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My report thread

name : klotzki
ping : ~ 37
usual offenses : delib teamkills, cursing, hackusations, general disruption
online frequency : around 5 hours per week in simple fra

getting tired of this guy. he is out of control. he has stalked and delib tked me at least 50 times recent year. its always the same; he gets real angry at anybody who kills him a lot, he starts swearing at them, calling them cheaters etc. he then switches to their side, stalks them and delib tks again and again. plus he generally disrupts

a small example from yesterday :

00:01    klotzki : "frick cheater asshol 000"
00:02    klotzki : "kick 000 for cheating !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
00:05    gets autokicked
00:10    is back, has switched to my team, delib tks me
00:17    delib tks me 2nd time
00:31    delib tks me 3rd time
00:44    delib tks me 4th time



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