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Re: "Stacking" abuse

This is a Admin/Sysop thing, the players can only follow the rules. If the rules doesnt work (eg the bots messing with autobalance), take it up with tuia to correct the situation.

red_army wrote:

Changing teams to the winning team is concidered teamstacking and is prohibited.
If autoteambalance tosses a player to the enemy team, it's allowed to change back if possible.
A "team" must be selected when your score is 0-0-0. Otherwise, it's not allowed.

It's not considered as teamstack. End of discussion.
BUT I agree it's not nice to switch teams to make teambalance even worse AND that because of that switch the game isn't playable...
That's just a form of anti-social behavior! And should be prohibited.

Now just forget about that kick and go having fun killing people on the battlefield!!



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