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Submission about year 2019


We're close to 2020 (barely 2 weeks left) and xmas, so I may ask: How's your 2019 year been? Anything bad, anything good?
As for me, god brought me a miracle (became a father for second time), and "permanently" joined this community. I also had bad things happening, particularly when my old "veteran" friend died.
What about you?
Happy xmas though smile


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Re: Submission about year 2019

Well first of all... i just learned with honor, it is Christmas... not Xmas....

Thrust me.. long story...


My 2019 was like uuh... 2018 but then a bit better and some worse.... big_smile

To become a father for a second time... is... your year been better than mine... i became an asshole for the second time on SiMPLE. (im an idiot and i know it)

Merry CHRISTMAS to you too albo

And to ALL OTHERS here on Simple, all trolls, trolls... members.. spammers, admins and other assholes with guns.... wait no, not the spammers//


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Re: Submission about year 2019

My 2019 has been rewarding. I graduated from college. I was hired by a great company. It's pretty much my first "serious" job ever. I worked part time at a pet shop when I was 16 and also at a bakery/coffee shop ran by my aunt. So this is a HUUUGEEE step up. It's definitely been a rewarding year smile

Hope everyone has a great 2020!

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Re: Submission about year 2019

Been an "odd" year. Some good some bad. More good than bad so the balance is positive.
Good, one year closer to retiring in the mountains. Cabin is closer to modifications we wanted. Propoerty improved as well.
Bad, well the job front is a bone of contention. However I may have 2 job offers in the next week or so which would turn the negative, to a POSITIVE!
Wishing ALL a spectacular Christmas, a blessed New Year and best of health, for all.
THEN..........we kill each other in the Battlefield.


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