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Home Made Artificial Cursor for Sniper

As we all know That Sniper has no cursor
And you must need to click right click and then shoot.
And that biggest problem have been solved

What i did just simply take a temp cd marker.
Zoom the sniper and make a artificial funny Cursor for shooting on a Monitor screen.
And bang now i did not want to zoom for fukin shoot.

Sniper as inf would be great idea because 2 bullets of k98sniper is enough to slay a king.
I know no one will reply me in the post.
But i want to improve myself.
I am sorry whatever i did which hurts ur feeling or disrespect your emotion.
I know i am even don't deserve the forgive from all.
I just want to say thank you to all for being part of my life.
Thanks to Roger That to realise me that what i did is not only making your rep lower. but it also repersent Your country Your Father and Your mother Who gived you birth and nourish you when you were kid.
I Know i even don't even deserve the forgive from my mates.
If they Don't accept its fine It will be my last post in this forum ever.

Do you guyz still want to give me Another chance to improve me

  1. Yes(votes 6 [50%])


  2. No , why this guy still not banned from this forum(votes 6 [50%])


Total votes: 12

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