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Reporting player

Around 9:30 CST. 5-10-2018
Player Trump/Donald J Trump/.
I accidently TK'd him while bombing a panzer at the bridge. i apologized. He then intentionally killed me 3 or 4 times afterwards.

~~~Highway Man


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Saint Martin
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Re: Reporting player

Oh he is so living up to his name, indeed really bad manors. Dont TK someone back u will create chaos...

When a person says sorry... come on... Its a really decent player...

Highway Man, i really admire you said sorry AND you came here to report it instead if sink away in a hate slaughter fest. Besides TK's are boring.

Hope you had a good time afterwards anyhow.

My rule of thumb: be friendly, thrustworthy and have good intentions. Being destructive will remove yourself from my whitelist. We all have our bad days, theres already too many evil people in this world.


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