33

Agrees with a "Private Message" to be kept as such.

#4 Re: Off-Topic » pics from yer hood » 2022-07-02 22:09:43

THAT was FUN!!!!!!!!!!
Thanks TheVicar!

#5 Re: Off-Topic » Battleship Cove » 2022-07-02 22:07:11

Been there three times myself. Slept overnight all three with the boys for Scout trip. Youngest knocked out two front teeth falling on the deck at night time. Emergency dentist trip the following day.
Its a GREAT place to see and the submarine was a blast too!!!!! So tight inside compared to the SSN versions today.
Damn those 16" guns............
The paid tour is well worth the money by the way.

#6 Re: Technical Help » New PC Suggestions » 2022-05-27 01:46:25

Sgt.Gallaway (CG) wrote:

Hey everyone,

Not very tech savvy here... troll if you must lol

I haven't been on Simple recently because my 2012ish HP Elitebook 8760w crashes whenever I can actually keep it running. Rather than invest the time and money to keep her going, I'm opting to purchase a new laptop.

Any suggestions on $500-$750 gaming laptops?

I literally just want to play battlefeild 1942 smoothly, shouldn't be too hard these days I assume.

Let me know


https://www.amazon.com/Dell-Optiplex-70 … 138&sr=8-4

https://www.amazon.com/Gaming-Computer- … 38&sr=8-18

https://www.amazon.com/Periphio-Sub-Ter … 38&sr=8-26

Do not know the quality or much more, like you I am half computer illiterate. They are however in your price range! GOOD LUCK!

#7 Re: Off-Topic » World War III » 2022-05-27 01:42:09

Paul Baumer wrote:

I will remove shitposter status from Persia, I think this punishment was enough. Persia, you can express yourself freely on this forum but you can't insult other people nor intentionally harm them by your posts, please respect other forum users and forum rules. And I'm sorry if there was no warning but on the other hand you went way too far from what can be acceptable and you can't really say that you didn't know the rules.

Well handled and worded. Drinks on me!

#8 Re: Report Abuse » Please do not send Private Message » 2022-04-18 22:12:48

High 5s the thread!
OK Vert..........bar is  O P E N ! ! !

#9 Re: Off-Topic » World War III » 2022-04-12 01:48:20

tuia wrote:

To joint, Insane and all the ukrainian players, I hope you realize you are being used as cannon fodder by your jewish government. They don't care about human lives, they never did. The more blood and violence there is, the better to them. Ukraine has lost the battle and should surrender, but it won't until there are no soldiers left and thousands of lives have been lost, unfortunately.

SHAME on you Tuia. That you can find a method to inject your personal racism into a tragedy, to fit your agenda. You are educated by higher academia. I suppose it didn't take? Quite certain you feel zero shame and 100% certainty of your checks and balances in life. That in itself........is a tragedy.
Because of my beliefs, I feel sorry for you. Sad. VERY sad.
May the world find true peace someday and may it be soon. And may hatred find its place among the dead.

#10 Re: News and Announcements » Change! » 2022-04-01 02:52:39

Sorry been away for a bit. Its that moving thingy. NICE to see a new change and I believe it is welcome. Hope I see right and folks agree as well. High 5s ya Hilly and to ALL the admins that work so hard, as always, DRINKS on me!!!
Hope to be around more and in the next month or so, should be finalized in the new home. If not I might go mad.......................

#11 Re: Server Ban Appeals » Banned. Why » 2022-03-18 21:54:36

What a beautiful ban appeal thread.
High 5s you BOTH!!!!!

#12 Re: Server Ban Appeals » Unban?? » 2022-03-18 21:19:03

Anna Nym wrote:

guys   help me -  i dont understand cheski.

This is how I understand the languages. Works VERY well for me.

Google Translator.


#13 Re: Server Ban Appeals » Request for an unban R+R sw » 2022-02-22 22:42:59


#14 Re: Report Abuse » Player "Dohyun" + video proof » 2021-12-28 16:03:39

Therein lies the true behavior......of a child.
NICE work Alfred! Many thanks!!!!

#15 Re: Off-Topic » Christmas - 2021 » 2021-12-28 16:00:29

PipeR wrote:

merry Christmas and happy new year. eat drink and be merry but stay safe <3

Sure would be nice to see you here again one of these days...........

#16 Re: Off-Topic » Christmas - 2021 » 2021-12-22 22:39:53

THANKS Milli and MERRY CHRISTMAS to you and all the BF folks too!
Do not worry too much Arkos. Nostradamus has a low accuracy and have some faith in folks too!
Ho Ho Ho.

#17 Re: Off-Topic » Post some (interesting) videos! » 2021-11-22 19:10:26

I agree!!!!

#18 Re: Off-Topic » Post some music! » 2021-11-20 16:34:13

1973. A very complex song, quite long, not for very many folks I imagine but........you NEVER know.
Was my first rock concert as a lad. STILL love this tune today. If you got 18 minutes to kill.......


#19 Re: Off-Topic » pics from yer hood » 2021-11-19 19:04:41

NICE touring rig!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thanks and great map too!

#20 Re: Off-Topic » Cinema and good movies » 2021-11-19 19:02:50

HARD to find .32 caliber right now........
Dayum Hilly......you gave me goosebumps with the pics! Gonna be neighbors in a few Months.
I will send smoke signals and you can hear our gun range over the mountains!!!! We are 22 miles from Tennessee border. Northeast corner.

#21 Re: Report Abuse » shitbagg88 admin abuse again in berlin today » 2021-11-18 20:06:22

Any human being, in an argument or disagreement, finds offense in being called childish names or insults. (Admin or not!)
The SITUATION or ISSUE, should drive the argument on its own merit. If the merit is not strong enough, name calling typically augments the point. It will always be looked upon as childish, calling names, as adults learned this before they hit end of adolescence.
Let the strength of truth show the clear picture, not mottled by insecure words. It HELPS the point being made.
Its ALL ABOUT THE FUN FUN FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

#22 Re: Report Abuse » Bunny banned me for having Maj preface to name » 2021-11-18 19:57:04

Dakota wrote:
Goldie wrote:

you were banned by jumpy for not changing your name and the duration is 15 mins, you didn't change the name and you deserved it, read rules and don't impersonate others, have a nice day.

Did he use Maj Merlin or Maj ........ ?  He was not  impersonating if he was using Maj ....... then it was a mistake to ask him to change the name.

CANNOT get any more straight up than that Dak!
And if he DID use full Maj Merlin, he SHOULD be kicked immediately. I believe all folks know that. And I hope ALL Admins would comply for ALL of us players under those circumstances.

#23 Re: Videos and Screenshots » Random short videos from the Battlefield » 2021-11-18 19:53:56

HOPE it helps me too!!!!
MANY grats for information and trying to help others here.

#24 Re: Videos and Screenshots » Random short videos from the Battlefield » 2021-11-18 15:10:05

THANKS for the teachings!!
LORD knows I sure need it...........

#25 Re: Off-Topic » Cinema and good movies » 2021-11-17 20:21:03

Hillbillyninja wrote:

Is that a 45-70 on the wall???????????

#26 Re: Report Abuse » Got kicked in Berlin today » 2021-11-16 19:55:14

Darcano wrote:
Lecter wrote:

This server is full of hate...peace out.

Only the lag Is worth the hate.


#27 Re: Videos and Screenshots » My new infantry fragvideo » 2021-11-08 21:19:24

That was fun AND educational!
Nice work!!!

#28 Re: Server Ban Appeals » Banned for saying YOU MUST FUCK PUGSLEY » 2021-11-05 23:48:56

Alfred wrote:

Don't mind me, was a rhetorical question. Good maple mates here ♥

High 5s ya Alfred!

#29 Re: Server Ban Appeals » Banned for saying YOU MUST FUCK PUGSLEY » 2021-11-05 23:48:24

I KNOW the real you Dak.
Oh and THANKS again for all you have done.

#30 Re: Server Ban Appeals » Banned for saying YOU MUST FUCK PUGSLEY » 2021-11-05 19:15:31

We have more. No names mentioned but some very FUN regular players and one we owe the thanks for the server.
Graci Canada!

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