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Vertigo wrote:

What have you weirdos done to my post wink

In a crowded field of cows, one turns to the other and says "moooooooove over."

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Pleiades53 wrote:


I did! 


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janet reno (TX) wrote:

Your a simpleton Oscar, you need to go back and read your dumbass statements before you make an even bigger fool out of yourself. Your lack of a moral and ethical grounding, typical of a sociopath is making PitViper proud.

It should be "you're a simpleton". English language is not my strong suit?

I answered you. I didn't do it with insults. That's perhaps why it didn't register.

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janet reno (TX) wrote:


I guess you conveniently forget Icebags confessed to hacking while you stood by, which made you his accomplice. You said, ”there are other things in life besides battlefield 1942”, if I was you I would stick to that.

I suggest that you look into it.

janet reno (TX) wrote:


You are absolutely right even Oscar who supports cheating was made an admin by PitViper.

So by Oscar’s own admission Tookie is correct in that he witnessed Icebags hacking with a server admin in attendance, ”One correction, this took place before I was admin”. I had no authority. He did not bother to refute Tookie’s allegations at the same time confirming Tookie’s account of the incident.

I heard someone saw they were gonna cheat on the Internet. That is not proof.

I didn't take you seriously either when I heard you crying like a baby on Team Speak that I wasnt listening to you about people coming over the border are part of a imminent terrorist attack either.

janet reno (TX) wrote:

Oscar is light on facts, just saying it don’t make it so.

janet reno (TX) wrote:

He  moved the Simple USA server to Social Retards (SR), summarily fired (BB)Dink and Tookie Goodnite from the admin staff and unbanned the hackers and cheaters; the most notorious, Icebag$ has been made an admin.

To my knowledge, IceBags is not now, nor has ever been an admin.

janet reno (TX) wrote:

...just saying it don’t make it so.

janet reno (TX) wrote:

...just saying it don’t make it so.

janet reno (TX) wrote:

...just saying it don’t make it so.

janet reno (TX) wrote:

He promoted Oscar to admin after he was a witness to the ”Icebags incident” and failed to report it.

He is harboring a corrupt admin who supported Icebags cheating, we still want to know who the admin was that enabled the ”Icebags incident”.

Failed to report it?

I didn't read that in my contract.

I don't feed into the rumor mill.  I did not witness any hacking.

janet reno (TX) wrote:

He is harboring a corrupt admin who supported Icebags cheating, we still want to know who the admin was that enabled the ”Icebags incident”.

I didn't read that in my contract either.  If that other admin wants to speak up, they may. However, given the mentality of this thread, I understand their silence.

razor wrote:

SO now that you are oh-so up to answer questions, where you say you understood the community better, tell me Oscar, and don't answer my question with a stupid question I want a straight up answer.

Please tell me what do you understand now looking back at my topic on how your master Pitviper acted as an admin? He would not even post in the topic, Was that not corrupt and admin abuse?  answer me that.

ALSO, I want to see your opinion about him abusing him admin A SECOND TIME, THE VERY NIGHT I WAS BANNED. Let me refresh your memory on what I am talking about.

I remember on team speak being very distracted by you two and I don't remember what was said. You guys left channel a few times too, maybe?

This is not my fight. I am not accountable for others. If I kick or ban you, call me out, and I will be personally accountable. Too bad if you want more from me.

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razor wrote:

Just a bunch of corrupt admins who all stick together and block out the voices of people who stand up and call them out.

I have responded each time I was called out.  I have personal accountability.

I would be interested to know in what way am I considered corrupt where it comes to my game play or administration.

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janet reno (TX) wrote:


Tookie said you where being considered for admin at the time you aided and abetted Icebags’ cheating. According to Tookie, you, Icebags and another unnamed admin allowed cheating on the server. My question is who was the other admin accomplice?

It took you a long time to answer Tookie’s question but here you are. You have proven yourself a ShitWiper acolyte who supports cheating too. Making you an admin after the ”Icebags incident” is additional evidence of PitWiper’s  support of cheaters.

My how the truth hurts.


    encourage or assist (someone) to do something wrong, in particular, to commit a crime or other offense:
    "he was not guilty of murder but was guilty of aiding and abetting others"
    synonyms: assist · aid · help · lend a hand to · support · back · encourage · [more]
        encourage or assist someone to commit (a crime):
        "we are aiding and abetting this illegal traffic"

I was on team speak, I heard IceBags say he was going to run a cheat to catch someone.

This is the Internet. People talk shit. I don't know if IceBags was talking shit or not.

There was another admin.  I was not an admin. I left teamspeak and the game. I replied in the other thread, so again, you are incorrectly accusing me of taking too long to reply.

This is a pathetic thread.

#9 Re: Cesspool » BREAKING NEWS: Social Rejects (SR) kicked PitViper out » 2017-01-26 20:39:13

janet reno (TX) wrote:

His own clan kicked him out.

It's this kind of disinformation that makes me post. "Where is the video? Where is the proof?" Does that sound familiar?

janet reno (TX) wrote:

You sound like a politician, “I was an admin before I was an admin”. You need to get your facts straight.

I like how you can't even get my quote right.  FOX NEWS!

You claimed I was an admin before I was in fact an admin.  Your time line (and hence facts) were incorrect. I corrected your statement. 

Enjoy the campaign.

#10 Re: Cesspool » BREAKING NEWS: Social Rejects (SR) kicked PitViper out » 2017-01-26 19:12:56


Your information is wrong. I think you have a future as a Fox News reporter.

You jump on everyone else about facts, you never acknowledged the fact you claimed I was an admin before I was an admin in your first rant.

There are other things in life besides battlefield 1942.

#11 Re: Server Ban Appeals » Unban » 2016-11-20 20:57:00

PitViper wrote:

" Sticks and stones may break my bones but names will never hurt me".

I've had this wrong all this time!?!?!

I thought it was "sticks and stones may break my bones, but whips and chains excite me."

#12 Re: Report Abuse » Oscar Goldman & Hackbag$ » 2016-10-17 21:17:55


...Oscar told me that I was right about Icebag$, that him & another admin were on TS one day and Ice said he was gonna turn on his hacks so he could kill some alt-hoe that they couldnt kill and proceeded to do it. Oscar wouldnt tell me who the other admin was. I told Oscar that he should have at least told Icebag$ not too if not ban him. He said the other admin had more seniority...

I look forward to Oscar's reply, he'll hear about this.

One correction, this took place before I was admin. I had no authority.

After the fact I wasn't going to make an issue about it.  I have other priorities in life.

#13 Re: BF1942 Discussion » Simple USA gone? » 2016-09-16 16:22:29

FWIW, Dink, your assessment of the situation does not equate with the facts as I know them.

SiMPLE in its entirety was a wonderful conglomeration for a long time. There were decisions made that created a tension between admin groups, and the fragmentation was pushed beyond tolerable levels. Rather than support the further fracturing, several people decided that the entities should divide.

The fact that there was an established community, Social Rejects, that was willing to take our group, was fortunate. It would have been more work to recreate the wheel, no. And instead of being a stand-alone BF1942 community from the US, it is now a larger gaming community, where other games are included.

There are a lot of strong personalities doing a lot of sabre rattling, however, I condede the following:

-Talk is cheap; PitViper followed through, managed the resources, and helped accommodate this group decision
-Admins of the server are involved in policy. There is no dictator.
-The BF1942 server that was SiMPLE USA is basically the same, with the same people (some need to find it yet tho!)
-It is a public server. Come and play, or don't.

The other option is to just kill the server, and we all stop playing this GAME and go our separate ways in life, no?

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Zody wrote:

In the end, it looks like that sucking tuia's dick is worth more here than actually trying to have a proper discussion about a current problem.

Your ineptitude precludes the opportunity for constructive dialog.

Your comment above exemplifies your lack of respect, for tuia, and everyone else.

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(BB)DinkW wrote:

Ah I see ................ well cant really Oscar as I am ranked as an "asshole" on srejects site by a Mr Viper so I guess this is the end of Simple USA.

As for me personally, Dink, I enjoy gaming with you and would like to see you on the 'new' server.

#17 Re: Off-Topic » David Gilmour pedalboards by Pete Cornish » 2016-09-09 03:31:31

PitViper wrote:

Unless you want fancy boutique pedals...break out the $$...but reasonable pedals like the Weehbo Morbid Drive are around too.

That one sounds very cool!  I looked it up but I can't find a US dealer.  I will have to hope one pops up on eBay.

This one has caught my eye: http://empresseffects.com/products/multidrive

I am not looking for Fuzz or Overdrive, which this has, but it's distortion seems very flexible and sounds great on the vids.

The DG-1 is supposed to be pretty darn close to the fabled Cornish P-1: http://www.toptone.com.br/?lan=en

The Bogner Burnley Distortion is another on my radar, that I would love to play: http://www.bogneramplification.com/burnley-pedals

Pit, I'll trade a T-Rex Mudhoney for the Ross. Interested?

#18 Re: Off-Topic » David Gilmour pedalboards by Pete Cornish » 2016-09-07 13:24:23

PitViper wrote:

No it's a Eventide H9 Harmonizer inside joke., it is one of the most desirable and premier pedals of today.  For the new Max version it's $700 new....for Oscar it's passe.

It will be a mess if the "owner" of mine wants it back.  :-(

For those of you considering H9 vs. Strymon Mobius - no contest. Don't waste your time with the Mobius.

#19 Re: Off-Topic » David Gilmour pedalboards by Pete Cornish » 2016-09-07 13:22:34

ATF_SurrenderMonkey wrote:

have you tried looking on facebook?

There are tons of resources. 

I play with a guy who makes sound alike You Tube videos once in a while.  He has some of the Pink Floyd and Jimmy page and Hendrix sounds down.

I don't do facebook.  BF1942 is my Internet addiction.

In the guitar world, there are two schools of though (a big generalization), Fender or Marshall Amp. I'm in the Fender camp.

I don't think a Marshall will sound like a Fender.  I have not given up on the Fender sounding like a Marshall yet. In the end, I probably will save up for a Suhr Badger head for Marshall tones, or borrow something when it comes time to record those parts.

#22 Off-Topic » David Gilmour pedalboards by Pete Cornish » 2016-09-06 19:15:21

Oscar Goldman
Replies: 13


This post is mostly made due to a conversation with a fellow here on SiMPLE.  I told them I would try to find this.

In the meantime, it opens up the potential for discussion.

I am in the midst of a pedalboard upgrade.  I have decided I need a true distortion pedal. Not a Fuzz, not an overdrive.  Anyone have any suggestions?

Also, anyone a fan of the Eventide H9? Or someone so l33t they have all the Eventides so don't bother with the H9?

#23 Re: BF1942 Discussion » Sorry Oscar! » 2016-09-05 14:18:18


No worries Lenny. It's a game.  I had fun.

#24 Re: Feedback » The Server is having problems-USA -server » 2016-09-04 21:15:53

Dakota wrote:

..is it possible they are more hard to kill because of the lagg they have???

Sounds reasonable.

#25 Re: Off-Topic » Post some music! » 2016-09-04 15:51:14

And my woman asks why I can't stand pop music.

#26 Re: Report Abuse » Ban/Kick with no reason » 2016-09-04 05:20:37

Viewing fractal images may hep you relax.

#29 Re: Off-Topic » Pleiades53 I am SOOOOO disappointed in you » 2016-09-02 16:41:49

Pleiades53 wrote:

Ask a string instrument player, HOW to play "harmonics" on a string.


Alex Lifeson!

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Shing wrote:

....there are like 4 base points at the same place and overall the map isn't that big.

I saw some video. It kinda looks BF2\Original COD-ish to me.

Shing wrote:

BF1942 is still the best for me.

I concur.

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